If You Seek Amyjism

30/06/2012 18:16

If You Seek Amyjism

Whirl up, sea—

Whirl your pointed pines,

Splash your great pines

On our rocks,

Hurl your green over us—

Cover us with your pools of fir.


The `heart of the ocean` in Imagist poetry is the `objective correlative`, according to T. S. Eliot, and relates to Plato`s mimesis and diegesis, that is, what is told and what is shown. In the poem Oread by Hilda Doolittle (H.D.), the sea is the `objective correlative`, because it`s what is, and the firs are what can be imaginatively ascribed to what is shown. In other words, there is an `objective correlative` to assist the flow of the imagination from what is to what is wanted. In simple terms, the oread, or rock nymph, wants to be a dryad.



 Objectively, Oread is a nymph but her subjectivity desires to be a dryad, and there is an `objective correlative` to assist her to imagine herself as a dryad. It`s very important in human terms, because a woman has a penis. Consequently, an `objective correlative` exists for a man to imagine subjectively that it`s possible to be a woman, that is, there is a flow of imagination towards woman, which isn`t possessive but transformational.


 In the Bible Jesus offers his body and blood, symbolically, as bread and wine, but the transubstantiation of the Catholic Mass, presents the information in terms of transformation, which means that the `objective correlative` is the bread and the wine, but the flow of imagination is towards accepting the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


 In Revelation the `hidden` woman of the Earth leaves to sow her own `seed` amongst the stars where she fights a war against evil and is given a new heaven and Earth to dwell in forever while the evil `seed` receive perdition. Because she has her own `seed`, she has her own penis, that is, she`s futanarian woman, which means that woman is an `objective correlative` that subjectively it`s possible for those with a penis, or without, to flow towards, in imaginative terms, because she is what is wanted. In literary terms, the `objective correlative` is the objectivity that assists the imagination to flow towards what is wanted by God.



 In sexual terms, libido flows towards woman, not because it desires to be her, but because it desires to possess her, which isn`t objectively correct, because a woman has a penis as a futanarian woman, so it`s about what the penis wants to be rather than what it desires, which is transformational. The fact that men want to possess women is based on incorrect information. Men need to be women, which is what the Bible says. Jesus` wisdom is to observe that the flow of the imagination of God is towards woman as an `objective correlative` in that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary by parthenogenesis, that is, she produced without a man`s penis. Consequently, there has to be an `objective correlative` that allows the imagination to flow transformationally by informational means. The `bread and the wine are the `objective correlative`, as is the body and the blood. The acceptance of the Eucharist, that is, the communion wafer and the communion wine of the Catholic Mass, is the acceptance of the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, which again is the `objective correlative`. It assists the imagination to flow towards the transformational objective, which is woman with a penis as God`s species. That`s why Imagism is important as a school of poetry.


 Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again is Imagist, although there doesn`t seem to be an `objective correlative` unless one knows that the line `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end,` refers to the blue diamond worn by Rose in the movie Titanic. From that `objective correlative` everything flows.


 Rose`s story is about betrayal. Her ex-lover puts the diamond in the pocket of her new lover and frames him for theft. The `heart of the ocean` is the `objective correlative` of Britney`s song, that is, `betrayal`:


Oops I did it again,

I played with your heart,

Got lost in the game.

Oh baby, baby.

Oops! You think I`m in love.

That I`m sent from above.

I`m not that innocent.


 In H.D.`s Oread the `heart of the ocean` is transformation, as the sea becomes the forest, which is perceivable as a `betrayal` of objective reality but subjectively is the flow of desire for what is needed. All life came from the sea, so the flow of the imagination in Oread is evolutionarily progressive.



 Oops I Did It Again is `taking heart`. In If You Seek Amy, which is interpreted as F*U*C*K me, Britney`s allusion is to `Amygism`, which is how Ezra Pound described Amy Lowell, the `lesbian` Imagist poet who developed the technique known as `polyphonic prose` in which poetry was written without line breaks; as lyrics are `streamed` in songs. Bisexual, Britney`s flow towards women is normal because women are her species.  Amy is the `objective correlative` of her song, which is about a woman with her own penis:


 `All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy.`


 If you seek Amy `jism`, woman is the `objective correlative` to flow towards because she is the species God wants to be:


The Queen of Heaven has shut her door.
A little boy weeps and prays no more. Sancta Maria, Succerre Miseris