Marie Antoinette and Britney Spears` Cake

16/03/2013 16:28

Marie Antoinette and Britney Spears` Cake


During the Napoleonic Revolution against the French aristocracy, Marie Antoinette, Empress of France, asked about the noise as the Revolutionaries fought their way into the Bastille where she was dining. Pampered Marie wasn`t apprised of the cause of the disturbance, and so the `storming of the Bastille` came as a complete surprise. Although her ears could listen, she didn`t receive any information, and upon being told that the people of Paris didn`t have bread, she reputedly replied, `Let them eat cake.` Not because she was stupid, but because she was ignorant. They hadn`t told her that the reason they didn`t have bread was that they didn`t have money. She was kept blind insofar as she knew nothing of economics.



 For women economics is important because reproduction is the basic economic production unit for the human species. The idiomatic phrase, `bun in the oven`, refers to pregnancy as being analogous to baking, which suggests devourment is what the child is for. In Revelation Jesus is described as being born a second time while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour him, which again suggests that the problem of the devourer is a human issue. In socio-economic terms, women produce children as the basic economic unit of production, which means reproduction is directly related to production and mass production of consumer bought goods.



 The relationship between consumer, consumption, and devourment is one of desire, disease, and war, which suggests the `blood plague` of Revelation that attends the appearance of the `red dragon` is HIV/AIDS` `biological war` against the human species. In ancient Greece pederasty was the means by which the host wombs of women were enslaved to spread its contagion of war, which is the devourer and suggests homosexuality is `desire, disease and war`.



 Anal sex is `Greek` homosexual pederasty that, through its penis` desire for spreading its contagion of war mixed blood, shit and semen to produce HIV/AIDS, which is identified in Revelation as the `biological weapon` of the `red dragon`:


 `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)


 Because Greek art, culture and society was the basis for Western civilization it isn`t surprising that devouring is what it is known for. If the rise and fall of Empire is comprehended as the basic pattern of humanity, devouring is what transpires. The French Revolution is a devouring of the aristocracy by the peasantry, where the inability to buy bread results in the aristocrats, such as Marie Antoinette, being guillotined, that is, consumed like cake, by the Revolutionaries.



 The aristocracy was noteworthy for the voluminous skirts of the women, which covered the lower parts of the body, while the upper garments tended to emphasize the female bosom. Although women aren`t though to have a penis of their own, they do. Futanarian women have their own penis and socio-economic reproductive and productive valence as a species independent of `Man` but compatible with women who don`t have a penis, which suggests Marie Antoinette may have had more under her aristocratic skirts than she`s told.



  If woman has a penis of her own, `Man` may be conceived as a parasite that has adapted itself to her womb from which it emerges with a penis and so a symbiotic relationship is possible with the host species. In the New Testament Jesus describes this symbiosis as `Redemption` for `Man` if he accepts God. In Genesis God tells Eve there`ll be `perpetual enmity` between her seed and the seed of the serpent, but she`ll `crush the head of the serpent with her heel as she leaves`, and in Revelation God gives `woman`s seed` a `new heaven and Earth` while the `red dragon` and its kindred receive eternal unendurable pain as a punishment for not converting from the enslaving and devouring of the product of the host wombs of women, that is, art, culture and civilization, in its parasitical devouring wars.


`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) 


 Babylon is the enslaved woman whom pederastical parasitism forces to serve as food for the devourer. `Let them eat cake,` as Marie Antoinette`s observation after she received news the peasants didn`t have bread, is suicidal. Obviously, the species that doesn`t take care of its own penis will be extinguished by whatever parasitical virality invades its womb. Marie is the cake they`ll eat, because women are the host wombs of the parasites and devouring the virility beneath a woman`s skirts so that she can`t reproduce in sufficient numbers to be independent is the reason that she`s bred by a virus.



 Before the walls of ancient Troy the Greeks deployed the ruse of a huge hollow wooden horse inside which men were hidden and they emerged to enslave the city for pederasty and its contagion of war when the Trojans accepted the horse as a gift and took it into the city of Troy. On 9/11, 2001, the Arabian guests hijacked `civil` aircraft and crashed them into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre to invite the Americans to resume `rough trade`:


` … a lower-class man who is found sexually attractive by a gay man from a higher social class.`1



 The concept of the Trojan virus is a misnomer because the virus is `Greek`, which is a euphemism for homosexual pederasty and the enslavement of women`s host wombs in order to spread its contagion of war and plague. Upstate New York contains the city of Troy and `to work like a Trojan` is a euphemism for industry. The statue of `Liberty` in New York harbor is the symbol of freedom to the United States of America and the world, but slavery is `Greek` and the workers in upstate New York aren`t viruses. But no one wants to offend the Greeks, and Troy is only a small city in New York state. In simple terms, workers aren`t viral, whereas those who are suicidal want to spread their philosophy.

