The Last Butle

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The Last Butle


Arguing that 9/11 `live on CNN` was the television small screen`s preview for the big budget blockbuster World Trade Centre (2005) is possible, and so is the obvious suggestion that Hollywood`s `Babylon` should be producing better romantic dramas and comedies. Rather than action movies such as Harrison Ford`s Air Force One (1997), where the President of the USA`s plane is hijacked. Or the historical `blockbuster`, Pearl Harbor (2001), where Japanese MItsubishi suicide pilots crash into the US Pacific fleet at Hawaii in 1941, which encourage the emulation of terrorism, violence, and suicide.

 The `What The Butler Saw Machine` is a standard seaside attraction in English resorts, and 9/11, 2001, was the consequence. The machine is a `Peeping Tom` in which the viewer pays to watch a pornographic film as a voyeur hidden in the room where the sexual encounter is taking place. After a few minutes the screen blacks out and more money is required. The joke is of desperation and the machine became defunct after punters understood that they were being ridiculed as they stumped up the cash to see more of the action.



 The `What The Butler Saw Machine` begs the question, who is the joker? And just as the crime fighter `Batman` was unable to prevent the hijacked planes from crashing into the Twin Towers of New York, so the joke is lost on New Yorkers, but `The Joker`, who is the villain in Batman (1989), the movie, and its sequels, has one. 9/11 `live on CNN` isn`t a `What The Butler Saw` machine, but it`s contemporary insofar as it represents what happens if the butler by the sand is ridiculed for wanting to watch pornography as information`s last resort.



 The butler is a traditional figure in English society, and is a servant employed by a large house to act as a retainer. However, if the butler is jealous of the owner of the wife and property, it`s The Game (1997), which is a movie based on criminal psychologists` perception that crime begins at home. In the movie The Game  Michael Douglas has his company, wife and property mysteriously taken from him. At the end of the movies he has everything returned to him because it was a game, whereas in reality he wouldn`t. That`s what criminals do.



 The ménage a trois of the butler and the wife is an English metaphor for an affair that is ruinous, which is the subject of D. H. Lawrence`s Lady Chatterley`s Lover (1928) in which Manners, the gardener, becomes the lover of the lady of the house. Lawrence`s novel was banned for its pornographic content because it denoted `the game`, which was understood as evil to English society because it was an attack on property through the device of sexual enticement, that is, the servant, or butler, was being depicted by Lawrence, a socialist writer, as a criminal, who would steal and probably murder to obtain the wife or property of the owner, which is what Michael Douglas` character in The Game learns.



 Michael Douglas learned the lesson well. He gave up what some newspapers reported as `sex addiction` and wed Catherine Zeta Jones because he wanted a faithful partner: `Some people simply can`t help being `sex addicts`. According to a new discovery by scientists. They have found that people with a certain genetic make-up have a much stronger sex drive than others. The remarkable finding could go some way to explaining the behaviour of self-confessed `sex addixts` such as Michael Douglas.`3  In the late 20th century HIV/AIDS made relationships more faithful and many observed that the `killer virus` was a punishment from God, which contention is supported by Revelation:


 `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)



 Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas


 In preferring `What The Butler Saw` machines for their gardeners and butlers, they were encouraging envy. In ancient Greece the `host` wombs of women were enslaved to spread its contagion of pederasty through war and plague, which is effectively jealousy for `Man` with woman. The English solution to the envy they aroused was to send millions of men to be killed in such pitiless occasions as the Somme battlefield during WW I.



