Paris Hilton`s Clothes Horse

03/07/2012 07:22

Paris Hilton`s Clothes Horse


On 9/11 New York was the `City of the Planes`, whereas Sodom and Gomorrah were the `Cities of the Plains` that God destroyed in the Bible because they practiced homosexuality and sadism. The destruction of the Twin Towers by disguised civilian aircraft resembles the `Greek horse` given to the Trojans from which Greek soldiers emerged to capture the city of Troy. In the USA a Trojan is a protective condom, and a Trojan virus attacks computers, but the name for the vehicle of deception before the gates of Troy was the Greek horse, which means that there was no `Trojan horse`. The Greeks were known for pederasty and homosexuality, that is the Greek disease, which was to enslave women as their `host womb` in order to breed more of themselves and live parasitically off women as viral life forms with a host that was taught it wanted them.



 The New York `care` raids on the part of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism were New York air AIDS. In other words, the `City of the Planes`, New York, wasn`t the victim of an attack by a Trojan virus, but a Greek horse. It`s important because the Greeks were known for pederasty and homosexuality, whereas Paris, who took Helen from Greece, and which began the war with Troy, wasn`t a pederast or homosexual; because the story says so. In simple terms, defence analysts of 9/11 would perceive the USA`s defence system had been attacked by a `Trojan virus`, which ignores the fact that such viruses are homosexual and Greek.



  The deposing of Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gadaffi, and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali left other Moslem dictators exposed as exponents of infantilism, which is the practice of not allowing personal growth. The body has two physical functions; it eats and fucks. Those who  don`t want it to fuck are saying that they want it to eat and shit only, which is infantile. To say the USA was having unprotected Greek sex on 9/11 because someone wanted to write off a couple of columns on AIDS in The New Yorker on how New Yorkers felt about their air raids would also be infantile, but that`s what the infantiles are saying. The Twin Towers represent growth, which those who are taught to be infantile don`t want, Because infantilism is the perspective that people eat and shit, but sexual development, or any developmental growth, is haraam or `forbidden`, the destruction of the Twin Towers fits into the infantilism picture, because development has been reduced to shit, which is what the nihilists teach the infants.



 Middle Eastern  dictators promote the infantile perspective that it`s their portrait that should everywhere be visible, which is homosexual infantilism. If the Greeks practiced anal sex as men because women were only an enslaved `host` for their homosexual parasitism, then blood, shit, urine, and AIDS is all they`re for. In Syria, the name Bashar Al-Assad means `the messenger of the lion`, and it was the `lion` Osama that led Al Qaeda on 9/11. President Assad`s original family name was Al-Wahash in Arabic, which means `the beast` and, in Revelation, `the beast is the number of a man, let he that has understanding understand`. The `beast` is 666 which means that he is many.



  The Middle Eastern practice of promoting a homosexual `cult of the personality` around its leaders is itself an –ism, and may have found its definitive expression in `Assadism`, which may sound infantile but the infantile who seems to be writing it thinks so too. Paris Hilton`s most famous song is Stars Are Blind, and Paris was asked to earn her living because she was an heiress and it was decided that she should learn enough economics to manage her estate. Paris is a billionairess; as was Britney Spears who Paris helped through her divorce before Britney`s own billions were taken away from her on the strength of her son`s hat falling off in the street while the paparazzi took photos and the newspapers screamed:





 The infantile wanted to explain `Paris, sighted.` in other words, Paris` fortune was to be targeted because, although she might be blind, the parasites weren`t. In simple terms, Britney, `the most beautiful woman in the world`, corresponded to Helen of Troy, whom Paris `kidnapped` and took to Troy, New York, where the pederastical homosexual Greeks employed a wooden horse to, effectively, give the city AIDS, which presumably wasn`t living in fear of two women with columnar penises of their own producing something together.



Paris has described herself as a `clothes horse`, presumably `wooden`, but the bisexual relationship between Spears and Hilton (her Sword) during Paris` support for Britney during her divorce wasn`t `pederastical homosexual infantile`, but what would be defined as `lesbian` if it weren`t known that women have swords of their own, that is, as futanarian women they have a penis of their own and so are a species. In other words, sexual relations between women are `normal` whereas men`s are nihilist because they don`t want women to grow and develop to the point at which they can recognize the evil in their midst.



