Who`s Eaten Madeleine McCann?

07/07/2012 09:34

Who`s Eaten Madeleine McCann?


The English disease is often defined as `paedophilia`, which is `fear of development`. Society in England is based on the sole premise that every living high school leaver wants to have sex with small children. The solution is to present everyone as infants and teach them that sex is taboo, and the body is for eating and shitting only, which accords with the central principle of Sigmund Freud`s repression psychology. All products of human civilization and culture are `nothing but` shit, according to infantilism. Consequently, sexual repression becomes the norm and reproduction and development become what is feared, which emerges in society as `paedophilia`, which actually is `fear of development, and so of sexual reproduction.



  Masquerading  in society as the perception that everyone wants to have sex with children and so should be prevented by explaining that shitting is what people are for, and the nihilists `kill two birds with one stone`, as it were. Interest in sex, as a developmental instinct that, in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, is transformed into spiritual and intellectual work, is `killed`, while product has been defined by Sigmund Freud, as `nothing but` shit and, because shit is produced from the anus, sexual activity has been directed there.


 Anal is the basis of a society that has become nihilistic insofar as it`s producing infantiles that view shit as product, and so anal sex is productive of `nothing but` shit. The virus HIV/AIDS, as the child of the 20th century, is a virgin birth from an Anti-Christian `Black Mass` of anal sex, which is sterile and productive only of semen mixed with blood, shit, and urine, that is, a `seedbed` for HIV/AIDS.


 Nihilism is the result of practicing what God had condemned as long ago as Sodom (homosexuality) and Gomorrah (sadism), and infantilism is what the nihilists teach in order to prevent the paedophile, who is a child and wants to have sex with children (because developing children do want to have sex with each other), from developing beyond infantilism in which everything is anal and productive only of shit and HIV/AIDS.


 The first step would be for a society, on the verge of nihilism, to stop deciding who is to have sex with who, so that it can decide to have sex with you, whether you want it to or not. In the Bible the `hidden` woman of Revelation leaves Earth to sow her own `seed` and her `seed` defeats the Anti-Christian `seed`. She is given a new heaven and Earth to dwell in forever while the evil receive perdition. In other words, God has decided that Woman, as a species with a penis of her own ( https://futanaria.com), can decide who she has sex with for herself, and whether or not to. The clitoris is designed purely for pleasure, and masturbation of the penis is pleasurable also, without vaginal insertion. Consequently, an immortal woman in heaven, who is futanarian with both vagina and penis, would be virgina intacta should she choose to be and, if she didn`t, she wouldn`t have a man, according to God.



 In the case of Madeleine McCann the young girl disappeared, which is equivalent, in infantilist psychology, to her being eaten, because she was `nothing but` shit, which is what nihilist societies teach. On the understanding that sexual activity is wrong, they teach that eating and shitting is what we are for. Consequently, Madeleine McCann was either eaten, or shat, because the nihilist society has taught that the different activities amount to the same thing. In simple terms, if Madeleine McCann, as a product of the womb of God`s producer, that is, Woman, is definable as shit by a nihilist society encouraging her not to sexually or spiritually/intellectually develop, that is, remain infantile, then the nihilist infantiles created by the society, as the society observing that eating is what she`s for, will eat her. Or, in other words, being murdered was what the nihilist infantile society bred her for. The `New Redeemer` of Revelation is figured as the protector of the `hidden` woman of the Earth before she leaves, which means that any woman that disappears from a society that views her as a murder victim to begin with either desires to escape from the nihilists, or is being helped to hide by a redeemer. In other words, Madeleine McCann is a symbol of the nihilistic infantiles` pursuit of the chimera of their being believed. On the understanding that innocence is non-development, they maintain their `position` as nihilist jailors.  Or, to put it another way, the developer is the enemy of the nihilist infantile society because the innocent can be wise enough to live if they develop. Jesus` teaching on the subject of Woman`s development is the simple command:


 `Leave her alone.` (Mark: 14.6)


 Because it`s clear to Jesus, born of a virgin and celibate, that women are born innocent and wise enough to live if they develop. No man was involved in the birth of Jesus, and Jesus didn`t fall into the trap of reproduction, but was more concerned with progress through self-development and teaching, that is, not the `black mass suckers` of the parasitical blood-sucking leeches that were his and others` crucifiers, but the individually productive geniuses that would arise to fight in Jesus` name as graduates.



 As a `hidden` woman, Madeleine McCann is `disappeared`, that is, devoured, by her society`s nihilist infantile programmer s who don`t want development for women as the producers of shit they don`t want; such as futanarian women as a species with her own penis and capacity for living outside of their purview. Either that, or Madeleine is living outside of their perverted view. In Revelation the red dragon waits in vain to devour the child of the woman `clothed with the sun, and with the moon at her feet`:


 `A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet ... the dragon stood before the woman about to give birth, to devour her child when she gave birth.` (Rev: 12. 1-4)


 The woman who gives birth to the `New Redeemer` is protected by him until she`s ready to leave the Earth, so in effect she`s a child she gives birth to, that is, Self-Development, as the solution to the nihilist infantile reductivity of everything as `nothing but` devouring, shit, and sterile anal sex productive of `nothing but` HIV/AIDS and death. Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness (Matt: 4.1), whereas the `hidden` woman is there for 1,260 days, which suggests preparation for an even greater task. The Bible says the `devourer` waits in vain, which suggests that Woman as God`s producer, and her product, as that which comes from her womb, in terms of the development of her civilizations and cultures, can`t be `disappeared`. In Islamic countries, the belief is that Paradise, which corresponds to heaven on Earth, and is `Jennah` in Arabic, which also means `hidden`, is all around us. Consequently, Madeline McCann could be in `Jennah` or `hidden`, as are all who have `disappeared`. The search for Madeleine is, then, either the hunt for her would-be devourer, or  the search for her hiding place,as a woman who, `hidden` like the woman of Revelation, has escaped from her imprisoners and is preparing to leave her imprisonment. In short, Madeleine McCann is an icon for the nihilist infantile who wants to find the `hidden` woman and kill her before she leaves Earth, and Madeleine`s  9 year old face from 2007 is a symbol of the nihilist infantile`s desire that women remain 9 years old as innocent victims of men`s enslaving of their host wombs so that men as parasites can continue to have the women give birth to themselves while the `leech jizz` pretend to be protective and Woman is expecting the `New Redeemer` to save her.



 In Jungian psychology the archetypes are images from the collective unconscious that, present in each of us, sometimes emerge into consciousness as developmental signs. One archetypal  image would be Woman giving birth to the `New Redeemer while the devouring dragon, a symbol of men`s nihilist infantilism, can`t eat her, and she escapes. It`s an archetype of freedom through self-development, and the denial of those who`d develop Woman upon her Earth so that she can be devoured, which is what the history of the Earth is. Men are the dragon and women are supposed to escape from them, which is why the `New Redeemer` is Christ also. The Messiah is not an ordinary man.