 9/11 was the consequence of Arabian jealousy over American pornography. In Arabia the women are black clad in a one-piece coverall called the burkah when they appear in public, and they`re taught not to look at men other than those who are within their immediate family circle. In Western nations women are visible but the same principle generally applies. Looking at a woman who is not yours can result in death. Consequently, `the game` is not about property or wives, and in Arabia it`s possible to have four wives, but it`s a game of eyes. In the movie The Game Michael Douglas is blind to what is happening, which is a metaphor used again in Dangerous Liaisons (1988) and Cruel Intentions (1999) where the `plot` involves an ingénue who doesn`t know and so is blind to the object in `the game`, which is to ensure they remain blind through what is, in socio-political terms, news `black out` or `censorship`:


`The Marquise de Merteuil (Glenn Close) appears to be virtuous and upstanding but is, in fact, a sexually ravenous, amoral schemer who plays games with men out of bitterness at the constricted station of women in her society. She decides to exact revenge on a recent lover by having his young new fiancée, Cécile de Volanges (Uma Thurman), the daughter of Merteuil's cousin Madame de Volanges (Swoosie Kurtz), seduced and ruined.`1



 According to depth psychologist Sigmund Freud, the super ego functions as a censor if it is taught to blind itself. In the ancient Greek drama Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, Oedipus blinds himself because the taboo of his society tells him to, which is what the super ego is if it`s been lied to: a censor. A society that tells itself that there is more to life than food and sex, when food and sex is what humans do, is a society creating a false super ego, which tells the individual what he or she is supposed to see. If woman is a species with her own penis as `futanarian`, and the society is told that lesbians are homosexual, but equal in pederasty, and its spreading of its contagion of war and plague, she is blind to her own species` capacity for socio-economic independence from slavery and is an active participant in ensuring its continuance. In Britney Spears` video CD single for `Piece Of Me` from the album Blackout (2007) she observes:


`I'm Mrs 'Most likely to get on the TV for strippin' on the streets'

When getting the groceries, now, for real...

Are you kidding me?

No wonder this panic in the industry.

I mean, please, do you want a piece of me..?`


 Britney`s saying that her super ego has been conditioned to expect that she`ll be arrested on the street for something that`s taboo to her social milieu, which was exactly what happened in New York, near Central Park, when her child`s hat fell off while she was running for a car close to the hotel she was staying at on 18th May, 2006. The result was a charge of `child neglect,`2 and the loss of her two children in a `custody battle`, while her fortune and earnings went into court administration. It was The Game but a `reality show` version in which the courts were seriously concerned to blind the young woman by preventing her from seeing her two children and managing her own affairs. On the legal strength of a child`s hat being blown off in the street that she couldn`t be bothered to pick up. Because it was only inexpensive tat.



 The paparazzi took the opportunity to blind Britney Spears in a flash, and compounded the assault. Snapped by the devourers again when `flashing` her knickers getting out of a car on another occasion,  Britney Spears was accused of offending `public decency`, and custody of her children being awarded to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, pederasty had begun its devouring of her two infant sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James.



 Human development is blinded by the alien parasites` desire to continue its enslavement of the species, `Woman`, and pursue its viral antagonism towards humanity in what God termed `perpetual enmity`, on the part of the `serpent`s seed`, for `woman`s seed`. Jesus believed `Man` could have Redemption through acceptance of Jesus` teachings, but `Man` and `Woman` are in a state of continual blinding by the evil alien parasites who want the super ego to be conditioned so that it only wants to see men, which is how pederasty is recognized.



 The eyes play a large part in seduction, and ruin is essentially not being able to see where you used to see, which is a form of blinding. However, the Somme, where millions of English lives were lost in WW I, were eyes that didn`t appreciate the nicety of the distinction between blindness and death. The `What The Butler Saw` machine illustrates the principle of `the game`, which is that blindness is death.

 In Christianity, Jesus` maxim is `love your neighbor as you love yourself,` because your neighbor is yourself. However, God observes to Eve that the `serpent`s seed` has `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed`, and `she shall crush his head with her foot as she leaves` while God gives her and her seed `a new heaven and Earth` and the evil receive the punishment of perdition, which is unendurable eternal pain. In other words, the evil don`t want the good to know that they are the evil also, which affords the evil the opportunity to play `the game` with them, which is blinding unto death. If the men sent to die at the Somme were the same as those who sent them, the eyes of those that sent them would be able to see what the dead had left behind them. The Somme was `the game` writ larger, but not as large as the Gulf wars.

