The Shell Game

04/03/2013 15:47

The Shell Game


In Greek tradition, Aphrodite is born from the ocean and is depicted as the pearl within the oyster as she surfaces. In Roman tradition, the picture is of Venus, but the shell still features. In Christian tradition, `… the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it. (Matt: 13.45-6) In Western military tradition, a soldier who`s `bought it` has been killed in action, and in the United States of America it`s called `buying the farm` because `to buy` means `to believe`. In other words, the dead soldiers have believed in the reproduction system implemented by `the farm`, which says that they`re bullets and they make shells for more bullets.



 In the Bible Eve and her daughters, that is, `woman`s seed`, have `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed`, as God says, and so the human reproduction system is for `Woman`, who has her own penis and `seed` as `futanarian` woman with her own penis. Consequently, if `woman`s seed` is `Woman` and God`s species, men are the `serpent`s seed`, and so they`re bullets, who want to produce bigger shells for their bullets, because that`s what cowardly bullies do.



 In The Lord Of The Rings (1954) by J. R. R. Tolkein, the giant female spider `Shelob` has to be fought before the evil Sauron`s ring of slavery can be `unmade` in the volcano, Mt. Doom, which takes place in the second part of Tolkein`s trilogy, The Two Towers, and the 21st century analogy is of the terrorist hijacked planes crashing into the Twin Towers of New York, that is, the `Big Apple` of the wisdom of `woman`s seed` garnered since Eden.



 Tolkein`s Shelob represents `Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth`, who is made to produce bullies, that is, Shelob`s bullets. The 9/11 terrorists threw away their lives, as the Japanese mitsubishi zero airpane pilots similarly suicided as they crashed their planes into the US Pacific fleet at Pearl harbor in 1941.  Men are parasites who want bigger shells for their bullies, which is what enslaved `Woman` in pederasty and war, and the suiciding aircraft pilots represent.



 Before ancient Troy the Greeks left a huge hollow wooden horse, which the Trojans accepted as a gift and the Greeks emerged after the Trojans took it into the city of Troy to capture the city for their homosexual mode of enslaving the `host` wombs of women and spreading their demons` contagion of pederasty and war, which is the abomination of pederasty that has been with us ever since. The attack on New York on 9/11 by terrorists who hijacked `civil` aircraft to use as guided missiles to crash them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre was a `Greek horse` because the Arabs pretended to have accepted a welcome before betraying their host, `Liberty`.



 At the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, Jesus offered the `host` to his disciples, that is, `bread and wine`, as symbols of his `body and blood` which, in the Catholic Communion service, renews the Old Testament Judaiac `Covenant` with God of a `land of milk and honey` for the `chosen people` on Earth while affirming Jesus` promise of immortality in the New Testament for those who accept the Holy Spirit, which was Adam and Eve`s original immortal nature before they were expelled from Eden for accepting enslavement to the `serpent` and pederasty, and will be restored to humanity in the `new heaven and Earth` that `woman`s seed` receives in Revelation from God.



 The Holy Spirit represents Jesus and friendship rather than Jesus` disciple, Judas, who told the Jewish police, that is, the Pharisees, where Jesus could be arrested. The Arabian terrorists on 9/11 were criminals, but no one informed the police, which means they were given the `host` too, but betrayed `Liberty`.



 Moses led the Jews out of their slavery in Egypt and to the `Promised Land` that Moses saw, but died before he could enter, which is a metaphor for visionaries. The land of Canaan had to be fought for, which meant the Jews had brought Cain, that is, blindness and death, to Cannan, which was also the name of the grandson of Noah and was cursed by him because Canaan`s father was Ham, who homosexually raped Noah. Consequently, the Jews arrival in Canaan relates to the original Ark and the promise of God to Noah for having built that ship so that his family and the creatures of the Earth should survive the flood.



 In psychological terms, the flood that God had determined to drown the Earth and its transgressors in homosexual pederasty, corresponds to the `waters of Lethe` in Greek mythology, which bring forgetfulness and represent unconsciousness. Because God doesn`t want the enslavers in pederasty to remember and reestablish themselves. Consequently, the Jews removal from slavery in Egypt is their escape from pederasty and the homosexually accurséd Ham represents the disease of enslavement through pederasty, which God had mercifully drowned in the `waters of forgetfulness`.