 At Pearl harbor the Japanese Mitsubishi suicide pilots crashed their planes into the US Pacific fleet, and the Al Qaeda hijackers crashed their suicide planes into the Twin Towers of New York. In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer`, who is Jesus in his Second Coming, and `shall rule the nations with an iron scepter`. The woman is `hidden` and carried to a `place of safety` on the `wings of an eagle` but corresponds to `Liberty` who gave birth with the red sun of the flag of Japan as her defeated enemy in World War II and the moon of the flag of Al Qaeda`s terrorism at her feet in 2001.

 According to Revelation the `New Redeemer` protects the `hidden` woman while there is war in heaven in which the `woman`s seed` is ultimately victorious. If so, it seems likely that the `hidden` woman is futanarian, that is, she has her own penis, and is reproductively viable as a species, which Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen prefigures as the first of `woman`s seed`. Jesus is often accused of suicide because he allows his tormentors to crucify and put him to death, but he has Resurrection and Ascension to heaven afterwards.

 Jesus didn`t want to live amongst parasitical viralities that live by torturing the spirited to produce art, culture, and civilization for them to devour. In other words, the murdering Roman authorities made it look like suicide, whereas the Japanese Mitsubishi pilots in 1941 and the Al Qaeda terrorists in 2001 were suicides, and encouraged suicide because they wanted pederasty and its contagion of war and plague to continue.

 Although Jesus spent much of his time with the disciples, who were all men, and his story is written as the Gospels of the New Testament by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, he wasn`t homosexual. But the slur of suicide suggests that he was. Because that`s how pederast`s contagion of war and plague spreads. Jesus was the `Second Adam` because he was `Man` alone, and New York city was the city of Adam`s `Big Apple`. Because of Jesus` preachings of immortality and a `perpetual body` rather than the `perpetual enmity` of the evil for `woman`s seed`.

 Jesus` fate is his encouraging of others to fight against those who would have us throw our lives away because they don`t value theirs or ours. 9/11`s suicidal hijacking resulted in the Gulf wars continuing, which had effectively been going on since 1979 when the United States were suicidally supporting Saddam Hussein against Iran, and he later waged war against the United States of America after his invading army was thrown out of Kuwait, whereas the USA also suicidally supported Al Qaeda against the Russians in Afghanistan.

 At the `Last Supper` before Jesus` betrayal by one of the disciples, Judas, who gave him over to the Jewish religious police, the Pharisees, so that they could have him tried and convicted of heresy and sedition by the Roman judge Pontius Pilate, Jesus gave the disciples `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood`, which is called the `host` in Catholicism. Because the woman`s womb contains the parasite that must be transubstantiated or transformed by conversion through the power of the Holy Spirit so that `woman`s seed` can grow in the convert.



 The simple meaning of the `Last Supper` is fellowship, but the devourer is present in the person of Judas Iscariot, who is Jesus` murderer, but makes it look like suicide to encourage further generations of demoniacally possessed suicidal maniacs to spread its pederasts` contagion of war and plague. In Catholic terms, the suicide has rejected the `host`, who is the mother, and so has committed a `mortal sin` for which perdition is reserved. Because the `host` in the transubstantiation symbolism of the Catholic Communion is the `bread and wine`, rejection is not only suicidal but the `body and blood` of devouring.

 In pop star Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again (2000) video CD single she descends inside a giant`s ring, which is a symbol of devouring. Placing a hook in the backpack of her spaceman visitor to her domain she raises him until he`s looking down upon her. Beside his helmet are what appear to be the tines of a giant`s fork, which suggests the devourer. Filming Britney Spears from above with the camera attached to his spacehelmet, she lies as if cake for a fork upon a white tablecloth, and sings:


`You see my problem is this.
I'm dreaming away.
Wishing that heroes, they truly exist.
I cry, watching the days.
Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways?
But to lose all my senses.
That is just so typically me.
Baby, oh.`


 In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the senses are eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, which correspond to the four functions of consciosunsess, that is, `Sensation, Thinking, Intuition and Feeling`. According to Jung women`s spirit is the animus which is manifest in art, dreams and the imagination as a throng of male admirers, whereas in male psychology the ego has a throng of male models to emulate, who are represented in art, dreams and the imagination as heroes. However, if `Woman` is the human species with her own `futanarian` penis and independent socio-economic valence, and men are her devourers, there are no male admirers or heroes: it`s just a crowd scene like Waterloo or the Somme.



