Tarot Woman

02/09/2012 15:52

Tarot Woman


Women have been engaged in warfare with men for generations over who has the right to develop her penis. Indicating the women with the body of a sex goddess and saying `This is what we have been fighting for,` is standard jingo nonsense from soldiers who, in biblical terms, represent homosexual pederasty`s devouring `red dragon` of Revelation depicted as waiting to devour the child of the hidden `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who is giving birth to the `New Redeemer` who`ll protect her until she leaves Earth to `sow` her own `seed` in heaven.



 Ancient Greek society was based on the principle that women`s wombs were to be enslaved by men so that they could spread their `boy sons` through warfare. Men`s `boy sons` are `poisons`, a metaphor for HIV/AIDS, and other STDs, as the `blood plague` of Revelation and the `devourer` of woman and her Earth.

 The typical modus operandi is the `Greek horse` of Troy in which the Greeks, `feigning friendship` as the HIV/AIDS virus `feigns friendship` for the white cells of the citadel of the body`s defense in order to kill them and it, hid and emerged to enslave the `host` wombs of the Trojan women so that they could continue to practice their `plague games` of producing more `boy sons` to be `poisons` and take more citadels, kill more women, and produce more poisons, which is what the devouring virus of homosexual pederasty`s HIV/AIDS `blood plague` does.



 The condom is the shield designed to protect the woman from the disease which prefers the sterile blood, shit and semen mixture from which the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty has developed its psychological and biological weapon of warfare and terrorism against women and her `womb`.

 The alien parasitical viral life form that is men again used its `Greek horse` of virality masquerading as machismo when, `feigning friendship`, terrorists bought tickets in Boston, Massachussetts, and were carried as passengers aboard `civil` aircraft, before hijacking them and crashing them into the Twin Towers of New York`s Ilium, so precipitating the global Greek `plague games` of the `War On Terror` subsequently declared by President George W. Bush of the United States of America from 2003 onwards.

 Penetration of the USA`s shield against the virality of homosexual pederasty`s disease of the devouring `blood plague` of the devouring `red dragon` of warfare precipitated global fear of the spy, represented by a further genuine terror,  which was that of the USA`s global surveillance in the Orwellian shape of `Big Brother Is Watching You`, that is, the intelligence gathering organizations of the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc., irrespective of Britain`s MI6, Israel`s Mossad, South Africa`s BOSS, and so on.



 The `shield` concept relates to law enforcement, and so `Desert Shield` was the name given to the defence of Israel, and the interests of the Western powers and her allies, in the first Gulf War (1990-1) precipitated by Saddam Hussein`s Iraqi army`s invasion of Kuwait. The fact that the USA armed Hussein indicated that their `shield` was the problem.

 Feminism introduced the concept of `political correctness` into government, but those Trojans from upstate New York`s city of Troy on 9/11 may`ve concluded that defining `working like a Trojan` was viral and that the `Greek horse` of the `friendly` aircraft crashed into the Twin Towers of their Ilium was a direct result of the failure of `political correctness` to identify devouring homosexual pederasty as inalienably opposed to women as a species with her own penis, which is what the `hidden` woman of Revelation who leaves to `sow` her own `seed` in heaven is. In refusing to define the devouring disease of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty as `Greek`  rather than `Trojan` because of `political correctness`, and defining lesbianism, which is the correct valence of the species woman, as the same as homosexual pederasty, that is, `gay`, feminism and `PC` USA dropped their shield.



 For a woman her shield is her bikini briefs, which means that genuine protection for her, resembles the femidom, which is inserted into the vagina. Male symbolism devolves from swords and spears, whereas female symbolism devolves from pentacles and cups, according to the Tarot, which is often described as a `portable Torah, that is, the Judaiac book of the law of God, and was saved from the accidental burning of the library of Alexandria by the Romans and Julius Caesar, according to tradition, in 48 BC.



 Spears are interpretable as the penis, and cups are interpretable as the vagina. Swords are interpretable as the male penis, if we know that women as a`futanarian` have a penis, and pentacles are comprehendable variously as shields or coins, that is, in economic terms, defense. Consequently, the saving of the Torah at Alexandria was necessary for defence because it depicts, in symbolic and pictorial terms, as a `deck` of cards that `know the future`, how to defend it.



