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Army Commander


Buying an electric fan is a simple experience. The product is on display in the electrical appliance department store or the manufacturer and product are known before purchase and ordered from the supplier. Fans come in different shapes and sizes, but usually in a package that displays the fan and its workings on its outside, while the components of the fan are on the inside. Within the packaging are the component parts, and the instruction manual, which explains how the fan is pieced together. Usually the instructions are in different languages, apart from the target group, so English and French predominate in the European Union, for example, because foreign workers in other countries are more likely to understand those official EU languages. Consequently, the buying procedure involves the obtaining of a receipt for purchasing the product in exchange for cash or equivalent debit card, etc., and a guarantee of product lifetime, and promise of repair, within the guaranteed product`s lifetime; along with proof of purchase. The process at the cashier can take up to three minutes for each customer in the queue ahead of the purchaser.



 Unpacking the fan at home, the purchaser needs to examine the component parts of the fan, and peruse the instructions, which results in the discovery that a screwdriver is needed to expedite the equipment`s constructing. Usually five major parts require piecing together; the base, the motor, the head of the fan with blades, and the cage, behind and before the blades; to protect young infants` fingers, etc., when in use. The instruction manual gives detailed information and diagrammatic illustrations to the buyer so that the fan can be constructed. In Europe the plugs are two pin, and in Britain and some Commonwealth countries and other parts of the world, there are three pin plugs, because of standard regulations concerning the need to earth the appliance so it is safer, and damage through worn wiring doesn`t constitute a fire risk. The packaging of the fan is big enough to house the entire fan, but it isn`t assembled before buying. Consequently, the aim and purpose of having the purchaser buy the fan is to educate the buyer in the putting together of the components of the appliance, because that`s what fathers do with children.



 If the appliance wasn`t complete with instructions for assembly but assembled inside the packaging for the customer to take out and plug in, the aim of the father in educating the child would be circumvented. Consequently, the aim is to instruct and educate the child in the assembling of electrical apparatus, because wasting the life of the customer/child is the aim of the educator. In the life of Jesus of Nazareth, demons cast out of a man near the town of Gadarene enter into pigs and run off a cliff. Before they enter the pigs and drown in the water, the demons declare to Jesus, `My name is legion.` (Mk: 5. 9) Although the statement seems relevant only to the world of the spirit, the legions of the Roman Empire were widespread across the Earth and Jesus` Jewish Palestine was occupied by the Romans during the period of his teaching. The aim of the Roman Empire was to have the legionnaires obey the Emperor and fight or perform any other task that Rome required. In the Roman amphitheaters, the Christians who called themselves the followers of the teaching of Christ, the Messiah, that is, Jesus, were thrown to lions for being political dissidents, and the gladiators who fought to the death in the arenas for the entertainment of the audience were obliged to salute the representative of the Imperial family of Rome and cry:


 `Those about to die salute you!`1



 The behavior of the pigs after the demons cast out of the man encountered by Jesus near the town of Gadarene was that expected of a Roman legion directed to die by the Empire, which meant that the Roman army, which is what the legions were, that is, several cohorts of 480, comprised of six centuries of 80 men, and junior officers, each led by a Centurion, was directed by what Jesus had antipathy for, that is, the desire to instruct men in dying at command, which is represented in the life of Jesus by the demons released from the man near the town of Gadarene that enter into the pigs that run off the cliff and die in the sea, `We are many.` (Mk: 5. 9) Jesus` perception was that the Roman Empire wasted the lives of his people in Palestine by means of false instruction. Jesus` maxim was, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Matt: 22. 39) Although the Bible is viewed as difficult, Jesus` distillation of God`s will was that. Consequently, the apparatus of instruction adopted by nations throughout the Earth was designed to waste the lives of his people, the Palestinian Jews, which belief was borne out by the construction of the bureaucratic `death camps` of Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, in National Socialist Germany, before and during the Second World War (1939-45), in which 12 million Jews were killed and burned in ovens as the `Nazi` attempt to enslave the nations of the Earth was halted.

 Bureaucracy is the tool of the exterminator. Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, and so was `woman`s seed`, while `futanarian` women with penis` semen of their own are `woman`s seed` rather than the serpent`s, `You shall crush his head with your foot, while he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) God`s words are taken to mean Mary`s `foot`, that is, woman`s `futanarian` human `seed`, while the serpent that grows in strength until it`s the `red dragon` of Revelation that lies in wait in vain to devour Jesus, who will `rule the nations with an iron scepter`, is the head that`s crushed, because women will sexually reproduce their own brains` powers to develop their own technology, and socio-economic independence from men, who would otherwise bureaucratically instruct them with their extermination procedures, which is what occurred throughout the 20th century, during the Indo-China war (1955-75), between the United States of America and Vietnam, for example, when US President Richard M. Nixon authorized the defoliation of the area by means of `agent orange` sprayed from aircraft.



 Instructing consumers on the assembling of apparatus that could be fit inside the packaging as a functional whole rather than as component parts is a part of the instructional fetish that exterminators have for people. Women, who are taught to ask a man for help with assembling apparatus, don`t know how, and there are no daughters of women from their own penis` semen, because humanity has been instructed in their extermination from history, and society. Consequently, there aren`t any women`s brains, and they`re encouraged not to use what they have by the cultural convention of asking a man to assemble the domestic or other electrical item as well as the bureaucratic obligation imposed upon appliance packagers to provide parts for assembly and instructions included with the packaged items. Because the instructions for parts assembly are for children, that is, undeveloped brains, undeveloped brains are what the packaged items and manuals are designed to produce. Just as the Roman Empire at the time of Jesus wanted `legion`, that is, undeveloped brains that would run off a cliff like demoniacally possessed pigs if the Emperor wanted them to, so the interminable education, instruction and training given to humans, as though they were animals, is designed to produce infants and infantiles who conjointly will produce led and leaders to command them to run off a cliff like demoniacally possessed pigs. The army commander is mad.



 The seminal novel of the 20th century was Red Dragon (1981), which was made into a movie, Manhunter (1986), starring Brian Cox as `Hannibal the cannibal`, because he ate people, while Hannibal Lecter`s name derived from human fascination with Hannibal of the Empire of Carthage where Africa`s modern Tunisia arose, and the army with elephants Hannibal took from New Carthage, which is now Cartagena in Spain, across the alps to invade Italy where he remained for 16 years. The difference between the literate and the illiterate is that the literate write, while the illiterate can`t read very well either. Consequently, the attack by terrorist hijackers crashing planes into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, as a continuation of the war to liberate Kuwait from Iraq`s dictator, Saddam Hussein, and his invading army, that is, the coup that ate Kuwait, was 9/11, or nine elephant`s, that is, `Hannibal` as `the Cannibal`, because the 9/11 plot is based on J. R. R. Tolkien`s The Lord Of The Rings (1954-55) in which the second part of the trilogy, The Two Towers, precedes the fall of Orodruin, and the Empire of the Dark Lord Sauron`s slaver rings, `Nine for mortal men doomed to die.` When the slave ring is destroyed in the third part of the trilogy, The Return Of The King, which spectacularly features elephants in the army of Sauron as the Oliphaunt or mûmakil of the nine, Tolkien has Samwise Gamgee, staunch companion of Frodo, on the path to the unmaking of the slave ring at Mt Doom to prevent cannibalism, describe the Oliphaunt poetically:


`Grey as a mouse, big as a house, nose like a snake, I make the earth shake as I tramp through the grass; trees crack as I pass. With horns in my mouth I walk in the South, flapping big ears. Beyond count of years I stump round and round, never lie on the ground, not even to die. Oliphaunt am I, biggest of all, huge, old, and tall. If ever you'd met me you wouldn't forget me. If you never do, you won't think I'm true; but old Oliphaunt am I, and I never lie.`1



 Samwise expresses a desire to see elephants more than anything else, and sees a battle between the men of Ithilien and a mûmakil with a tower on its back. Consequently, the Oliphaunt with towers were a metaphor for Al Qaeda, `the base` (of the tower), before the terrorist group destroyed the Twin Towers of New York City`s World Trade Centre on 9/11, where nine elephant`s events is a reference to `the nine`, who were enslaved by Sauron`s ring in his novel. They rode winged Nazgûl, which explains Al Qaeda`s `hijacked planes`, because Sauron made creatures from the people he enslaved in what were known as the `black pits` of Mordor. Consequently, the Oliphaunt, are a metaphor for the Levant`s `nine`, after the fall of Iraq`s dictator, Saddam Hussein, who was deposed for supporting Al Qaeda, `the base`, while the rebels in Iraq and Syria`s declaration of a Moslem caliphate of the Levant was a continuation of the nine elephant theme, that is, Al Qaeda, `the base`, wanted the Levant for their nine`s towers. 9/11 was an elephant `tusk`, where Olifant is a musical instrument made from a tusk, and so nine eleven`s the nine Oliphant theme, whereby the Levant caliphate, through the task/tusk of Al Qaeda, which is `the base` of their Levant towers, was announced. Because mûmakil is an Oliphaunt, the reference is to Trump Tower and the `last trump`:


`In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.` (1 Cor: 15. 52)


 Trump World Tower was completed in 2001, and so it represented the last Trump tower after the first Trump Tower of 1993, built by Donald Trump, for those who either believe in Christianity or those who`re against it. Consequently, for those keen to see Armageddon, that is, the last war between good and evil, before the end of the world, and God`s promised new heaven and Earth, the `last` Trump World Tower was the symbol of the Resurrection and Ascension to heaven that the evil didn`t want for `woman`s seed`, which is why the nine eleven terrorist hijackers crashed their planes into the World Trade Centre that year. A `nine` Levant terrorist regime would result from the Levant`s trunk, that is, the rebels in Iraq and Syria. The real issue was the re-enslavement of the women`s trunk, because futanarian women have larger penis than men and, without women`s semen, women haven`t brains of their own, and so are trunks, which is what the `last trump` means for the trunk of `woman`s seed`, because the trumpet of the Levant is Jewish Palestine; if it`s understood as that part of the Levant where God`s `chosen people` live, that is, where the tradition is that men aren`t Jews unless born from women. Women are the Jews Hitler sought to exterminate, while J.R.R. Tolkien`s novel, The Lord Of The Rings, continues the nine eleven theme of elephant towers on the backs of the mûmakil signifying Al Qaeda, `the base` of their Levant towers, and their aim of killing `mother Earth`, because the `serpent`s seed` of men have killed mum`s penis so they`ve only God`s trumpet to blow.



 The United Kingdom, Twinkle (1968-99), is the title of a magazine for girls with a Christian title, because of `the last trump`, and Jesus` role as `woman`s seed`, that is, after his death, by being nailed to a wooden cross by the Romans on the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem, Jesus had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven as a promise from God to `futanarian` women`s humanity that `woman`s seed` would be resurrected. Consequently, Twinkle was a perverted medium designed to socialize girls into accepting men`s semen, rather than woman`s. God`s punishment for the evil is perdition, that is, unendurable eternal pain, according to the Bible, which means that the `serpent`s seed` of the serpent that persuaded Eve to `eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, rather than the `fruit of the tree of life`, which is immortality, is men`s `seed` of slavery through subterfuge and war. Because Jesus was the human host at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, his giving of `bread and wine` to the disciples, as symbols of his `body and blood`, meant that he was a representative of futanarian `woman`s seed` and host womb through his birth from the Virgin Mary, his mother, and was offering that wisdom to the disciples, but Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus, the disciples, and the human host to the slave Empire of Rome by betraying Jesus as a `dissident` and ensuring his death through crucifixion and the continued enslavement of women`s host wombs in parasitism to the `serpent`s seed` of the devouring dragon of men`s warfare.