 In Revelation the woman `hidden` upon the Earth leaves for the stars to sow her own `seed` there and she fights the evil serpent`s `seed` to receive a new heaven and Earth from God to dwell in forever while the evil receive perdition.  In other words, she`s woman with a penis as her own species. Paris` song Stars Are Blind refers to men`s practice of killing the eyes of women so that they can`t see the truth, which is that they`re kept a prisoner upon the Earth by pederastical homosexual parasites that promote infantilism because they`re a sentient virus nihilistically spreading itself through Woman`s `host womb` as a viral infection that`s reified as AIDS:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 The logical conclusion is that men portray themselves as aliens in science fiction because they are aliens and want women to understand that they`re the same species, whereas women with a penis of their own are a species and men are blood-sucking leeches that in fact are aliens. In H.G. Wells War Of The Worlds the aliens devastate the Earth and at the end of the movie succumb to the common cold virus and die. In simple terms, the aliens are men`s extrapolations of themselves, and they die because that`s what viruses are for.  Men are a clever virus because they explain to the `host` that they`re symbiotes and, like HIV explains to the white cells of the body`s immune system, that it`s really white like they are, it finally kills the host.



 In Genesis God kills Er and Onan because they want Tamar to remain an unspoiled beauty and refuse to impregnate her.  From the name Onan we get `onanism`, which is masturbation. Er and Onan`s perspective is that they don`t want Tamar to have the `virus`, which are the boy sons (poisons) that, infecting her, will result in her death and that of the Earth. Essentially, they don`t want Tamar to die at all. Moreover, if she doesn`t and she`s woman with a pe**s then Onan and `onanism` represent the true perspective, which is that women aren`t for reproduction but self-pleasure.



 The clitoris is the only organ of the human body that`s concerned with pleasure alone, and it`s external to the vagina, while a woman`s penis is an instrument of mutual pleasure between women that, intrinsically, has no implicit reproductive functionality extrinsic to the vagina that may never be opened because only infectious men would tell an immortal woman what it was for. In simple terms, it seems likely that Adam and Eve, in Eden, were a woman with a penis and a woman with/without, and that the evil serpent`s `seed` is what men are.  God expelled Adam and eve from Eden because God didn`t want the infection, which is why God erased Sodom (homosexuality) and Gomorrah (sadism) and AIDS is described in Revelation as a concomitant of men`s sado-masochism, which is already evident in their torture and murder of Jesus in the New Testament:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 In psychological terms, the penis is, developmentally, the `programme`  for space rocket design. However, borrowing from Sigmund Freud`s famous definition, human culture and civilization is reducable to `nothing but` the repression of Woman`s penis, but infants have it explained to them by the nihilists that they`re `nothing but` eaters and shitters, and so space rockets are out and cruise missiles with nuclear warheads are in. Because that`s what infants produce in nihilist education systems designed to produce infantilist coprophiles.



 In the story Oedipus Rex by the Greek dramatist Sophocles, Oedipus blinds himself because of the taboo against incest when he discovers he`s married his mother. What isn`t commonly understood is that this is a `plot device` to illustrate what men do to those who`re able to see. Because Oedipus is having sex with Jocasta, his mother, it`s a logical next step for him to observe that, if he were her daughter with a penis, she`d be having sex with her. However, if she were immortal, she wouldn`t be havng sex with him at all. She`d be a woman with a penis of her own, which she`d use only for masturbation, as she uses her clitoris. In other words, she`d only be interested in having pleasurable relations with women, and if she`d ever had a child it`d be a woman with a penis of her own because she`d only have sex with her own species. Men would never have seen her at all, which is what the scene in Eden is about where Adam and Eve perceive themselves to be naked. Or, as Paris Hilton said:


`I`m just a clothes horse.`



 If men are a parasitical virus, then women are the `Greek whores`.