The Masturbator Producer

14/07/2012 11:31

The Masturbator Producer


The Virgin Mary produced Jesus without reproduction, and Jesus produced without reproduction, the New Testament, and in Genesis, in the Old Testament, God killed Er for masturbating rather than impregnating Tamar, and then God killed Onan for masturbating rather than impregnate Tamar, his brother Er`s wife. In simple terms, God wanted reproduction but Er, Onan, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus wanted to produce without reproduction, which is what technological development and advancement is. In Hollywood mainstream `pictures` the male lead wants the audience to understand that the penis isn`t important; except as an ever-elided and denied adjunct to the `scene`, while churches` pastors would have us believe that there is no penis involved in their intercourse with the audience either. However, freedom is dependent on technological development and advancement, which means that preoccupations with the penis have to be foregone if the human species is to produce art, civilization, and culture.



 If women have a penis of their own, which `futanarian` woman does, hiding the male penis to feign its importance for woman as the human species, who has her own and can`t see it because `Hollywood` and the church`s position is that the woman`s penis mustn`t be visible, is demonic possession of the `owner of the means of production`, that is, `Woman`, as the `host` womb of an enslaving alien parasite, which doesn`t want the woman`s penis to develop its own technology and advance to the point at which she can escape the devouring alien`s wars against her planet. Wars that maintain the illusion of technological development and advancement but are designed to prevent humanity, that is, woman as a species with her own penis and so technologically developable valence, from emerging and escaping from the `maliens`.



The Virgin Mary represents the self-producer who advances by means of her self without the `malien` seed of the serpent`s, that is, men`s semen, and Jesus` celibacy represents the human valence that would assist woman as a species to escape the Earth by denying its sexual nature for the spiritual and intellectual advancement of liberating technology. However, because the `maliens` have used technology to periodically decimate woman`s art, culture and civilization, as it emerges from her womb, `Redemption` is no longer a possibility for men, which is why the `Meshiah` is awaited. `Meshiahn` thinking denotes the machine as woman`s liberator. In simple terms, the improved washing machine is the robot that, created in her own image, would care for `Woman` as a species with her own penis and undeveloped technological valence, whereas her parasitical `maliens` have sought to use their technological valence, that is, the `malien` penis and its non-developmental weaponry, to destroy her.



In Genesis Er and Onan didn`t want Tamar`s beauty to `fade`, but by the 21st century `Woman` was dying of `fades`. HIV/AIDS was the `biological warfare` waged against her as the `biblical plague` of the 20th century. With its antecedents in ancient Greece, `blood plague` is the result of a homosexual pederast society promulgating its enslavement of the `host` wombs of women by means of war. Woman`s fading from the scene is a concomitant of delayed technological advancement, which maintains her `host` wombs enslavement by the `maliens` so that they can insure their wars against her while preventing her escape and species` `Salvation`. Consequently, in the Bible `woman`s seed` is depicted as receiving a new heaven and Earth from God while the evil serpent`s `seed`, that is, the `maliens` in scifi terms, receive eternal unendurable pain as a punishment for repressing her penis.



 The archetypal scenario was the Greeks before the city of Troy, where they used a huge hollow `wooden horse` to conceal themselves within. Taken into the city by the Trojans, who believed the Greeks were leaving a gift, the Greeks emerged to capture the city and enslave the wombs of the women to further promulgate pederasty and its parasitical enslavement of women`s wombs by means of war, which is consequently definable as a homosexual activity.

 9/11 demonstrated that HIV/AIDS is a homosexual disease, because it follows the pattern of the `Greek horse` before the `Towers of Ilium`. The Arabian terrorists bought aeroplane tickets, so preparing their `Greek horse` and, hijacking their planes, crashed them into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre, so promulgating men`s homosexual alien virus of war.

 Sodom and Gomorrah, which God destroyed in the Bible for homosexuality, were known as the `cities of the planes`, and so New York and Washington D.C., were the `cities of the planes`, because homosexuality and HIV/AIDS is what the 21st century began suffering from. In simple terms, God is saying that homosexuality is a disease, and HIV/AIDS is the consequence of homosexuality, which is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and why AIDS is a biblical plague of Revelation, because God hates homosexuality, and THAT`s WHY!!!



