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Seeing the sights is a tourist`s dream but not if it`s isn`t possible to see because your eyesight is attacked. Many tourists choose the yellow cab as a taxi service is New York, while the Al Uqab is the name of the flag of the Prophet Mohamed rather than the flag in a taxi that indicates a fare price. The flag of Islam, which is the religion founded by Mohamed after the angels dictated the holy book of the Koran (610-30 C. E.), according to tradition, is usually black or white, but can be green, while the Qerash is the flag of the Prophet with the eagle upon it as a symbol of war. Consequently, the Wall Street Crash and the planes that the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, hijacked to crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York on September 11, 2001, was an attempt to interfere with the global economy by those purporting to represent the Qerash or `war tribe` of the Prophet Mohamed.

 The Moslem religion of `Islam`, which translates as `accept`, because Moslems are believers in the Koran of the Prophet Mohamed, which contains the stories of Moses, known as the `law giver` in Judaism, and Jesus, who is called Isa. In the Koran Jesus is born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, which is another reason why `Islam` means `accept`, because Jesus` birth is meant to be accepted as a world changing occurrence more than six hundred years after his Advent. Consequently, Moslems accept Resurrection for `woman`s seed` without Jesus` nailing to the cross and being tortured to death, as described in Christianity, because Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigures the Resurrection of `woman`s seed` affirmed as Catholic doctrine by Pope Pius XII in 1950 when the Assumption of the Virgin Mary bodily into heaven without death became church dogma.

 The concept of `woman`s seed` appears early in the Bible when God tells Eve her `seed` will `crush the head of the serpent`s seed with her foot as she leaves.` (Gen: 3. 15) Consequently, Eve`s `futanarian` daughters will have penis` semen of their own and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers to liberate themselves from the yoke of slavery and oppression by men who accept the `serpent`s seed` and not the teachings of Jesus uncontaminated by male semen as the first of `woman`s seed` born from a woman, which prefigures the Resurrection of `woman`s seed`, that is, woman`s penis` semen, for her own host wombs rather than those of the parasitical viral life form that has inveigled itself into her womb and stolen her penis.



 The `knowledge` is what a taxi driver uses to describe how he finds his way about a city, which means that he decides what is available to see. Consequently, a taxi operator service is a blinder if the `knowledge` is used to prevent the passenger who pays for the service from seeing, which means that it`s a taxi on the runway for an individual who is waiting to take off, where taxiing is used by pilots to describe the aeroplane gathering momentum before the wings lift off from the runway of the airport. Passengers are required to pay a tax on their eyesight, which is what taxiing means, that is, it`s a tax on eyes. Fashion models who use runways use taxis to get from one assignment to another, which suggests that their fares are flagged in the same way that planes obey air marshals with flags directing the plane taxiing on the world`s runways before take off. In simple terms, people are flagged before they leave according to the local mafia`s opinion of what they should see when they arrive at their destination, while progressive blinding of the rich and successful until they`re unable to see anything that would interest them is the `game` that a taxi driver operator and the airport authorities play with their customers.




 People`s eyesight shouldn`t be metered in the same way as gas, electricity and water. If a taxi driver is metering eyesight, airport controllers are metering air, which suggests a concerted campaign to kill the human race. If the yellow cab`s in New York are the Al Uqab of the flag of the Prophet, the planes crashing into the World Trade Centre was the Qerash of a taxi dispute. In Saudi Arabia, where Osama Ben Laden the leader of Al Qaeda was born, women have to use a taxi because they`re forbidden from driving by law, which means their take off is prevented as they perforce have to taxi on the runway permanently. Consequently, Al Qaeda`s attack on the Twin Towers of New York`s WTC represented a repressed group of women`s dispute over having to pay a taxi fare to prevent them from seeing.

 In Moslem Arabia marriages are permitted four wives which affords opportunity for `woman`s seed` to sexually reproduce, that is, `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs can sexually reproduce their own brans` power and independent vision for the future of the Earth`s socio-economy. Osama Ben Laden`s Al Qaeda were trained by the misogynist Taliban regime in Afghanistan, which had defeated the Russians in a prolonged revolt (1979-89), but were themselves overthrown by the United States of America shortly after the Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked planes to crash them into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, at the World Trade Centre:


`Recently I witnessed this scene: a car pulled up suddenly in front of a woman. It was during a Moslem holiday. They beat her on her feet with lead-weighted whips until her feet bled. It was because she was wearing white shoes, and white is the color of the Taliban flag.`1



