Manhattan Transfer

09/07/2012 06:52


Manhattan Transfer


Giving HIV/AIDS to someone who doesn`t want it is difficult. In effect the one attempting to transfer the HIV/AIDS virus would have to fake wearing a Trojan condom, for example. 9/11 was Manhattan Transfer, that is, an attack by a parasitical viral life form over the United States as `air AIDS` against selected targets, including the Pentagon, in Arlington county, Washington, D.C., and the Whitehouse. The terrorists, disguised as `Trojans`,  politely masqueraded in `civil` aircraft before hijacking them and using them as `Greek horses` to elude radar and transfer the virus of homosexuality and war to the USA. Parasitical behavior patterns are discernible in ancient Greek society, where the parasitical viral life form used women as host wombs in order to replicate itself pederastically and homosexually.



 The idea of the `Greek horse` derives from the ancient Greeks` discovery that the Trojan, Paris, had taken the Greek Helen to the city of Troy, that is, `one of our wombs is missing`, and the Greeks used the prototypical viral life form attack technique of transferring war and homosexuality to the wombs of the women of Troy by disguising their intention. The Trojans, whose city symbol was the horse, were told the huge wooden horse left outside the gates of the city by the Greeks was a mark of their atonement towards Troy. When the Trojans took the horse inside the city the Greeks emerged at nightfall and captured her.



 Historically, Al-Qaeda, on 9/11, were ensuring Saddam Hussein could never atone for his invasion of Kuwait in 1990, by precipitating a second Gulf War in 2000, resulting in Saddam Hussein`s removal as President of Iraq and worldwide anti-Moslem feeling. In socio-historical terms, 9/11 was the re-emergence of homosexuality as a parasitical viral life form seeking to spread its contagion and replicate itself as the ancient Greeks had done by maintaining the illusion that women were `protected` by homosexual pederastic men`s capacity for warfare, whereas women with a penis of their own ( ), hidden under the burkhas of the Middle East, and presented as `freaks` in Western pornography, are the re-emerging species of the Earth, futanarian Woman.



 9/11 was Manhattan Transfer in the sense that the USA mistakenly believed their relationship with Saddam Hussein was Chanson D`Amour , a `Love Song`, and gave him the 3rd largest army in the world as their guarantor of Middle East security. In fact it was a homosexual relationship characterized by the moustachioed machismo of the Iraqi dictator.



 The role of television on 9/11 was of the Manhattan `transvestite` (TV), where homosexuality and warfare was performed by the TV unable to monitor itself because man and woman haven`t followed God`s law. The homosexual parasites, watching CNN`s reporting of 9/11, as they had vicariously participated in the Somme and D-Day, were again transferring their virus of homosexuality and war to their TV, while God`s condemnation of Sodom (homosexuality) and Gomorrah (war), the `cities of the plains`, was, socio-historically, re-enacted over New York, the `city of the planes`, for the delight of the homosexual parasites, comfortably on 9/11 by the TV.