 The pentacle is often depicted as a protective star in a circle, which suggests that the `New Redeemer` that protects the `hidden` futanarian woman before she leaves Earth is a part of the symbolic interaction with the mind.



 In Christianity, and the myth cycle associated with King Arthur and the knights of the round table, the Grail is central, that is, the bowl from which Jesus ate and drank at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, is a symbol of friendship, and of course Judas` betrayal is a symbol of the virus, that is, `feigning friendship` in order to kill `friendship`, which is what the 9/11 terrorists did to the Arab world.



 At the `Last Supper` Jesus offered the contents of his bowl, that is, the `bread and the wine`, as `symbols` of his `body and blood`, which meant `friendship` and  the teachings of the Paraclete or Holy Spirit of God to those who were Christians after Jesus` crucifixion.

 According to the New Testament, the Paraclete or Holy Spirit emerged after the spear of Longinus pierced the side of Jesus upon his death at the crucifixion, which meant that she emerged as the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam` as the `guide, teacher, comforter and helpmeet` of woman.

 In the 20th century the USA adopted Longinus` Spear of Destiny` as the symbol of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, and in the 21st century the sex symbol of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny was Britney Spears, because the Paraclete or Holy Spirit that effectively emerged from Longinus` spear to be at the side of woman as `guide, teacher, comforter and helpmeet` is e pluribus unum, or `the many from the one` spear, which is the legend upon the Great Seal of the United States of America:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Piece Of Me



 In God We Trust is what we find on a `piece`, which is a US dollar, and that`s why a pentacle is a coin in terms of Tarot symbolism. Defence is a `shield` and not a `gun`, but a gun is called a `piece` and a `peacemaker` by homosexual pederasty`s parasitical  viral aliens representing the `red dragon` enslaving women`s `host` wombs through the perpetuation of a secret war against her.



 For those who worship war on Earth with the gun, the `red planet`, as the Roman war god Mars, is their astrological or Tarot `ruler`. In believing the propaganda that they have `planetary rulers` in the heavens, the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s alien virality accepts Mars, the Roman god of war, as its `ruler` rather than Jesus.



 For homosexuality, `War Is God`, which George Orwell observed in his novel Nineteen Eighty Four (1948), where propaganda promulgates the nonsensical belief that `War is Peace`. Homosexuality has even `hijacked` the language of preparation for holy wedlock by referring to `rules of engagement` that delimit defence to `bows and arrows technology` rather than the shields of starships that deal with meteor showers, as depicted by the USS Enterprise from the TV series Star Trek (1965-) so that men can continue producing `boy sons`, that is, the `poisons` of marriage, rather than acknowledging woman as a species and accepting she should leave for her stars in heaven, which contain more than Mars, god of war.



 Defence spending is an issue in the United States and President Ronald Reagan`s 1980s `Strategic Defence Initiative` (SDI), which effectively envisaged space missile technology shielding the USA with a `nuclear umbrella` deterrent, and George Bush Snr`s patriot missile `Desert Shield` for the state of Israel prior to the commencement of hostilities with Iraq over its invasion of Kuwait (1990), which is now become a proposed `missile shield` for the Western powers, indicates the flaw in military thinking.



 In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the sword is a symbol of egotistical masculine thinking, while the cup or Grail is a symbol of the feminine `Feeling` function. According to Jung there are four functions of consciousness, that is `Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, and Intuition`. Whereas `Thinking` is associated with the sword, and cup is `Feeling`, `Sensation` is the pentacle, in Tarot or Torah symbolism, and `Intuition` is the spear. Male thinking associates the spear with the missile whereas, in terms of woman as a species, the spear is her penis. Because the pentacle is both coin and shield, it represents defence spending, and according to Jung, `Sensation` is a masculine function, because man and woman are a species, so sword and defence go together. However, if we suppose the Torah or Tarot to refer entirely to women as a species exclusive of men, the male element simply refers to the penis of the woman, which is only male in contradistinction to women. In other words, from the perspective of woman as a species, the penis is female but God insofar as it corresponds to the `fatherer` in heaven, which is to come after she leaves Earth for the stars.

