Tonsil Hockey

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Tonsil Hockey


 Often a tonsillectomy has to be performed to remove the tonsils because of `crypts`, accretions called `stones` which, within the tonsils, cause `cryptic tonsillitis`. `Tonsil hockey` is a euphemism for kissing, which is more or less cryptic, and may be understood more readily by means of a joke:


`How is tonsil hockey played?`


`Through a hole beneath the eyes.`



 Eskimos, Indians of the ice tundras, such as the Innuit of Alaska, often cut a hole in the ice to fish. Beneath the ice, of course, there are seals. Innuit`s kill the seals to make clothes and fishing tools so that they can be warm while they catch fish.


 The eyes are the `windows of the soul`, and the `fish` is a symbol of the `Self`, according to developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). Because Jesus` symbol is the `fish`, Jesus is archetypal, that is, one of a plethora of heroic `role models` for the ego found in dreams, the imagination, and history.  These collective archetypes of the unconscious `Self` in the mind of mankind, swimming like `fish` beneath the ice that corresponds to the ego`s strength in resisting evil, communicate themselves to the imagination and assist the developing soul to grow. The hole beneath the eyes corresponds to the mouth and, as Jesus was a `fisher of men`, we may assume his words are wise, and vision true. Or, to put it another way, speech and looks are, in Jesus` teachings, for the development of the `Self`, which isn`t the case with those who don`t accept the law of God. For these the `windows of the soul` are for `breaking and entering` and the mouth is for deceiving what lives behind the eyes until the demons of deceit possess its house.


 To `homosexualize`, for example, is to pervert someone by means of lies to the eyes about the nature of human sexuality. If women had a penis, and they do ( ), then they`re a species, and men are parasites that have enslaved their `host wombs` from which they emerge, as from a cave, as thieves who don`t value her. In Genesis Eve is told she has to have pain in childbirth after Eden, and Adam has to obtain his bread by the sweat of his brow, which means that she`s being taught through `labour pains` to value what she produces, while Adam is to work to produce sufficient to keep her. Homosexuality is the idea that heterosexual women produce, and so homosexuals, feigning heterosexuality, feed off them as parasites and don`t work.


 Commentators on the Bible often observe that Jesus is open to the accusation of being homosexual because he doesn`t have a woman, and he`s tortured and murdered. In Eden the serpent tempts Eve until Adam doesn`t have a woman, and God tells Adam that he must die. Effectively, Eve`s been deceived by homosexual lies, which is why Adam and Eve feel naked after eating the tempting fruit of the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil` that God has forbidden to them and which Eve is tempted by. They are being watched by the serpent eyes of the homosexual. Because homosexuals don`t produce, they don`t want reproduction, that is, Adam, Eve, and their descendants must die as ephemerals because the homosexuals want what they produce, but don`t want them to have a future without homosexuals, and so Mankind mustn`t reach a level of technological progress that would allow them to escape. If production is for those who can`t produce, then it`s a system in which the producers must remain ignorant. A paradox because the producers must die young so that the homosexuals can continue not having to work. They won`t have to worry about the producer becoming wise enough, that is, old enough, to develop an `escape programme`, because they`ll make sure that she`ll always be too ephemeral to be wise.


 Evidence of God`s hatred for homosexuality is the erasure from the Earth of Sodom, the `city of the plain` in Genesis (16,18)  where sodomy, that is, non-productive anal sex was practiced against the will of God whose injunction to Mankind was `be fruitful and multiply`, which means develop. In Revelation development is presented in terms of the `hidden` woman of the Earth leaving to sow her seed amongst the stars, where she defeats evil and receives a new heaven and Earth to dwell in forever, whereas the evil are punished with eternal unendurable pain. Because the hidden woman of the Earth sows her seed in heaven, she`ll need her own penis, which means God`s `chosen people` are, in fact, Woman as a species. God`s injunction to develop doesn`t simply mean breed, which is reflected in the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis, where Cain slays Abel because Abel can cook.