 Jungian psychology observes that the soul of man is the anima and she`s female. In Jungian psychology woman`s animus is her spirit, but if men aren`t her then her spirit is female too. Consequently, the anti-function of the male admirer or hero is to provoke suicidal embracing of the role. Either of the woman admired by the devourer, or of the ego to be devoured through falsely supposed `heroic` actions at Pearl harbor or the Twin Towers. In psychological terms, the senses, that is, the four psychological functions that are to be differentiated by the ego in the process Jung calls self-actualization, are lost to those who suicidally embrace the devouring imago of men.




 In Jung`s theory of psychological types, each ego is associated with one of the four functions of consciousness, which is usually `Thinking` or `Sensation` in men because these are functions associated with the male ego, whereas `Intuition` and `Feeling` are associated with the female anima or soul as well as the conscious aspect of the female personality. Because of the male penis the ego of the male prefers `Thinking` and `Sensation` because they`re extroverted functions, whereas the extraverted functions of women would lie with the futanarian woman with her own penis and so more extraverted. In simple terms, women represent a fourfold functionality, which is repressed by men because they don`t want her penis to reproduce herself as an independent species.




 The psyche contains what Jung calls archetypes, which is a facultas praeformandi that responds to the needs of the developing mind by producing what Jung calls archetypal images from the unconscious `Self` as a guide to growth. A woman`s psyche should contain four female images to strengthen and support her individual ego, which is an archetype found in Islam where four wives are permissible in a marriage. Surrounding a male figure at the centre, the Moslem marriage signifies either the male ego or the `futanarian` woman with her own penis and ego at the centre, and so Britney Spears sings her lament that heroes no longer agree with her:


`But to lose all my senses that`s so typically me.`


 The senses are eyes, ears, nose and mouth, but the loss of these in psychological terms represents the loss of her psychological typecasting, which is the function associated with the ego as superior function, but also the other three as auxiliary, ancillary and inferior function, which last would be associated with the woman`s penis, and would be stimulated by the eyes, `Sensation`. `Let them eat cake,` was Marie Antoinette`s advice about the starving peasantry, which was an ignorant response because she was metaphorically blind, and that`s what the male devouring imago does with those men and women who seek individuation or personal individual growth. It devours the brain from the depths of the unconscious `Self` because men are alien to humanity and are not the human species, but it`s enslaving and devouring parasite.

 Although Britney Spears` penis isn`t visible beneath her white bikini dress as she`s metaphorically `cake` beneath the tines of the giant fork and the spaceman`s camera, it`s possible that this alter ego could have a penis of her own concealed underneath her skirt. Just as the burkah clad Arabian women could have the penis of woman hidden beneath their robes. Britney`s depicted in her red plastic body suit raising her spaceman above herself in the white bikini dress by means of a hook and pulley, which suggests she has `magically` produced herself, and so emphasizes the possible means of her reproducing herself, that is, woman`s `futanarian` penis. Oops I Did It Again is Britney Spears` challenging of the `censor` and the media `blackout` concerning woman`s true nature, and asks the question: who is watching the devourer?



 Produced before `9/11`s devouring of the Twin Towers `live on CNN` Oops I Did It Again`s theme is the enslaving ring of pederasty and its contagion of war and plague. Descending inside the giant`s ring at the beginning of the video single, Britney Spears presciently references J. R. R. Tolkein`s The Lord Of The Rings (1954) slave ring, which is the ring that Frodo has to break in the second part of the trilogy, The Two Towers, and the spider Shelob has to be killed by him before he can progress.



 The hijacked `civil` aircraft were the shells lobbed by the terrorists at the Twin Towers, which is `Two and Frodo` because Tolkein`s novel for children featuring Bilbo Baggins, the discoverer of the enslaving ring of Sauron, who presumably soared on at the Twin Towers, was The Hobbit or There And Back Again (1937), and might be interpreted as `There and Baghdad Again`, that is, the Gulf war (1990-1) and the necessity for Frodo, Bilbo Baggins` heir, to return post 9/11, 2001, to the Gulf and Baghdad again, where backing dad was support for the devourer`s contagion of pederasty, war and plague, but executing Saddam Hussein with a bag over his head to ensure that his devouring imago won`t again be seen promoting itself into the minds of the fearful through `cult of the personality` posters all over Iraq is a dad well bagged.



