Why Is A Transvestite Called A TV?

08/07/2012 16:48

Why Is A Transvestite Called A TV?


Watching television was the main home activity of the 20th century, including sex. At the dawn of the 21st century, sexuality was the forefront issue, with AIDS. Despite the TV Wars of the Gulf taking centre stage,  sex wa s never off the TV menu.  Greek homosexuality and the enslaving of women`s wombs to produce more pederast parasites, as the basis of ancient Greek society`s enslavement of women`s wombs to produce homosexuality and war, was the model for 9/11. Disguising the terrorists as politely `civil`, the `Greek horses` of the planes crashed into the Twin Towers, thereby announcing the re-emergence of plague and war. In effect Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein were re-transmitting a homosexual virus that has existed at least as long ago as ancient Greece. In the Greeks` war against Troy, Paris had taken Helen from Greece, presumably because of the homosexuality of Greek society, which then reacted as viral homosexuals do, with war and its re-enslavement of the escaping woman`s womb.



  CNN News ratings were sky high during 9/11 and TV was again lauded as a medium for conveying information instantly across the globe, but noone but a perverted homosexual pederast concerned with the enslaving of women`s wombs to promote plague and war would have conceived this as sex on television.  But someone obviously has. 9/11 was clearly designed to divert the world`s attention. The simplest deduction would be that homosexual pederast parasitism, and war, was losing its grip, which again suggests that female sexuality was coming to the fore. Those with internet readily observe the existence of futanarian woman on the planet Earth, and that, beautiful as any super model, she has a penis of her own, which makes woman a species and men her parasites. Feeding upon the products of her womb as blood-sucking leeches, technology has become the homosexual medium for, `Hollywood style`, a blockbuster epic `production` of Tallest Toys, War and Plague.



 Futanarian woman isn`t a transvestite, and the Christian position, as communicated to us by Jesus in the New Testament, is that God`s commandments are reducible to `love thy neighbor as you love thyself`, and is the continuing teachings of Jesus, through the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit after Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension. In Islam knowledge is gleaned by the `companion`, the `Qareen` which, uniquely taught by the Prophet Mohammed, according to the Moslem faith, suggests that loving yourself and one`s companion is what these religious traditions concur in.



 In the Old Testament the spirit of God is the Shekinah, which is female, and she reappears in the New Testament as the Paraclete, effectively is born from the `rib` of Jesus; as the `Second Eve` from the `Second Adam` when Jesus` side is pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus upon his death. The tradition of a feminine `guide, helpmeet, comforter and teacher` is ancient and present in Moslem and Christian traditions. If futanarian woman has a penis and is a species, then the role of the `Holy Spirit` and the Qareen is understandable as the `wife` of the individual that seeks after God and wisdom.



 In an early episode of the TV series Star Trek, the `companion` is depicted as a female creature that effects a symbiosis with a member of the crew of a ship of Starfleet, and so is a metaphor for the `wife` relationship existing between the individual and the Holy Spirit/Qareen. In simple terms, God teaches the `companion`, which is the Qareen, through the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete teaches the individual also. The Qareen is the `wife` of the soul, and the Holy Spirit is the `wife` of the spirit, which is the instrument of God`s reasoning.



 Television is the medium that conveys the information that man and woman are separate because men are parasitical aliens enslaving women`s wombs, while woman with a penis of her own, that is, futanarian woman, is a species. Consequently, television is the perception that man and woman are a single creature wearing each others` clothes. Or, in other words, TV is transvestism, and 9/11 was designed to plunge the globe into a terrorist epoch in which man and woman would never recover sufficiently to understand that the homosexual parasites want to continue laughing at them as they fool the `TV` into accepting war and plague as `normal service will be resumed as soon as possible`.



 In Revelation the `hidden` woman of the Earth leaves after she receives protection from the child she has borne as the `New Redeemer`. In heaven she sows her own `seed` and fights against the evil serpent`s `seed`, whose head God foretells in Genesis she`ll crush with her heel as the leaves Earth. Paradoxically, Saddam Hussein`s name, in Arabic, is `crusher`, which may mean that Hussein will, in some way, be remembered as a liberator of the `hidden` woman; especially as it`s traditional in the Middle East for women to be concealed almost completely by their traditional burkahs, which are ideal for concealing a futanarian woman, that is, a woman with her own `seed` to sow because she has her own penis.



 In heaven the woman and her `seed` defeat the evil serpent`s `seed` and receives, as her reward from God, a new heaven and Earth, in which to dwell in forever, while the evil receive eternal unendurable pain as their punishment. For watching TV and advocating war and plague as what transvestite TVs are for. It`s perfectly feasible to assume that, before women`s wombs were enslaved by Greek homosexuals, they were a species of futanar with a penis of their own, and that men are homosexuals, which is why God condemns them in Revelation:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)