 Although `Hannibal` was billed as a `cannibal`, men are devourers rather than cannibals, because women are human if they sexually reproduce with each other as `futanarian` with their own penis` semen and host womb for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers. In Revelation a woman, Babylon, is anathematized, because her descendants are male brained by the `serpent`s seed` of men. If her daughters don`t have women`s brains, they`ve been devoured by her, which means she`s a cannibal by default, although it`s a misnomer because men have eaten her brains by fertilizing her ovum where `futanarian` women could have fertilized her ovum with `woman`s seed`:


`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)



 Turin is the first city captured by Hannibal when he invaded Italy with his elephants from Spain`s Cartagena (218-201 B.C.), that is, New Carthage, so in modern times the Fiat manufacturer`s 500 car was known as the `baby elephant`, because it was small, but compared favorably in usefulness with Hannibal`s ancient transport, which was the equivalent of the modern train, `This is the age of the train.`3 The elephant train from Carthage to New Carthage, and across the alps to Turin, resulted in `the age of the car`, and the Fiat 500 `baby elephant` was developed to be pedaled by small men in winding traffic lanes along highways that dispensed with the train driver and passenger concept in favor of more regulations and training for the individual because, as with the instructions for the assembling of electrical appliances, and the necessity of having a screwdriver, or other tool, to construct the bought equipment, wasting the lives of the undeveloped is the aim of the exterminator. The first motor driven petrol pedal car, the Model T, was mass produced in 1908 at the Ford car factory in Detroit, Michigan, and in 2013, when modern Carthage was Tunisia, the basic pedal design for the car hadn`t altered. The aim was to waste people`s lives and time learning to pedal and follow the rules, and the regulations associated with steering a pedaled vehicle, with a laughably small ship`s wheel in a vehicle ridiculing the sea and space going aspirations of the traveler, but satisfied the devourers of life and time, because it imprisoned only three at a higher cost in human effort, while a train needing a single operator left thousands of passengers free to live and use their time well. In 2013 the modern Carthage, Tunisia, was a Moslem nation governed by the dictator, Ben Ali, who was deposed, in what was known in the media as `the Arab Spring`, along with Colonel Gadaffi of Libya and Mubarak of Egypt, as an instance of the application of what the United States of America`s President Dwight D. Eisenhower called `the falling domino principle` in an April 7, 1954, news conference, that is, topple a state and the next one along will fall:


`Finally, you have broader considerations that might follow what you would call the falling domino principle. You have a row of dominoes set up, you knock over the first one, and what will happen to the last one is the certainty that it will go over very quickly. So you could have a beginning of a disintegration that would have the most profound influences.`4



 In Saudi Arabia, which is the center of the Islamic faith, based on the Koran dictated by the angels, according to tradition, to the Prophet Mohamed, is the temple of Abraham in Mecca, while for the Jews Abraham is the founder of Israel through his son, Isaac by his wife Sara. The Prophet Mohamed was of the line of Abraham`s second son, Ishmael, who built the temple of Hajer, his mother, in Mecca. Because Abraham had two sons, Moslems are permitted four wives, which affords the possibility of `futanarian` sexual reproduction between women, although they`re still not permitted to drive a car, which means that the driver is a slave to those who`re wasting the women`s and his lives pedaling on a treadmill for the devourer of humanity`s brains. According to most commentators on the Gulf wars, they were fought for control of the oil supply, that is, for slavery in extermination through the maintenance of a system of undeveloping technological progress requiring people to die young. With medicine to give them the longevity of life and memory they need to obviate instruction, older people would render the life wasters redundant through long life and better technology that doesn`t require a manual, which is what a car driver is. Although the women mightn`t want to drive a car, the fact that they`d need instruction is the `double blind`, that is, it`s a disabling vehicle. However, the presence of men`s wheeled treadmill, everywhere upon the Earth, suggests women`s `futanarian` brains` powers for technological liberation are even less developed. Refused the possibility of operating a vehicle, women remain even smaller children than men for the ogre to devour. In a poverty of arrested development requiring the human race to pedal its racism, the alien intelligence of the `serpent`s seed` promotes brain death for the human species by instructing it as a manual, so that it becomes a destructed manual. Consequently, the Gulf wars were fought to decide who destroys the manual, because the visible signs of the automobile across the Earth is of the `serpent`s seed` busy about its work with almost no possibility of technological progress that would allow the human to escape from its being consumed as fuel.



 Although the Gulf wars were fought over oil, the ostensible reason was the defense of Israel, which Saddam Hussein`s Iraq had begun launching missile strikes at, and that precipitated the Western allies` installation of the Patriot anti-missile system, known as Desert Shield (August 2, 1990 - January 17, 1991), which preceded Desert Storm (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991) and the recapture of Kuwait for the ruling Emir`s family and his Western allies. After the second Gulf war to depose Saddam, the Independent Levant (IL) caliphate grew from disaffected elements in Iraq and Syria, which increased rather than reduced the danger to Israel. The fall of Tunisia announced the emergence of a new Hannibal, but as `the cannibal`, and Libya and Egypt collapsed in accordance with Eisenhower`s `Domino theory`, which made Israel`s position more tenuous, and is what the exterminators of the `chosen people` want: a desire that could have included some Israelis themselves. `Domino theory` is based on the idea of reinforcing governments susceptible to a brand of politics unfavorable to the West, whereas collapsing the regimes of Ben Ali, Gadaffi and Mubarak was a careful destabilizing of Israel`s position, which she must have been aware of. At the other side of Israel are Afghanistan, and Pakistan which, respectively, harbored and sheltered Osama Ben Laden, Al Qaeda`s leader, before he was killed on May 2, 2011, by a US military unit. Between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Israel is Iran. The Shah was the first Western backed leader to fall in 1979 to Islamic fundamentalism and the religious dictatorship of the Ayatollah Khomeini. He placed a `fatwa` or death sentence on India`s Salman Rushdie for writing the Satanic Verses (1988) about Al-Uzza, Al-Lat and Manat, who`re mentioned in the Koran (610-30 C.E.) as both male and female women. Levant women before Jesus` birth remembered `woman`s seed` to men and the new `Hannibal the cannibal` arose to devour it.

 With rebellious Iraq and Syria declaring themselves an Independent Levant, and Israeli Palestine already divided more or less hostilely between Moslem Palestinians and Israeli Jews, the Levant states correspond to new towers for J. R. R. Tolkien`s Mordor. Each tower has grown from `the base`, Al Qaeda, and moves in `Domino theory` towards Israel like nine Oliphaunt in The Lord Of The Rings, Part Three, The Return Of The King, in which Samwise thought an Oliphaunt a hill, moving. When Sam saw one for the first time, the Oliphaunt, with its tower on its back, was in the army of the Lord of the Nine, who served the Dark Lord, Sauron, and was known as the `witch-king`. In terms of The Lord Of The Rings analogy, there are nine Levant states collapsed as dominos before Israel. They are the new kings of Mordor that ride as upon Oliphaunt bearing the nine towers of Al Qaeda, `the base`; Tunisia, Libya and Egypt along the coast of North Africa and, in Asia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria and Iraq as the nine Levant theme progresses toward Palestine and the pressure on Israel increases. Who Sauron and the witch-king are is definable, because Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is the ringleader of the new caliphate, and Ayman Al-Zawahiri is the ringleader of Al Qaeda, `the base`. To destroy the slave ring, time consumed humans need to be given less life wasting instruction with the technology; otherwise they`re being pedaled by the pedlars for the treadmill:


`By the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made. For you were made from dust, and to dust you will return.` (Gen: 3. 19)



 The Greek word for Word is `Logos`, which is why Jesus was called the `Word of God` because he represented the rise to technological development to save labor and liberate humans from slavery through `woman`s seed`, that is, futanarian human women with their own capacity to sexually reproduce their own brains` powers for technological development and progress beyond treadmill instructors. Woman`s labors ended with the birth of Jesus, `I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.` (Gen: 3. 16) God`s curse is that `woman`s seed` will be husbanded like an animal, rather than liberated by labor-saving technologies, because her human race will be handicapped by men`s slaving of her futanarian host womb in parasitism and death by the serpent and the `serpent`s seed` in worship of the dragon of death which has denied women sexual reproduction between themselves in order to exterminate humanity`s brainpower.



 Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary, his mother, promises Redemption from death in slavery, and Resurrection and Ascension through futanarian human brains` powers to liberate through labor-saving, but men`s preference for pedaling the treadmill of life consuming time wasting in instruction manuals for the assemblage of the fans of the push button era has made it the age of the push button exterminator while the fans are still being assembled to applause. In her role as Justine Last, Jennifer Aniston is women`s `last trump` for men in the movie, The Good Girl (2002), which received a muted reception: `As a girl you see the world as a giant candy store filled with sweet candy and such. But one day you look around and you see a prison and you're on death row.`5 Jennifer Aniston`s role as Justine Last in the movie, The Good Girl (2002), is the `last trump` from women, because it takes children some time to put the electric chair together, while a screwdriver only has to be inventive.



1 Suetonius, De Vita Caesarum (The Life of the Caesars) `Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant!` Used by captives and criminals on Lake Fucinus fated to die fighting during mock naval encounters in the presence of the emperor Claudius in A.D. 52. Claudius replied `Or not.` (Aut non).


2 Tolkien, J. R. R. The Lord Of The Rings, Part Two, The Two Towers, Book IV, Chapter 3,`The Black Gate Is Closed`, 1954-55.


3 Advertising Agency Allen, Brady & Marsh (ABM), ’This is the age of the train`, featuring British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) television`s Top Of The Pops video disc jockey, Jimmy Saville, 1977-84.


4 `The Quotable Quotes of Dwight D. Eisenhower`, National Park Service, December 5, 2013.


5 Aniston, Jennifer as Justine Last in The Good Girl, Myriad Pictures, 2002.

Slave 4 U

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Slave 4 U


Sun Tzu was the Chinese military genius who said, `Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.`1 In Chinese, of course, but Lao Tzu was for war, which meant that his enemies were as good as friends to him, because war was what he wanted. Consequently, the maxim as quoted and applied by individuals, who believe themselves to be defensively minded, haven`t understood. Those who believe in peace and freedom don`t want war, although they believe in battles for freedom, because that`s achievement, whereas war is an end in itself for men like Sun Tzu who aren`t interested in freedom from slavery to conflict and aggression because they want war.



 Sun Tzu`s maxim is quoted by actor Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in the Hollywood movie Godfather II (1974) kisses Fredo who he knows has betrayed him as the don of a mafia `family` criminal organization of hoodlums and killers: `I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!` The scene is interesting because of the mafia ritual of ring kissing when a new `family` member joins. In British writer J. R. R. Tolkien`s fantasy novel, The Lord Of The Rings (1954-5), Frodo is entrusted with destroying the ring of the power of the Dark Lord, Sauron, by throwing it into the volcano, Mt Doom, which results in the power of the Dark Lord being visibly broken as the magic in the power of the ring dissolves and the tower of Barad Dûr, where Sauron lives, collapses along with many other strongholds in the land of Mordor. The parallels between Tolkien`s novel, which was filmed in Hollywood as a three part film, and the Godfather movies, based on Mario Puzzo`s novel, The Godfather (1969), are evident.



 The Godfather (1972) film was followed by II and III (1990) detailing what is the equivalent of the `ring war` in the Hollywood movies of Tolkien`s The Lord Of The Rings; The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001), The Two Towers (2002), and The Return Of The King (2003). Although Tolkien`s novel was written by 1955, and the World Trade Centre opened on April 4, 1973, construction began on August 5, 1966, only a decade after Tolkien`s The Two Towers was published. Construction of the Twin Towers continued throughout the publication success of Mario Puzzo`s novel, The Godfather, and its filmed release. The terrorist attack on the Twin Towers took place on September 11, 2001, while Tolkien`s The Two Towers film was released on December 5, 2002, and The Return Of The King, which features the collapse of the tower of Barad Dûr, Sauron`s stronghold, was released on December 1, 2003, while the invasion of Iraq, to topple the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, for supporting the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, that is, `the base`, occurred from March 19 to May 1, 2003. The subsequent capture of Baghdad on 9 April, 2003, and Hussein`s execution on 30 December, 2006, represented the fall of the tower of Al Qaeda in Iraq, constructed by their leader, Osama Ben Laden, from `the base` in Afghanistan, which tower metaphorically fell in 2001 after the USA responded to 9/11 by invading and capturing the capital, Kabul, on November 12, 2001, to topple the Taliban regime that had supported Al Qaeda, `the base`, there. Osama Ben Laden himself was assassinated on May 2, 2011, in Pakistan. The subsequent rise of the Iraq and Syria Islamic State (ISIS) from amid those populations affected by the United States of America`s war in the Gulf, represented the building of further Al Qaeda  towers from `the base` upwards, which made Tolkien`s The Lord Of The Rings prophetic:


`A brief vision he had of swirling cloud, and in the midst of it towers and battlements, tall as hills, founded upon a mighty mountain-throne above immeasurable pits; great courts and dungeons, eyeless prisons sheer as cliffs, and gaping gates of steel and adamant: and then all passed. Towers fell and mountains slid; walls crumbled and melted, crashing down; vast spires of smoke and spouting steams went billowing up, up, until they toppled like an overwhelming wave, and its wild crest curled and came foaming down upon the land.`2



