An Orange

07/08/2012 11:59

An Orange


Miriam Fares is Lebanese and a `pop` star in Arabia, famous for her `henna`, that is, `orange` hair dye. Her video single Don`t Ask Me features Jack Pumpkinhead, a Hallowe`en character from American folklore with a head made out of an orange pumpkin. Hallowe`en on 31st October is the `witches` Sabbath` and All Saints` Eve in Catholicism when spirit and flesh are closest.



 In Don`t Ask Me Miriam makes smaller heads out of oranges, because she isn`t Adam`s Eve of New York`s `Big Apple` of 9/11. She`s Saddam`s Eve of Lebanon, that is, the `Big Orange` of Khafar Shlal, where she was born in Southern Lebanon. In Arabic Saddam means `crusher`, and so Miriam is an orange `crusher`, or a crusher`s `orange`, depending on whether you believe she`s Saddam`s orange or her orange is Saddam.



 In the Bible Eve is described as crushing the head of the evil serpent before she leaves Earth to sow her seed in heaven. There she fights a war against the evil serpent`s seed and receives a new heaven and Earth from God to dwell in. She has seed of her own because she`s futanarian woman with a penis of her own and so she is a unified species, which is what All Saints Eve`s union of spiritual and physical realms presages.



 In the video Don`t Ask Me Jack Pumpkinhead is armed with a rifle, and Miriam is a small orangehead maker because she`s `crushed`. Jack Pumpkinhead represents the USA with the pump action shotgun, and Miriam with the other `orangeheads` aren`t Americans. Miriam is playing a figure like the English King Charles II`s mistress, Nell Gwynne, who once said: `Oranges are not the only fruit.` Indeed, there are American apples, and Britney`s pears, but to Jack Pumpkinhead with his pump action shotgun they`re only apples, oranges, and pears.



 To the USA Miriam`s Eve`s Saddam`s oranges rather than Eve`s Adam`s apples. Just another woman who wants to crush the head of the serpent and leave. In Revelation the `hidden` woman gives birth to the `New Redeemer` while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour her child. The appearance of the `red dragon` coincides with that of the `blood plague` in Revelation because it`s a symbol of homosexual pederasty, war and plague (HIV/AIDS), which God attempted to eradicate in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the `cities of the plains` (Gen: 18,19).

 Ancient Greece was founded on homosexual pederasty and the enslavement of women`s wombs for the sole purpose of promulgating itself through war, which became the `plague` of Western Europe. The Greek horse before Troy was a manifestation of the Greek plague as a virus that the Trojans were `taken in` by. The Trojans thought the huge wooden horse was a `friendship token` but, concealed within, the Greeks emerged to enslave the wombs of the women of Troy and further promulgate their `plague`.



 9/11 was a manifestation of the `Greek horse` and its virus of `friendship feigned` to promulgate war. The ticket-buying visitors from Boston, Massachussetts, impolitely crashed their `civil` aircraft into the Twin Towers of New York`s Ilium, that is, the `city of the planes`, after hijacking them in September 2000. A manifestation of homosexual pederasty, 9/11  was a spreading of the `psychological` and `biological warfare` aims of the `red dragon` of Revelation, which had begun with the USA`s 50s arming of their `friend` Saddam Hussein with what became the 3rd largest army in the world and that had made its viral presence felt in the last quarter of the 20th century as HIV/AIDS and other STDs that `feigned friendship` while seeking the death of the body:


`Hi Jack Pumpkinhead!`



 In Don`t Ask Me Miriam is observing that 9/11 was a Hallowe`en nightmare. The USA`s commonality associated the Twin Towers with John F. Kennedy I and II, who were both `Jack`, which idiomatically means `zero`. At Pearl Harbour Japanese Mitsubishi `zero` fighters flew as suicide pilots into the ships of the US fleet on 7th December 1941 and so Al Qaeda`s terrorist hijackers of 9/11 were `zero` fighters.  The `game` of `Jacks` was devised from `ankle bones` by Greek besiegers before the walls of Troy. The `Talus` bone had six valences, and the `game` was to throw a stone into the air and pick up the `jacks` before catching the stone. Consequently, the `plague game` of 9/11 was to `pick up`. The six pointed `Jacks` were the planes that weren`t `picked up` on the radar of the USA`s defence system. 9/11 was an `Achilles heel` because the jacks` game furthered the war aims of the `red dragon` against the `hidden` woman destined to crush its head with her heel.



