Captain Scarlet, Season 1, Episode 6, White as Snow

22/04/2015 09:26

Captain Scarlet, Season 1, Episode 6, White as Snow


Christianity has been the basis of Western civilization, culture and art for over two thousand years since the time of Jesus, known as Christ, the Messiah, born in Palestine as a Jew from his mother, the Virgin Mary, and so uncontaminated by male semen. The Bible begins with Eve and Adam in the garden of Eden, which was the original paradise, that is, heaven on Earth. Eden contains the angel, Satan, who wouldn`t accept humans as better than the angels, and so God transformed him into a serpent. God promises Eve a `new heaven and Earth` for her `seed` when the process of Redemption is complete after her and Adam`s sin of accepting `the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, from the serpent, rather than God`s `fruit of the tree of life, which is immortality, but God expels Eve and Adam from Eden with the injunction that he must labor and she`ll experience labor pain:


`You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, although he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15)



 Although for Christians the birth of Jesus was Redemption, that is, the fruit of Eve`s labor pain, Christianity doesn`t explain. Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen is Redemption, because he taught, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Matt: 22. 39) Jesus` teaching is sufficient, but he was betrayed as a `dissident` by his disciple, Judas Iscariot, which led to his being nailed to a cross of wood upon the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem and left there until he died. Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigures the Resurrection and Ascension to heaven of `woman`s seed`, because Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen. Because `futanarian` women have penis` semen for women`s own species` host wombs, futanarian women are Eve`s `foot` which is to crush the head of the serpent, that is, Satan`s, as she sexually reproduces her own brains` powers for technological liberation from slavery.



 Jesus was betrayed as the human host at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion where he offered `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood`. In accepting the `bread and wine` Judas accepted the human host, which is woman and `woman`s seed`, but Judas` betrayal of Jesus as a `dissident`, speaking against the Empire of Rome in occupied Jewish Palestine, represented a betrayal of the human race of women by men that had been ongoing since Eden. The forbidden fruit was death, because men enslaved the host wombs of women after Eden in parasitism and endeavored to extinguish her `futanarian` race so that women couldn`t sexually reproduce their own brains` powers to escape enslavement in ephemerality without rejuvenating medical science to ensure longevity and memory enough to remember how to avoid their parasite:


`Avoid me Satan!` (Matt: 4. 10)



 Because Christianity doesn`t explain `woman`s seed`, it`s become nihilism. The absence of futanarian women with their own penis` semen for the host wombs of the women of their human species from literature, for example, is almost total. Consequently, the human race isn`t sexually reproducing children, because there aren`t any depictions of humans in literature. Explaining that adultery is immoral and that adults are men and women to whom sexual intercourse outside marriage is forbidden, Christianity ignores what adultery means, which is adulteration of women by semen not hers, that is, impurity. Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen is pure `woman`s seed` from his mother, the Virgin Mary, who herself prefigures the Resurrection and Ascension to heaven of `woman`s seed` in the person of the special individual who can accept women, Jesus:


`And Jesus lifted up himself, and said unto her, woman, where are they? Did no man condemn you? (John: 8. 10)



 Jesus can`t condemn the supposedly `adulterous` woman, because men aren`t her `seed`. Consequently, Christian morality is a false platform designed to keep humans in infantilism without education enough to enable them as adults. Television programs for children are illustrative of Christian nihilism. The British science fiction `puppet show`, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1966-68) had a plot in which aliens try to control the Earth. The 1960s were a period in socio-history defined by what the mass media called the `counterculture` of peace, love and sex, which was described by its adherents as a spreading of the Christian message of Jesus`. By the late 20th century Jesus` message had been replaced by fear of the HIV/AIDS virus, that is, the incurable killer disease contracted by humans engaging in sexual intercourse with aliens, that is, men who mixed blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses:


 `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)