 Cain wants to pick fruit, because it`s less effort, whereas Abel is more able in that he`s developing. Or, in other words, Cain is homosexual and doesn`t want to work, whereas Abel wants to have a relationship with God in which, eventually, immortality will be restored to him, and he`s prepared to work towards that. In even simpler terms, Abel is killed by Cain because homosexuals aren`t interested in knowing how to do something, like having  heterosexual sexual intercourse productive of the future through educative communications to descendants from memory, or wisdom stored in books, for example.



 In The Fox and the Crow by Aesop, a crow is tricked into dropping cheese it has from the tree it is sitting in by a fox who asks it to sing, which is what homosexuals do. What is worked for is a metaphor for a woman`s labour pains in producing a child, which homosexuals don`t do. Consequently, heterosexual women work for homosexuals, but the homosexuals don`t want them to develop to the point at which they`ll extinguish them. It`s in the interests of the homosexuals to kill the heterosexuals, and AIDS is a symptom of this. Adam and Eve are the heterosexual couple from the Bible tricked by the homosexual into accepting death. They die because the homosexual wants them to produce and develop but not to develop to the point at which they can escape from him. Knowledge of starship building, for example, would allow them to leave Earth, and then the homosexual would have to work. So it kills the heterosexual `impulse engine` after it`s produced enough for the homosexual`s enjoyment, and then the homosexual activates the `impulse engine` of sexual libido, which is the desire of the heterosexual woman for its own penis, and the impulse to produce and develop begins anew.


 In Revelation the `hidden` woman escapes because she`s protected by the `New Redeemer` born of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, a symbol of space travel.  The red dragon that lies in wait to devour her child before its born waits in vain and is a symbol of homosexual devourment of potential that it doesn`t want realized. In the last book of the Bible the homosexual`s symptoms are defined:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 What they have done is refuse to produce and develop, but instead have accepted homosexuality, here refied as AIDS, which is the teleological nemesis of their parasitical life form, in preference for the enslaving of women`s `host wombs` to keep her in heterosexuality rather than let her develop to the point at which she can leave as a species with her own penis, so the homosexuals can continue to live as leeches:


``... the embryo ... obtains nourishment from the blood of the mother, similar to the leech, which feeds on the blood of others.`1


 In the Gospels Jesus is described as a `fisher of men` because his eyes spoke through the `windows of the soul` and his words came from the spirit of God through the mouth. In the Old Testament of the Bible the Shekinah is the female spirit that resides in the tabernacle where the book of the law is kept, which means that she`s the word of God that comes from the lips of Jesus. Inevitably, because homosexuality is the bane of humankind. God says so, and doesn`t want it speaking from the mouths of humanity.


 Because `cryptic tonsillitis` may be understood as deriving from the spirit of God`s desire to communicate from the hole beneath the eyes in the sea of the unconscious `Self` that contains the swimming fish representative of emerging developmental content, `tonsillectomy` constitutes the removal of an encrypted seal from the mouth of a cave. It isn`t yet a tomb, like that where Jesus was before his Resurrection, but the tonsillectomy is, effectively, a loosening of the tongue that, held by the spirit of the stone tablets of the Commandments of God`s law, may speak with the spirit of the word of God, and the relationship of pupil and teacher obtains. In developmental terms, the homosexual procedure is to kill the developmental functionality of the individual once the homosexual goal of having something without working for it is achieved and before the individual can escape. In God terms, Adam and Eve, as an immortal pairing, with Redemption would have achieved spaceflight and, off Earth, away from homosexuals who are only concerned with the simplest development coincident with their desire for `something for nothing`, would be left on Earth to die of their `disease`, which is thievery.



