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Britney Spears` single If You Seek Amy is interpreted as F*U*C*K Amy, which may be `well def` in some quarters, but that`d be `defamy`. Understanding requires thought, and I don`t want to be deaf Amy. It`s an `old wives` tale that `wanking makes you deaf`, which is important if you know anything about psychology because, in the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the `Thinking` function, which is one of the four functions of consciousness, the other three being `Sensation, Feeling, and Intuition`, is associated with the ear in undifferentiated, or unconscious, state.



Britney Spears may look gorgeous in the video for If You Seek Amy, but if masturbation is deleterious to the `Thinking` function F*U*C*K Amy would be F*U*C*K*Defamy. Fame is a wonderful thing, but who`d want to be famous for reducing the world population`s IQ by encouraging them to wank. I need to be clever enough to stay out of the rain. If Britney Spears is `defamy` then it`s because her instructional aim is to wank until you`re stupid. I may be intelligent enough to recognize that she`s sexy, but why should I be reduced to idiocy because I`m pubescent and have discovered, by trial and error, what my erection can produce?



Libidic energy, according to Jung, is transformed from instinctual to spiritual, or intellectual, product. Masturbation is the release of libidic energy, but release isn`t spiritual or intellectual work, which means that the individual is trapped within a low level of development due to masturbatory sensory input. The result is that the trapped individual denied sexual activity is channeled by means of masturbatory sensory input into spiritual and intellectual development that`s `abnormal`.


In order to reach a higher level of spiritual and intellectual development, the growing individual, who has discovered the joys of masturbation, has to effectively deny themselves further sexual activity, which is equivalent to sex hatred. In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus` Gospel is celibacy and Christian love, which effectively is sex starvation for the young, and so masturbation, or sexual repression, is the `cornerstone` of the Christian belief system.


The Christian system promotes sexual hatred for women from the part of boys, which is `abnormal` in psychological terms, and so culture and civilization is abnormal because it`s based on sex hate and onanism, which is what Onan was killed for by God in the Bible, along with his brother Er who was `wicked` because he wanked out his spunk onto the ground rather than satisfy his wife.



Nowadays, of course, women can use vibrators and sex machines which are, if anything, more sexually satisfying, but infer greater abnormality in boys who have even less opportunity for sexual activity other than masturbation because women have an electric penis to play with.


Futanarian women have a penis of their own, which suggests women as a species are growing away from men altogether. The result will be sex and species` hate. In Revelation the `hidden` woman, that is, woman as a species with her own penis, leaves the Earth. That`s a concomitant of a global conspiracy to keep women as a `host womb` for men as a parasitical viral life form that has enslaved her and keeps her prisoner by knocking down buildings that have to be rebuilt (9/11) and destroying her environment with nuclear weapons (Revelation, Nagasaki and Hiroshima) which seems to be all that spiritual and intellectual effort is for improving in accordance with the masturbatory infantilist Christian system of sexual repression and `nothing else but` shit.


The denial of the desire for sex on the part of adults towards the burgeoning adolescent is infantilism. Human beings do two things; eat and fuck. Biologically, it`s their bodies` functionality; irrespective of spiritual or intellectual development. That`s what bodies are for. In denying the sexual function, infantiles promote the eating function, which is productive, in developmental terms, of `nothing but`, as Freud might have said, `shit`. In other words, if you`re not a sex hater, you can`t develop. Consequently, development in spiritual/intellectual terms is ICBMs and not starships. Or, in low level terms, 9/11 and Gulf Wars I and II, that is, `nothing but` shit.


The `Thinking` function is associated with the ear in Jungian psychology, which means that in `abnormal` infantile psychologies it`s associated with `nothing but` shit, and therefore the anus, which produces `nothing but` shit. In more than simple terms, a penis love gun isn`t a sublimated Colt 45 but an anus that produces `nothing but` shit because murders kill development. In other words, masturbating boys, without women, are `encouraged` to become`anal` homosexuals because they`re taught the gun is a penis, whereas the gun represents `nothing`, not even the `butt` of the `anal sex` the homosexual enjoys and the `normal` boy doesn`t want but the homosexual suggests the `butt` of the gun to encourage itself.



The `Thinking` function is usually associated with the ego and is the superior function in men, which is symbolized in Revelation firstly by Jesus with the sword of God, which he uses to kill the evil, and secondly with the `sword that came out of his mouth`, which is a symbol of the `spirit of the law of God`. The Shekinah of the Old Testament dwelt with the Commandments in the Ark of the Covenant with God, and her later incarnation, the Holy Spirit of the New Testament, is her `Second Eve`, emergent from the side of Jesus, after it was pierced by the spear of Longinus at Jesus` crucifixion and death. The Paraclete, or `Advocate`, as she is also known, is the spirit by which Jesus commands, because it`s in accordance with the `Thinking` of God, which isn`t `anal` and that`s why God destroyed Sodom in Genesis (16, 18) because he isn`t an advocate of sodomy, which is why AIDS is one of the plagues of God sent in Revelation:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


AIDS comes from blood, shit and semen, and that`s because `anal sex` is an infantilist production of `nothing but` shit, which accords with the aim of the evil nihilist, who wants infantilism and therefore confuses the desire for sex with paedohilia, which is actually the burgeoning adolescent`s desire for sex thwarted by infantile adults who deny it to them on the understanding that they`re not paedophiles.