 Canaan was cursed by Noah who built the first Ark of the promise of God, that is, a ship of hope, and Moses` second Ark was fulfillment of God`s promise to the enslaved Jews of freedom, but Canaan was the son of the homosexual Ham, who had raped Noah, and so Canaan was falsely accused by Noah`s cursing of him. God is posing the Jews a question. If Noah cursed Canaan, can you accept the land as promised? You can`t escape pederasty and war if you take it with you, `Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you ..,` (Josh: 1. 7) and that includes the Commandment, `Thou shall not kill.` But Joshua attacked the land of Canaan, because of Noah`s falsely cursing of Canaan, the son of the homosexual Ham who had raped him, in psycho-symbolic terms. God had told Joshua to be strong and God would give it to the Jews but the `curse of Ham` was stronger.



 In Canaan the Jews didn`t wait to see if they were welcome, because although Canaan isn`t directly the land of Cain, who was a murderer, it represents pederasty to the Jews because of Ham`s homosexual attack on Noah and the Patriarch`s subsequent cursing of Ham`s son Canaan. Although pederasty and war is perceivable as `Canaanite` if used as a description, Ham represents the latency of homosexual pederasty. Consequently, the Arabian terrorists on 9/11, 2001, who knew they were welcome because they had permission to be in the United States of America, attacked New York, which was worse than Joshua ordering his army into Canaan, and Saddam Hussein`s ordering his army into Kuwait in 1990, because God had given Canaan to Joshua who didn`t believe he was welcome, and Saddam Hussein hadn`t been given Kuwait by God and knew he wasn`t welcome.



 In terms of the Hindu chakra system `Ham` is the name for the power of the spirit at the throat, which contains the `Big Apple` of the epiglottis, or `Adam`s apple`, that facilitates speech in humans. The Arabian terrrorists didn`t give the Americans of New York a chance to speak, after they`d decided they were pigs. In biblical terms, the Arabians were saying they didn`t like ham, and that the Americans were homosexuals because it isn`t a taboo for them. It could therefore be argued that the subsequent Gulf wars (1979-2012) were East and West proving they were homosexual, whether they liked ham or not.



 Traditionally, pig is cooked with an apple in its mouth, which suggests that the terrorists` attack on 9/11 was because they perceived the USA as a homosexual pig with a big mouth. In the Bible Ham was homosexual, but Cain was the murderer of Abel, who was praised by God because he could cook, whereas Cain grew food. Cain killed the more able Abel, and so had disabled the visionary human`s development, and by analogy had prevented humanity from developing. Abel could cook a pig with an apple in its mouth, because a cooked pig is ham and that`s human development, but a human isn`t a pig. The history of the `serpent`s seed` is Cain`s. Abel wasn`t a homosexual pig, so Cain killed him.



 The ancient Greek dramatist Sophocles` Oedipus  Rex relates how Oedipus is metaphorically blind because he can see but he can`t understand, and he blinds himself at the drama`s end because he`s been taught that he shouldn`t see and he shouldn`t understand. Because Oedipus wasn`t a homosexual pig who couldn`t see that he wasn`t. Oedipus Rex is the `Greek` version of the Christian Abel, and the Jews fighting for the land of Canaan is a metaphor for their blindness in refusing to accept God`s gift of the `Promised Land` to escape from pederasty and war.



 In the movie Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) Harrison Ford, in the role of Indiana Jones, represents the demons` bully, that is, the evil spirit of unconsidered action, which derives from homosexual pederasty and the impulse to further it through violence and war:


 `The scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark as shot for the film was dramatically shortened; the original script intended Indy to fight the swordsman with a lengthy choreography and usage of his whip. However, Harrison Ford along with most of the crew were suffering from dysentery, and could not wear their trousers for more than a few minutes. Ford then suggested they `just shoot the fucker`. Steven Spielberg agreed resulting in the biggest laugh of the film and one of its most memorable sequences.`1



 The perception of the audience is that Arabs aren`t brothers of the Americans, although in 1981 when the film was released, Saddam Hussein`s Iraqi army were fighting the Iranians, who had overthrown the American backed Shah of Iran in 1976 to establish Islamic fundamentalism, which threatened the Jewish state of Israel in Palestine, and the American backed Taliban were fighting the Soviet Russian backed Afghanistan regime in Kabul.



 The movie audience is blind. Indiana`s perspective is `Who cares what it owns, it can`t see?`  The nature of the evil is that they want what belongs to others, but they`re not in situ, whereas the truth is that, if you are welcome, your brother is in situ, which the evil don`t want you to be able to understand and so they kill.