 The `biological war` engaged upon by men against women has been going on in Western civilization at least since the time of the ancient Greeks who institutionalized homosexuality in pederasty and the enslavement of women`s host wombs in order to spread their contagion of war. By the late 20th century the Greek successor was the `geek` programer who infected computer brains with his virus so that human memory would be affected and women would be handicapped by censorship and infection from remembering their own species` semen. The geeks called their infection `Trojan` because the model for men`s activity derives from the Trojan war prosecuted by the Greeks against the city of Troy. Leaving a huge hollow wooden horse outside the gates, the Greeks emerged to capture the city when the horse was taken inside by the Trojans. The Trojan women`s host wombs were enslaved for Greek homosexuality in pederasty and the contagion of war was spread further. All of Western civilization, culture and art reads like this. The woman is the citadel with her virginity intact and the aim of the male is to take the citadel by whatever means and impregnate the host womb of the human race so that the parasitism of the enslaving `serpent`s seed` for war in homosexuality and pederasty can continue.



 The children`s TV series, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, is for boys. The opening credits of the show feature Captain Scarlet trapped in a dark alley by an assailant who isn`t visible to the viewer. Captain Scarlet returns fire with the pistol he has. The idea is that`s what bad men do. The moralist perceives that Captain Scarlet is a good man attacked in an alley by a bad man, but that`s conditioning. There are females on the show, but all of the characters created by the film technique labeled Supermarionation by Century 21 Productions are puppets, which denies the possibility of sexual intercourse between male and female characters, and although that`s comforting for a boy, who might feel uncomfortable because of Christian moralizing about adulterous relationships, there`s zero possibility of his being educated about `futanarian` human sexual intercourse between women, and so the result is males conditioned in nihilism, that is, human sexual reproduction isn`t allowed. Consequently, Captain Scarlet isn`t a good man, because he`s a false educator. Boys are expected to experience human feelings towards the characters and their fate. In the `White as Snow` episode from the first season of the puppet drama, a car is followed by another and the driver takes a pistol and shoots out the tire of the car in front, which goes off the road and over the cliff where it explodes in a ball of fire. The human boy`s Christian morality tells him that the driver of the car that shoots the tire of the car to send it careering over the cliff and to its doom is a bad man, but they all are, because it`s a picture painted by a false educator.



 Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons had to be scripted by a writer typing, and what writers learn is that they have eyes to see and fingers to touch. The meaning of the car chase is that the boy doesn`t want to touch the men but is interested in the cars, whereas the Christian inculcates the mistaken belief that the boy should be concerned for the men, who`re his false educators. Consequently, the adult is the grown boy who wants the cars and doesn`t want the men, which is what Christianity should be for humans. The adult wants the technology and the women, because that`s what they want to see and touch. Not because the adult is a Satanist, but because the boy or girl is an adult, who has learned Christian teaching, but hasn`t been taught Christianity. Christians don`t teach Jesus` futanarian path, that is, that women sexually reproduce humans, and that only the special individual man, like Jesus, is acceptable, because Christianity is nihilist, and doesn`t want human adults, but simply more infants to torture in homosexuality and pederasty`s `biological warfare`.



 The typical Christian schmaltz is the Nativity of Jesus born in a stable in Bethlehem surrounded by animals, wise men, and angels, which is spiritually numbing and lacks even the simple educative content that Jesus` Advent as the Redeemer is because he`s Mary`s penis. Similarly, the idea of Santa, whose name is an anagram of Satan, and who in Christian folklore comes down the chimney at Christmas bringing gifts to children, is a celebration of women`s enslavement to her parasite. As all of Western literature, mass media entertainment, and news reporting, is designed to deny that humans are sexually reproduced, because there`s a `blackout` on `woman`s seed`, Christianity is nihilism. Consequently, what Christianity defines as `Satanist` is `adult`, because infantilism is what Christians preach, that is, women are forever virgins for their own futanarian species` semen and so there isn`t any sexual reproduction. The human is the Christian who`s perceived as a Satanist because, like Jesus, the human perception is that women are for seeing and touching, and that technology is the tool that facilitates that human activity, while Jesus` semen uncontaminated by men indicates how difficult it is for the male to be acceptable.