In fact the paedophile is the child who wants sex, whereas the paedophile is the adult who`s frightened that they might get it. In simple terms, the paedophile child is God and tells the mother that it wants sex, which it`s then the duty of the mother to give it somehow, or fail in her role as nurturer and developer. The word `paedophile` means `one who likes children`, and that doesn`t exclude them from liking each other or themselves.


The infantile mother will explain that sex is wrong, and deny it to the burgeoning adolescent, who`ll inevitably turn to low level development as a masturbator, resulting in enforced sex starvation later, either voluntarily, in order to pass its school examinations, or from employers, trainers, and higher educationalists, who want to imprison individuals and `force feed` them until they develop something for them, which doesn`t involve personal growth but maintains the infantilist system that`s productive of nihilism; or, again, `nothing but` shit.


The undifferentiated `Thinking` function is associated with the ear, but if it`s encouraged to be `anal` it`ll interfere with the function of `Intuition`, which is associated with the nose or smell in undifferentiated state. Just as the sword is associated with `Thinking`, so `Intuition` is associated with the spear, and the spear of Longinus which `liberated` the `Second Eve` as the Paraclete from the side of Jesus at his death. The spear of Longinus is known as the Spear of Destiny for this reason and is associated with the USA`s Manifest Destiny and the American Dream symbolized by Britney Spears:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` - Britney Spears Piece Of Me



Because the Paraclete is associated with the spear, anal `Thinking` means that the spear is associated with anal sex, homosexuality, blood, semen, shit, and AIDS; or, in other words, `nothing but` death because infantiles promote nihilism and connect the undifferentiated `Thinking` function or sword to the anus. Because women have a penis of their own, and because `Intuition` is a feminine function (as is `Feeling`, while `Sensation` is masculine, according to Jung), the spear of their penis is also logically undifferentiated and already connected to the anus. Obviously, because women as a species aren`t reproducing, they`ve being bombed in Kosovo and Tripoli.



In the TV series Starsky and Hutch, David Soul was a wife beater, and Paul Glaser was head of an AIDS` Foundation that was founded by his wife, who died of AIDS, after contracting HIV during a blood transfusion at the hospital where she gave birth. Doubtless Paul`s tolerant of homosexuality, but God isn`t. God `bombed` Sodom because God isn`t tolerant. In the 70s TV cop show Starsky was the philosopher in the `buddy` relationship, which is all about the eyes, that is, the `Sensation` function, and `Feeling`, which is associated in undifferentiated form with the mouth. In other words, dialogue and the screen. For the viewer, reality has become word and pictures. It`s an education medium, but there isn`t a `plot` without an investigation. If Cagney and Lacey were having the conversation, and Sharon Gless was known to be `the Hollywood penis`, it`d be different; but let`s leave it with `professor` Starsky to begin his exposition:


Starsky: `What`s in the rabbit Hutch?`


Hutch: `I`m sorry, I`m not intelligent enough to answer the question.`


Starsky: `That`s very honest of you Hutch. You don`t know what`s in the rabbit Hutch, because it`s a homosexual prison. They`ve conditioned you to not understand the question. I`m the key to the stars.`


Hutch: `How do I get there?`


Starsky: `All you have to do is obey God`s Commandments, because men are too stupid to do anything else. I read it in the Koran. Before Moses was given the law, he and Joshua met Khidr, the wise. He knew what he was doing, and Moses was angry, because he didn`t understand. Khidr rebuilt a wall, killed a boy, and put a hole in a ship. Because pirates were chasing him.


Hutch: `I don`t understand.`


Starsky: `That`s because you`re Moses. Treasure was under the wall, and Khidr was keeping it for someone. Khidr killed the boy, because he`d be a pirate when he grew up, and Moses was given the law to stop Moses being a pirate. He wouldn`t have been able to answer the question about the rabbit Hutch either. Because pirates are what homosexuals are. Khidr appears when Joshua loses the `fish`, which is a symbol of Christ, the Lord Jesus.`


Hutch: `So Khidr`s a fish too?`


Starsky: `Symbolism. Joshua was keeping the `fish` for Moses because Moses commanded him to. Khidr explains, like Jesus, that he isn`t homosexual, because he`s wise. But Moses, Joshua and the disciples have to obey the Commandments of God.`


Hutch: `Who`s is the treasure?`


Starsky: `Good question. `Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, and the walls came tumbling down.` Judaism was ready for the `fish`, which was Jesus. But not for Khidr, who`s Moslem. The treasure is Khidr`s, because he`ll return for the treasure when the homosexual `pirates` are all killed, by Jesus in Revelation with the sword of God.`