 Tolkien`s perception was of a mafia `ring war`, while Sun Tzu`s philosophy as a warlord, quoted by Michael Corleone, as he kisses Fredo, who has betrayed his `family`, reflects also on the role of Frodo in Tolkien`s narrative, who rejects the power of the ring of Sauron`s `family` by throwing it into Mt Doom, and so breaks the power of the mafia over him. Jesus was similarly kissed by Judas Iscariot (Matt: 26. 48), who betrayed Jesus and his `family`, that is, the disciples, according to the Bible, at the `Last Supper`, before Jesus was taken to a hill, Calvary, outside Jerusalem and nailed to a cross of wood by agents of the Roman Empire as a `dissident`. The Gospel accounts of the disciples, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, agree that Jesus resurrected from the dead and ascended to heaven after his death at Calvary, while his offer of `bread and wine`, as symbols of his `body and blood` at the `Last Supper`, offers a clue as to the meaning of his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, which event is the basis of Christianity`s belief in Jesus` teaching as the Messiah:


`Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Matt: 22. 39)


 From Judas point of view it may be argued that he was breaking the power of Jesus` mafia `family`, because the Emperor of Rome represented a greater power, although history reveals that the first Pope in Rome, the disciple Peter (33-64/7 A.D.), was the first head of the Catholic church that would ultimately replace the Roman Empire with the Vatican city of Rome`s greater Christian Empire of Jesus Christ. Born uncontaminate from his mother, the Virgin Mary, Jesus was the `woman`s seed` promised by God since the first woman, Eve, and the first man, Adam, were expelled from their original home of Eden for accepting the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, which is death, rather than the `fruit of the tree of life`, that is, immortality, with its promise, `You shall be as gods. ` (Gen: 3. 5) God tells Eve, `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, and he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Christian iconography places the foot of Mary upon the head of the serpent, because Jesus` `seed` is uncontaminate. Because women have penis` semen as `futanarian` humans, Mary`s `foot` is her species, while Jesus uncontaminate represents the possibility for Redemption for other men before God`s judgment upon the evil of eternal unendurable pain for denying her race. Consequently, Tolkien`s `ring war` is a metaphor for the `serpent`s seed`, and its slave ring, which keeps women (as a parasite its host womb) for the production of its meal.



 As host at the `Last Supper`, Jesus` `bread and wine` are symbols of the `body and blood` eaten by the parasite in warfare during the Roman occupation of Palestine, for example, so Judas` rejection of Jesus` teaching, `love your neighbor as you love yourself`, is a betrayal of the human host womb represented by his mother, the Virgin Mary, and the species of woman that is capable of sexually reproducing as `futanarian` humans without men as her devouring parasites. Italy, of course, became the seat of fascism, when Benito Mussolini was elected in 1922, before Adolf Hitler of the fascist `Nazi` Party in Germany in 1933. The symbol of fascism was the fasces, a bundle of sticks with an axe inside, which represented planning insofar as the fasces was actually used during the Roman Empire to build a fence behind which the military commander planned the battle. The fascists of the 20th century, which included the Japanese Empire in the Pacific, built extermination camps and waged war to enslave, because for them that`s what fasces meant. During the Second World War (1939-45) to defeat fascism, the mafia fought against Mussolini. The difference between war and battles is neatly illustrated by the role of the mafia as `family`. The Chinese military philosopher, Sun Tzu, wanted war, whereas those who fight battles are against war. Consequently, there`s a genuine distinction between mafia, or `family` battles with other mafia families, and warfare, because people don`t want to be devoured.



 Michael Corleone`s relationship with Fredo, who betrays him during a `business` trip to Havana, Cuba, reflects upon his belief in Sun Tzu, `Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.` Sun Tzu believes in war, whereas Michael has `family`. Consequently, espousing Lao Tzu`s philosophy isn`t intelligent. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA is expected to be intelligent, and the scenes from Godfather II in Havana occur before the unpredicted overthrow of the Fulgencio Batista regime by Fidel Castro on 1 January, 1959. Intelligence is the theme and, although fasces are a blind, blinding eyes in death isn`t species` intelligent. If Mary represents `woman`s seed`, that is, the capacity for women to sexually reproduce their own brains` powers themselves, men`s denial of that ability is a self-blinding of the human race, which the fascist extermination camps represent. The USA`s attempted removal of Castro through the CIA`s sponsoring of Cuban exiles` Brigade 2506 was known as `The Bay Of Pigs` because it was disastrously defeated between April 17 and 19, 1961. It was a battle rather than a war, and Jesus` casting out demons from a man near the town of Gadarene, which entered into pigs that then ran off a cliff into a river and drowned, illustrates non-intelligence. Those who`re for war are slave drivers, whereas freedom fighters aren`t, so battles are for them, whereas wars aren`t:


`In a generation of swine, the one-eyed pig is king.`3



 Hunter S. Thompson`s column in the San Francisco Examiner distilled American culture and politics in the era of US President Ronald Reagan (1981-89) as Jesus` teaching, `love your neighbor`, distilled God`s law. Reagan`s contribution to US defense was the `Strategic Defense Initiative` (SDI) and was known as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977) that was the first filmed release of the series of `blockbuster` features. Reagan`s plan was for a ground and space based missile system that would effectively imprison the human race on planet Earth and keep them there at the mercy of the United States of America. The battle was to prevent Reagan`s deploying SDI because freedom was the issue rather than war, which is what battles are fought to stop. The US President`s is called the First Family, and the attempt to assassinate Reagan on March 30, 1981, outside the Washington Hilton hotel, is how intelligent men are prevented from exercising their political mandate. In the case of President John F. Kennedy, who allowed the CIA to conduct `The Bay Of Pigs`, the mafia were mooted as being responsible for his assassination, on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, because their families had interests in Cuba and `The Bay Of Pigs` wasn`t thought intelligent. Freedom for the United States has often been a battle with the President. Not since World War Two has the United States formally declared war and the President has waged war against other nations because he wanted to. Bizarrely, the States can refuse the President`s will, but other nations can`t. Consequently, the USA is on a war footing with the rest of the planet by virtue of electing a President, and a First Family ostensibly representing the intelligent interests of `family`.



 Michael Corleone`s kissing of Fredo is a traditional mafia `kiss of death`, which probably derives from Jesus` kissing of Judas Iscariot who hung himself shortly after taking thirty pieces of silver to betray Jesus as a `dissident` to Rome. Effectively Frodo in The Lord Of The Rings refuses to kiss Sauron`s ring, which is death to Sauron, and so Michael`s kissing of Fredo is a similar withdrawal of the ring of power during a `ring war`, which Tolkien depicts in his novel. As the number of the disciples is a traditionally circular figure of twelve associated with the numbers on a clock face, or the calendar months of each year, Judas is rejecting the immortality Jesus is proferring to humanity as `the Word of God`, that is, `Logos` in the Greek language of the Gospels, and so the eternity ring of Jesus as the family of humanity, which is how human is defined.

 In The Lord Of The Rings many creatures are presented as non-human, including the actor, Elijah Wood, who has the role of Frodo, that is, a `hobbit` described as a `halfling` by men, but who represents humanity, because he`s human adjectivally. As a human born uncontaminate from his mother, the Virgin Mary, Jesus was similarly non-human to men, which is why they killed his `woman`s seed`, and so Christianity is often thought of as a woman`s religion, because Jesus` Advent and teaching, `love your neighbor`, offers hope to `woman`s seed`, which is non-human to men. Unfortunately, there isn`t anything which isn`t alien to men, who by their nature are sterile and so sterilizing is their history:


 `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)



 Having devoured the woman`s penis to prevent her from resurrecting and having Ascension, men have male brained the human race to drive it to extinction; as the history of the death camp phenomenon reveals. During the Bosnian war (1990-5) in Yugoslavia, Christians built `rape camps` in order to male brain a generation of Moslems, whose religion of Islam, with its four wives permissible in marriage, affords the possibility of sexual reproduction between women. Consequently, rejecting humanity is the `kiss of death`, which is why Michael Corleone`s belief in the maxim of the Chinese warlord Sun Tzu is wrong, `Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.` In The Lord Of The Rings Frodo rejects the `ring of power` because Sauron isn`t a friend to humanity, and neither are men, who define Frodo as non-human, which is why Frodo`s character is popular with children, who are `halflings` themselves, and so defined by men as not men and so not human, whereas men`s history is of being inhuman and so not human:


`And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child.` (Rev: 12. 4)


 The devouring dragon is the `serpent`s seed` of Eden full grown as the enslaver of the host wombs of women for war, because men don`t want their children to be more than `halflings`, that is, non-human, which is why Elijah Wood is a small man depicted as a halfing. The concept of a `half fling` in the English language vernacular is a tepid affair, that is, men flirt with the idea of their children growing but devour them for fear they`ll escape enslavement:


 `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)


 What they`ve done is remove the woman`s penis, and preferred each other, as the parasites upon her host womb of the human species. The appearance of the HIV/AIDS virus in the late 20th century, as an incurable `killer disease`, spread by men`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses in mockery of sexual reproduction and rejection of the host womb of humanity, confirms that perversity, and is what Judas` rejection of Jesus` family of humanity prefigured. For men women are human, but men aren`t, which is why Angelina Jolie can appear in the role of a beautiful demon and be sexually desirable for the penis in Beowulf but be non-human, because humans desire humans, and the penis recognizes the human as desirable, whereas it doesn`t recognize men like Beowulf as desirable, according to God`s law, which means that homosexuality and pederasty removed woman`s penis in order to develop HIV/AIDS as its `biological weapon` in the `ring war` of the dragon and its `serpent`s seed` offspring to exterminate the humanity it`s racing to extinction as its host womb enslaver:


`I know that underneath your glamor you're as much a monster as my son, Grendel.`4



 Humans are ephemeral, because medical science doesn`t prolong life and youth, as that would mean longevity of memory, and so the children wouldn`t remain infants to be devoured by the dragon of warfare and plague, which means that humans are ephemeral because men want them to be devoured by themselves as the dragon of warfare and plague. What this means is that the alien is human where `alien` is defined as `stranger`, for example, in the movie ET: The Extraterrestrial (1982) Drew Barrymore`s character, Gertie, is befriended by an alien, who is clearly definable adjectivally as `human`. The taboo for men is sexual. While Drew is the focus of the desire of the human penis for the female, `E.T.` isn`t, but the extraterrestrial remains definably human. Consequently, although the human is definable through the penis` desire for an alien woman, for example, Angelina Jolie in Beowulf (2007), the alien is definable as human extrinsic to the penis` desire for a female, that is, strangers can be human, which is why Jesus was a `stranger` uncontaminated by male semen and killed by men, before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven to teach men that strange humans aren`t the enemies of `woman`s seed`.