 In `Islam`, which means `accept`, Jesus` teaching is accepted in the form of the Moslem marriage, which is permitted four wives and so affords the possibility of futanarian sexual reproduction between women within a marital situation. Islam derives from Abraham and Sara, his wife, who barren after the birth of her son, Isaac, who founded Judaism, gave her maid, Hajer, to Abraham, and Hajer birthed a son, Ishmael, who founded Islam through his descendant, the Prophet Mohamed, who received the Koran (610-30 C.E.), dictated by the angels, according to Islamic tradition, which more than six hundred years later represents the teaching of Jesus` spirit that he said would teach after his death. The Moslems celebrate Hajer`s breaking of the taboo against polygamy in the annual Haj named for her, and `Islam` means `accept`, because women are acceptable to themselves and they want men to accept that before they accept men.



 Although Judaism seems unrelated to Islam, women are the `chosen people` of the Bible by default, because it isn`t possible to be born a Jew unless born from a woman, which means women are Jews. Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen means he`s a Jew, because he`s `woman`s seed` born from a virgin woman, his mother Mary. The Second World War (1939-45) was fought against German Imperialism and the National Socialist Party`s (Nazis) plan to enslave Europe and the rest of the world through a pogrom against the `chosen people` of the Jews, who were to be exterminated in `death camps`, which is what nihilism teaches. Women don`t choose each other, and so humans aren`t born. Germany is a Christian country, but Christianity is a form of moral conditioning that preaches human warmth towards men, whereas the Nazi `death camps` in which humans were stacked as wood for the furnace, in places like Belsen, illustrate the warmth that men have towards humans who embrace them. In episode six of the first season of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons,  `White as Snow`, the burgeoning adult child is expected to evince human compassion for the driver of the car forced over the cliff by the driver behind who shoots out a tire and the car explodes in an inferno of destruction, but the logic is false. No boy or girl would want to touch a man if women were the producers of humans through futanarian sexual intercourse. Consequently, human feeling for men is misplaced through false conditioning posing as morality. It may be important for the driver of the car going over the cliff, but not for the viewer. For the audience it`s the car and the women that are important, because that`s the human race.



 Cars haven`t in fact altered their basic design since the first Model T Ford came off the production line in 1908 in Detroit, Michigan, the United States of America, because it`s a way of keeping the race pedaling at the prison treadmill as the humans go nowhere in an alien species` racism. Men`s being encouraged to have fellow feeling for each other is simply evidence of the aliens` method of spreading  homosexuality in pederasty and war. Civil airliners in the United States costing 50, 000 US$ in the 1960s are still in service while a B1 Spirit bomber costs 1 billion US$ each to buy and maintain. Consequently, there`s no money to spend on improved human technology and medical science to cure the incurable killer disease of homosexuality in pederasty`s `biological weapon`, that is, HIV/AIDS, so that women can be liberated through labor saving devices. And the male braining of the human race by male semen, so that `woman`s seed` can`t sexually reproduce her own brains` powers for technological development and medical science, means that the aliens` racism is keeping pace with men`s capacity for annihilating humanity in nihilism, because that`s what male braining is. When the woman`s brains is thoroughly extinguished in the absence of `woman`s seed` the nihilists will reign over human extinction. Because the aliens are the killers of the race, the weaker male brain will simply ask the stronger male brain to kill them, because that`s parasitology: the parasite kills the host. If the human host is male brained in parasitism, the parasite will kill it, which means that Christianity needs to preach what previously it`s been taught is Satanist philosophy, that is, cars and women are important, not men, and the cars need wings rather than just look as if they might have some one day, so that the women`s penis can be seen to fly.