 Effectively, in Eden the serpent steals Adam and Eve from God, on the understanding that it`ll kill them and they`ll be productive on Earth but not so productive as to escape with the knowledge and wisdom of how to build starships, for example. In even simpler terms, nuclear missiles are the homosexual`s penis demonstrating its sexuality, whereas  the species of woman with a penis, `teased` with camp television shows like Star Trek, in which men, who obviously can`t show their penis because that would encourage the woman to show hers, having built starships in the past perhaps, has been killed by homosexuals until she`s not able to, and now Star Trek mocks her as her emasculator.



 In The Cage, the first Star Trek episode, Pike is the captain of the Enterprise starship, a `fish`.  Vina is a green-skinned woman of the planet Talos and Pike is taken into what is symbolically `Paradise` to be with Vina. However, the crew of the Enterprise use phasers to get at them, and so the name of the starship has, symbolically, become `prise open` and its phasers, a metaphor for sterility, melt the rockface corresponding to the door of the cave that requires a password, `Open Sesame` in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, the story from A Thousand and One Nights that features a cave in which there`s a thieves` den. In short, if Pike and Vina`s door is forced on Talos, it`s `breaking and entering`, and so the crew of the Enterprise are criminals.



 The Cage is a version of The Cave Sura, 18, of the Koran in which the `green one`  is Khidr, the `fish`, a representation of wisdom who, fearing pirates, seeks to escape them. Subsequently The Cage was remade as a two part episode featuring the new Captain Kirk, which means `church` in Scotland. Pike, the `fish`, and Vina, the `green one`, are wed by, effectively, Captain Church. The story ends with the couple escaping `piracy on the high seas`, as the door in the rock closes behind them, and the church (Kirk) gives them its blessing as the representatives of Starfleet leave.


 The tale is unsatisfactory because Pike isn`t a woman with a penis, although Vina is, symbolically, Khidr, who`s the wise old man of Arabian tradition. In other words, she`s the wisdom of Mankind, which is that a man is a woman with a penis but doesn`t yet know it, and so it`s possible for the story to continue. That, however, only restates the homosexual position, which is that women are receptacles for men`s seed so that men can reproduce themselves a s a replicating virus that enslaves women`s `host womb` and has, as its ultimate goal, species` death for Woman as its victim.



 In the Koran, Moses and Joshua lose a fish by the Red Sea, which Joshua had been keeping for Moses` supper. In cryptic terms, Joshua is the loosened `seal`. The `fish`, which is a symbol of Jesus in Christianity, reappears almost instantly in the form of Khidr, the `green one`, who`s `wisdom`. Moses asks Khidr to teach him, but Moses can`t understand because Khidr acts from wisdom, and Moses isn`t wise. In the Talmud of Judaism Moses receives the `tablets of stone`, which are the laws of God, because Moses must be obedient if he isn`t wise.



 In terms of `cryptic tonsillitis`, Moses has the stones, or tablets of the law, because they aren`t `cryptic`. Tonsillectomy, however, is the removal of the tablets of the spirit of the law, as a curative, deriving from the knowledge that the Shekinah, or spirit of God that dwells within the law in the Old Testament, is the spirit of Woman, is feminine, and without her it isn`t possible to develop beyond simple adherence to the law. That`s why `tonsil hockey` is a metaphor for sexual activity between men and women that devolves from kissing, and is presented as `normal`, but women are a species with their own penis, so tonsilectomy prefigures true wisdom, because woman as a species with her own penis isn`t for `tonsil hockey` with homosexuals feigning heterosexuality but heterosexual relations with her own `futanarian` species.


 The story of Khidr is a description of what happens when people who aren`t wise are given something. The basic Commandment from the ten stone tablets of God is `Thou Shalt Not Steal.` All ten Commandments derive from that basic principle. Taking from others (even murder is defined as `taking life`) is infantile, because the assumption is that, if you want something that belongs to someone else (coveting another`s wife, for example), you can have it. Classic biblical examples are Salome`s demanding the head of John the Baptist, he who baptized Jesus, or she wouldn`t dance, and the taking of Jesus` life.