 Defining missiles as shields is an aspect of the propaganda of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s devouring that defies credulity but is hypnotically believed by billions, which suggests that the world`s religions and educational media amount to a global network of telepathic coercion. How many women are educated in the knowledge that they are a species with their own penis? How many PhD students have emerged from Universities throughout the world, even on gender studies programmes, as Annabelle Chong the pornstar did, without even an inkling that women have a penis of their own? Because the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty wants to continue with its `plague games` of enslaving women`s wombs as `hosts` to further spread its alien parasitical virality in the form of devouring war, HIV/AIDS` biological and psychological warfare against woman, and `blood plague` vendettas of physical misogynist terrorism against woman and her Earth masquerading as machismo in a moustache or beard.



 The Tarot as Torah is a socio-historical depiction of a history determined by swords, spears, and the desire for fellowship and the companionship of women symbolized by the cup or Grail, whereas the pentacle as the symbol of economics represents men`s `rules of engagement`, that is, you can`t build a shield to protect yourself against men because they will deny you the wherewithal to construct it. However, if men are denied marriage with women, the socio-historical message is simple. Without swords and spears, the `Grail` is woman as a species, and the shields of the starship Enterprise or Voyager in the TV series Star Trek represent the shield that would facilitate her escape from the swords and spears of Earthmen, who are her alien parasitical viral enemies constantly seeking to penetrate her shields and reinstate their `plague games` of enslavement of her `host` womb, and so war through `boy sons`; as the `poisons` from her womb and the `poisons` of HIV/AIDS` `blood plague` to destroy her species before it emerges. As they do in China, for example, where girls are aborted or `exposed` at birth so that they`re unable to inherit.



 The picture of swords, spears, cups, and shields is socio-historical, but isn`t a deterministic blueprint for the future insofar as the presupposition is for woman as a `futanarian` species with a penis of her own to outgrow the sword and spear, which is masculine, and leave Earth, as the Grail, inside a starship`s shield.



 Although the Grail is the goal of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table, because it represents fellowship, as Jesus` discipleship did, the table is an alternative symbol for the pentacle, which represents fare, that is, women eating food and drinking together, and not men`s treachery and warfare against her.



 Treachery and warfare is the symbolism of Judas, and Judas` rejection of the `body and the blood` of Jesus, symbolized by Jesus` offer of the `bread and the wine`, represents acceptance of the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and its `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS, which is antithetical to food and drink as women`s fare, and that`s why women accept the role of `cook`. Because they aren`t warfare, that is, poison, whereas men are and daughters want to live.



The round table is a symbol of the ship`s vessel which contains, as a dish contains meat, or a shield contains the starship and its contents. It doesn`t presuppose attack, but only protective containment. In simple terms, shields relate to woman`s escape into her future and not warfare, which is the `disease` that the alien parasitical virus that is men want her to `carry` there.



 In the Arthurian myth cycle the Grail is represented as attainable or achieveable but not posessable, because it is the thing itself and can be perceived as a guiding principle, which is that of the woman with a penis of her own. In Christian terms, the exhortation `love thy neighbor` is Jesus` distillation of the law of God, because it contains the perception that a man is a woman and, if a woman has a penis and she is the `hidden` woman whose destiny is the stars and escape from men and the Earth, it isn`t for a man, which is why the Grail can be achieved or attained, that is, man can perceive, in Christian terms, that a woman with a penis is a man, but the Grail cannot be possessed by a man, who can only perceive wisely that a man is a woman, and she is attained, because she is achieved.



 Spear and cup symbolism is directly related to Jesus` promise of immortality to those who accept the Paraclete or Holy Spirit, which is the feminine principle. Amongst the stars the penis of the woman may be understood as reproductive but, if she is immortal, as Jesus promises, the penis would only be a `fatherer` in heaven if the survival of the species of woman were threatened. In which case ploughs might be swords again and, in Revelation, the `seed` of the woman who leaves Earth fights a war in heaven against the serpent`s `seed`,  and the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty, which sweeps away `a third of the stars of heaven`, is defeated. It and its `seed` receive unendurable eternal pain forever as a punishment from God, while the `seed` of woman as a species receive a new heaven and Earth in which to forever dwell. It`s fulfillment of the Old Testament promise to the `chosen`, who are usually perceived as Jews. However, you can only be a Jew if you are born from a woman, which means that women are the `chosen`, and so the symbol of the rainbow, as a symbol of God`s promise, is a symbol of no return of woman to man:


 `I'll never return, how do you know
Tarot woman, I don't know, I don't know` – Rainbow Tarot Woman (1976)