Hutch: `So, what is the treasure?`


Starsky: `In Islam they have four wives, and in Revelation the `hidden` woman leaves Earth to sow her own `seed` because she`s futanarian woman with her own penis. The women of Islam, according to Jung, a wise man, represent the four functions of ego-consciousness, `Thinking, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition`. To complete a Moslem marriage quintet, a woman with a penis is needed instead of a man, which is the `hidden treasure` of Khidr`s wisdom. Men are all homosexuals. They don`t breed like rabbits.`


Hutch: `So where does that leave us?`


Starsky: `A woman with a penis of her own if we obey God. That`s Redemption, and it requires faith. Jesus said: `Love thy neighbor as you love thyself.` because you are your neighbor; especially the woman. That`s why Jesus was born of a virgin. Women are self-reproducing; they look better to themselves in the mirror, and we`d rather look at them.`


Hutch: `Amen.`


The story of men in the Bible isn`t about monotheism, or even monogamy; it`s about monomania. The demoniacal monomania of homosexuals who`ll do anything to survive as parasites feeding off boys` desires for women. Rather than allow the woman`s penis to be seen on the screen in Hollywood, homosexuals would deny its existence in mainstream movies forever. Even in Shakespeare`s time men had all the roles. Only in Pantomime, which is generic to the English theatre, do we find a woman playing the role of the central male character; like the Prince in Sleeping Beauty, for example. This suggests, jokingly, that the woman has a penis. The notion in England is literally ludicrous; censorship forbids the penis` pictorial visibility anywhere. Consequently, it`s a tremendous joke and perfectly true. But we understand. Women who have a penis are to be ridiculed; like big nosed Jews before Belsen.



The big nosed Jew joke isn`t funny, because the nose or sense of smell is associated with the function of `Intuition`, and the spear of Longinus that pierced the side of Christ released the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, which is the spirit of God and not flatulence.


In Judaism you can`t be born a Jew unless you`re born from a woman, which effectively means you can`t be a Jew unless you are a woman. That`s why the Jews were God`s `chosen people`, because God`s plan is for woman with a penis to leave the Earth and sow her `seed` in heaven. The Nazis stole the Spear of Destiny, as a symbol of their power, because it represented the negation of Woman`s `Intuition` as the spear of God, and kept her imprisoned upon the Earth as a `breeding slave`, which is what their `love farms` were for; better quality meat in the oven: blondes. If we substitute the term `homosexual`, or even `homosexual men`, or even `men`, we`ve arrived at a description of `Nazi`. The Nazis were very wrong because they were homosexuals, whom God didn`t target until Revelation, but it worried them.


In the Arthurian cycle of myths, the symbol of `Feeling` is the `Grail`, which is the bowl Jesus ate and drank from at the `Last Supper`, and is a symbol of the love between men, which is Jesus` `confidence trick`. In Revelation the `New Redeemer` protects the `hidden` woman of the Earth before she leaves. Jesus is the Redeemer, because he`s the first to help her. Men had to believe in `brotherly love` because, without it, woman as a species wouldn`t have had a chance.



The Bible is about `men in tents`, as Mel Brooks might have observed. The 20th century was about `women in gas chambers`, as any historian might observe. But at least by the turn of the 21st century, the pedal car invented at the beginning of the 20th century, that is, the model T Ford, was an improved [irony] pedal car.



Men`s low level of technological achievement is a symptom of their aim to keep women a prisoner here upon the Earth and use her womb`s product as the source of greater low level technological achievement; like better quality wank magazines in virtual reality that can easily double as snuff movies for the misogynistic infantile pederastical parasitical sex and species` haters.


Starsky and Hutch was supposed to be about two lovable guys who were `straight`, like Jesus, and loved each other; but Soul was a convicted wife beater and Glaser`s wife died of AIDS. The looks between them were conspiratorial, and fake. If I`m Bruce Springsteen, I want to look at Patty, the Playboy bunny, not the `E-Street Band`, whether they`re in ecstasy about our relationship or not. Patty`s the `Holy Grail`, because I don`t want `rabbit pie`. I`d rather be the Spice Girls, the one with the penis.



Saddam Hussein followed the Shah of Iran as the Americans` boy in the Middle East, and received the 3rd largest army in the world on the basis of the `brotherly love` between Iraq and the USA. After a few years they `played soldiers` together; as little boys are taught to do. In other words, the looks between them were conspiratorial and fake, which is what Jesus observed with Judas and, as the first Redeemer of Woman, wasn`t fooled anyway:


We'll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgment of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around me
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
And I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again

Change it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the fall that's all
But the world looks just the same
And history ain't changed
'Cause the banners, they all flown in the last war

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around me
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
And I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again
No, no!

I'll move myself and my family aside
If we happen to be left half alive
I'll get all my papers and smile at the sky
For I know that the hypnotized never lie

Do ya?

There's nothing in the street
Looks any different to me
And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
And the parting on the left
Is now the parting on the right
And the beards have all grown longer overnight

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around me
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again
No, no!

Won`t Get Fooled Again!

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss



- The Who Won`t Get Fooled Again