 The story of Khidr is from the 19th Sura, or chapter, of the Koran,  which is called The Cave, and it was the removal of the stone from in front of a cave that was necessary for Jesus to emerge from his entombment after his Resurrection. In symbolic terms, he emerges as `Khidr`, the green one`, because green is the colour of Resurrection, and means that Jesus has wisdom so doesn`t need the stone tablets of the law to guide him.



 The Cave Sura also contains the story of `The People Of The Cave`, who are an unnamed number of monotheistic youths whom God causes to sleep for three hundred years in a cave during a persecution of monotheists, and when they awaken everywhere is monotheist. Again it`s a Resurrection metaphor but there`s no stone to roll away from the cave mouth, which means they don`t have the stone tablets of the law, while God has caused an elision. Monotheism may have developed, but the `sleepers` might not have. Others have worked for the future, but the sleepers may`ve remained `homosexual` insofar as their perception`s of God and Woman producing for them. Monotheism, in the awakened sleepers` minds, would amount to homosexualism, that is, to exist as parasitical thieves that create nothing.


In the A Thousand And One Nights story Ali Baba`s uncovering of the den of thieves living inside a cave allows him to discover the password `Open Sesame` to enter. When they leave, he uses the password he has overheard and takes some treasure. He tells his brother, but Cassim forgets the password and is dismembered by the thieves when they find him still inside the cave.


 The story is reminiscent of Egyptian mythology where Osiris, the incarnation of Ra, the sun god, is dismembered by Seth, his brother, and the goddess Isis collects all of the pieces, but cannot find Osiris` penis. She make a new penis, and Osiris is resurrected as the sky god, Horus. The myth doesn`t go far enough because, if woman as a species has a penis of her own, Osiris should become Isis and the new penis that she fashions is her own.


 In symbolic terms, seals are for encryption and, if Jesus had been found in the cave of his tomb by thieves after his resurrection, he`d have been murdered again for his `heavenly treasure`, which would be the knowledge of himself as a woman and would explain why he remains celibate unto death. His recognition is that women are sexually desirable because it`s their penis that desires them. In simple terms, men are undesirable, which is why they`re not sexually excited by themselves in the mirror, whereas women are, because they`re  a species with its own penis.


 In the story Khidr`s first `teaching` is the rebuilding of a wall so that the person who`s to find the treasure hidden there will find it and not someone else. In the story of `The People Of The Cave` the monotheists sleep and wake, in accordance with God`s wishes, that is, they wake when they`re `resurrected` and the treasure is the future`s development, which they haven`t worked for, and so are homosexual in outlook if they don`t obey God`s law.  Similarly, in the story of Jesus, when the seal on the tomb is gone, he`s found resurrected. But God removes the seal because Jesus couldn`t have and so it`s clear that what Jesus has worked for, his `treasure`, is Jesus`.


 In the Koran the appearance of Khidr demonstrates that Moses isn`t ready for wisdom but is ready for the obedience that monotheism requires.  Or, in simpler terms,  the `treasure` of Jesus is genuine and his own, because it arises from development rather than a `homosexual elision`, to coin a literary term, in which someone else is made to produce within God`s law so that the homosexuals can live off women as `bottom feeders ` outside of it.


 Dead fish sink to the bottom of the sea where there are parasites that feed upon them, but in order for the `bottom feeders` to live, the fish have to die, which is the archetypal motif of Jesus. Developed minds could escape from the homosexual prison, which is why Jesus was killed. Because of his teaching. Dead fish sink to the sea bottoms, and if fish are a metaphor for those archetypal contents of dream and imagination that assist the development of the `Self`, then  Jesus` crucifixion is a metaphor for homosexuality`s seeking low level developmental functioning in the oceans of the spirit, so that their victims can`t escape.