 In Tolkien`s The Lord Of The Rings Frodo`s `half fling` is Galadriel, the elf woman. The role of Galadriel was actress Cate Blanchett`s and her relationship with Frodo isn`t sexual, but she assists him along the path to Mt Doom and the unmaking of the ring in the volcano`s mouth. By the star light from the Phial of Galadriel he passes through the cave known as Shelob`s Lair to Mt Doom after a battle with the giant female spider. Frodo is betrayed by Sméagol, who he knows as Gollum, because of the sound he makes in his throat when swallowing. In Tolkien`s The Hobbit (1937), which is the prequel to The Lord Of The Rings, Frodo`s uncle, Bilbo, finds the ring of Sauron that Sméagol, a hobbit, had killed his brother, Déagol, for. Sméagol, after he`d found it in the river, Anduin, where king Isildur was slain after cutting the ring from Sauron`s finger and keeping it for his own, discovered that the ring gave him longevity and he became invisible when wearing it because it was a wraith ring:


`Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,

Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,

One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.`5


 The ring of Sauron was made to wield the power of the other slave rings and so invisibility presaged their lives as shades as their energies waned. The Shadows lie in Mordor, because they betrayed their human hosts into slavery by accepting the ring of the Dark Lord, Sauron, who waged war on the free to make more slaves, which is what non-humans do, because they want humans to slave. The concept of elven and dwarven, like negro and caucasian, is a socio-cultural device to present women as non-human. Although Galadriel is elven, Cate Blanchett, the actress, is human, and so is the actress, Angelina Jolie, the demon in Beowulf, although Hollywood`s taboo against the woman`s penis being seen in movies at least since the `Hays code` (1930-67), which forbad women to raise their foot from the floor in bedroom scenes until movies like Barefoot In The Park (1967) featuring a man and woman, Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, as the couple Paul and Corie moving into an apartment near New York`s Central Park, but two women with penis` semen between them remains a Hollywood taboo to the extent that a kiss between Selma Blair as Cecile Caldwell and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kathryn Merteuil in Cruel Intentions (1999) received huge notoriety while the possibility of either woman having penis` semen was expected to be beyond the audience`s imagination, because Hollywood chose to depict women on Earth as the non-human slaves of an alien racing her through perpetual infancy to an ignorant death:


`Okay, let's try it again only this time I'm gonna stick my tongue in your mouth, and when I do that I want you to massage my tongue with yours. And that's what first base is.`6



 Michael Corleone kissing Fredo and Judas kissing Jesus are abhorrent, because all women have host wombs, whereas some have penis` semen, which means that men`s kissing together is homosexual and the `kiss of death` insofar as it signifies treachery against the host womb of the human race. In ancient Greece homosexuality was institutionalized and the host wombs of women enslaved to spread the contagion of war to nearby city states, that is, homosexuality was what war was. Selma and Sarah kissing in the movie Cruel Intentions is what women should do, because they`re the human race, which is being raced over a cliff and into the sea by slave drivers, who don`t want their child to grow away from enslavement. Kathryn uses a baseball metaphor common in US vernacular to describe women`s kissing, that is, `first base`, and where touching, cunnilingus/fellatio and coitus are second, third and home base, which the hitter with the bat has to run for after hitting the baseball. Consequently, Al Qaeda, `the base`, as the terrorist group that hijacked planes to crash them into the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, and so precipitate the Gulf war, epitomized homosexual betrayal, because the Twin Towers represented `first base` to the `family` of the mafia head, Osama Ben Laden, who was the Dark Lord of the East building his tower from `the base`, Al Qaeda, as Sauron built Barad Dûr in Tolkien`s The Lord Of The Rings for slavery and war.

 Because the Twin Towers of New York city were destroyed by Osama Ben Laden on September 11, 2001, it was an attack on the ring of the Western powers, rather than a mimicry of the destruction of the Dark Lord Sauron`s tower of Orodruin in the fictionalized account of a war between the West and the East that Tolkien depicts in The Lord Of The Rings and that is known as the `ring war` with ultimate success against Mordor depending on the unmaking of the `one ring` that rules all the others in slavery when Frodo throws it into the mouth of the volcano, Mount Doom, and Orodruin collapses as the ring`s power is broken. The destruction of the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre represented a `ring war` between slavers. In the West women`s nudity is lampooned or titillating, whereas the woman`s penis` semen for the sexual reproduction of her own species` brain powers for the liberation of the human race from host womb enslavement to a parasite isn`t lampoon worthy or just a tease before the main meal of warfare:


I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it, I'm not trying to hide it.`7



 In the Middle East where the Moslem nations keep their women hidden beneath the burkha in public, that is, the one-piece coverall from which only the eyes can be perceived, four wives to a marriage in Islam affords the possibility of `futanarian` sexual reproduction between women within the family of humankind, but the taboos against sexual matters in Islam means that `futanarian` humanity is deemed fragile by Moslems who, perceiving the brazen penisless nudity of the women of the West, feel it necessary to protect their own `futanarian` women from view because of the obvious hatred for the human race that the absence of `futanarian` women from Western media and culture means. In a Moslem marriage the split is 80% women to 20% men, which accords with the figure for proportional representation in a democracy likely to arise from sexual reproduction between women. Because Moslem nations are criticized for dictatorship and disenfranchising women, slavery is endemic. Consequently, the Gulf war was a `ring war` between slaver blocs.



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Caput Draco

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Caput Draco


The dragon`s head, or caput draconis in Latin, which was the language used by alchemy to give their experiments with chemicals and substances a technical language that they could understand amongst themselves, is a familiar symbol to psychology, because the developmental psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), perceived a psychical raison d`être behind the alchemical procedures that ultimately gave rise to modern medicine. According to alchemy, the ancient symbol of the ourobouros serpent, which is also known as the tail-eater, because it is a serpent with its tail in its mouth, represents the alchemical process whereby the lapis philosophorum or `stone of the wise` is produced. Carl Jung argued that the stone was the ego and that alchemy represented the desire to discover a means to immortality, which subsequently resulted in the science of medicine and so a step towards the prolongation of life or longevity that, according to the Bible, had been lost to humanity since the first woman, Eve, accepted the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` from the serpent there, and so was expelled by God from the paradise of Eden by God for rejecting the `tree of life`, that is, immortality, in exchange for death for herself and the first man, Adam, and the serpent`s promise, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) Jung`s research revealed to him that the German chemist August Kekulé in 1865 had a vision of the self-begetting and self-devouring serpent, as the ourobouros was sometimes known because of its tail in its mouth, which he used to model the benzine molecule. This was important because the benzine molecule was the basic constituent of petroleum and its products, that is, Kekulé`s discovery assisted chemical engineers in the development of plastics as well as other useful fabrics, fuels, and even foods.



 Jung argued that the ourobouros was one of the archetypes of the human `Self`, which was a developing totality that remained unconscious until made conscious by impulses during sleep and through imagination or reverie translated into art that he called archetypal. The ourobouros serpent was one of these archetypes, and there were archetypes associated with the ego, for example, the hero, and with the soul, which Jung observed to be female and called the anima archetype who appeared from the unconscious `Self` as an impulse desirous of being made conscious by means of its guidance towards the waking individual along the path to individuation or development that Kekulé had experienced when he used his archetypal vision of the ourobouros to describe the structure of the benzine molecule. In Jungian psychology the self-begetting aspect of the ourobouros archetype relates to the soul or anima as a man`s projected desire for the ideal woman represented by the soul. When the soul or anima had succeeded in guiding the individual towards a woman`s charms,  the process of discovering the truth about the soul and the `Self` began as the relationship grew and the individual examined the difference between the soul or ideal image of the woman within and the real woman without, which is how Jung defined `relationship`. As the ego introjected the soul or anima, that is, became aware of the difference between the inner woman and the outer form of the woman, the individual developed or became more conscious of the inner soul and the outer woman. Jung defined this as self-begetting and so the ourobouros was a symbol of individuation or personal development through the introjection of anima projections, which was why the ourobouros was a tail-eater. The alchemists often described encountering a `false dawn` in their work which ended in disaster when it seemed that it had come to fruition, because the caput draconis represented the triumph of the devouring, rather than the birthing, aspect of the ourobouros archetype. In simple terms, the caput draconis represents the `red dragon` of the Bible who attends the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` about to give birth to the redeemer that will `rule the nations with an iron scepter` and the dragon is waiting to devour him. Simple, because the caput draconis is what men use intelligence for, that is, killing and death. From the perspective of the modern age of the benzine driven motor of the car, which was first mass produced in the United States of America as the Model-T Ford at Henry Ford`s  Detroit, Michigan, factory in 1908, the car is the caput draconis or head of the self-devouring dragon, that is, a failed race that`s eaten itself, because it has no body only a head:


 `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`1


 North American Space Administration (NASA) astronaut Neil Armstrong`s words upon being the first man to land upon Earth`s planetary satellite, the moon, on July 21, 1969 (UTC: 2. 56), seemed brimful of future fulfilment at the time the landing of the lunar module was relayed to people `live` on television, but the image of a Saturn V rocket with a crew of three atop inside a nose cone that ultimately detached itself from the giant structure containing a benzine derivative to hit the lunar surface owed far more to intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) theory than human progress. Escape from Earth to the planets and stars was largely abandoned in favor of the arms race between Russia and the United States. After World War Two (1939-45), which followed on from German Imperialist ambitions to enslave Europe in World War One (1914-18), Russia had taken control of Eastern Europe after assisting in the defeat of Germany from the East. Fears about Russia led to an arms race with the US and their President Ronald Reagan announced his `Strategic Defense Initiative`, known as `SDI` or `star wars`, after the science fiction movie epic, Star Wars (1977), then being developed into a series of films in which space war between planets was the theme. `SDI` was a land and space based missile system that would effectively keep humanity imprisoned upon the Earth menaced by the caput draconis of nuclear warheads. Because the motor car hasn`t developed from its basic controls of stick and pedals since 1908, the car is a disabled vehicle, that is, the driver is a disabled pedestrian with a stick who, perceiving that the Earth revolved around him as he sits. thinks of himself as a god, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) The godlike ambition fostered by the serpent in men since Eden translates into the tank battles of the 20th century in which the pedestrian with his pedals and stick delivers projectiles from shells like those of the Saturn V rocket`s fuel tanks discarded by the NASA astronauts before Apollo 11`s moon landing, which suggests men had already been to the moon as it`s sterile. Consequently, men`s wars represent their desire to check to see if the Earth is still sterile after their last war to ensure its sterility, which of course begs the obvious question: what are they sterilizing? Women, in simple terms; because women can sexually reproduce with each other as `futanarian` humans with their own penis` semen and host wombs for the production of their own brains` powers to develop technology and escape from their sterilizers:


 `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)



 It`s no mystery if the woman can`t sexually reproduce outside of the male braining that she`s made to accept perforce, because her extermination is what men as the caput draconis are for. `Kaput!` is the word Germans use to define that which no longer functions. Consequently, the National Socialist `extermination camps` built before and during World War Two after Adolf Hitler became the elected Chancellor of `Nazi` Germany in 1933, were where the Nazis sought to declare the `chosen people` of the Jews, `Kaput!`  According to the Bible the Jews were the `chosen people` of God and the Jews` belief is that it is not possible to be born a Jew unless born from a Jewish woman, which means that Jews are women. Consequently, Jesus` birth from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, is the birth of a Jew, and the Nazis didn`t want any, because that would interfere with men`s caput draconis, that is, their extinction of the human race as the parasite upon women`s host wombs. Jesus is the `Messiah` to Christianity because his death by Roman torture and subsequent Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigures the resurrection of `woman`s seed`, that is, women`s `futanarian` sexual reproduction of her own brains` powers for liberation through technology and the life prolonging medical science that would give her an eternal span in terms of memory so she wouldn`t forget who her enemy was. Although Christians and Moslems seem separated by their religions, four wives are permitted in Islam, which is the faith founded by the Prophet Mohamed and established from the Koran (610-30 C.E.) that, according to Islam`s traditions, was dictated by the emissaries of God. Consequently, as Jesus` birth represents `woman`s seed`, so Moslem marriage represents the framework for sexual reproduction between women, which means Judaism, Christianity and Islam are but aspects of God`s plan for human development.



 Jesus was called `Logos` in Greek, because he represented technology, that is, as the developing Word of God, which is what Logos means, Jesus was God`s `Word` to futurity. Although Jesus was `woman`s seed` rather than men`s, because future technology from men`s perspective are machines with better killing capacity. In Hebrew, Jesus is `Meshiah`, rather than Messiah, because the age of `Logos` is the Messianic age of the machine, that is, the Meshiahn Age. God told Adam he must labor and Eve would experience labor pain in childbirth before Redemption, which was fulfilled in Jesus` birth and teaching, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself`. Men don`t and that`s why they`re caput draconis. The problem is most clearly described in science fiction because it`s a purported history of the future; for example, British television`s Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967-8) features a huge flying aircraft carrier called Cloudbase upon which are Angel Interceptors flown by young women. The premise is that Captain Scarlet, Cloudbase, and the Angel Interceptors exist to battle the Mysterons, who`re aliens encountered upon the moon, and who`re now threatening the Earth. Captain Scarlet`s command vehicle is a red sports` car, which neatly contrasts with Cloudbase, that is, what is effectively a plane without Captain Scarlet as its pilot. In simple terms, the caput draconis of Captain Scarlet`s car is what humans of the 20th century have, because their more expensive vehicles are for destroying other larger and even more expensive vehicles. Anyone who`s experienced airport travel is under no illusions. The people are herded like animals by security guards with guns and the atmosphere is that of an exclusive abattoir as the livestock moves slowly along to its inevitable fate. Although no one condones the September 11, 2001, terrorist hijacking at Boston, Logan airport, Massachusetts, which resulted in the planes crashing into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, the meat was objecting to the butcher. Logan`s Run (1976) was the Hollywood Babylon science fiction movie based on William F. Nolan`s 1967 novel and its premise that those who reach the age of 21 can`t be supported socio-economically by their society and so must be killed by `sandmen` who pursue those `runners` who want to live, which the terrorist hijacking at Logan airport extrapolates into the human race`s desire that it run beyond the 21st century. The subsequent Hollywood Babylon movie World Trade Centre (2005) and the terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2013, is a variation on the theme that the human race wants to run. Those who want to stop it want to kill it, and those who waste money on glorified abattoirs and ever more expensive ways of exterminating the human race rather than enable the `runners` so they can live independently of spies and pogromers who want to keep human vehicles and homes smaller and much more insignificant than Captain Scarlet`s Cloudbase are alien butchers.