 `Indy` has a bully `hidden` inside the shell of his body, which is a coward. Raiders Of The Lost Ark is about Nazis from the 1930s stealing  the `Ark of the Covenant` from `Indy`, who has rediscovered it as an archaeologist explorer.  The denouement is of the Nazis being killed by divine agencies arising from the Ark.  Because the Nazis weren`t welcome, or welcoming to the Jews. They sent 6,000,000 to be exterminated in `concentration camps`.



 The `tablets of the law` were kept in Moses` `Ark of the Covenant` , the foremost of the Ten Commandments being, `Thou shall not kill.` In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the `pearl of great price` is knowledge through the female soul or anima, which is difficult to `shell` if you have to fight with a sword, and so Indy evinces his bullying demon and shells her without reflection, that is, he doesn`t perceive that the anima or soul is `wielding her sword of power`, as Carl Jung describes woman`s spirit or animus. Indy doesn`t perceive that both he and the swordsmen are the shell of Aphrodite-Venus, and he`s supposed to respect her shell, so that she can continue her programme of human development through `Man`.



 The Shekinah, or `Glory of God`, dwells within the tent where the` Ark of the Covenant` (Ex: 40. 35) is kept during the Jews journey out of slavery in Egypt to the promised `land of milk and honey` and corresponds to the Holy Spirit, which effectively emerged from the side of Jesus as the `Second Eve` from the `Second Adam` after his crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. According to Jesus` teachings in the New Testament, the Holy Spirit is his continuator as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, which suggests  the Holy Spirit is the renewed `spirit of the law`, that is, the Shekinah, which emerged from the side of Jesus after he was `shelled` by the spear of Longinus` cutting him open. The name Cain means `spear` , so although Jesus` spiritualized female soul or Jungian anima is released from the `cage` of his ribs, Longinus` spear is a blind man`s tool, that is, he ghoulishly wants to see what`s inside Jesus` body:


 `Surely this was the son of God.`  (Matt: 27.54)



 Longinus is Cain because that`s the name of his spear. He wants the Holy Spirit, but he doesn`t see that she is `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet,` and he only wants her to guide him while he pretends that his spear is a blind man`s cane, so that he can see to kill more. Because of the `perpetual enmity` of the evil `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed`, that is, her indwelling spirit, which the Romans wanted to kill to prevent the antidote to enslaving homosexual pederasty and war from working through the Christian church.



 A bullet in a shell is a bully within, if the individual accepts the spirit of an evil bullying demon, rather than Jesus` teachings of the Holy Spirit, because the bullies only want to `shell` the soul from the body. At Gadarene Jesus drove demons out of two men into pigs, which immediately ran into the river and drowned themselves. As the Japanese mitsubishi zero pilots, and the Arabian terrorist hijackers, suicided when they crashed their planes into the ships of the US fleet at Hawaii`s Pearl harbor in 1941 and into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre on 9/11, 2001.



 The statue of `Liberty` in New York harbor represents the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who, according to Revelation, gives birth to the `New Redeemer`, who is Jesus in his `Second Coming` and `rules with an iron scepter` after the United States of America`s defeat of the red sun of Japan`s flag and the yellow moon of Al Qaeda`s terrorist flag. Jesus is the protector of the `hidden` woman who has the United States` `wings of an eagle` that carry her to a `place of safety`, where she waits while the bullying demons of pederasty and enslavement are `shelling` humanity.



 If Jesus was `casting pearls before swine`, and `Liberty` is `woman`s seed` pearl born from the waters of New York and Pearl harbor, the `Big Apple` is the storehouse of knowledge produced by the `host`, that is, `Woman`, from her womb since Eden, and the demon swine don`t want it. Jesus is a `lesson` of history and those who fail to learn are doomed to repeat the lesson, but you can`t have what you don`t want. God`s apple of immortality was what Adam and Eve rejected after they were offered `knowledge of the fruit of the tree of good and evil`, which was enslavement to the `serpent` and its `seed`, pederasty and war.



