New York`s Saddam and Eve`s Big Apple

20/07/2012 02:08

New York`s  Saddam and Eve`s Big Apple



The USA defined Saddam Hussein as a `Greek`, that is, as a part of the Graeco-Roman tradition of Western civilization, by giving him the 3rd largest army in the world: ` The federal government is composed of the legislative; Congress, made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives; the executive, the President , and the Judicial; the Supreme Court etc.`1 The buildings that house the politics of the USA are primarily Greek in style, which is significant because `Greek` is what is identified as the opposite of `Trajan`, and `Trojan virus` is the `politically correct` term for `PC` virus. But `PC` labeled Saddam as `Greek`, that is, a defender of the USA, whereas he was a `Trojan virus`, according to `PC` terminology.



 On 9/11 the `Trojan horses` of the `civil` planes, hijacked by Al Qaeda`s terrorists, crashed into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre to precipitate war. The `Trojan horse` is the device used by the ancient Greeks before the walls of ancient Troy. Idiomatically, the Trojans were `taken in` by the Greeks, whereas in fact the Greeks were taken in by the Trojans inside the huge wooden horse that they`d felt politically correct to accept from the Greeks as a `gift`. The Greeks, taken in by the Trojans, emerged from the horse to capture and enslave the city, which was the methodology of a society based on homosexual pederasty and warfare to maintain its enslavement of women`s `host` wombs to continue its blood-drinking existence as a parasitical viral life form. In other words, `Greek` is homosexual pederasty, blood-drinking warfare, and HIV/AIDS as their 21st century paradigm of `biological warfare` which, in spreading warfare, and the `plague aims`, on 9/11 meant that `politically correct` wasn`t `Greek`; or, in other words, `PC` had got it wrong.



 Outside of Manhattan Island, in New York State, is the city of Troy, and the idiomatic phrase, `work like a Trojan` is a eulogy, and relates to God`s biblical injunction to man in Genesis to `live by the sweat of your brow`. Word games aren`t allowable from the point of view of God, who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for homosexual pederasty, but the Marquis De Sade gave the title Sodom and Gomorrah to one of his novels about sadism because AIDS, that is, torture, murder, and death, is sadism arising from homosexual pederasty, that is, it`s the `plague aims` of a homosexual `play games` society in the `Greek` style. In the New Testament Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension after his crucifixion precedes the teachings of Redemption and repentance, which man refuses in Revelation:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 In terms of `political correctness`, the USA defined Saddam as `Greek`, and the city of Troy was in New York State, which meant the Trojans were defending the USA on 911, whereas the `Greek horses` were the `civil` aircraft, and New York was the `city of the planes`, in a homosexual pederast`s `plague aims` fantasy based on the Marquis De Sade`s novel 120 Days Of Sodom, the `cities of the plains`, which might be translatable, in dramatist`s terms, as the `play` game, Marki des AIDS, which would precede, in terms of the biblical Revelation, the `plague aim`, Markii De Sade`s, for the Earth`s `plague aims`, or `play games`, system of homosexual pederasty and warfare, and where I and II are the `marks` of the two `beasts` of Revelation in which `the number of the beast is the number of a man`.



 In Middle Eastern politics, Al Qaeda means `the base`, which is translatable as `evil`, and Osama means `lion`. Bashar Assad, the Syrian dictator, is `the messenger of the lion`, but originally his family name was Wahash, which means `beast`. In simple terms, the `first beast` is followed by the `second beast`, in accordance with Revelation, and signifies torture, murder, and death as `politically correct` or `PC` for those who accept the `beast`, and the `bully`s men` are the same as the `police men`, because that`s the `Word of God` game that the `base` plague aims with.


 911 is the number of the security and rescue services in the USA, while 999 is their number in most of the rest of the world, which is why `the number of the beast is six hundred three score and six`, and is 999 reversed or 666, and indicates that the `Word of God` is that homosexual pederasty is `Greek` and results in warfare, plague, and the enslavement of women as `host` wombs by men, who`re parasitical viral life forms, while God has prepared unendurable eternal pain for them as `aliens`.



 In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` while the devouring red dragon waits in vain. Protected by the `New Redeemer` the `hidden` woman leaves Earth to sow her `seed` in heaven where she defeats the evil serpent`s `seed` and receives a new heaven and Earth to dwell in forever. Because she can sow her `seed`, she has a penis of her own, which means that men are her self-replicating disease, and her boy sons are her poisons, emerging in the 20th century as HIV/AIDS and, on 9/11, as homosexual pederasty`s `Greek horse` of `biological warfare` spreading its plague aims.



 In the pop video Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears` Mars is her laboratory. In her red suit, she hoists her `spaceman` visitor above herself in a white bikini dress, representing a white blood cell, and a red blood cell, in terms of the human immune system. She is under the microscope of her spaceman`s camera, which means that the alien is examining her, and isn`t a doctor. In fact Britney is examining the virus. The spaceman is operating the camera, but the camera is not an operating tool in the theatre, which means that, linguistically, the `operating theatre` isn`t a `theatre of operations`; although the spaceman represents the spectre of homosexual pederasty or `biological warfare` and terrorism as who plague aims through the media. He`s the viral alien life form that is the verisimilitude of HIV/AIDS. The `game` is Operation, because Britney has a heart donor:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?`


 The `gift` is the `heart of the ocean` from the Titanic movie, which is a blue diamond dropped into the sea by Rose who`s `disappointed` in love. The truth is that a woman will always be disappointed because men are an alien parasitical viral life form, but it`s `Operation Plague Aims` after MB Games` Operation, that is, in Wizard Of Oz terms, the spaceman is the `tin man`, who has a `chopper`, but not a heart. In emotional terms, Britney `takes heart`, but the `tin man` still doesn`t have a heart, which means it`s a `game` of Operation in which she pretends he isn`t a virus and will accept she`s accepted his heart. However, the heart is the `blood pump`, which means that, if she accepts him, he doesn`t have a heart but a `chopper`. It`s Sheherezade. If she keeps her head, he has a heart, and she`s won; but, if he doesn`t have a heart, she can`t keep her head because it`ll be `Operation Plague Aims` in which the virus will spread its homosexual pederasty, symbolized by the devouring red dragon of Revelation, or the `chop`.