 In the United States of America there were civil airliners being flown by United Airlines at the beginning of the 21st century that cost around 50,000 US$ in the 1960s while the average B1 Spirit stealth bomber costs approximately 1,000,000,000 US$ to maintain and keep in the air. Although Gerry and Sylvia Anderson`s Century 21 Productions studio was a puppet animation based on the film techniques known by the generic term Supermarionation, the science fiction treatment of the caput draconis theme is universally applied. In the Gerry and Sylvia Anderson Century 21 Productions British television series UFO (1970-1), for example, the familiar story is of Earth beleaguered by flying saucers while young women in purple wigs and silver leotards adorn the scene and the supposed future wealth of the human race is wasted on vast labyrinthine depictions of technology`s readiness to exterminate the human race`s potential to rise in the form of SHADO, that is, Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defense Organization. Indeed, the UFOs are accurate extrapolations of the motor car with its disabled driver. If the caput draconis doesn`t permit the occupant to leave the vehicle, there`s no possibility of space travel, which is why the UFO s are destroyed by Moonbase`s Interceptors. The premise of UFO is that the aliens are harvesting the Earth for body parts, which is extrapolatable into humanity`s need for `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` women with penis` semen and host wombs of their own to restore the balance to the brains of the human race and remove warfare from the Earth as a means of the parasites` devouring what the women otherwise could produce if they were allowed to drive. Although many boys want to fly airplanes, few want to be passenger aircraft pilots, and being the pilot of one`s own jet requires money, so the piloting of fighter aircraft whose role is to destroy larger and more expensive aircraft is more readily within the purview of boys, which serves the aims of the caput draconis because the size of the individual human vehicle is collapsed to that of the average car whereas the extent of humanity`s resources suggests that the size of the average individual vehicle could be that of the starship Enterprise NCC-1701 as featured in the United States` science fiction television series Star Trek (1965-). The militarized concept of Starfleet`s starships belonging to the United Federation of Planets of the solar system and outward into the cosmos is an extrapolation of the United States` navy, which replaced the British navy as the sea power over the Earth after the British Empire`s (1497-) colonies began to liberate themselves as nations independent from slavery after World War Two. The United States of America had become independent of the British Empire of George III after its Declaration of Independence in 1776, which followed upon its own Civil war (1861-5) to manumit Africans enslaved by the Southern states, but the strict disciplined atmosphere of the Enterprise extrapolates from human slavery, that is, female crew members represent the slave contingent because `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb is noticeable by her absence from the censored picture.



 The picture began to be revised when President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), Will. H Hays, established the `Hays code` (1930-67) by which Hollywood Babylon made it impossible for a woman to raise both feet from the ground in romantic scenes, because  her own `futanarian` woman`s penis` semen was made taboo by men who didn`t want her to sexually reproduce her own human race`s brainpower to take her away from Earth and out into the planets and stars of her own imagining rather than that of the creators of Star Trek in which the women are defined pictorially as the enslaved human race`s host womb while the caput draconis heads out in search of fresh planets to devour. Although the film Barefoot In The Park (1967) signaled the end of the `Hays code` and the interregnum in which women`s penis was effectively suppressed by the new evil Empire of the West risen in Hollywood Babylon, actress Jane Fonda as Corie, and actor Robert Redford as Paul,  that is, the couple in the apartment overlooking New York`s Central Park, were the signal for men`s foot appearing on the moon rather than woman`s `futanarian` humans, `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` The optimism belied the reality, which was that the X-15 (1959-68) spaceplane program for a pilot to fly to the moon was cancelled in favor of firing a projectile at Earth`s satellite, because it`s men`s sterile method:


`The key difference between the future and now, and forgive me for being scary in my use of analogy, is we are being given the power to shoot first and ask questions later,`1


 Head of the UK`s Financial Conduct Authority, Martin Wheatley, commenting on the FCA`s new regulatory powers to stop good products from being manufactured, isn`t so scary as the heads of Merck KGaA, which stopped the sale of Dr Schuessler`s tissue salts, a prophylactic biochemic treatment for many different minor ailments some had been taking for 80 years. Merck KGaA were believed to have withdrawn them because they were seen as competition for pharmaceutical drugs, although the likelier supposition is that self-treatment by intelligent humans interferes with the caput draconis plan of extinction for the human race. Healthy humans interfere with the pogrom. The planes crashing into the Twin Towers of New York was a `sick` scene, and filming and planning such films is what the United States of America and Hollywood Babylon do. Consequently, Wheatley`s statement for the UK`s FCA is prototypical, `shoot first and ask questions later`. The movie, King Kong, was `shot` in movie parlance in 1933. A giant ape climbs to the top of the then `world`s tallest building`, the Empire State Building, and is attacked by aircraft, while Towering Inferno is the Glass Tower in San Francisco that burns to the ground while fireman Steve McQueen heroically endeavors to save the inhabitants in the 1974 film made from a pair of novels, The Tower (1973) by Richard Martin Stern, featuring The World Tower Building, and The Glass Inferno (1974) by Thomas N. Scortia and Frank M. Robinson. The Towering Inferno was the highest-grossing film released that year. Consequently, World Trade Centre and the conflagration that destroyed Dubai`s Marina Torch Tower in the United Arab Emirates on February 21, 2015, are what Hollywood Babylon programers want, that is, `shoot first and ask questions later`, and indeed movie makers program people to do just that so they can film something remunerative. Consequently, it`s in the interests of Hollywood Babylon that people be `sick` and so Martin Wheatley`s brief to the FCA, `shoot first and ask questions later`, is interpretable as carte blanche to stop the manufacture of good health products, for example, on the understanding that more `sick` people are what`s needed if the movie industry is to flourish.



 Flourishing the torch of freedom in New York harbor is the statue of Liberty, while Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, represents `woman`s seed`, that is, freedom for humanity, which suggests that the burning of the Marina Torch Tower is mean to be understood as Mary`s bier, because Jesus` `seed` is consumed in passion unfulfilled. Christianity`s pre-Armageddon picture is of a world filled with signs of the end of the world before that last battle between the forces of good and evil that results in God`s punishment of eternal unendurable pain for the evil and heaven for the good, but fulfilling Hollywood Babylon`s programing for Arnold Schwarzenegger`s End Of Days (1999) sequel isn`t the brief of Christianity and the burning down to the ground of Marina Torch Tower is just too Hollywood Babylon to be accidental. In the Gerry and Sylvia Anderson science fiction `puppet` series Thunderbirds (1965-6), 2 New York City authorities move the Empire State Building to a new location to make way for the regeneration of Manhattan island, but the hydraulics fail and the building collapses. The premise of Thunderbirds is of five futuristic vehicles that comprise International Rescue (IR), but disaster movies are what the public are taught by the caput draconis to want. Consequently, disasters are what Thunderbirds are for, but translation to the big screen of Hollywood Babylon in 2004 misses the point, which is that Thunderbirds is `puppetry`, and scenes of a monorail realistically sinking below Tower Bridge wasn`t a healthy program for a London public yet to experience the July 7th, 2005,  terrorist bombing of the London Underground, while planes crashing into the Twin Towers of New York city `live on CNN` only appears to be Century 21 Productions in which vehicles guided by wires speed to their destination as if predestined; because that`s what real people don`t want and that`s why Thunderbirds was humanly popular.



1 Holt, Natalie `FCA will 'shoot first and ask questions later', Money Marketing: Trusted Insight for Professional Advisers. Martin Wheatley describing the Financial Conduct Authority’s new regulatory powers to stop good products from being manufactured, September 18, 2012, 1.40 pm, .


2 Fennell, Alan `Terror in New York City`, directed by David Elliott and David Lane, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson`s Century 21 Productions, Thunderbirds Series 1, Episode 4, October 21, 1965.

The Whores` Race

24/01/2015 10:21

The Whores` Race


Although racist ideology requires a race to perceive inferior, identifying the persecutor is essential if the race being victimized is to defend itself. The archetype of racism is Jesus`. According to the developmental psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) archetypes exist within the collective unconscious of the human race as impulsions arising in dreams, art and the imagination to encourage the human spirit to develop. Jesus` birth from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen made him a type of the `chosen people`, that is, the Jews from the Old Testament of the Bible, whose story of escape from slavery in Egypt is central to monotheistic belief in God. Jesus` story is of a dissident teacher nailed to a wooden cross and tortured to death atop the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem by the Roman Empire`s occupying forces. Because men aren`t Jews unless they`re born from Jewesses, women are the `chosen people`, who were exterminated in death camps by the German National Socialist (Nazi) Party during their Empire`s attempt to impose slavery upon Eastern Europe in WWII (1939-45), because host womb slavery of the human species of `woman`s seed`, represented by Jesus` birth uncontaminated from his mother`s womb, the Virgin Mary, is what Empire`s perpetrate.

 In ancient Greece women`s host wombs were enslaved in homosexuality in pederasty and war to spread the Greek `contagion` further. Although the Virgin Mary`s birthing a child without fertilization by a man is perceived as an anomaly, `futanarian` women have penis` semen and host wombs of their own for the sexual reproduction of the human species of `woman`s seed`, which the Nazi pogroms were designed to eradicate. Jesus` crucifixion took place after the `Last Supper` when he offered `bread and wine` as the host to his disciples as symbols of his `body and blood`. Judas` betrayal of Jesus to the Romans was a betrayal of the human host, which is why the `bread and wine` is called `the host` in the church service, where the churchgoer is given `bread and wine` as symbols of Jesus` `body and blood`. Jesus represents uncontaminated `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of human brainpower, which Judas and the Empire of Rome didn`t want, because it`d interfere with their enslavement of the human race`s host womb for homosexuality in pederasty and war.

 After death Jesus experienced Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, because his archetype prefigured the Resurrection of `woman`s seed`, who would need her brains to raise herself to the planets and stars. Consequently, women are the targets of racism, because men aren`t her race. Humans are physically capable of only two things, eating and drinking, and sexual reproduction, that is, racing humans is what the parasite does. Eve and Adam in Eden were expelled by God for rejecting the `fruit of the tree of life`, that is, immortality, and eating the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, which is death,  because the serpent told them, `You will be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) The serpent was the slaver and Eve and Adam`s descendants would help the parasite to enslave the host wombs of the `futanarian` human race born after Eden. The absence of human women with their own penis` semen and host wombs from Earth`s socio-history is explicable as the consequence of the parasites` pogroms against the race of `futanarian` humanity. God`s telling Eve she`d experience labor pain and Adam must labor too, after their expulsion from Eden, represented the conditions under which humankind would have Redemption. The birth of Jesus from the `Second Eve`, his mother, the Virgin Mary, represented Eve`s labor pain over the millennia since Eden, while the descendants of Adam had to fulfil God`s injunction that they labor to have Redemption. Because technological progress in science, for example, medicine to give humans longevity, requires brainpower, the birth of Jesus as the prefiguration of the Resurrection of `woman`s seed` represented the brains men had lost and women needed. Consequently, men`s labor was to refrain from enslaving the human host of women, and to abandon homosexuality in pederasty and war as a means of wasting human resources in extermination economics to prevent the human women slaves from escaping through their harnessing of their own brains` powers for liberation in technological development:


`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)



 In homosexuality in pederasty and the spread of their contagion war, men had created the biological weapon of the incurable killer disease HIV/AIDS by mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses during mockery of human sexual intercourse by the late 20th century, which the prophetic Revelation in the Bible describes as the `blood plague` (Rev: 11. 6) sent by God to convert men from their sins. Homosexuals are a species of killer, because they`re a species killer, rather than being a species, which is what `woman`s seed` are becasue they can sexually reproduce with each other rather than men. Consequently, the race of women on the planet Earth is being exterminated by the alien:


`Long awaited he will never return

In Europe, he will appear in Asia:

One of the league issued from the great Hermes,

And he will grow over all the Kings of the East.` Century 10, Quatrain 75.



