From the Bar to the Car on the Road to Transubstantiation

04/05/2013 10:12

From the Bar to the Car on the Road to Transubstantiation


The essential mystery of Catholic tradition is the transubstantiation of the body and the blood of Jesus Christ through the bread and the wine of the Communion service eaten and drunk by the parishioners when given it by the priest as a wafer and sip of wine during a prayerful meeting. Before his crucifixion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension to heaven, Jesus offered his body and blood to the disciples at the `Last Supper` in the symbolic form of the bread and the wine. In the time of Jesus a single bowl was used for eating and drinking, which is why the Holy Grail is the symbolic item representing Jesus` offer, that is, a grail or bowl that would have contained both bread and wine.

 Although the Catholic Communion service features a wafer and a chalice, that`s a modern convention. The early Christians would have taken bread and wine in a single bowl, and that`s why the significance of the Holy Grail seems diluted to Christian believers, because for them it`s a drinking vessel alone. Although the Grail signifies the fellowship of dinking together, the concept of the bar where alcoholic drinks can be had in drunken bouts of false bonhomie is understood as `fellowship` because it features drinking vessels.  Jesus was telling the disciples at the `Last Supper` that he was in fellowship with them and they betrayed him to the Jewish police, that is, Judas Iscariot told the Pharisees where Jesus could be found for a bag of money. The Pharisees handed Jesus over to the Roman guards and the judge, Pontius Pilate, convicted him of sedition and ordered his execution.

 Jesus` story is similar to the mythologem of ancient Egypt where Osiris is dismembered by his evil brother, Set. In Egyptian mythology the `Ka` and `Ba` are the personality and the spirit, which modern culture has transformed into the car and the bar, that is, the spirit fuelled by a desire for personal extinction, which is what Jesus` crucifixion is perceived to symbolize by those who want death for others, and drunken unconsciousness is the figure of. Christianity is often discovered referring to the `body of the church`, which is Jesus`. In the Egyptian myth Osiris` dismemberment is the ancient figure of religious schism insofar as he represents a former perspective. According to the myth the goddess Asset remembers Osiris by recovering all of the pieces of his body, except the penis, which she can`t find and so makes a new one. The meaning is that a new perception with regard to sexuality needs a new penis.



 In Christianity Jesus is called the `first of the woman`s seed`, because he`s born from the Virgin Mary without contamination by male semen. In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, God tells Eve she is `woman`s seed` and she shall have `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed`, which corresponds to the evil Set in the Egyptian mythologem, that is, all those who are against Eve and her daughters. Because women have their own penis as `futanarian` woman, she`s a species independent of men, which is what the birth of Jesus from the Virgin Mary prefigures, that is, a new perception with regard to sexuality represented by a new penis. Although Redemption is held out as a possibility for Man, the flow of libido towards women sexually from the penis is what transubstantiation means.

 The Christian tradition is essentially Arabian, and the Grail legend of the knights of king Arthur of the Britons in England is interpretable as a Middle Eastern tale. According to the developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) there are four main symbols in the Arthurian cycle of myths associated with the knight`s attaining to the Grail, which is one amongst the four symbols that include also the sword, round table and spear. As a boy Arthur has to pull his sword Excalibur where it is fixed within a stone before he can be king, which is a symbol of the enlightened ego. In alchemy, which prefigures medicine and psychology, the stone is the lapis philosophorum, or `stone of the wise`, because it represents the adept`s scientifically working towards the creation of a developed ego. The knights of king Arthur sit at a round table in emulation of Jesus` disciples at the `Last Supper` while one of them, Perceval, whose name is interpretable as `he who pierces the veil with his spear`, finds correspondence in Christian tradition with the spear of Longinus, the Roman centurion, whose spear cut into the side of Jesus upon Christ`s death, to effectively release the Holy Spirit/Paraclete from his side as the teacher in the invisible realm he`d promised would come after him to guide humanity along the path of Christianity.

 According to Jung the Arthurian symbols of sword, table, grail and spear correspond to the four functions of consciousness, that is, `Thinking` represents the sword of discriminating judgement, which Jung associates with listening or the ears, while `Sensation` is associated with the eyes, that is, the capacity to recognize friends, whereas the grail is the `Feeling` function because it`s associated with the mouth and kissing, but also eating and drinking, and is important in the story of Jesus because Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus` fellowship after kissing him full on the lips, according to Christian tradition. `Intuition` is the spear because it represents the Holy Spirit/Paraclete born from the side of Jesus from the point of the Roman centurion Longinus` spear, and the point is continuity.



 Eve was born from the side of the `First Adam` while Jesus was the `Second Adam` and so the Holy Spirit/Paraclete was the `Second Eve`, older and wiser, and able to teach and guide along the path of Jesus if she was heard. In Arabia the fourfold marriage of the Moslem tradition represents Jung`s psychological schemata of the ego supported by the four functions of consciousness, but also the fourfold marriage of woman with a woman at the centre with her own penis as the focal point for her species` independent future, which God promises to her in the Bible as a `new heaven and Earth` for `woman`s seed`.



