The Grim Reproduction and the Future of Production

28/02/2013 15:35

The Grim Reproduction and the Future of Production


The play by Greek dramatist, Sophocles, Oedipus Rex, is famous for the theories of human nature propounded by the developers of depth psychology in the early 20th century, which emerged first with Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), as an explanation for the psyche and, secondly, with Freud`s `pupil`, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), as a `path for self-improvement`. In Freudian psychology, Oedipus` unwitting murder of his father, and unwitting marriage to his mother, represents the son`s desire to have sex with the mother, which is repressed in civilization because exogamous marriage, that is, marriage with a `stranger`, is enforced by making endogamous marriage, that is, incest, taboo. In Sophocles` drama about ancient Egypt, the city of Thebes is a dangerous place because of the Sphinx which, with the face and breasts of a woman, and with the wings of an eagle and the body of a lion, devours all those who cannot answer her `riddle`, which is:


`What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening?`



 Oedipus doesn`t know the answer, but receives it as a `cheat`, and the solution is `Man` but, having unwittingly murdered his father, and unknowingly married his mother, Oedipus is metaphorically blind. When he discovers that he is `guilty`, in Freudian terms, of breaking the taboo of incest, he blinds himself. Freud argued that the self-inflicted punishment was a metaphor for the consequences of unreflecting action based on orders, which was what ensured the continuance of the death camps of the Nazis in World War II when almost everyone understood that it was `alien` to humanity. Freudians argue that the incest taboo is what produces the `id`, which in `scifi` movies, such as Forbidden Planet, is depicted as what happens when the imagination is out of control. In Forbidden Planet (1956) `monsters from the id` are described as having been the original inhabitants of the planet, but they increased the powers of their imaginations until they were devouring monsters. Most critics of science fiction view the movie as a critique of mankind`s preoccupation with the destructive capabilities of their intelligence rather than with human development.



 In Jungian psychology, the eyes are associated with the `Sensation` function, which is one of the four functions of consciousness; `Sensation` (eyes), `Thinking` (ears), `Feeling` (mouth) and `Intuition` (nose, or smell). The masculine ego is usually associated with either `Sensation`, that is, the eyes, or `Thinking`, which are the ears that allow the individual to process information received auditorily, because `Sensation` and `Thinking` are masculine, whereas `Feeling` and `Intuition` are feminine.



 In the myth of Oedipus the superior function is `Sensation`, because it`s about the eyes, whereas the inferior or feminine function would be `Intuition`, because Oedipus has to be told the answer, can`t intuit. In simple terms, Oedipus represents the devouring monster of the `id`, which doesn`t want eyes, because eyes represent the egos , that is, the `I` of others.



 The desire for endogamy, that is, marriage with the mother, is the desire not to be devoured by `alien eyes`. Because the incest taboo is male, the `alien eyes` are those of the father, who doesn`t want the mother to see with the eyes of her child. Although the answer to the riddle of the Sphinx is `Man`, the meaning is that `Man` is Cain, who slew his brother in the Bible story, because Cain wasn`t Abel, that is Abel, could see how to cook, and so was more able, which was why Cain killed him.



 `Man` walks on three legs in the evening because he`s Cain, that is, he has the stick of a blind man, which is either the gun of the murderer, or the cane of those who are humanity`s blinding by the murderers, and so are feeling (feminine `Feeling` function) their way by intuition (feminine `Intuition` function), and through acceptance of what Jesus` teachings describe as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, that is, the `teacher guide, comforter and helpmeet,` which Jesus prophesied would teach mankind after his torture, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven.



 Through the power of the spirit Freud was able to reveal that the repressed `id` was the result of mankind`s desire that others not see, which was defined as `alien`. Interestingly, Freud defined the `Woman` as a `victim of penis envy`, and any 21st century glance at internet pornography would tell you that `futanarian` woman, that is, woman with her own penis, is enviable.



 Jung`s acceptance of the spirit of `Woman` allowed of his perceiving the feminine functions as associable with the soul or anima, which was female and so differentiation of the four functions of consciousness, that is, the development of a conscious, or actualized `Self`, was dependant on species` recognition. Because Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary, as a prefiguration of the `futanarian` woman with her own penis,he was the `woman`s seed`, which receives heaven from God in Revelation, while the evil `serpent`s seed` receive perdition as a punishment. In simple terms, Jesus` recognition of `Woman` was dependant on his `Intuition` and `Feeling` for the soul or anima as a tool allowing him to recognize his own species as different from men, who represented the devourer of Freudian psychology because they didn`t want `Woman` to see that she was a species.