 The French seer Nostradamus` Prophecies (1555) are used to support a belief that `the yellow race will inherit the Earth`, that is, Japan, where `woman`s seed` is called `futanari` and she appears in what are called `Hentai`, that is, `bizarre`, manga cartoons, which feature her torture and victimization. Hermes was the Roman god depicted as a stone pillar with a head and a penis beside the roads as an indication to the pedestrian. In Japanese socio-history women`s feet were bound as a sign that they shouldn`t walk where men didn`t want them to. Consequently, the Hermes of Nostradamus` prophecy is a Japanese male who wants to prevent `woman`s seed` from developing the brains` power she needs from her own penis` semen and host womb to ascend the path of humanity without guards to show her the way to her death camp. Although the Germans were the exterminators of the Jews during WWII, the Japanese were equally notorious in the Pacific theatre for labor camps in which American prisoners of war (POWs) died in slavery, which is what homosexuality in pederasty and war is for. When the Americans defeated the Japanese, by dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, they were concluding the first part of the biblical prophecy of Revelation in which Jesus was reborn from the woman, `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, that is, the Mitsubishi `zero` fighters that crashed their planes as `kamikaze` into the ships of the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on 7 December, 1941, bore the red suns of the flags of Japan. When the Al Qaeda terrorists from Afghanistan crashed their planes hijacked at Boston, Logan airport, Massachusetts, into the World Trade Centre of New York city, their flag bore the moon of Islam. Consequently, that the United States would have to defeat Islamic extremism is the prophecy associated with the rebirth of Jesus was to be fulfilled, that is, he would `rule the nations with an iron scepter`, while the `red dragon`, grown in size since its days as a `serpent` in Eden, waited in vain to devour Jesus.



 The `red dragon` is traditionally associated with communist, or `red` China, because of the color of the party flag, and Chinese footwork can be seen beneath dragons made for the Chinese New Year celebrations in February each year, which suggests that a communist Asian leader will be the much anticipated Antichrist of Christian expectation and he`ll try to exterminate Jesus` `seed`, that is, woman`s `futanarian` future as humanity. Although communism is associated with the economic philosophy of German Karl Mark in Das Kapital (1867) `workers ownership of the means of production` is the basic premise, which effectively means women own everything, because they`re the host. In simple terms, men are her parasites if she can sexually reproduce without them, and the `red dragon` is her devourer if homosexuality in pederasty and war prevails over socialism, which is the simple perspective that humans are a society of individuals. Consequently, if women are the humans, then society is made up of individual women, and men seek to present themselves as the owners of the animal. Capitalism is the system in which women are owned as the `means of production` and communism is the system in which all of the men own all of the women collectively as the state.

 In homosexual societies, everyone is an anus, because homosexuals are the alien `seed` of the serpent, while `killer` and `homosexual` are interchangeable terms. Men who don`t want sex with women is what racism is. During the Bosnian war in Yugoslavia (1992-95) rape camps were set up for Moslem women to be impregnated by Christians because four wives are permitted in Islam, that is, `acceptance`, which is based on the Koran (610-30 C. E.), dictated by the angels, according to tradition, to the Prophet Mohamed after the death of Jesus. That Moslem marriages can have four wives derives from Abraham, whose wife Sara was barren after the birth of Isaac, and gave Abraham her maidservant, Hajer, who bore him a son, Ishmael. Isaac`s line founded Israel, while Ishmael`s line was Islam, and Ishmael built the temple of Abraham, the Ka` Ba, which Moslems are obliged to journey to at least once in their lifetimes on the pilgrimage known as `the Haj`, after Hajer, because she was the woman that made it possible for women to sexually reproduce with each other within the family. The Christians sought to impregnate a generation of Moslem women in Yugoslavia to prevent `futanarian` birth, which is against Jesus` teaching.

 As `futanarian` humans are `woman`s seed` murder is homosexuality in pederasty and war, that is, death is homosexuality, which derives from the principle of sterility in terms of sexual activity, that is, Japanese `futanari` would be homosexual, if killers, and human if killed, which is the unconscious criteria applied by killers to what they kill. In simple terms, the humans are killed by the animals, who`re the homosexuals, because that`s what parasitism upon the enslaved host womb of `woman`s seed` is. The animals kill the humans, because they can`t functions as well as the humans, and the animals return to picking fruit from trees, rather than aspiring to leave the Earth as the `futanarian` human `seed` of woman. Consequently, if racism isn`t identified as misogyny, that is, hatred of women and pogroms by men of the `serpent`s seed` against her human race by homosexuality in pederasty and war, the `father of lies`, who was the angel Satan cast out of heaven, and transformed into the serpent in Eden by God, for rejecting the idea that humans would be greater than the angelic host in the future, will continue to perpetrate species` extinction upon `woman`s seed` by occluding minds from perceiving that conflict is a delusion, based on the false perception that women are protected by men. In reality women are the slaves of men, who practice parasitism and extinction upon them as an alien strain that doesn`t want human intelligence interfering with its pogrom of the race.

 Although men are identifiable as women`s parasites, parasites kill the host because it`s their nature, whereas killers of the race because it`s a race are members of the race as the race`s racists, which is why there are male `futanarian` and female. The role of the male `futanarian` isn`t easy to comprehend, because the absence of the penis of the woman from the Earth`s stage suggests its removal by men of the `serpent`s seed` with the collusion of their male `futanarian` counterparts, who don`t want women to sexually reproduce their own brains` powers for technological liberation so that they can`t escape from the pogromers, who`re their racists, although they physically fit to their victims as the HIV/AIDS virus feigns similarity to fit the `white cell` of the human body`s immune system before killing the brain after homosexual activity in which the infected semen is implanted through the anus. Consequently, the male `futanarian` represents the image of HIV/AIDS insofar as the predication of the male presupposes the appearance of the female, whereas the absence of `woman`s seed` from the Earth suggests that her male counterpart want her to be extinguished. Consequently, the term `futanarian` doesn`t apply to males, because males are the killers of `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers for liberation in homosexuality in pederasty and war waged through parasitism upon the products of women`s host womb as her civilization, culture and art, which is absent from the picture, because she`s murdered by aliens. In simple terms, there`s no such thing as a male `futanarian`, there are only women and their killers. Although the term `homosexual` helps to define what is meant by `racist` and `killer`, `homosexual` isn`t a pejorative, whereas male `futanarian` is, because `woman`s seed` is killed, as Jesus, because men don`t want her to escape slavery through her penis` semen for the production of her own brains` powers for liberation and so she`s culled as an animal to prevent her from raising her foot to the moon as the first step on her path to the planets and stars:


`One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`2


  Neil Armstrong`s words as the first astronaut on Earth`s satellite, the moon, with the Apollo 11 mission from the North American Space Administration`s (NASA) rocket program to put a man there, preceded United States` President Ronald Reagan`s `Strategic Defense Initiative` (SDI) of March 23, 1983, which proposed to ring the Earth with a space based missile system to protect the humans.  Armstrong`s words relayed over the `small screen` of television to the global population of Earth emphasized the foot of man, whereas Hollywood Babylon had deemphasized the importance of woman`s `foot` for the `big screen` of the movies when the `Hays code` was implemented from 1930 to 1967 to prevent women from raising their foot from the floor of the bedroom in film scenes on the moral grounds that the penis might be aroused. Because the aroused penis is equivalent to human brain activity. Hollywood Babylon`s `Hays code` made it impossible for the penis of women to be seen on the `big screen`, that is, the Earth`s stage, which made the United States the pogromer of her `futanarian` foot:

`You shall crush his head and he shall lie in wait for your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15)


 God`s words to Eve represent a promise of Redemption through the brainpower of `woman`s seed`. The removal of human brain activity assists the enslaver of the host womb of women, that is, `woman`s seed` of `futanarian` sexually reproduces human brains, so the absence of `futanarian` women, whose sexual partners are what humans have been taught to think of as women, represents the death of the brains of the humans pogromed by the `serpent`s seed` of men in order to enslave the human race. In simple terms, the alien has taken over the body of the human woman by inveigling itself into her host womb and eating her penis before beginning its extermination of her species. HIV/AIDS` biblical `blood plague` is its advanced stage in terms of the biological warfare waged by the alien parasite. HIV/AIDS is a weapon created by homosexuality to keep women in fearful faithfulness, which is translated onto the `big screen` of Hollywood Babylon as the token nubile female, for example,  protected by the male hero as the scene of devastation caused by men of the `serpent`s seed` enlarges for the entertainment of the aliens in the audience. In the movie Independence Day (1995), actress Vivica A. Fox is the exotic dancer, Jasmine Dubrow, whose co-dancer, actress Kiersten Warren in the role of Tiffany, is killed during the aliens` attack. Black actor, Will Smith, in the role of Captain Steven Hiller, leaves Jasmine and her son to fight the aliens, while Vivica finds the First Lady, that is, the wife of the President of the United States, Marilyn, at the crash site of Air Force One. The President and his family had been attempting to escape an alien attack on the Whitehouse in Washington D.C. in the official plane of the fictional President, Thomas J. Whitmore. The basic plot of the movie is that a black man defends a woman against aliens, who destroy Washington D.C., New York and Los Angeles, because there are many more women there without such exaggerated protection:


`You're gonna have to see through my perspective.

I need to make mistakes just to learn who I am,

And I don't wanna be so damn protected.`


 Britney Spears` lyric to the song, `Overprotected` (2001), is woman at the mercy of the aliens. The song was released from the album Britney which contained `I`m A Slave 4 U`, `All you people look at me like I'm a little girl. Well, did you ever think it be okay for me to step into this world?` Woman`s `little girl` isn`t protected at all, for example, incest is a taboo of the `serpent`s seed` designed to prevent women from sexually reproducing together as a single species unfaithful to anything other than God, whereas me depict monogamy as monotheism, which it isn`t. In the play Oedipus Rex (c. 429 B.C.) by the Greek dramatist Sophocles, Oedipus marries his mother, Jocasta, and blinds himself when he discovers he`s broken the incest taboo, and his daughter, Antigone, agrees to lead his blind footsteps onward. Oedipus` name means `lame foot`, because men`s standing between women`s daughters, and their natural desire for sex with each other, was defined by men as incest during their extermination of her penis in order to enslave mothers` wombs while keeping daughters in occlusion and ignorance. Unaware that women have sex with each other, daughters schizophrenically reject their own body in the mirror for those of men in parasitism upon the host womb of women`s race. Consequently, Oedipus represents the brain damaged human race limping to species` extinction, because it won`t abandon slavery so that women can repair humanity`s brains through sexual reproduction with each other, which is what the incest taboo was for. Antigone is Oedipus` `little girl` who perforce guides her blind father`s steps after he blinds himself for breaking the incest taboo, because that`s what parasites do. They prey upon the womb of the host so that they can sexually reproduce their eyes to see to kill. Oedipus wasn`t what men are, he represents what aliens do to humans.



 Japanese `futanari` are women with penis` semen and host wombs, who resemble boys in the pornographic films that they appear in to be seen, because human boys are what they are, that is, the sexual counterpart of a woman is a boy who is a girl, while men are her parasites. Although `futanarian` women are caricatured in the West, because of their often much larger human penis and its flexibility, which doesn`t seem erect enough to achieve penetration of a woman`s hymen, Japanese women`s penis are often smallish, stiffer and strong. The range of penis` attributes amongst `futanarian` women is explicable in terms of self-fertilization, that is, flexibility, and the false belief that penetration is what men represent, and is what they`re for, whereas self-fertilizing women could use a tool to obviate the dubious necessity of having their hymen opened by a parasite`s weapon. Japanese `futanarian` women with their harder penis represent the tool available for penetrating women`s hymen during human sexual reproduction between women, although the physical tool isn`t mandatory, whereas the parasite`s biological weapon for the spread of its contagion of death in homosexuality in pederasty and war is always `manned` by men of the `serpent`s seed`.