 In the mythology of the ancient Greeks Talos was the giant bronze figure whose role was to hurl rocks at invaders. The goddess Medea pulled out his ankle pin so that his body fluid ran out and he died. Talos` `Achilles heel` was that he had only one vein or `valence`, which is what the Manichaean dualism of God and Satan teaches. New York`s Adam`s Eve`s `Big Apple` but, to a `serpent`, Miriam Fares is Lebanon`s Saddam`s Eve.



 Miriam Fares is a Moslem for whom Jesus is the most important prophet after Mohammed, to whom the angels dictated the Koran, the Moslem `holy book`. As a Moslem, Miriam Fares is an `orange` of Adam`s, because the `fruit of the knowledge of good and evil` is unspecified generically, whereas Christianity`s `valence` after 9/11 is to condemn as a `damn orange` what isn`t an apple, while Miriam Fares` name means `knight of the virgin`.



 Jesus was conceived to Mary without a man`s semen, which suggests either a futanarian woman with a penis of her own, who is able to self-fertilize, or parthenogenesis as prefiguring a new species. Jesus is Mary`s `knight of God` who, after he`s tortured and murdered by supporters of the `red dragon`, has `Ascension` to heaven, but reappears in Revelation to defend the `Advent` of the `hidden` woman with the `Sword`.



 Talos was a US ship based missile system of the late 50s styled on the idea of the Greek figure who threw rocks at ships. The statue of Liberty in New York Harbor is a symbol of welcome and is noticeable for not having any rocks to throw:


 `Give me your tired, your poor,

 Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these,

the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!`


 Another pop star is Britney Spears, who`s a symbol of Manifest Destiny and the American Dream. According to biblical tradition the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus is the Spear of Destiny, because it was responsible for piercing the side of Jesus after his crucifixion and death. Effectively heralding the emergence of the Holy Spirit or Paraclete as the `teacher` upon the Earth after Jesus` Ascension to heaven. Symbolically, the spear became spears because the Paraclete or Holy Spirit is the multivalent `spirit of God`, which appears in the Old Testament as the feminine Shekinah dwelling within the Ark of the Covenant of God`s `Promise`:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` - Piece Of Me



 According to tradition the point of the spear was separated from the shaft around 615 AD when it fell into the hands of the pagans:


`Phineas ordered the Spear forged to symbolise the magical powers inherent in the blood, a bloodline free of ... contamination, of God's Chosen People, but especially the Judahites - the people who were destined through descending generations of their blood to prepare the ideal human body for the coming Messiah.`1



 If the spear is a symbol of protection, then it`s to be associated with the `New Redeemer` of Revelation and the `hidden` woman. From the side of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, is a `spear birth`. As a multivalent companion by the side of those who have accepted her, the Shekinah is `spears`, and Britney Spears on the cross on the cover for the single Piece Of Me would be a symbol of the spear`s pieces reforged.

 Liberty has a torch and a `votive tablet` on which is inscribed July 4th, American Independence Day. The `Greek horse` before Troy was deemed a `votive offering` because the Greeks were asking to be `recovered` by their homeland as they left in their ships. The `votive tablet` of Liberty in New York Harbour is similarly for `recovery` of American ships, but the `red dragon` of 9/11 wanted to affiance American Independence Day, that is, AID, as AID`S. Associating it with themselves as HIV/AIDS` `biological warfare` against the unborn `hosts` of women, that is, the devouring parasitical `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war`s, its associated `blood plague` valence of `blood feud` and vendetta between the `gay boy sons` would ensure that the world`s female valence wouldn`t recover.

 The `Greek horse` of Troy and the planes at the `city of the planes`, New York, were manifestations of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty, war and `blood plague`. Irrespective of whether Miriam Fares is Saddam`s orange, or Britney Spears is New York`s Adam`s apple, homosexual pederasty is a men`s `disease`. The enslavement of women`s wombs, in order to promulgate war and plague, is a manifestation of an alien parasitical viral life form masquerading as a `friend` of a species with its own penis. Troy and 9/11 are stories of men`s repeated treachery towards women who want to divorce themselves from the path of `evil doers`, which is why the Bible depicts the `hidden` woman of Revelation escaping from men and the Earth.