 Bilbo Baggins wasn`t Frodo`s dad, although he was the heir to the ring of slavery, which he was sent to break in The Lord Of The Rings, and so Frodo `bagged dad` because Sauron would be Saddam Hussein of the Arabian women of the burkahs, that is, the one piece coverall with eye slits which makes them look as if they`re wearing bags over their heads and bodies, and so Saddam Hussein would  be the daddy of the bags in Baghdad. The burkah women were known for suicide bombing against the US security forces, even after the capture and execution of Saddam Hussein, which means they represented the devouring imago of suicidal terrorism.



 Looking like large black spiders, the women of the burkha corresponded to the creature Shelob, and their suicides to the indiscriminate lobbing of shells. Moreover, because the United States of America and the Western Allies of those Gulf states that felt threatened by Saddam Hussein, became curious about what the Arabian women kept under their burkhas, the `woman`s seed` of Arabia might have been committing socio-economic and political suicide by leaving themselves open to research. Saddam Hussein was thought to have been developing weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical and biological weaponry, and so the women of the burkhas could be said to represent the `poison sacs` of the spider, Shelob.

  If the second Gulf war was designed to break the ring of slavery, God doesn`t favour right or wrong, but only the lesson. If Shelob was the planes thrown at the Twin Towers and the five sided Pentagon was the ring broken by the plane that struck there on 9/11, according to the symbolism of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` in Revelation, who was giving birth to the `New Redeemer` to `rule the nations with a scepter of iron` and protect the `hidden` species of woman, the woman is `Liberty` and the victory of the United States of America is over suicide, which was the enemy at Pearl harbor and New York, when the Japanese suicide pilots crashed their planes into the US Pacific fleet in 1941 and the Al Qaeda suicide terrorists crashed their planes into the Twin Towers of New York on 9/11, 2001. Just as the passengers of the US airliners didn`t suicide, so Jesus was suicided by Judas although he made it look like Jesus was a cowardly suicider. The imago of the devourer is what was being manifested. When Jesus returns in Revelation:


 `Out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword.`


 Jesus commands with the word of God rather than `action men` with the swords of the suiciders who encourage mass devourments of humans because they`re alien parasites that eat the brain from within and without. Jesus` disciples were his pupils, which is the name for the retina of the eye, and Jungian psychology is based on the theory of projection, which argues that the negative or inferior aspects of the individual personality are blamed upon those around us because we are unable to accept the shadow in ourselves. However, if women are the species on the planet Earth, woman`s devourer is genuinely attempting to be present in her psyche, and so isn`t a projection but a reality.



The `cult of the personality` in such figures as Iraq`s executed warmonger Saddam Hussein, and supporter of global terrorism, Colonel Gadhaffi of Libya, is a concerted attempt to propogate the devouring imago in the minds of their nations because dictatorship is the same as rulership. The encumbent doesn`t want to give up the throne, and is prepared to live as a devourer in the minds of the devoured rather than permit of a democratic succession, which is why the `New Redeemer` is described as protecting the `hidden` woman of Revelation, who is taken to a `place of safety` upon the `wings of an eagle`. The eagle is the symbol on the `Great Seal` of the United States of America  that bears the legend `E pluribus unum,` the one from the many, which signifies the election of a President rather than the installing of a devourer if the elected representative of the people is concerned to protect the `hidden` woman and not devour her.

 The United States of America`s suicidal support for Saddam Hussein and Osama Ben Ladan`s terrorist organization, Al Qaeda, from 1979 suggests that they`re not. US President Barack Obama`s support for the removal of Gadhaffi from power in Libya wasn`t support for `woman`s seed`, which is the positive reinforcement of images of women, but instead the devouring images of 9/11 are reinforced by the movie World Trade Centre (2006) in which the penis of the woman remains impossible and invisible, which is `business as usual` in pederasty.

 The enactors of World Trade Centre at the movies reinforces the male stereotype of devouring through inaction, which was how the TV viewer observed the events of 9/11 `live on CNN`. Devouring through inaction on the big screen is again the moviegoer`s experience of World Trade Centre, and further reinforces the parasitical devouring imago of pederasty`s contagion of war and plague, which is continuation of the serpent`s seed`s `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed` through `rough trade`, defined as `a male homosexual prostitute who engages in brutality or sadism, or such homosexuals collectively,` that is, what the Americans paid for when they encouraged the Arabian terrorist consumers.