 As it is written in scripture, `the wages of sin are death` (Rom: 6.23). But Jesus` teaching is that `Redemption` and eternal life is for those who want Salvation. If they don`t want it, they can`t have it. The apple of immortality is a good apple, and you can`t have what is good if you aren`t good, because you don`t want it. 9/11 is the `lesson` that those who don`t want the `Big Apple` can`t have it, because it`s a good apple, and only those who are good would want it. The Arabian terrorists were welcome until they hijacked American `civil` airlines` planes, and crashed suicidally into the Twin Towers of the `Big Apple` of New York`s Eve. Because they didn`t want God`s `seed` for heaven. They wanted to crash the `pearly gates` by suiciding before God could give to `woman`s seed` the `new heaven and Earth` that is promised in Revelation, and that the evil serpent`s seed`s `perpetual enmity` for `Woman` would seek to deny.



 Although Jesus wasn`t casting pearls before the Gadarene swine, it`s `the pearl of great price`, that is, wisdom, which he illustrates. The two men from whom he cast demons were possessed by the `bullies` inside their human `shells`, that is, the `serpent`s seed` that would have `shelled` Jesus in a traditional stoning after his betrayal to the bullies of the Pharisees, that is, the Jewish police, but the Roman judge Pontius Pilate decreed a crucifixion so that the Roman centurion Longinus could pierce the side of Jesus with his spear after his being tortured to death by the police.



 Jesus was a convicted criminal by Roman law, and so Revelation describes 666 as the `number of the beast`, which isn`t the number of the police, that is, 999, but the number of the Anti-Christians, who need the `mark of the beast` that is `the name of the beast or the number of his name` (Rev: 13.17) to `buy or sell`. Police corruption is what the evil `serpent`s seed` need to maintain their enslavement of `woman`s seed` upon the Earth. The demons murder her in their periodic wars of `perpetual enmity` to prevent her from receiving the `new heaven and Earth` promised by God in Revelation. The demons` `blood plague`, that is, the `biological weapon` of HIV/AIDS, enforces faithful monogamy, and enslavement to pederasty`s `perpetual enmity` against `woman`s seed` by maintaining ceaseless preparations for war upon the Earth.



 Jesus` teachings of `Redemption` are dependent on acceptance of the Holy Spirit, whereas the notion of `shelling` is of the bullying spirit of the evil demon, which is the `serpent`s seed`, and Jesus was cut open by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus to `shell` the `Messiah`, that is, allow the spirit of the evil bullying demons to have access to his soul. But Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven is evidence of the success of Jesus` teachings of the Holy Spirit. The evil `serpent`s seed` weren`t able to `shell` and possess Jesus.



 In his `Second Coming` Jesus is depicted as having `a sharp two-edged sword that came out of his mouth`, because he commands. Jesus has the spirit that doesn`t accept the `shelling`. The evil interpret Jesus as a coward who suicides. Consequently, the Japanese mitsubishi suicide pilots and the Arabian 9/11 terrorists were evil, whereas the swordsman in Raiders Of The Lost Ark isn`t, but it`s made to look like suicide by the `Hollywood` police. Just as Jesus` crucifixion and death was made to look like suicide. Because that`s `police` control, which is control by the bullies, because they don`t accept Jesus` command:


`Leave her alone.`



 Jesus` words were to the disciples while they tried to prevent a woman from washing his feet with `too expensive` oil on the day before his crucifixion. Neither of them had HIV/AIDS but the disciples seemed to think that there was a problem, `Thou shall not bear false witness.`.Freddie Mercury was a star of `Live Aid`, which was a benefit concert for `third world` poor, but he died of HIV/AIDS. Jesus` disciples saw the woman as a rival because they were in pederasty. The disciples were Jesus` boys, who weren`t men because they didn`t accept him as their `teacher`. They couldn`t leave the woman alone with Jesus when he told them to. Freddie was homosexual and `Live Aid` was a benefit for the wasted lives of `third world` famine victims, and predated `Live Aids`, which was a benefit concert for those men, like Freddie, who were educated Western `wasters` and had contracted the `wasting` disease of HIV/AIDS through mixing blood, shit and semen in nihilistic anal sex. `Woman` is the `host` womb for `woman`s seed` and Jesus` words telling the disciples not to bother the woman suggest he doesn`t see her as a `waster`, or that the expensive `spikenard` oil is `wasted on him. In other words, he`s a teacher, not a homosexual, and so he isn`t a waster of women. Although the Jewish Pharisees, that is, the `police`, supported the Imperial Roman legions, in their efforts to frame Jesus for `perversion and corrupting` (Luke: 23. 2). The disciples` attempt to forbid the woman from washing Jesus` feet presages Judas` role as the Pharisees` `secret policeman` preparing to betray Christ to the occupying security forces of the invader, on the understanding that he was promoting immorality:


`Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.` (Rev: 13.18)



 999 is the number of the police and not 666, which is the number of the police that are the bullies. 9/11 took place because 911 is the number of the police in the United States of America, where the Pharisees were trying to make it look like suicide: `Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.`2 In Revelation the `hidden` woman waits for the war against `woman`s seed` waged by the evil `serpent`s seed` to end. 9/11`s attack on the World Trade Centre was `rough trade` and the reestablishment of pederasty and war as the enslaving parasitical aliens` unrepentant mode:


`Men cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.11)



 On 9/11, 2001, the hijacked `civil` aircraft soared on to crash imprecisely into the World Trade Centre. Because it was Sauron and Shelob, that is, cowardly Sauron was Saddam Hussein and Shelob was Al Qaeda `lobbing shells` roughly to reimplement `rough trade`. J. R. R. Tolkein`s prequel to The Lord Of The Rings was The Hobbit, which was about Bilbo Baggins, who asked `What have I got in my pocket?` The answer was the ring of slavery, which was Sauron`s that he had found, and Bilbo asked the question, because the character Gollum was trying to win it from him by means of a `guessing game`. Saddam Hussein was Sauron, because his is the `riddle` of the United Nations` weapons` inspectors, what`s in your Baghdad?



 Frodo was the `heir` of Bilbo Baggins, and was charged with the destroying of the ring of slavery, which Bilbo was loathe to give up, although it was enslavement for him too. 9/11 wasn`t a `talky`, that is, a Tolkein picture, but the planes crashing into the Twin Towers `live on CNN` told the audience that pederasty and war was to be reestablished. HIV/AIDS was the `biological warfare` that still remained in the bag of those worshipping the war god of homosexuality.



Saddam Hussein, Babylon`s moustached gay biker`s glamour boy, was the `red dragon` of Revelation, but the war had been going on since the USA`s support for Iraq`s war against Ayatollah Khomeini`s Iran  and Osama Ben Ladan`s Taliban`s insurgence against the Soviet Russian backed regime in Afghanistan since 1979 when HIV/AIDS was first diagnosed by medical science in the West as the `perpetual enmity` of the serpent`s seed`s `biological warfare` against `Woman`. The main fear of the Western alliance against Saddam Hussein was that he had `weapons of mass destruction`, including biological weapons, and although he didn`t seem to have, 9/11 was Revelation 9.11 which describes the `beast`:


`And they had a king over them, [which is] the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue [is] Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath [his] name Apollyon.` (Rev: 9.11)



 Baghdad is where the `bag dads` live, and all of the women in Arabia wear the `black bag` of the burkah. If the bullying demons of pederasty want poison `shells`, the `bag dad` puts a bomb on the woman`s back under the `black bag` of her burkah and sends her to make a suicide attack.



 In Tolkein`s The Lord Of The Rings Frodo Baggins went to destroy the slave ring. In English idiom, if something is `in the bag` it`s certain. In terms of the slave ring, that is, pederasty`s enslavement of `woman`s seed`, Frodo wasn`t certain to be in dad`s bag, because of the burkahs.



 It`s a tradition of the British and Indian military to share the Gurkahs, which are regiments made up of men from Hindu Nepal. Burkhas are worn by Shi`ite and Suni Moslems, and Pakistan Is a Moslem country that, along with the United States of America, supported the Taliban against the Soviet Russian backed Afghanistan regime in Kabul from 1979 until their victory in 1989 and the end of `puppet` rule from Moscow. When Osama Ben Ladan`s Taliban group, Al Qaeda, attacked the Twin Towers on 9/11, the United States of America`s special forces found and executed him in 2011 in Pakistan as the Taliban leader responsible in 2001. In terms of `woman`s seed`, the burkhas were hiding him in Pakistan, and the Gurkhas were seeking him in India.



 Because the Gurkhas are Hindu and the burkhas are Moslem, and 9/11 was an attack on the throat chakra of the United States of America because it was the `Big Apple`, the least that can be said is that the United States of America and the rest of the world has a `hidden` problem with `woman`s seed`. Moslem women desire freedom, so there are Moslem burkhas in Pakistan and Hindu Gurkhas in India, which has been almost constantly at war with Pakistan since Independence. Because Hindu India separated from the British Empire in 1948 and agreed to share the Gurkhas with the British, but not Moslem Pakistan, which had been a part of India too, 9/11 was the West being told by Arabia`s men that they wouldn`t share their Burkahs at McDonalds or anywhere else.



