Malien Psychology

04/07/2012 13:07

Malien Psychology


The basic problem of men on the planet Earth has been how to keep women unaware of the fact that men are parasitical aliens that have enslaved her `host womb`  because they`re afraid that she`d become aware that she`s a species of her own with her own penis. Even in Genesis, Er, the husband of Tamar, and Onan, his brother-in-law are murdered by God because they prefer Tamar`s beauty and want it to be forever, whereas God kills first Er, and then Onan, because they practice masturbation rather than spoil her by impregnation. In short, `onanism` is the psychological mechanism that wants immortality for Woman, because it`s her penis. Futanarian women have penises of their own and are exactly the same as other beautiful women apart from the obvious fact of their penis, which sets them apart from men because that means women don`t need men for reproduction.


 Reproduction isn`t central from a futanarian point of view. A woman`s clitoris is the only part of the body that is concerned solely with pleasure, so masturbation of the clitoris is the most pleasurable activity that can be experienced alone. If a woman has a penis, then she can reproduce, but there`s no reason to suppose that, if she were immortal, she`d produce more than one or two children, futanarian or purely female, and spend the rest of her time engaged in personal growth and creative developments, which of course may never even include childbirth. In other words, immortality and masturbation are correlatives because Er and Onan would rather masturbate and preserve the beauty of Tamar than use her body to reproduce themselves, which is what the ancient pederastical homosexual society of ancient Greece did.



 Greek women were enslaved to produce boys for the pederasts to have anal sex and `play soldiers` with. The Greeks` war against Paris` appreciation of a woman`s beauty, Helen, whom Paris had `rescued` from Greece, as `the most beautiful woman in the world`, involved the metaphor of the `Greek horse`, which was used to trick the Trojans of Troy into taking it, and the men hidden inside, into Troy, where they captured the city. In 21st century terms, it`s a metaphor for the HIV AIDS virus in which HIV `fools` the white cells into believing that it`s a white cell too, and then it kills the red cells that it`s supposed to be protecting and the body dies.



 The `city of the planes`, New York, experienced `air AIDS` insofar as the terrorist hijackers that crashed `civil` aircraft into the Twin Towers on 9/11 were a `Greek horse`.  AIDS is a homosexual virus because that`s how homosexuals behave. They pretend to be `white cells` and wait to kill the `red cells`. In Middle Eastern societies, the men make women wear a black one-piece coverall, the abiyah. The Arabian men can see each other, but not women. This is so that the white garmented men, once analogous to the immune system of Woman, are now homosexuals pretending to be `white cells`, and in fact signify HIV/AIDS, as symbolized by 9/11 and the Arabian women`s wearing `mourning black`:


`[The] Taliban ... imprison Afghan women within the four walls of  their own houses. Women have no importance in Taliban eyes unless they are occupied producing children, satisfying male sexual needs or attending to the drudgery of daily housework.`



 Homosexuals are killers; it`s what the AIDS virus tells us. The notion that homosexuals want anal sex derives from their `romantic` position that there`s someone who they desire and who secretly wants them, a man, which means that their approach work is from the rear, that is, an encounter that is based, on fantasy aquiescence on the part of the person who doesn`t want them. In simple terms, anal sex is the killer`s romanticized `position`, a metaphor for `stabbing a man in the back`, because the homosexual isn`t wanted.



 Middle Eastern machismo is largely based on friendship between men, and so Al Qaeda`s attack on the USA was because it wasn`t behaving homosexually enough. The 9/11 planes were a `Greek horse`, because homosexuality and old men `playing soldiers` with young men was what Greek society was for, and what English aristocrats were for during the 1914-18 `Great War`. Saddam Hussein, given the 3rd largest army in the world by the Americans to defend their interests in the Middle East as their friend, was in fact stabbing the woman in the back when he invaded Kuwait in 1990, and when Al Qaeda`s terrorists crashed planes into the World Trade Centre of New York on 9/11 2000, because he was inviting the men to practice homosexuality as war.


 The idea of stabbing the woman in the back as prototypical homosexual behaviour is borne out by the historical facts. In other words, homosexuals are killers and anal sex between men is how they avoid women, who is the species they`re trying to kill. That`s why Arabian men are open faced with each other, because it`s a shared, but unspoken, and even unconscious, perspective, which is `traditional`. They practice anal sex secretly between themselves, because they feel impelled, and so it`s illegal in their holy book, the Koran, because it`s men`s way of avoiding looking at Woman whom they want to kill.


 The methods employed are diverse and various but, simplistically, anything that prevents personal growth, or development, is a killing of Woman because all Mankind`s creative productivity comes from her womb. Consequently, men who preach `brotherhood` and war are homosexual women killers. It`s simple really. Christianity teaches `love thy neighbor`, and the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit, which is the teaching that, if we accept the Holy Spirit, we acknowledge that man and woman are one; or, in other words, a man is a woman. Those who preach `brotherhood` are homosexuals because they exclude women from the notion of `oneness`.  Futanarian women with a penis of their own don`t need `brothers` because they have `oneness` with Woman as a species. The `brothers` are killing women by being born in their wombs, where sisters should be born, for one thing. For another, they`re killing women, in China particularly, where girl children are `exposed`, so that their wombs are `encouraged` to birth only men. In terms of women as a species with their own penis, there aren’t any `brothers` because there are only sisters. What we have on the planet Earth is a battle for the species of Woman with `Maliens`.