 Khidr`s second and third teaching relate of how Khidr kills an evil man and makes a hole in a boat because there are pirates following and Khidr doesn`t want to be caught again. Finally, observing that Moses is a pirate because he wants something that he can`t understand and isn`t his, Khidr tells him to go away and leave him alone.


 In the Bible Moses receives the Ten Commandments and makes a Covenant with God for the `Promised Land`, but dies outside of Canaan before the walls of Jericho come tumbling down at the behest of Joshua. Viewed from Khidr`s perspective, Jericho corresponds to the wall that Khidr rebuilt lest someone else find the treasure that was reserved for another. According to the Bible Canaan is the `Promised Land`, but it belonged to the Phoenicians, and from their perspective, as well as modernity`s PLO, it was stolen from them. From Khidr`s point of view, the rebuilt walls of Jericho conceal the treasure that awaits discovery by the one who is predestined, which would be Jesus, the `fish` of the Christian New Testament, and Joshua`s losing of the `fish` represents care in the `will of Allah`, because loss is equivalent to theft, and only the evil steal.



 Joshua`s loss of the fish must be the `hand of Allah`. Khidr`s appearance from the `fish` prefigures wisdom, and so he`s a precursor of Jesus, the `fish`, whose life is taken by the evil. In the Gospels Jesus accepts that the `will of God` is his crucifixion because it serves his purpose. His Resurrection is proof of his belief that life cannot be taken from others because it is not theirs to take and so loss that is in accord with the `will of God` is merely a prelude to wisdom, which in Jesus` teachings is the knowledge that the Earth is a prison in which the homosexuals seek to entomb alive the species of Woman as God`s producer in `Tomb Raider 666`. Or, as it says in the Bible, `the number of the beast is the number of a man, and the number is six hundred three score and six; let he that hath wisdom understandeth`. Yes, a man is a beast.



 A cave mouth corresponds physically to the mouth of the body, which is below the eyes that are the `windows of the soul` idiomatically. If `tonsil hockey` is kissing and takes place beneath the eyes, then the eyes are the holes through which the `fish` is caught. Jesus described himself as a `fisher of men`, which meant that he wanted them to obey God and have Redemption. Because all men have an anima, that is, an archetypal content of the collective unconscious `Self` that corresponds to an image of woman that is desirable because of the spirit of God which is female, that is, the Shekinah or Holy Spirit of the New Testament, libidic energy is channeled into sex, which includes production. Homosexuals use the image of desirable women to keep Mankind on a low level of development, that is, merely `sexual`, and feed off her species as parasites that don`t work. Consequently, Woman as a species hasn`t yet developed to the point at which her `fish` escapes their eyes.


 The basic homosexual position manifests itself as infantilism because they don`t want adults. The homosexuals prevent them from developing, or have killed them if they`re old, beautiful, and immortal, because they`d be wise to them. They  conceal the truth, which is that the human body consists of but two activities; eating and fucking. By explaining that fucking is taboo, eating is all that remains. Consequently, all activity is channeled into devouring by homosexuality, because libidic energy, as Carl Jung observed, is transformed by genuine desire for individual growth, from instinctual to spiritual activity, symbolized in the Catholic Mass of transubstantiation. Acceptance of the Holy Spirit, and its teachings, is in the symbolic shape of the bread and the wine. Jesus gave the bread and the wine to his disciples at the `Last Supper`, as a token of his body and blood and symbol of his faith in the Resurrection. The transformation of libidic energy into spiritual worth is what Jesus preaches. In simple terms, eating is bodily sustenance, whereas sexual libido is spiritual. Homosexuality only wants to devour; it doesn`t want to develop. Jesus is sexual and spiritual whereas his murderers were homosexuals who didn`t want his message to be received. In Revelation, Jesus` Second Coming is with the sword, and Woman leaves Earth. She`s developed through Jesus` and the Holy Spirit`s teachings while:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 The opened seal at the mouth of Jesus` cave, or tomb, biologically corresponds to the tonsils, removed after the diagnosis of `cryptic tonsillitis`, a spiritual superceding of the stone tablets of the law in the individual`s developmental functioning. Tonsillectomy, widely recommended as a prophylactic surgery preventative of sore throats and possible disease from kissing is, at least symbolically, an actuating of the spirit of God relating to the biblical Revelation in which `out of his mouth came a sharp sword`. Jesus` ability to command is because he has the Shekinah, the spirit of God from the Old Testament, given to Mankind as the Holy Spirit or Paraclete in the New Testament, and the actuating surgical procedure is, hypothetically, tonsillectomy.