 Al Qaeda means `the base`, and the Muladhara chakra at `the base` of the spine in Hinduism is where the `waters broke` for `Liberty` in New York habour. In Hinduism the seven chakras represent developmental stages in the growth of the individual`s consciousness. If the `Big Apple` of New York is the `Adam`s apple` or epiglottis in the `voice box` of America, it`s the Vishuddha chakra of Hinduism, which is called `Ham`, and the `Big Apple` in the throat of the Americans is the symbol of the power of `Ham`, which in normal development rises to the Ajna chakra at the brow and further to the Saharara chakra at the `crown` of the head.



 If the apple is perceived to be in the mouth, it means that the pig is `prepared`, which is how Al Qaeda, `the base`, that is, those at the `Vam` or Muladhara chakra that represent the vampires in the human system, perceived the United States of America.  In human development terms, the vampires at `the base` don`t want humanity to progress, which is why they infected the United States of America on 9/11, 2001, with the desire for blood vengeance.



 In the Mafia `Camorra` is vendetta, but the reason New York was chosen is `the cities of the plains`, that is, Gomorrah and Sodom, which denote enslavement to pederasty, and God destroyed them (Gen: 16, 19). New York, the Pentagon at Arlington, and the site of the plane crash at Shanksville Pennsylvania, before it could reach Washington, were `the cities of the planes`, and `blood feud` was the contagion that enslaving pederasty and war was spreading through terror.



 Arabians have their own Burkhas and `meat at McDonalds` isn`t a joke to `woman`s seed`. Al Qaeda is `the base` of the spine and Vishuddha is the throat, while the plane that crashed into the Pentagon corresponds to the Ajna chakra, or eyes of the United States of America, and the plane that crashed at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, before it reached the Whitehouse, represents a threat to the Sahasrara chakra or `crown` of the developmental functionality of `woman`s seed`.



 In Arabia the pig is `haraam` or forbidden, because it`s traditionally unclean, which is true in Judaism, and the Indian Mutiny amongst Moslems in the British Army in 1857 was because pig grease was rumoured to be used in the preparation of cartridge cases for bullets and it was the custom to:  `… bite off the … top, pour the powder down the muzzle [of the rifle], put in the paper, and then the shot, tamping it all down to the bottom.`3  Jesus` casting of the demons out of the possessed into the Gadarene swine, which immediately ran into the water and drowned, suggests suicide is how evil spirits ascend, whereas Jesus` Ascension to heaven was that of a human.



 Both the Japanese mitsubishi `zero` fighters crashing into the ships of the US Pacific fleet at Pearl harbor in 1941 and the planes hijacked by the Arabian terrorists that crashed into the Twin Towers on 9/11 were suicide, which suggests demons. Jesus` identifies `demon` as the bully in the body of the shell of the possessed human, which wants to be a bigger bullet. The `Ham` chakra was the target of `Al Qaeda`, `the base`, because aliens don`t want human development, which is why 9/11 is the new birth of the `woman`s seed` from `Liberty`.



 The woman `clothed` with the red sun and moon is `Liberty` in her triumph over the red sun of the flag of Japan and the yellow moon of the terrorist group Al Qaeda, `the base`. The evil throat rending vampire  from `the base`, or Muladhara chakra, that is, `Vam`, rose on hijacked wings to fly at the Vishuddha chakra of New York`s `Big Apple`, which is symbolically the `Adam`s apple` or epiglottis in the `voice box` of America that helps to formulate words the enslaving vampires don`t want to hear, and suggests the woman of Revelation corresponds to the pig that Arabian men and others are taught is `haraam` or unclean to stop them from killing her. Not because they`re cannibals, but because women aren`t  vampiristic parasites.



 The butcher`s term is `salted` because it`s  how meat is preserved, and in cryptography `salted password` means a `seal` that can`t be `broken`, which is why the United States of America has a `Great Seal` with the `wings of an eagle` upon it, because in Revelation it protects the `hidden` woman in her `place of safety` while the evil define her as a pig. Jesus` driving out of the demons from the pigs is a `lesson`. The demons don`t want the pigs, and Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary as `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, and the demons don`t want the pigs.