  In the Grail legend Perceval is the knight vouchsafed a glimpse of the Grail at table with the other knights and King Arthur because of the associations with Jesus` disciples and the Grail at the `Last Supper`. Jesus is the `sacred heart` of genuine feeling and that`s why the crucifixion is known as `Christ`s Passion`. Perceval undertakes a quest and attains to the Grail, which is symbolic of the research and individuation that a person needs to undertake before they have knowledge and understanding enough to be called wise. The spear of the Roman centurion Longinus is effectively the penis of the `woman`s seed`, and it is symbolic of `Intuition` because that`s required if the veil of occlusion is to be penetrated so that the truth is revealed, which is the future of the human species is `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own as an indpependent spiritual and socio-economic alternative and support to humankind before the `serpent`s seed` are given perdition, that is eternal unendurable pain, by God as a punishment for preferring parasitism.

 Essentially Jesus` fellowship denotes the declaration that the disciples aren`t going to eat each other, whereas the crucifixion of Christ represents the betrayal of that promise, symbolized by Judas Iscariot`s treacherously kissing Jesus full on the lips before accepting money from the Jewish Pharisees so that they could hand Jesus over to the Roman guards by accusing him of sedition and so have him ordered to be executed by the Roman judge Pontius Pilate. Effectively, Judas was telling Jesus that he was an agent of the devourer, which is described in Revelation as the `red dragon`, which waits in vain to devour Christ in his `Second Coming` as the `New Redeemer`, and is the serpent of Eden grown in size since its tempting of Adam and Eve into accepting its parasitism in exchange for a pederast.

 In ancient Greece civilization was based on the enslaving of the `host` wombs of women to spread the contagion of pederasty further in war, and Greek civilization forms the basis of modern civilization. The prototypical Greek form is the friendship gift of the huge hollow wooden horse taken into the city of Troy by the Trojans where the Greeks emerge to enslave the `host` wombs of the city to spread their contagion of war further. On 9/11, 2000, the Arabian guests of the United States hijacked passenger planes to crash them into the World Trade Centre and so spread the `rough trade` contagion of pederasty and war further, while the HIV/AIDS virus feigns friendship for the cells of the body`s immune system before killing it, which is what homosexuality is. Judas Iscariot`s kissing of Jesus is the betrayer`s declaration of an intention to devour, while Jesus` perception is deeper and clearer. On the day preceding his crucifixion a woman washed Jesus` feet with perfume and the disciples remonstrated that it was too expensive:


`Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6)


 Jesus berated the disciples because they didn`t think he was worth the money, and Judas promptly went off and sold him for a bagful to recoup. Wherever they went the disciples were welcome because they were with Jesus, and so he was their provider. Just as the man of the house obtains food and shelter for the wife and children. The scene with the woman who washes Jesus feet against the disciples` wishes is of a group of pederasts who are pretending to be offended because that`s what homosexuals do with boys who don`t understand them. The foot washing is symbolic, because both the woman and Jesus are `woman`s seed`, which means they`re the `futanarian` future of the human species. Jesus` concern is with cannibalism because the parasitical `serpent`s seed` emerges from the `host` wombs of women to spread its contagion of pederasty and devouring war, which is what it has enslaved the women for.



 If women have a penis of their own as `futanarian` woman, men are perceivable as alien parasites enslaving and devouring her in pederasty and war`s contagions; for example, HIV/AIDS` `biological warfare` against her. Because Jesus is `woman`s seed` and unredeemed men are the `serpent`s seed`, men are parasitical devourers of the art, culture and civilization, which emerges from her `host` womb in the course of the millennia, but they aren`t cannibals because `woman`s seed` is the human species, and Jesus` offering of his body and blood as symbolic tokens, that is, as bread and wine, is a part of his `mission`; to prevent the human species from becoming cannibals and assisting the `serpent`s seed` to enslave and devour humanity because of its being possessed by the devourers` demoniacal influence.

 The `serpent`s seed` wants to drive the human race into cannibalistic self-devourings of itself, while the transubstantiation symbolism of the Catholic Communion service represents the difficulty that Man has in perceiving that its penis is the woman`s, because she is the human species and what is attached to her penis is a parasite. Transubstantiation means `transformation in accordance with the evidence`, which means that the flow of the libido towards the woman as the desired object of the penis` sexual functionality is transformed when it becomes evident that the woman has her own penis as the independent aspect of the human species. The parasite that is attached to the penis either perceives that the penis is the woman`s and so Man needs Redemption, which is Jesus` teaching, or it seeks the subjugation and enslavement of the `woman`s seed` prior to its devouring of her as its `food`.