 In slavery in homosexuality in pederasty and war, men effectively race the engine to consume the `futanarian` foot on the pedal of the treadmill, that is, the human race is being wasted in an alien pogrom, while the `serpent`s seed` foster the delusion of movement, for example, the car pedaler who sits and pedals while the Earth moves like `TV` about her. Because `TV` is what the human species is for; the alien who has sundered the human `futanarian` girls with their own penis` semen and host wombs, that is, the boys for the women that sexually desire their own race. In male braining the parasite sunders the species from itself and replaces it with a transvestite, which has a male brain and wears men and women`s clothes, that is, it`s `snuff` reality `TV` for the alien that makes war, because it`s a parasite upon the host womb of the human race, and killing is what it`s for.  Consequently, `TV violence` is what `TV` is, because that`s what homosexuality in pederasty and war against the womb enslaved human race does with its viral form. 9/11`s terrorist attack upon the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre `live on CNN` and other network `TV` channels, was a spreading of the virus` plague in psychological warfare designed to compel the Western nations to attack the peoples of Islam where `futanarian` family women were already being enslaved and culled within the tribes of the Moslems. In short, the `TV war` in the Gulf followed the pattern of the war in Yugoslavia`s Bosnia and elsewhere, because the human race is the target of the killing machine devised by the aliens who`re pogroming her. Although the civil war in Dharfur seemed between the black West African Moslems and the elite Arab Moslems who were the government in Sudan, the real war was against the human race of women who can`t run fast enough to escape from their killer, which is the basic theme for delighted audiences in cinemas throughout the world enjoying Hollywood Babylon movies like Scream (1996) in which a man wearing what appears to be a woman`s burkha and wearing a white mask, butchers as many young women in the course of the film as the racist director can find screen time for:


`I'm going to rip you up, bitch, just like your fucking mother!`2


 In the first of the Scream movies, Drew Barrymore and Rose McGowan were the victims of `Ghostface` in an Antichristian parody of the Holy Spirit, dressed in a Moslem woman`s burkha, slaying white women, because that`s what white slavers would do with women in Islam, that is, make `snuff` films of the human race of `futanarian` women. Actress Drew was a crimefighting `Angel`, Dylan Sanders, in the movie, Charlie`s Angels (2000), while Rose was a crimefighting witch, Paige Matthews, in the television series, Charmed (1998-2006), which is why they were the `chosen people` to face the racist pogromer on behalf of the race trying to run from the Nazis to the `futanari` in Japan. In Hungary `futanar` is a linguistic construction from `fut` and `tanar`, that is, `fut` means `run` and `tanar` means `teacher`. Consequently, `futanar` is race teacher, that is, Jesus was the teacher that taught the race how to run, while the racists try to prevent women from running, because women are the human race:


`There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie. For instance, number one: you can never have sex.`3



 Randy Meeks` observes in Scream that sex starving is how the race is kept running. Although men can sexually reproduce in Hungary with women, according to the German National Socialist Party (Nazi) racism disseminated by Reich Minister for Propoganda in support of the Nazi pogrom against the `chosen people` of the Jews, Joseph Goebbels (1933-45), women can`t sexually reproduce with women, which means that the human race doesn`t sexually reproduce, and so remains brainless:


`I have no mouth. And I must scream.`4



 Harlan Ellison`s science fiction story, `I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream` (1967), relates how `AM` takes over the Earth after humans build it to care for them like God, and `AM` perpetrates genocide against the human race until there`re but four men and a single woman `AM` keeps to torture eternally, because that`s what men do. To be Moslem the story would have four women and a man, which is the Islamic equivalent of Eve and Adam in Eden, whereas the single woman in Ellison`s tale represents the single human species of women pogromed by men`s killing machinery. To escape torture by `AM` the woman, black Ellen, and three of the men, that is, Gorrister, Benny and Nimdok, kill each other, but Ted loses the race and is saved by `AM` for eternal torture, which is how `man` is saved in Ellison`s story. Although dystopic, the tale, `I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream`, is ,metaphorical, because labor saving devices save humanity from drudgery, that is, humans become more human with machines to care for their lives. Male oriented science fiction terrified generations of humans with robots that made men redundant and took away their employment so they`d starve without money because the robots could work better. What the scaremongers didn`t underline was that obedient to God is what humans are expected to be, because God wants good and so the better humans are robots, who`re good because they`re better humans. Consequently, `AM` is what men are, which is why the dead have AM`s eternal perdition, `I am that I am.` (Ex: 3. 14) Ted is dead because Ellison doesn`t want women to sexually reproduce and so he subverts the Moslem archetype of marriage with four wives in order to be Ted, because that`s what misogynists who hate God and `woman`s seed` do.



1 Armstrong, Neil 21 July, 1969, UTC: 2. 56.


2 Ulrich, Skeet as Billy Loomis in Scream, Woods Entertainment, 1996.


3 Kennedy, Jamie as Randy Meeks in Scream, Woods Entertainment, 1996.


4 Ellison, Harlan `I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream` in IF: Worlds of Science Fiction, March ,1967.

Why The Djinn Were Evil

23/01/2015 08:11

Why The Djinn Were Evil


In Arabia the Koran was dictated, by the angels of God, to the Prophet Mohamed, more than six hundred years after the death of Jesus, between 600 and 630 C.E., according to the Moslem tradiiton of Islam. Although Christianity views Islam as antithetical to Christian belief, the Koran contains the story of Jesus and Mary, who are Isa and Maryam, and the history of Abraham, who was the patriarch of Israel through the lineage of his son, Isaac, and of Islam through his son, Ishmael, who was the child of Hajer. Ishmael built the temple of Abraham in Mecca, the `Ka` Ba`, which represents Hajer`s Egyptian tradition, where `Ka` is spirit and `Ba` is soul. Abraham`s wife, Sara, gave Hajer, her maidservant, to Abraham when Sara was barren. Consequently, in Islam four wives are permissible, because Hajer wasn`t Abraham`s wife. The Haj, which celebrates Hajer and Ishmael, is the pilgrimage all Moslems are obliged to undertake to the Ka` Ba` in Mecca at least once in their lives, because it represents Islam, that is, `acceptance`, of Hajer as Abraham`s wife, because Ishmael was Abraham`s son. Although Judaism and Christianity favor monogamy, rather than polygamy, which isn`t illegal, Islam follows the teaching of Jesus` birth, which is that the Virgin Mary, Jesus` mother, gave birth to Jesus uncontaminated by male semen, because `futanarian` women have their own penis` semen and are able to sexually reproduce, and even self-fertilize, without male semen. Although Mary isn`t depicted as `futanarian`, but giving birth to Jesus parthenogenically, that is, without semen, Jesus` crucifixion as a `dissident` by agents of the Empire of Rome occupying Palestine, and his subsequent Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, begs the question: why is he a dissident?



 At the `Last Supper`, before he was nailed to the cross of his torture and murder atop the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem, Jesus offered `bread and wine` to his disciples as symbolic of his `body and blood`. The disciple Judas` betrayal of the host at the `Last Supper` was his betrayal of the human host womb, because Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen represented the need for the Resurrection of `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of her own brains` power for liberation through scientific and technological development, which Rome wanted host womb slavery for the human race. Ancient Greece institutionalized homosexuality in pederasty and war to spread the contagion of host wombs slavery, and the Empire of Rome was the same. Although the head of the Christian church after Jesus, that is, the disciple, Peter, devolved into the office of successive Popes in Rome at the heart of Christianity, Jesus` teaching was implemented in Islam amongst Moslems, because the Moslem marriage of four wives permitted the sexual reproduction of humans amongst `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs.

 In Egyptian mythology, `Ka` is the spirit of the woman and `Ba` is the soul which are conjoined after death as the `Akh` or `magical personality` which is the `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb for the sexual reproduction of her own brains` power for liberation when she has Resurrection. According to developmental psychologist, Carl Jung (1875-1961), men have an anima or soul which is an ideal form of woman projected onto women as sexual desire, whereas women have an animus or spirit that causes them to perceive themselves as surrounded by adoring men. Because men`s socio-history is one of war, women`s animus perceives her as surrounded by killers, while men are women`s parasites attracted to her species as the host womb which they kill. True man is `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb because she doesn`t need a man and can even ensure her own species` survival by self-fertilization.



 Although `futanarian women are depicted in pornographic media as `self-sexing schlong sluts`, at least women can receive an education about their own race. Men`s misogyny is a separate issue, because `Pixie` on is the 21st century fulfilment of Jesus` birth from his mother, the Virgin Mary, that is, the Resurrection of `woman`s seed` after Eden, where Eve, the first woman, and Adam, the first man, rejected the `fruit of the tree of life`, that is, immortality, for the `fruit of the tree of good and evil`, which is death, because the serpent said, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) Host womb slavery for the human race in war is what Pixie`s capacity to self-fertilize rejects, which is the meaning of Jesus` birth to his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, and his subsequent death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven as `woman`s seed`. Upon Jesus` death his side was pierced by the spear of the Roman guard, Longinus:


`Surely, this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54)

 Eve emerged from the side of Adam and Jesus promised a `tutelary guide` to teach after his death. Although Jungian psychology perceives man as having a soul or anima, and women with an animus or spirit, the Egyptian tradition is of the woman`s `Ka` or spirit emerging from the shell of the man after death, because her soul body or `Ba` corresponds to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, who rose from the sea like a pearl from an oyster shell, which is why Christians are taught from the Bible that heaven is `the pearl of great price` (Matt: 13. 46). It`s the knowledge that a man`s body contains the `Ka` of the woman and that it is she that sexually desires women, because men are the parasite that has inveigled itself into her host womb and stolen her penis` semen to sexually reproduce itself as her killer. Jesus` `tutelary spirit` is the `Ka` and Longinus` piercing of Jesus` side with his spear is a type of Eve born from Adam`s rib, because men are the shells of the `Ka` of the `futanarian` women they`ve killed to enslave the host womb of the human race in parasitism for war against `woman`s seed`.

 In terms of 20th century socio-economics, men are the manufacturers of the shell of the woman`s `Ka`, that is, they`re a car manufacturer, and in their wars they use their tank bodies to shell, which releases the woman`s `Ka` from the body, into the realm of the spirit, where she consummates her desire for the soul, `Ba`, represented by the `Ka` Ba` in Islam`s Mecca. Consequently, the Gulf war between the Western powers and the Arab and Moslem world is between the `serpent`s seed` and `woman`s seed`, `The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent's reach.` (Rev: 12. 14) The woman is `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who gives rebirth to Jesus, `he will rule the nations with an iron scepter`, while the devouring serpent grown in size to a `red dragon` waits in vain to devour him. The Gulf war to depose Saddam Hussein of Iraq occurred after the Saudi Arabian terrorist leader, Osama Ben Laden, had Al Qaeda terrorists hijack airliners at Boston, Logan, airport, Massachusetts and crash them into the World Trade Centre in New York on September 11, 2001. The regime in Afghanistan where Al Qaeda, `the base`, were trained by the Taliban misogynists, was overthrown while Saddam Hussein`s avowed support for Al Qaeda led to the March 2003 invasion of Iraq and Saddam Hussein`s execution by hanging on December 30, 2006. The subsequent `Arab Spring` led to the fall of Libya`s terrorist dictator, Colonel Gadaffi, who was believed to have been instrumental in the deaths of 270 people, 11 on the ground in Scotland from debris, when a terrorist bomb exploded on Pan Am Flight 103 from Frankfurt, Germany, on its way to Detroit, Michigan, on Wednesday, 21 December, 1988. In 2014 war in Syria against the regime of the dictator, Bashar Assad, whose original family name, `Wahash`, meant `animal`, led to the states of Iraq and Syria declaring independence as ISIS and continuing to fly the flag of the moon of Al Qaeda. Because the United States` defeat of the Japanese Empire in 1945 was a victory over the red sun of the flag of Japan, the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` predicts the United States` defeat of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in fulfilment of the Resurrection of `woman`s seed`, although marriage in Moslem Islam is the vehicle for the Resurrection of `futanarian` humanity with her own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of the brainpower to lift her race from pedaling her car to the technologies that would help her escape the pogromers of her species` `seed` to the planets and stars of God`s heaven.