 9/11 wasn`t Jesus and Mary, but Sauron and Shelob roughly `lobbing shells` at the Twin Towers to reestablish `rough trade` with the United States of America. The `compatible` novel is the second part of J. R. R. Tolkien`s The Lord Of The Rings, that is, the Two Towers, and Sauron and Shelob are, psychologically,  the characters to be overcome before the ring of enslavement to homosexual pederasty and war is `unmade`.



 Pearl harbor and 9/11 were suicide terrorist attacks, and it`s spiritual suicide to murder someone. Because that`s a `successful` terrorist attack by demons `hidden` inside the `shell` of the human, which Pearl harbor and 9/11`s suicide terrorist plane attacks were a metaphor for. Suicide is a `mortal sin` in Catholicism . Because terrorist suicides are the demons who`ll receive perdition as a punishment, according to Revelation and God`s promise to `woman`s seed`, who receive a `new heaven and Earth`.



`Liberty `, in New York harbor, represents Hermaphrodite emerging as `the pearl of great price` from the oyster shell, that is, the `futanarian` woman with her own `seed` and penis` socio-economic valence for the future of humanity, who is protected by Jesus` `iron scepter` in his `Second Coming` while his mother, the woman carried to a `place of safety` where she is `hidden` by the `wings of an eagle`, that is, the `Great Seal` of the United States of America,  waits.



 The `Messiah`, Jesus, born from the Virgin Mary, and so uncontaminated by male semen, is `woman`s seed`, and he advocates acceptance of the Holy Spirit, which is good, and the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from what isn`t good, so that the evil receive perdition, that is, eternal unendurable pain, and the good `woman`s seed` receives a `new  heaven and Earth` as a reward from God.


 Jesus` crucifixion is a torturing to death because he isn`t a shell. He has the `pearl of great price`, which the alchemists call `wisdom`, and in the developmental psychology of Carl Jung, knowledge is associated with the soul or anima, which is `the eternal feminine` principle, and corresponds to Aphrodite-Venus, or the Virgin Mary, who produced a pure pearl in Jesus and not a male shell contaminated by the `serpent`s seed` of the bullying demons of pederasty and war:


`In the beginning was the word and the word was God.`



 God withdraws the Holy Spirit from what the author doesn`t want to publish. Onan was killed by God for masturbating, according to a layman`s interpretation of Genesis (38.9) but Onan was observing that the `woman`s seed` was what God wanted to publish and he was only admiring the artist`s intention:


`Archbishop Thomas Cranmer … inserted the phrase `with my body I thee worship` … into the wedding vows, which survive in the 1662 version of the Book of Common Prayer.`4


 `Thou shall have no other gods before me` (Ex: 20. 3) is the Commandment of God that would seem to conflict with `with my body I thee worship`, which is important for women who have never experienced coitus with their own species. If `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own is `woman`s seed`, it isn`t possible for a woman with a man to `worship` if the worship of God requires coitus with her own own `futanarian` seed, that is, woman with a penis of her own as a species. Consequently, for repressed `woman`s seed` and her penis, lesbianism is the only form of coitus with her own species that is possible, which is definable as masturbation if the penis of the `woman`s seed` isn`t present.



 Basic misogyny is that women can`t worship God because they don`t have a penis, whereas they do have their own penis. The popular opinion about onanism is that `masturbation makes you blind`, and so you would be if God killed you for it, as God did Onan. In misogyny women don`t have a penis, and so cannot worship God. Consequently, if they don`t want  a man, they`re liable to the same punishment as Onan who, according to the BIble, was killed by God for unspecified wickedness and coitus interruptus with his brother`s wife, Tamar, whom God had ordered Onan to impregnate, and God had already killed Onan`s brother for more unspecified wickedness.



 Onan `cast his seed upon the ground` because he didn`t want to impregnate Tamar, as it would spoil her beauty to be pregnant and he wanted to continue to find her admirable, which is how women feel about their own species. In the popular mind, masturbation produces blindness, and masturbators are killed because Onan was killed by God for masturbating. In simple terms, from misogyny`s point of view women should be worshipping them because they have a penis, which isn`t a Christian perspective:


`Thou shall have no other gods before me.`



 In God terms, those who marry are penis worshippers, which is blasphemy. The presupposition is that the penis is God, whereas it isn`t. The fact that women are presupposed not to have a penis of their own as a `futanarian` species, means they can only be defined as masturbators in misogyny, inside or outside marriage, and so their punishment is to be killed or blinded until they`re dead, which explains why the information and education system, apart from the internet ( ), precludes `woman`s seed` from learning about themselves as an independent species.