 In the 50s science fiction movies like War Of The World, from the nineteenth century novel by H.G. Wells, featured huge Martian war machines, `tripods` which, emitting powerful laser beams from what looked like a huge eye, were extrapolations of men`s fears that women would be able to one day see that the aliens of science fiction were, in fact, `Maliens`. By presenting `others` as enemies they were able, like HIV/AIDS, to disguise their aim of attacking the healthy body of Woman as a species. Subsequent versions of War Of The Worlds merely reinforced the picture. In the 2005 feature film Dakota Fanning is depicted running along the street avoiding `Malien` lasers while Tom Cruise fakes concern, because he`s a `great actor`. People `disappear` wherever the eye of the `Malien` looks:


`Hate ya, I`ve AIDS!` [H,I/VAIDS]



 Because `Maliens` may be construed as men who don`t want women to live, H,I/VAIDS, can also be understood as `Hate ya, eye fades.` Or, in other words, men want women of intelligence to be blind. In the Greek drama of Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles, Oedipus blinds himself because he`s been taught the incest taboo and has unwittingly married his mother. However, in Greek mythology the Kore is Demeter, the corn goddess, and Persephone, the goddess of spring, which is the mother-daughter relationship, that is, a Woman as a self-fertilizing species with her own penis relationship. In short, Oedipus` relations with Jocasta are irrelevant, which she in fact tells him:


Why should a mortal man, the sport of chance,
With no assured foreknowledge, be afraid?
Best live a careless life from hand to mouth.
This wedlock with thy mother fear not thou.
How oft it chances that in dreams a man
Has wed his mother! He who least regards
Such brainsick phantasies lives most at ease.


 For a man marriage with the mother is closest to his being the sister with her own penis, which is the Kore relationship that excludes `brotherliness`, homosexuality, and warfare. At the close of Oedipus Rex Antigone, Oedipus` daughter, guides him. She can`t see either because men want her to be blind to anything but her role as her father`s supportive daughter. Otherwise she`d be in her mother, Jocasta`s `seed` bed, in the role of Persephone, spring goddess to Jocasta`s corn goddess, Demeter, that is, Persephone (Antigone) would (at least) want to be fertilizing Demeter (Jocasta) with her own penis.



 In Egyptian mythology, the winter symbolically means the corn god Osiris fades, to re-emerge in the spring. The corn fades and provides fertilizer for the next crop, and the analogy is of the death of the individual who, having been the fertilizer of the wife, fades and becomes crop fertilizer after death. The concept of AIDS is the same here as the concept of `fades`, where AIDS is contracted from blood, shit and urine, which is what men that prefer homosexual war to woman as a species represent. At the close of the movie War Of The Worlds, the Maliens succumb to a virus, the `common cold` which, in a religious epiphany akin to Revelation, kills them:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)



 In effect, they`re dying of `fades` because it`s the `Will of God` that their eye that is filled with the hatred of the Earth, which is the home of woman as a species with her own penis, dies or `fades`. From an HIV, AIDS perspective, the `Maliens` are the `Oedipal` majority of men who don`t want Oedipus and Antigone to see the truth, which is that Jocasta is the species of Woman with her own penis waiting to be born:


`Hate ya, eye of AIDS.` [H,I/VAIDS]



 In Greek mythology, one of the tasks of the demi-god Hercules was to clean the vast Augean stables, where horses were kept. It`s an image of Greek homosexual society, their `Greek whores`, and the `horseshit` needing to be removed before it can be seen that women`s wombs are enslaved so that they`ll produce men, who are aliens that aren`t related to Woman as a species with her own penis, but only reproduce themselves parasitically so that they can feed leech-like upon God`s producer and product.



 It`s perhaps further indicative of the impact that Greek homosexual society still has on the present and future that the `Greek horse` at Troy is a symbol of 9/11 as well as HIV/AIDS, and that that comes from believing `horseshit` from `social thinkers`, like `homosexuality is acceptable` when it`s clearly punished by God in the destruction of Sodom, again at the `city of the planes`, New York on 9/11, and in Revelation by means of the torments of the HIV/AIDS plague that comes from blood, urine and shit.



 Old wives` tales suggest that blindness is a concomitant of masturbation, which relates to Oedipus` blinding of himself and the idea of H,I,V/AIDS, which is construable as:


`Hate ya, eye fades.` [H,I/VAIDS]


 In Genesis, Er and Onan are killed by God because they don`t want to impregnate Tamar lest her beauty fades. In simple terms, Er and Onan want eternal beauty for Tamar, and from Onan`s name comes the word `onanism`, which means the belief in masturbation and correlates with immortality through the `pleasure principle`. An eternal woman with a penis wouldn`t want to give birth, but would want sexual pleasure. Because the clitoris is the only organ of the body that exists solely for producing pleasurable sensations resulting in orgasm, the conclusion would be that woman as a species with her own penis would be concerned only with her own personal growth, development - and pleasure. Because she`d have outgrown the cycle of reproduction with men and would be in production. Not the mass production of virus replication, but individual productions that have no frame of reference other than themselves.



 In some ways individual production would be a return to Eden before the evil serpent`s `seed` began to look to see how it could promulgate its virus of `mass consumption` in which packaging is more important than content. Homosexuals` package is man and woman, which is reproduction, whereas woman with a penis is a species of her own not concerned with reproducing a parasite.



 In Revelation the red dragon waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer` who, protecting the `hidden` woman before she leaves Earth with her own penis to sow her `seed` amongst the stars, symbolizes productions rather than reproductions; or, in other words, developmental creativity and personal growth. God rewards her defeat of the evil serpent`s `seed` in her war against it in heaven by giving her a new heaven and Earth and punishing the evil with perdition. Now for God content is more valuable than the packaging insofar as it signifies a new and original production rather than the fake homosexual reproductions of `Malien` psychology.