 In Genesis Onan didn`t want the beauty of Tamar to fade, and so didn`t impregnate her, even though she wasn`t his wife. In other words, Er was killed by God for wanting Tamar`s beauty to be eternal, and Onan was similarly killed for agreeing with Er. `Onanism` is the word taken from this biblical incident to describe the activity of masturbation, which effectively is production without reproduction. In the New Testament Mary and Jesus both produce without reproduction. Jesus` teachings of the New Testament is a production without reproduction and, after Jesus` crucifixion and death, his side, pierced by the Roman centurion Longinus, produced, without reproduction, the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, as the continuator of Jesus` teachings, after his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven.

 The Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, which is the female Shekinah and `spirit of God`, from the place where the Judaiac law is kept in the Old Testament, is Jesus` production without reproduction. Eve was similarly produced from the `rib` of Adam without reproduction and, in fact, the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, is called the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam`. Production without reproduction is what the New Testament is concerned with, and Jesus was tortured and murdered for producing and not reproducing, which is what God killed Er and Onan for in Genesis. In simple terms, homosexuality wants to replicate itself as an alien virus, which is what men have become (if they weren`t that to begin with), and the Virgin Mary and the celibate Jesus represent the principle of production without reproduction. Or, in other words, `normal` masturbation or `onanism` is the desire for what is pictured as desirable which, in psychological terms, is the `manufacturing complex`.



If woman is a species with her own penis, what she sees in the mirror is her desire for a better picture as her setting, whereas the male penis can`t see what it wants in the mirror. Consequently, it doesn`t have a mirror with what it wants in it. Because it doesn`t want itself. So the world is full of hate. The woman can see what she desires in the mirror, but is taught that men desire her, whereas it`s her penis that does. In other words, men are `maliens` that don`t want her, but the penis does. In developing art, culture and civilization from her womb, `Woman` seeks to improve her picture of herself, but she won`t have improved until she`s able to see her own penis in the mirror of her art, civilization and culture. In computerist terms, she can`t screen the virus, that is, clean the mirror, until she has been taught that men are alien parasites upon her `host` womb`. Enslaving woman and preventing her escape through her own penis` economic valence, the `maliens` seek to permanently slow her technological development by means of contrived, but apparently spontaneous, periodic wars against her, and prevent her advance to the stars in ships of her own devising.



9/11 was a contrivation based on the principle that the TV set was the mirror of the `maliens` from which `Woman` wouldn`t escape. 9/11 `live on CNN` wasn`t `masturbatory material` because it didn`t represent the woman`s penis` desire for a `better picture`. Consequently, it was a `malien` invasion picture designed to reimplement the alien invasion terror movie valence of Soviet Russia`s threat to the security of the United States of America in the 1950s, which appeared in films like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956), It Came From Outer Space (1953) etc., rather than Jane Fonda`s `space babe` in Barbarella (1968), who`s desirable `masturbatory material` for `futanarian` woman as a species with her own penis. Because it`s a `good picture` and that`s what the `manufacturing complex`, in psychological terms, wants.



 In the early 20th century the repression theory of psychologist Sigmund Freud suggested that culture and civilization was `nothing but` the expression of the penis` sublimated desire. The rival school of developmental psychology, Carl Gustav Jung`s (1875-1961), suggested sexual libido was a transforming energy that had a `trope` by means of which instinct became spirit. Although Jung conceived of the `trope` as God, he observed the physical correspondent to the soul or anima, as he called it, was `Woman`. In other words, the instinct to spirit developmental `trope` was Woman. Reproduction is the usual path accorded the `trope`, but the Virgin Mary and the celibate Jesus indicate that the `trope` upon their path is production without reproduction. Or, in terms of the `Meshiah complex`, the machine would be woman`s production insofar as the `Meshiahnic complex` would have, as its teleology, the creation of machines that weren`t slaves, but representative of deliverance for woman as a species. Because their valence would be human. Or, in simple terms, better human machines mean better care for human flesh rather than its death.