 If the `serpent`s seed` blind, it can see and God, which is definable as `Woman`, because her own penis wants to see her, can`t see or be seen. Consequently, `the game` is adulterating, because the adulteraters don`t want the `cuckolded` to see. If `Woman` is blinded to the truth about `woman`s seed`, they lose their property, and their partner, that is, `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own, because they can`t be `scene` with them. Michael Douglas` movie The Game (1997) is a metaphor for criminals and whores in misogyny and pederasty: `Starting with the merely invasive and rapidly escalating to the potentially criminal, Nicholas believes that his business, reputation, finances, and safety are at risk.` The less the humans are able to see, the more the `serpent`s seed` have for themselves, which is how they operate: `Christine realizes that Nicholas' gun is not a prop and is terrified. She frantically tells Nicholas that the conspiracy is a hoax, a fiction that is just part of the Game, that his finances are intact and that his family and friends are waiting on the other side of the door.` If Nick hadn`t objected, he may`ve recovered, according to the movie`s theme, but he might not have. As his brother Conrad opens the door with the champagne, Nick shoots:


 `Nicholas' life passes before his eyes as he falls. He smashes through a glass roof and lands on a giant air bag. Emergency medical technicians carefully remove him, warning him to keep his eyes closed until they remove the fragments of breakaway glass. Nicholas finds he is in a ballroom full of his friends, family, and every figure involved in his Game; it had been just a game all along. [His brother] Conrad  is alive and well, and explains that he initiated the game to get his brother [Nick] to embrace life and not end up like their father. Nicholas breaks into tears, relaxes, and begins to enjoy the party once his shock has dissipated. Later, Nicholas splits the bill for the game with Conrad (and is surprised to discover how expensive it all was). When he sees that Christine has left the party, he follows her outside to her cab. He asks her to dinner, and she offers to enjoy a private coffee with him now before her flight takes her to her next Game assignment.`5



 Nick can see Christine, and he has some money left, so he still can see where he lives, but if his wife is where he lives and he can`t see her, how will he find his door? As Jesus says: `Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to. Once the owner of the house gets up and closes the door, you will stand outside knocking and pleading, 'Sir, open the door for us.' But he will answer, 'I don't know you or where you come from.' Then you will say, 'We ate and drank with you, and you taught in our streets.' But he will reply, 'I don't know you or where you come from.` (Luke: 13. 24-27)



 Jesus knew `the game`, which is to for the criminals and whores to take everything you have and lock you out of your own house. He is the owner of the house, and the door is narrowed to those who are faithful. But not faithful to the penis, faithful to God, which is why `with my body I thee worship` is Godly and doesn`t break the Commandment:


`You shall have no other gods before me.`


 If `woman`s seed` has a penis, and it`s repressed in homosexual pederasty and enslavement, the misogynist idea would be that she can`t worship because she shouldn`t have a penis, because she should be faithful to `Man`, but that`s not what God says, `Men cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11) Mankind is `woman`s seed`, and Jesus is the `Messiah` because he was born uncontaminated by male semen from the Virgin Mary, that is, his birth prefigures the `futanarian` woman with her own penis that doesn`t need men, but Jesus` teachings of Redemption don`t preclude `Man` from heaven because he presupposes that `woman` seed` will accept her. In other words, `Man` is faithful to God but not to men`s penis.



 The rumour was that Michael Douglas was admitted into rehabilitation for `sex addiction` before he married actress Catherine Zita Jones. Although Michael denied the notion, without understanding that `Woman` is a separate species with her own penis as `futanarian`, the role of the penis isn`t clear in misogynistic enslavement of `woman`s seed` to pederasty and war, whereas knowledge of `Woman` as a species explains male `sex addiction` as the developing parasite`s desire for Redemption and human contact rather than parasitical behaviouralism with the rest of the alien enslavers of the `host` womb of the species `Woman` for enslavement in homosexual pederasty, and its `entertainment system` of violence and war.




2 Santayana, George The Life Of Reason, Vol. 1 Reason In Common Sense, 1905-6,




4 `The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony` in The Book Of Common Prayer, 1662,