 A `chopper` isn`t a surgical tool but, in terms of security and rescue services` helicopters, which in the vernacular are `choppers`, it`s for wounds. However, heart transplantation may be a part of MB Games` Operation but head replacement isn`t. In order to deal with the spaceman, who`s an `incoming chopper` from whom Britney `takes heart`, in her red suit she winches him above herself in a white bikini dress to see if he`s interested in using his penis, which is `chopper` in the vernacular.



 In the Wizard Of Oz the scarecrow doesn`t have a brain, which is HIV/AIDS when the white cell can`t say `no` to the virus. The `cowardly lion` doesn`t have `courage`, which is why Britney `takes heart`, because the `heart of the ocean` is a blue diamond worn as a pendant, and the lion in Oz received a medal of encouragement.



 The simplest solution to the red dragon of Revelation is `no`, which is why it waits in vain to devour her child. She`s a `single mum`, as prefigured by the Virgin Mary, and prefiguring her own role as the `hidden` woman with a penis of her own who can self-fertilize. In accordance with the `Word of God` in Revelation, she can `teach`.



 One of the recurring motifs of the 20th century was the monkey, and according to scientists HIV/AIDS came from monkey brains. In Planet Of The Apes and its subsequent sequels, the `ape of God`, which is another name for the `Evil One`, enslave and murder humans, which is `behaviouralist` psychology. In King Kong, the big monkey climbs to the top of the Empire State building because Fay Wray doesn`t want to have sex with it. The Empire State building and King Kong are symbolic of the smallness of the woman`s penis, and the planes that shoot the monkey prefigure those that crashed into the Twin Towers of Eve`s `Big Apple` on 9/11. The perception is that King Kong isn`t human and those that shoot the monkey are humans, whereas 9/11 is the perception that the virus isn`t human.



 Arthur C. Clarke`s 2001: A Space Odyssey follows the pattern of the NASA space programme in which the monkey is prepared for space. In a scene echoing Sir Charles Darwin`s evolutionary theories from Origin Of Species, one monkey kills another, and then hurls the bone into the sky where it transforms into a spacelab, and the story`s evolution is of how a man spends eternity in what is recognizably a hospital prison being cared for by an intelligence that is his nurse.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney on Mars, in her red suit, symbolizing a red blood cell and, in her white bikini dress, symbolizing a white blood cell, is analyzing the  disease. The spaceman represents Darwin`s theories of evolution. As a `deep sea diver`, he`s brought her the `heart of the ocean`, but Britney`s Mars has `98% oxygen`, which requires `decompression`.



Britney doesn`t wear a helmet and, when she removes his `bubble`, the spaceman `bends`, which is a euphemism for decompression sickness. The `heart of the ocean` motif indicates the problem is arterial gas embolism, which has the acronym `AGE`. Because of `bubbles`, the spaceman will die of an embolism.



 `Wacko Jacko` was introduced to `Bubbles`, a chimp, by a behavioural psychologist, and Michael Jackson died `of an AGE`, 26 years later, in 2009, at the hands of a general practitioner using a syringe, which is a known form of inducing arterial gas embolism (AGE) by injecting `bubbles` of air into an artery. Michael was a developed artist, but the introduction of `Bubbles` into his system meant he`d die of AGE. Put simply, Michael Jackson was a `chimp` to the behaviouralists, who don`t want development, because it`s a threat to their games` system of homosexual pederasty, and their plague aim of spreading HIV/AIDS in `biological warfare` and global terrorism by means of `Greek horses`:


`Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.` - Homer Iliad



 Britney Spears` perception in Oops I Did It Again is that HIV/AIDS is a victimizer`s disease, and the camera is a symptom of the illness. Beside her spaceman`s `bubble` helmet, as he dangles above her, are the tines of a giant fork, a `pop` symbol of devouring. CNN`s coverage of 9/11`s `Greek horse` making victims of the thousands working in the World Trade Centre is use of the camera to spread the devourer`s contagion by making it plague; aims of the evil.



Cameras are operated, but in Oops I Did It Again Britney shows there`s confusion between operating a camera, and operating in the theatre. `TV` is where Al Qaeda, the `base`, that is, the evil, employed the camera in a `theatre of operations` to spread their terrorist plague aims through TV`s `small screen`, a medium for Hollywood`s `Dream Factory, which to be fair had been churning out nightmares for a generation.



9/11 provided an opportunity to produce more. In movies like Saw, Scream, The Ring, and more conventional scripts such as Collateral Damage, Die Hard or Payback, the illusion of the `hero savior` is perpetrated while the women `die like flies`. For Arabians, MBC2, MBC Action, and other cable channels, `attack us in our own homes`. Hollywood`s programme for `snuff` is a world pogrom on family development, and developing and developed individuals. In those countries becoming more liberated, after the `Arabian Spring` of the first decade of the 21st century, when the Arabs have finished terrorizing God`s wife and daughter, that is, the Kore in Greek civilization and culture, from whose enslaved `host` womb the `War Games` of homosexual pederasty emerge, it`ll be the West`s turn to terrorize her, which is what 9/11`s `Greek horse` was for.