 If possession by the spirit of homosexuality is what the law of God is designed to prevent, tonsillectomy would be the theoretical procedure for its removing. In the Bible the Shekinah dwells within the Ark of the Covenant where the tablets of the law are kept. Consequently, she`s the word and the voice of God. After Jesus` death at his crucifixion, his side was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus, which effectively preceded the emergence of the Paraclete from Jesus` side; as Eve emerged from the side of Adam in Eden. Jesus describes the Paraclete as a `tutelary spirit` or guide that will continue his teachings after his death and so she must be listened for. In the United States of America, the spear of Longinus is a symbol of the self-perceived `Manifest Destiny` of the USA`s `American Dream`. Longinus` spear came to be known as the Spear of Destiny because the Paraclete effectively emerged from the side of Jesus after it was pierced by the spear. The USA`s Paracletian symbol of the `tutelary spirit` that`s everywhere present by our side is Britney Jean Spears:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.`



Without the Paraclete, the ability to hear Jesus` teachings and the word of God is lost, which corresponds to Joshua`s losing of the fish in the Koran, where Moses receives wisdom but can`t understand it because he isn`t developed enough to have it.


 Khidr`s story of Moses the pirate is an allegory of how to deal with those who can`t bear with the fruits of others` development, which in science fictional terms would be the difference between nuclear missiles and space rockets. Moses receives the law, and Jesus teaches in the spirit of the law in the Gospels, and in Revelation commands in the spirit of the law, because men don`t use wisely what is discovered by them.



 Ali Baba learns the secret of the cave in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, but his brother, who forces out of him the `Open Sesame` password, doesn`t value the knowledge enough and is trapped where the thieves can kill and dismember him. The meaning is that memory and remembering are symbols (and , indeed, actuals) of Resurrection, that is, tools belong to those who have worked for them, and not to thieves who don`t value them because they haven`t.


 Ali Baba loses the treasure, which in science fictional terms corresponds to starships, because his `brothers` (Cassim and the thieves) in Islam don`t want to build starships, they want to steal them, but they don`t have the knowledge to build more, and so the dismemberment symbolism signifies the loss of memory that precludes the construction of starships when the `pirates`, having taken them by force, that is, `murdered`, those who`d built them, and for whom they were built, don`t have the skills to repair, that is, resurrect, the ships when they`re worn out from use.



 The `fall of Man` is the beginning of the story in Eden when Adam and Eve preferred the homosexual to God in the form of the apple of temptation, so accepting their own devourment rather than the libidic transformation of sexual energy into intellectual and spiritual endeavour that`d take them to the stars and heaven. Instead, they`ve preferred to live as the flesh off which homosexual parasites feed. Pornographers, who stimulate meager developmental achievement, suggest the penis alone represents the heights of human desire, so that something is produced upon which they can feed as parasitical leeches. Khidr`s story in the Koran is the simpler observation that thieves who don`t have the wisdom to build shouldn`t have the buildings, and it`s better to escape from the pirates than to help them, so better care should be taken of the `fish`, which in The Cave Sura is the symbol of the spirit of God that, if lost, may leave; as Woman does at Revelation`s end.


1 Ibrahim, I. A., A Brief Illustrated guide To Understanding Islam, Darussalam, Houston, Texas, USA, 1997, pp. 74, p.6.