 The Virgin Mary is an archetype of the contents of the collective unconscious which, according to Jung, exist in dreams, art and the imagination to assist in individual growth or personal development. In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` that protects her before she leaves the Earth for heaven where she sows her own `seed` and defeats the `seed` of the red dragon of Revelation that had lain in vain waiting to devour her protector. The `hidden` woman receives a new heaven and Earth from God, and the evil receive eternal unendurable pain. Because the woman has her own `seed`, she must have her own penis, and so the Virgin Mary`s ability to produce Jesus without reproduction, and Jesus` ability to produce, as a teacher, without reproduction, prefigures the woman who can produce herself, which is necessary because men, who are definable as `homosexual` per se, aren`t acceptable as reproducers for God, so he sends them to hell forever:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)



 In the Old Testament Er and Onan are killed by God for masturbating, because God`s perception is that they`re homosexual. Or, in other words, without reproduction there`s no production. In Revelation God `reveals it` to the homosexuals, that is, men, by giving `Woman` her own penis, which means men are a redundant value, in terms of the equation `species of the planet Earth`. Essentially, men are an alien parasitical virus that represent the concept of `production without reproduction`. As the `boy sons`, or `poisons`, of men`s homosexual pederastical activity, that is, HIV/AIDS, the alien virus wants `Woman` to die of `fades`, and not be an eternal beauty in God`s new heaven and Earth that is planned for her, according to Revelation. Or, in other words, the homosexual aliens wanted production without reproduction, that is, by means of the enslavement of women`s wombs by the parasitical alien virus, that is, men, and God wanted reproduction and then production, which means the aliens disobeyed God`s first commandment after Eden that the descendants of Adam and Eve should work. The homosexual parasitical alien killer virus, that is, men, want production without reproduction. Or, to put it another way, they don`t want to work, which effectively means that they can`t. Because they`re a homosexual parasitical alien virus that functions as one. In simple terms, men are programmed to bring species` death to the planet Earth and `Woman` because they don`t want it to develop beyond reproducing viral parasitical maggots to produce what God wants.



 If reproduction is for producing women rather than boy sons (poisons, HIV/AIDS), then futanarian woman, that is, woman with a penis of her own, is what reproduction has been for. In psychological terms, the actuating `trope` in the human psyche is the archetypal imago of the hermaphroditic woman, which has been latent in the collective unconscious since the alchemists of the Middle Ages. Widely perceived as the chemists or medical experts of their day, the archetype of the hermaphrodite is an alchemical cure (albeit a drastic one) for homosexuality`s pederastical  `boy sons` (poisons), that is, HIV/AIDS as a metaphor for men`s `biological warfare` against women, and their viral enslavement of the ephemeral `host` wombs of `fades` women, which the alchemists perceived as curable if the hermaphrodite Woman could emerge from the archetypes of the collective unconscious and become real.



 The `trope` for the emergence of the hermaphroditic woman is pornography and masturbation. Because it`s the simplest `format` for reproduction and production, that is, production is pleasure for oneself for which one works, which is masturbation in its simplest form. If men prefer women, they have the wrong form. What they see in the mirror isn`t to be sexually responded to, because it isn`t a species. However, if women have a penis, then they sexually respond to themselves, in masturbation, which is normal and `tropic`. What is perceivable as lesbian encounters and masturbation is equally `tropic`, and normal if women are a species with their own penis. In fact, sexual encounters, between women, with or without a penis, are normal, and pornography is the `trope`, which allows recognition to a woman that her desire for herself in the mirror as a masturbator, or with her friends, is normal; because it`s a developmental programme that reaches its logical conclusion either when a masturbating woman discovers pornographic representations of women with a penis of their own, or when she has a sexual encounter with a woman with a penis of her own. But she`d never know a woman with a penis of her own if her mother didn`t tell her, and she didn`t have a friend. Consequently, her only friend is pornography. Because, according to the nihilist education on planet Earth, everyone must understand that, although we eat and shit, only mummy and daddy breed. Or, to put it another way, if mummy and daddy don`t tell us that women have  a penis, because little girls eat and shit, and don`t have sex, then infantilism and shit is all that little girls are for. God disagreed.