 9/11 `live on CNN` was the `What The Butler Saw` machine, but without the pornography. When Osama Ben Ladan`s Al Qaeda terrorists crashed their hijacked `civil` aircraft into the Twin Towers of New York George W. Bush`s response was to send a million or so American servicemen to Iraq to depose the dictator, Saddam Hussein, who had expressed support for Al Qaeda on 9/11, even though Al Qaeda were known to be based amongst the Taliban in Afghanistan, where the US had been helping them since 1979 when the regime in Kabul was backed by Soviet Russia. The US had similarly backed Saddam Hussein since the deposiing of the Shah of Iran by Islamic revolution in 1976 and the subsequent war between Saddam Hussein`s Iraq and Iran from 1979 also.



 The huge tank battles of Gulf war II, which arose indirectly out of Saddam Hussein`s frustrated invasion of neighbor Kuwait, that is, Gulf war I, were the `What The Butler Saw ` machine from the perspective of the 21st century `cannon fodder`. The war arose out of a culture clash. The Arabians don`t want their women to be seen, and they don`t want the Americans to see their women, so they arranged to kill each other so that their women wouldn`t be seen by those they didn`t want them to be seen by, which were those who fought the battles:


`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)

  Babylon, which is the traditional ancient seat of the ruler of Iraq, and the traditional name for the Hollywood movie industry, represents pederasty, and its contagion of war, because she represents `Woman`, whose host womb is enslaved by the evil `serpent`s seed` and its `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed` in war. But also `plague` in the shape of the 20th century`s `biological weapon` of HIV/AIDS, which homosexual witchery produced through the mixing of blood, shit and semen in anal sex without women. However, futanarian woman with her own penis can reproduce without pederasty, and so is a species independent of the `serpent`s seed`, which doesn`t want woman as a species to see herself and so reproduce through sexual desire for her own humanity.



 If a woman with a penis looks in the mirror, she can see what she wants sexually because she has an erection, whereas the woman who is taught that she`s a lesbian, if she desires women , is normal, but is told she`s equal with homosexuals, who may have an erection in the mirror, and not because they desire women. So `the game` is to prevent women`s eyes from seeing themselves as sexually desirable for each other. Because that would make them an independent species, and men would be revealed as alien parasitical viralities that plan blindness and death for each other so that the women can`t see anyone else, which is `the game`.



 HIV/AIDS brings faithfulness, but reinforces pederasty, and so the devouring `red dragon` of war in Revelation is depicted as being attended by the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS, which forces the women to see men rather than each other, and is reinforced by their ignorance of themselves as an independent species capable of reproduction and with its own socio-economic valence for producing what it needs to escape from men. Because it has a better capacity to develop technologically, that is, brain, penis and womb, and a better and more self-contained reproductive system that doesn`t want the `killer disease`, which kills the brain and contaminates the womb, and that`s why Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen. The human species doesn`t want to be contaminated by male semen, which is an alien virus strain practicing symbiotic relations with the species, `Woman`, in order to enslave her and her product, that is, art, culture and civilization, to devour it periodically in the wars that it breeds itself for.

 The paper Razis are the equivalent of the German Nazis in WWII (1939-45) who put Jews into concentration camps, because `woman`s seed` has her own penis and is `hidden`. You can`t be born Jewish unless born from a Jewess, which means that Jews are women, and the Nazis didn`t want `futanarian` women with her own penis to breed.



 Arabian women beneath their black garments resemble those old fashioned cameras with hoods attached, but underneath those are cameramen. What`s beneath the burkah isn`t possible to see, but the woman could be `futanarian` with a penis of her own, and there could be a man underneath there too, which was one of the quandaries faced by America and its allies during the Gulf wars.



 Although Guantanamo Bay in Cuba was an interrogation and detention centre for Arabs during the Gulf wars rather than a Nazi-style extermination camp, the exposure of women`s `futanarian` independence from men would be one of the discoveries made about Arabia. The paper Razis don`t want `Woman` to be successful because they`d discover the truth. Britney Spears` declaration of her bisexuality after the birth of her two sons was another step on her `coming out`. In Oops I Did It Again she appears in a red plastic body suit putting a hook into a spaceman`s backpack before hoisting him until he can see her wearing a white bikini dress beneath his spaceman`s helmet with the camera attached to the side so that he can film her:


`Oops!...I did it again to your heart.