 Jung describes the Sphinx as the `Terrible Mother`, but the meaning is not that she`s against incest, but that she`s against blindness and taboo. Because `Man` is `Woman` if she has her own penis, and lifts her leg to deliver her child. Because she births alone. As the Virgin Mary did. Jesus is the `Son of Man` because he is able to recognize `woman`s seed`, but recognition without acceptance is devourment for `woman`s seed` instead of shadow-integration, which is what Jung terms the recognition of negative aspects of oneself, insofar as they had previously been perceived as residing within the other person. Jung terms this the negative `projection making factor`, which is the shadow or repressed and subconscious desire of the male to devour the female, which surfaced in the Japanese and Nazi death camps of in World War Two between (1939-45) and is indicative of the unnatural fact that `Woman` is a species and men are her parasite, which in its final stages becomes `viral` and kills her art, culture and civilization in its wars against her.



 The story of Oedipus` mother Jocasta is of the `woman`s seed` that wants its own eyes to see her. It`s as if all of the eyes aboard the Starship Enterprise in the US `scifi` television series, Star Trek (1965-), were to be the same person, and the `pirates` were those who wanted to wrest control of the ship from her human species. The crew of the Earth`s `ship` would be replaced by what God tells Eve in the Bible is the `serpent`s seed` and its `perpetual enmity` for hers (Gen: 3. 15), which simply means that thieves are murderers because they don`t work for what they get.



 The phrase `robbed blind` is the apposite description of what has happened to humanity. In works such as Eric Von Daniken`s Gold Of The Gods (1973) objects d`art from the age of the Incas in South America are found to be exact replicas in shape of the US space shuttles, for example, the Enterprise, and so the replica is the archetypal basis of the recreation of what the people of the Earth have constructed before. In Jungian psychology, the archetypes are facultas praeformandi, which exist in the collective unconscious of humanity in dreams, art and imagination, and represent the inventiveness of human creativity, which the `cargo cult` uses to enslave the spirit and reproduce what it already had but has wasted in blind contempt for itself and those who had originally produced it. In simple terms, if the Enterprise space shuttle exists in the mind of mankind as an archetype, it will be recreated by those who have seen it. Consequently, the `aliens` are those men who have enslaved the human species, which corresponds to `Woman`, that is, `futanarian` woman with her own penis, and so independent as a species from men, so that she will reproduce: but nothing original.



 On the cover of her CD single, `Piece Of Me`, from the album Blackout (2007) which means `censorship`, or blindness through the sudden losing of consciousness, Britney Spears appears on the cross as Jesus crucified, which isn`t `original` insofar as it presents `woman`s seed`, but serves to reinforce the perception of the species of `Woman` as multiple, but one:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.`


 An earlier `sex symbol`, Raquel Welch, had also appeared upon the crucifix as a promotional image for her role as the `cave woman`, in One Million Years BC (1966), which represented the development of `Woman`, but not of `woman`s seed`. Britney Spears` own career lifted off into space with her video single Oops I Did It Again (2000) where she appears in a red plastic body suit and represents the furthering of `woman`s seed`. Visited on Mars by a spaceman in the `period costume` of a NASA astronaut, in her red suit she attaches a hook to his spacesuit and winches him above herself in a white bikini dress to film her with the camera attached to his spacehelmet. The meaning is of `woman`s seed`, as an independent species, because she can reproduce. Although Britney Spears` penis isn`t present beneath her red plastic body suit, herself in the white bikini dress might have a penis of her own, because it`s possible and so isn`t `scifi`.

 In previous mass extinctions of `woman`s seed` upon the Earth men sought to replace the depleted stock by placing boys in plastic suits with their faces turned to the back of the suit so that they couldn`t see out of the face opening and, employing the boys` anuses for coitus, `made women of them`, until they grew eyes in the backs of their heads and their anuses became vaginas. Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again represents Britney`s description of how `Woman` is enslaved in pederasty, which exists only to censor knowledge of her own penis and seed, and keep her a prisoner upon the Earth, so that she can`t escape from the `monster` of the idiot, `Man`, which is what `id` is.