 A taxi in New York is a yellow cab, whereas a taxi in London is black, while the flag of the Prophet Mohamed is black or white, which means white taxis are the Al Uqab, although they aren`t the yellow cab. Because the flag of the Prophet can be white, the misogynist Taliban in Afghanistan and elsewhere are the equivalent of a taxi driver in dispute with a fare. `Affair` is the term used to describe a sexual relationship that isn`t permanent, so women as a species with her own penis` semen and host womb are justified in describing men as her `affair`, because they`re her parasites, unless they accept Jesus` teaching of Redemption through acceptance of `woman`s seed`; as his birth uncontaminated by male semen emphasizes. Although greener taxis appeared on the streets of the Big Apple` of New York in 2012, there`s little evidence to suggest that was influenced by Moslems adhering to the green flag of the Fatimid Caliphate, which was a group of states in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, governed by Caliphs. The ruler of a city state, like Baghdad, in the famous 8th century Arabian folktales` One Thousand And One Nights, was a Caliph, and a grouping of such states ruled a dynasty named for the Prophet Mohamed`s daughter, Fatima, from Mecca to Morocco (909-1171 C.E.). Similarly , the appearance of red taxis in Hong Kong, China, and elsewhere doesn`t suggest the founders of the great-grandfather of the Prophet`s `Hashemite` dynasty of Islam (511 C.E. -) are involved, that is, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq and Yemen, but the overall picture is of a taxi driver in dispute with a woman who wants to stop taxiing on the runway and take off, but is being prevented by misogyny, which flags women for a profit to those who don`t want to see them.



 The movie Taxi Driver (1976) is about a New York driver for the yellow cab company, actor Robert De Niro as Travis, who tries to persuade an 11 year old prostitute, actress Jodie Foster`s Iris, to stop working, while he engages in vigilante activities. He is thanked by Iris` parents after he kills her `owner`, while the woman he`d tried to interest in his other activity, pornographic movies, Betsy, he watches off after he picks her up when he`s fully recuperated. The combination of pornography and prostitution is what runway models have to face as they travel from locale to location picked up by a taxi driver before the plane is taxiing at the airport and they take off. The metaphor of a taxi and taxiing is of the sighted being blinded, that is, a tax on seeing, which is what De Niro`s vigilante character in the film Taxi Driver doesn`t represent for Iris or Betsy, and Travis` bet is that his pupils will see what prostitution and pornography are for:


` I think someone should just take this city and just ... just flush it down the fuckin' toilet.`2


 Most sex films feature what humans are taught is heterosexual sex between male and female adults, whereas `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host womb are human but defined by feminist `political correctness`, for example, as homosexual and lesbian in order to  maintain equality in parasitism as the host womb of their murderer. Looking in the mirror women are taught to see themselves as attractive only to men, that is, schizophrenic rejection of their own species is basic education. Consequently, Taxi Driver is about a man`s discovery of women, because he prefers them to men. The yellow cab is the Al Uqab flag of the Prophet Mohamed of Islam in which four wives are permissible, because women sexually reproduce with each other. Because misogynists don`t want them to, a taxi and taxiing on the runway before take off have a darker meaning of attacking those who can see and taxing people for seeing what misogyny doesn`t want them to. Runway models as the fashion industry calls young women who wear designer clothes for couturiers so that buyers in the retail industry can decide what to buy are paid to walk, which upsets the misogynist `owner` of prostitutes, because they`re paid to fly. Consequently, a taxi and taxiing on the runway are linguistic structures denoting women`s eyesight, as the misogynists don`t want the human species of `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host womb to see runway models, because that would interfere with prostitution.



 If women weren`t male brained with male semen, they`d be socio-economically independent through the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers for liberation. Mothers would be their daughters` fatherers and they`d be in a position to take off their clothes without worrying about a taxi driving or runway taxiing, that is, they`d be able to see each other as the human species of women without axing. The prototypical Arabian story is Scheherezade in the framing story of the 8th century compendium of Arabian folktales`, One Thousand And One Nights, in which Shah Jehan taxes his wife with being unfaithful with his brother. After taxing her he attacks her with a meat axe and cuts her head off, which of course neatly removes her brain. Scheherezade tells Shah Jehan stories until he stops taking a new wife each day and beheading her each evening. The story is allegorical because misogynists don`t want women to sexually reproduce with each other, so brainlessness is how women are who are bred with the `serpent`s seed` of men, that is, they don`t have minds of their own, which means they`re men.

 Only if women bred each other with their own penis` semen and host wombs would they have their own brains` powers for liberating themselves from womb slavery to men who want them to walk in prostitution rather than fly. Al Qaeda, `the base`, means `basic`, that is, it`s Islamic Fundamentalism that women aren`t allowed to drive and, because women are men in male braining, the planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre represented the Qerash of the `war tribe` of the Prophet Mohamed`s women, who didn`t want to be forbidden from seeing anything but each others` eyes, which is what they`re able to see of one another in public beneath the burkha that conceals everything else from view in the deserts of Arabia, or wherever Moslem women are found. Women want to see and democracy is that the majority have the vote, while in Arabia four wives and one male is 80% to 20%, or four to one in democratic terms, while women with thir own `futanarian` penis` semen and host wombs can sexually reproduce more women than men without host wombs of their own and so they`d be the majority in a vote. Consequently, Arabia is known for despotic rule from dictators and Western democracies aren`t, because women are kept in blindness and beheaded according to men`s democracy.



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2 De Niro, Robert as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, Columbia Pictures, February 8, 1976.