Got lost in this game, oh baby.

Oops!...You think that I'm sent from above.

I'm not that innocent.`


 Although Britney`s red suited self doesn`t have her penis visible, and we`re not aware of her `futanarian` nature, herself in a white bikini dress may have a penis but we can`t see it, because that`s `the game` she`s forced to play with the camera and censorship. Only the knowledge that `Woman` is `futanarian` and has a penis of her own as an independent species would allow us to perceive the possibility of Britney Spears` self having a penis of her own and so her own socio-economic business potential for development outside of male patronage, which is what `the game` of confiscating her fortune by the courts was designed to reestablish. The symbol of the United States of America is `Liberty` and she`s a woman who doesn`t lie beneath her skirts.

 In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears` spaceman  is the camera, but she doesn`t deny that being seen on film is what she`s for. In the video Britney is seen through the eyes of `Mission Control`, who correspond to the `What The Butler Saw` machine, and the `last Butle` for `woman`s seed` insofar as she `s the `What The Butler Saw` machine and is not supposed to see that men have blinded her to knowledge of her independent existence as a species, so that she can be kept in enslavement to pederasty and the `perpetual enmity` of its `serpent`s seed`s` war`s plague aims, which is to prevent her from escaping the Earth.

 God tells Eve, `she`ll crush the head of the serpent with her heel as she leaves,` America and her allies in the Gulf wars (1990-) were interested in the eyes of the burkahs of the women of Arabia because Saddam Hussein`s name means `crusher` and `Woman` there was seeking `Liberty`. In Oops I Did It Again `Mission Control` is behind the eyes of Britney Spears` spaceman camera, which suggests spies are the `What The Butler Saw` machine from the point of view of those who don`t want the truth to be seen. `Woman`, as a species with her own penis and independent reproductive system with its socio-economic valence, is the `futanarian` truth that those labeling humans as spies don`t want to be seen because it threatens their slave ring.

 As an American symbol of `Liberty`, Britney Spears descends inside a giant ring at the beginning of the Oops I Did It Again video wearing a red plastic body suit, but beneath her spaceman`s camera her `alter ego` wears a white bikini dress, because the video maker is referencing Mark Twain`s `The Comedy Of Those Extraordinary Twins`, which is a story of conjoined twins, that is, a twin body with two heads, and that`s how woman as a species might be described by her enemy`s spies if she`s `futanarian` with her own penis.

 The `red dragon` of Revelation is the `great enemy` of religious tradition and, even in Graeco-Roman mythology, is depicted as the devourer of future success in the form of its successors, that is, Zeus and Jupiter are swallowed whole by the father gods, Chronos and Saturn, in Greek and Roman mythology respectively, to remove their eyes from the possibility of changing the scene.



 In the science fiction story, `The Tale Of The Twins Who Weren`t` in Time Enough For Love (1973) by American Grand Master, Robert A. Heinlein (1907-88), the twins are man and woman and bizarrely are made to wear a chastity belt to prevent incest while they are slaves. The central protagonist, Lazarus Long, manumits them immediately, which is in harmony with the theme of the novel, that is, finding time for love, but nowhere in the work is the concept of woman as a `futanarian` species with her own penis discussed because the book is a `What the Butler Saw` machine for the imagination of the reader who has to visualize and is directed by the writer as to what is possible for his mind to conceive. Consequently, what feminists define as patriarchy is a blinding of `woman`s seed`, which is murdering the human species` potential to develop.



 Although the presence of the theme of incest would suggest `futanarian` woman is the `hidden` theme. Because love between women constitutes a form of incest within the family of `Woman` from the perspective of those who want to make it a taboo for the super ego and keep women blind and ignorant to her own species` developmental needs and, indeed, turn her against herself as a monster with two heads. In sociological terms, the `What The Butler Saw` machine isn`t a spy, but is presented as such by those who want to prevent women from discovering that they are an independent species.



 Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again might be understood as a `What The Butler Saw` machine with what the butler wanted to see if he had eyes to understand what he was seeing, and on the cover of the CD single `Piece Of Me` from the album Blackout Britney Spears continues to avoid the censor and appears on the cross in the place of Jesus, who was born from the Virgin Mary and is `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, which presupposes woman`s own `futanarian` penis, and freedom from enslavement in pederasty and its contagion of war and plague.

 The Twin Towers were `what the butler sawed`, because of the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed`. In J. R. R. Tolkein`s novel The Lord Of The Rings (1954) part two is The Two Towers, in which the protagonist Frodo has to break the ring of Sauron`s slavery. Consequently, the hijacked planes that were seen to just soar on to crash into the Twin Towers of New York`s Manhattan Island were Sauron. Because Frodo has to defeat the spider, Shelob, before the slave ring is broken, the hijacked planes may be understood as the shells lobbed at the Twin Towers from the perspective of these who were using Tolkein`s trilogy as a paradigm for the attack.

 In the science fiction novel, Dune: The Butlerian Jihad (2002) by Brian Herbert and K. J. Anderson, the central concept of the work is that the `What The Butler Saw` machines are the enemy of human development, and so the Jihad is loosely based on Islamic fundamentalism, and the notion of the `holy war` against the publishing machine, which promulgates a false picture of the human species because it`s patriarchal.



 In Moslem countries the Koran is the `holy book` but God is `neither male nor female`, and so the Butlerian Jihad has more resemblance to the book burnings that occurred during the prelude to WWII in the 1930s when Germany`s National Socialist Party was attempting to suppress Christian understanding of the Bible in the course of its rise to power.



 The Bible would interfere with the German war machine as rival publisher if `Woman` were a priori understood to be the target of the Nazi concentration camps where the Jews were exterminated. Because you can`t be born a Jew unless from a woman, and woman has her own penis as `futanarian`, so the Bible is promoting God`s new species.



 The paper Razis of the early 21st century publishing media includes the `Islamic Jihad` of 9/11, 2001 `live on CNN`. In a terrorist attack against the `Big Apple` of New York`s Eve`s garnered wisdom since Eden, the rival publisher to God still seeks to kill `woman`s seed` and suppress all knowledge of her so that men can keep her in slavery upon the Earth.

 Princess Diana`s assassination in 1997 by the paper Razis who forced her car to crash in the Pont D`Alma tunnel in Paris was but one instance of a woman being removed as a political force for her own species. The `Big Apple` of Eve was attacked at the World Trade Centre in New York to ensure continued publication for the `rough trade` of pederasty and its contagion of war and plague. It`d have been of more use to the human species if Britney Spears had exposed her penis `live on CNN`, which the fourfold marriage of Arabian women suggests that they`d rather see too, and in fact is what they`re prepared to see beneath their burkah after its public censorship and media `blackout` for the safe enjoyment of themselves in their own marriage beds.

In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the differentiation of the four functions of consciousness, that is, `Sensation, Thinking, Feeling and Intuition` is required for the individuation process to be successful, which is the conscious self-actualization of the individual in knowledge and wisdom. Without the awareness that woman is a species with her own penis capable of independence in socio-economic terms, and because she has all of the equipment, more capable in technological terms, women will accept enalvement in pederasty and its contagion of war, plague and death.

 Obviously low level technology is the basis for enslavement, and so woman is denied youthfulness through medical science, which would allow her to be old and wise but eternally young. Instead, she has to deal with pederasty`s `blood plague` of Revelation, that is, HIV/AIDS as homosexuality`s `biological warfare` against her womb as the parasitical laien tries to kill her there as well.

 The fourfold marriage of Moslem women is an archetype of Jung`s four functions of consciosuness, that is, `Sensation, Thinking, Feeling and Sensation`, which represent self-realization when realized and, by analogy, acceptance of the understanding that `futanarian` women are a species with their own penis and independence from men, and so that`s what Arabian womanhood represents.




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