 In the movie Fantastic Voyage (1966) Raquel Welch is a `scifi babe` travelling through the body`s blood stream to perform brain surgery in a micro-submarine, which prefigures the threat of the `blood plague` of the HIV/AIDS virus that kills `woman`s seed` for homosexual pederasty so that the enslaver can reestablish its `cargo cult` of reproduction. In ancient Greece women`s `host` wombs were enslaved by pederasty to spread its contagion by means of war, which means that Britney on Mars is the `woman`s seed` that has triumphed over Mars, the war god of homosexual pederasty. In Revelation God warns men of their desire to infect:


`Men cursed the God of heaven because of their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.11)



 Infection is the basis of modern civilization. The desire to infect computers with viruses is a symptom of homosexual pederasty`s `biological warfare` against `woman`s seed` and the desire of `Woman` to be bigger. The main method of pederasty has been betrayal. Jesus was betrayed by Judas to the torturers of the spirit and enslavement of `woman`s seed`, and the Greek pederasts` huge wooden horse before the walls of Troy was used to insert its virality of enslavement for the Trojans` `host` wombs.

 Leaving the hollow horse outside the walls, the Greeks emerged when the Trojans accepted` the horse as a `gift` and took it into the city. Similarly, the 9/11, 2001 terrorists were welcome, but betrayed the USA by using `civil` aircraft as `Trojan horses` to crash themselves into the World Trade Centre`s Twin Towers of New York`s `Big Apple` of Eve`s garnered wisdom since Eden and precipitate the Earth into a global war of `rough trade`, which is a euphemism for pederasty. In terms of `computer hacking`, the Arabian terrorists were pederast viruses that `hacked` the US` Defence system in an attempt to reestablish the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `Woman` and her own seed.

  The original dictionary definition of `paedophile` is of someone who `likes children`, and the reason is that adults want children to be bigger, and that`s parenting. Infantiles don`t want to grow, and so they don`t want what is `bigger`, which is why the terrorist attack on the `Big Apple` on 9/11 was infantilism. Pediatricians have been taught that paedophiles are adults that want sex with children, whereas they represent the knowledge that children are reincarnations of what has been produced before.



 In a `cargo cult`, the children are abandoned to reproduce, which is effectively what happens in the movie sequels to the Planet Of The Apes (1968) where the astronauts find themselves alone on a planet with simians who are mirroring human development. The stranded spacemen discover that the world is the future of their United States of America and that the apes are reconstructing it. In `parenting` terms, Planet Of The Apes is the pattern of the `cargo cultist` who returns to the `scene of the crime` to steal what the abandoned children have produced. By force and murder if coercion isn`t enough, and because the infantile thief doesn`t want to work. As God tells Eve, she will experience `pain in childbirth` after Eden (Gen: 3. 16), but Adam must live by the sweat of his brow. Because Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise for accepting an `owner`, that is, the `serpent` and its `seed` of `perpetual enmity` for humans and desire to be their enslaver.



 The `Big Apple` represents the possibility of freedom for the enslaved 2000 years after Jesus. But the infantile doesn`t want the `Big Apple` for `woman`s seed` because `futanarian` woman has her own penis and socio-economic valence, which would allow her to develop technology, and escape from the Earth as an independent species, which the infantilist `cargo cult` operator doesn`t want to happen. 9/11 was an attempt to reimplement the `cargo cult` and reproduce through the `rough trade` of pederasty. Although a new World Trade Centre wouldn`t be a reproduction, it represents `cargo cult` theory, which is that children should believe in freedom and independence, and shouldn`t see that they don`t have any.



 The adult that is congratulated for having produced a work of art or inventiveness is a child if the plaudits of the individual congratulator are based on the perception that the producer has recreated what the congratulator has previously produced. Britney Spears` perception with the album Blackout, and herself on the cover of the CD single `Piece Of Me` rather than Jesus, is that she doesn`t want to reproduce for men because she`s a species, that is, `woman`s seed`, who has her own penis, and so Blackout means `censorship` and `loss of consciousness`:


`Guess I can't see no harm
In working and being a mama
And with a kid on my arm
I'm still an exceptional earner
You want a piece of me...`



 Britney Spears was snapped by photographers near Central Park in New York after her child`s hat had fallen off and she didn`t pick it up. Running for a car near her hotel she was labeled an unfit mother and lost her fortune to the courts.1 Declaring herself bisexual didn`t help her, but the knowledge that `Woman` has her own penis does help women. Not generally aware that `Woman` constitutes an independent species enslaved by their pederasts, Britney Spears` `lesbian` declaration helped Americans. The legend on the `Great Seal` of the USA, e pluribus unum, which is `the many and the one`, refers to the `hidden` woman of Revelation who, like Oedipus` Sphinx and `Terrible Mother`, has `wings of an eagle` to carry her to a `place of safety`, while the `New Redeemer`, to which she the `hidden` woman has given birth independently, `rules with an iron scepter`, to ensure the ultimate success of `woman`s seed`, while the evil receive eternal unendurable pain from God for preferring enslavement to a virus.



1 Alaska Report, , February 16, 2008.