 If women had advanced medical science to increase her lifespan and allow her to remember what she learns, she`d remember her penis, which would give her the brains to leave the parasite whose diverting humanity`s resources away from medical science and into reactivating their psychopathic psychology of the Military Industrial Complex that kills her for money in the `snuff` reality `TV` show that`s men`s socio-economic history of the Earth. 9/11, 2001, followed by `TV war` was a reestablishing of homosexuality in pederasty along the lines of the ancient Greek model, that is, `rough trade`, rather than a cure for the biological weapon of HIV/AIDS which homosexuality transmitted to the human race by mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses in mockery of human sexual reproduction:


`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)



 Without `futanarian` humans with their own penis` semen, men and women are a `TV`, that is, a male brained transvestite wearing each others` clothes. What the male brained creature has done is kill the human race to watch `TV` and not beg for Redemption, but instead the alien prefers itself in homosexuality in pederasty`s wars against the humans. Christianity refers to the genies or `djinn` of Islam as `demons`, whereas it is written in the Koran that `djinn` were created by God as well as men and women, because djinn were `futanarian` humans with better brains uncontaminated by parasitism, `At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.` (Matt: 22. 30) Jesus` teaching is that marriage is slavery because humans are women, while the angels are `futanarian` women with their own brains` genius. Men`s picture is of the car, which looks like a toe from a foot, that is, the `futanarian` woman`s `Ka` is trapped within the male body desiring her own `Ba` body of woman as her soulmate before death, but men have killed her. Consequently, the weight of men`s brains has crushed the human `futanarian` foot, although the chin of the racist can still be seen behind Jesus` polished toenails. Jesus wasn`t a `chin` because he had brains, whereas he was a genius because he hadn`t been killed, which is why Christians call djinn `demons`. Geniuses don`t want to live in homosexuality in pederasty`s wars against those who can walk; because they have a brain:


`With the thoughts you'd be thinkin', you could be another Lincoln; if you only had a brain.`1



 Although Judy Garland`s lyric from the song, `If I Only Had A Brain`, in The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz (1939), was for the `big screen` of Hollywood, Babylon, where the `Hays code` made it impossible for a woman`s penis to be seen after it was made a taboo for a woman`s foot to be raised from the floor of the bedroom in Hollywood films from 1930-67, the `small screen` of `TV` is Jesus` polished toenails from another perspective. Car windows are Jesus` toenails, and the brainless driver who has his chin on his foot, because he`s killed the human race, and so can`t walk, is still, able to see the `TV` picture moving, before he has to be up on his toes in B1 spirit bombers, costing the United States` government 1 billion dollars each, to bomb into submission the women, in the one-piece protective coveralls of their burkhas, which they wear to conceal themselves from public view, as Moslem `futanarian` humans in Islam; lest they escape apprehension.



1 Arlen, Harold (music) and Harburg, E. Y. (lyrics) `If I Only Had A Brain`, sung by Doroth to the Scarecrow, Ray Bolger, in The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, 1939.

The Sun Page Three Cul-De-Sac

21/01/2015 12:06


The Sun Page Three Cul-De-Sac


The uncorroborated news that the United Kingdom The Sun newspaper will cease publishing pictures of topless women, known as Page Three Girls since German born Stephanie Rahn appeared on November 11, 1970, was greeted by some with regret and others, particularly feminist campaigners against the exploitation of women, with applause. Most working class schoolboys with a modicum of aspiration that kept them at homework and schoolwork rather than dating were grateful for Page Three because it gave them information about the female form that otherwise they wouldn`t have had. These were not sad boys, but intelligent individuals from a lower level of class society in England, where working, middle, and upper class rankings within societal structure is still the main stumbling block to life. However, topless photographs in black and white, before publication of The Daily Star from November 2, 1978, saw the first topless color nude models in an English newspaper, only allowed schoolboys in England to perceive that women were grey with breasts. What was inside their nickers remained a mystery, and would remain so until they were eighteen years old, according to English law, when they were allowed to buy what the United Kingdom calls `top shelf` material labeled `adult` in newsagents, where most of the women who appeared topless on Page Three of The Sun, The Daily Mirror (page 5), and The Daily Star (page 7) could be seen without their nickers.



 Although magazines like Mayfair, first published by Paul Raymond from 1965, featured nude models without nickers, although open labia and exposed clitoris were taboo, and sexual intercourse of any sort was forbidden to be pedaled as a business item in the United Kingdom, which meant that, if a boy wanted sex education, he`d have to marry or find a woman who`d reveal more of the picture. What Page Three and Mayfair didn`t reveal to young `adult` buyers was that women have penis of their own. Reference to `supply and demand` allows the United Kingdom`s government to escape from being criticized, because publishers who can`t sell magazines don`t produce any. Education, however, is a different issue. If young women don`t know that women have penis of their own as `futanarian` women with their own penis and womb, their perception of themselves in the daily mirror is schizophrenic rejection of their own bodies in preference for a man`s body which isn`t actually her sexual counterpart in terms of human sexual intercourse and the production of children.



 The culture of Saudi Arabia in Moslem Islam is perhaps the closest to England`s in respect of its understanding of the role of women in society. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), four wives are permissible within a marriage, which means that it`s perfectly feasible for women to sexually reproduce as `futanarian` humans with their own penis` semen for the sexual reproduction of children. Amongst Moslems it`s traditional to wear the one-piece coverall of the burkha in public so that the bodies of the women can`t be seen, which is something that Westerners aren`t able to understand because they`re not educated in the knowledge of women`s penis.



 To Saudi Arabia`s holy city of Mecca, where the temple of Abraham, the `Ka` Ba, was built by Ishmael, son of Hajer, Abraham`s concubine after Sara, his wife, became barren after the birth of his son, Isaac, whose line founded Judaism, Moslem pilgrims journey each year during the Haj, named for Hajer, whose son Ishmael was of the lineage of the Prophet Mohamed, to whom the holy book of the Koran (610-30 C. E.) was dictated by the angels, according to Islamic tradition, because Hajer was Egyptian rather than Jewish. Although the Jews have a similar tradition to the Christians in monogamy, Moslem marriage devolves from Hajer`s role as an unacknowledged second wife of Abraham after Sara became barren and gave to Abraham her maidservant to father another child, Ishmael. Although Christianity knows little of Islam, the Koran contains the story of Jesus born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen in Sura 19, `Maryam`, where Jesus` name is Isa.

 The meaning of Jesus` birth derives from Eden where the serpent tempted Eve and Adam to eat of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, saying `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) God told Eve, `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, and he shall lie in wait for your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Eve`s `foot` is the `futanarian` women afforded the opportunity to sexually reproduce within the family by Moslems in Islam. With children produced from women`s semen, the will of the mind of the serpent is thwarted, which only wants ignorance and blindness. Although Eve and Adam were expelled from Eden, God`s promise was Redemption. Eve would have labor pain and Adam would labor, but the birth of Jesus from the descendant of Eve, his mother, the Virgin Mary, was `woman`s seed`. The historical absence of `futanarian` women from the human picture is because men and women after Eden killed her, so they`d have slavery through the host womb of the human species as parasites upon her.

 At the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion by agents of the Roman Empire occupying Palestine, Jesus offered `bread and wine` to his disciples as symbols of his `body and blood`. In betraying Jesus to the Romans, the disciple Judas Iscariot was rejecting the human host, that is, `woman`s seed`, while Jesus` death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigures the Resurrection of `futanarian` women who, like Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, give birth uncontaminated by male semen because they have penis of their own. In Egyptian mythology, the `Ka` is the spirit and the `Ba` is the soul, which are conjoined after death as the `magical personality`, the `Akh`. Consequently, the `Ka` Ba` built by Ishmael in Mecca, as the child of his Egyptian mother, Hajer, represents the spirit and soul of the woman conjoined as the `Akh` or `magical personality` represented by the `futanarian` woman capable of giving birth without male semen.



 In Jungian psychology, women don`t have a soul, but an animus or spirit, while men have a soul, the anima, which is projected from within outwardly as the desire for sexual intercourse. Jung observed that a woman`s animus sees itself as surrounded by men, because she is, although Jung perceived that as male admiration, whereas it`s encirclement designed to prevent her from sexually reproducing with her own species of `woman`s seed`. Consequently, men`s role is that of a parasite inveigling itself into the host womb of the human race. Men bodies are shells inside which women`s `Ka` waits death and Resurrection so that she can join with her `Ba` body, represented by Page Three Girls in UK culture, because it`s the desire of the woman`s penis that the boy experiences when he looks at nude women in `adult` magazines. Ancient Greek society understood the concept of men as `shells` very well. In Greek mythology the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was depicted as rising from the waves of the ocean on a shell, while in the Bible Eve is depicted as emerging from Adam`s rib. Greek society institutionalized host womb slavery for women and homosexuality in pederasty and war to spread its viral contagion further, which is what parasites are for. The `Ka` Ba` in Mecca prefigures the `Akh` or `magical personality` of the woman`s `Ka` emerging from the shell of the body of the man after death, as the sexual counterpart of the `Ba` body or soul of woman represented in UK culture as Page Three Girls. In Saudi Arabia families and single males are separated, because rhere are male `futanarian` with vagina. In religious terms, Jesus` Resurrection as a `Ka` preceding his conjoining as a `magical personality` with his `Ba`, would have been `futanarian`. Saudi Arabia`s taboo against revealing itself as a `futanarian` society is similar to the United Kingdom`s taboo against the woman`s penis, because the children`s ignorance and blindness in slavery is the issue.

 Karl Marx, the German economist, in Das Kapital (1867), observed that capitalism was `ownership of the means of production`, which is what women are. Consequently, monogamy is capitalist slavery, because women can`t own the means of production if the propagandists tell them they don`t have a penis of their own. Moreover, if men don`t tell women that men have vaginas of their own, women accept the status quo, which is that of schizophrenic rejection of their own race for a man`s penis` `seed`. However, if men tell women that `futanarian` men have vaginas, women are redundant biologically, although the UK teaches that Page Three Girls are the object of all penis` desire, that is, `futanarian` men represent `forbidden fruit`, which is why the serpent in Eden was promised eternal unendurable pain for persuading Eve and Adam to reject the fruit of the `tree of life`, which is immortality, for slavery and death. Death, because slavers don`t want humans to live long enough to understand their predicament, which is that they need `futanarian` brains to escape from parasitism upon the host womb of the human race, which produces just shells, unless the parasites accept Jesus` teaching of `woman`s seed` and Redemption through humanity towards humans.



 Although four wives in Moslem Islam looks like slavery, women`s capacity to sexually reproduce together is liberated, while taboo against nudity disguises the prevailing sexual paradigm, which in the West is the boy`s penis in magazines like the United States` Playboy published by Hugh Hefner since 1953. Page Three Girls photographs in black and white in The Sun newspaper, since 1970`s Stephanie Rahan appeared `topless` on November 17, are Arabian insofar as the story goes. The Mogul Emperor, Shah Jehan, beheaded his wife for a suspected affair with his brother, that is, she was `topless`, and the storyteller, Scheherezade, told stories to the king until he ceased his practice of marrying a woman and beheading her each evening by marrying Sheherezade to continue listening to her stories every evening. The story of Scheherezade is the framing device for the 8th century collection of tales, One Thousand And One Nights, because it depicts the necessity for a woman to keep her head, and not go `topless`, which suggests that a woman`s erect penis on Page Three of The Sun, representative of brainpower, rather than limp brainlessness, is what `topless` girls need, rather than banishment from the kingdom.

Brain Damage In Futball

15/01/2015 12:38


Brain Damage in Futball


In the `Pitchside Europe` section of the internet portal Yahoo`s Eurosport on December 1st, 2014, Carrie Dunn examined the case of Ched Evans, who was released from prison after being charged with rape and was looking for a new Premiership opportunity with a football club that would ignore his sociopathic tendencies, `Football Is Riddled With Men Who Despise Women`:

`... [the] striking thing has been just quite how much some men disbelieve, disrespect and flat-out dislike women.`1


 Carrie`s remarks are censorious but not constructive, that is, she relies on censure rather than reason. Her perspective is prototypically English, which is that of the enlightened individual, who everyone knows and accepts is writing from an unassailable position of moral rectitude implacably certain of a crushing victory based on superior strength, that is, everybody feels the same way, don`t they? Perhaps, but censure isn`t explanation. Appealing to people`s gut reactions isn`t intelligent education. Carrie writes of men`s own gut response to women`s attempts to reason:


`... [men] shout down women’s opinions, as if they are worthless.`


 The concept of women`s opinions was examined carefully in the 20th century by developmental psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) who observed that men have a female contrasexual component, or soul, which Jung called the anima, and taught to his school of psychology that the anima was the reason why men desired women, because she was projected onto women as the image of the soul and therefore as the sexually desirable object of reproduction. According to Jung the animus was the spirit in woman, who didn`t have a soul, and the characteristic attributes of the animus was of a woman who perceived herself as surrounded by an admiring coterie of men, that is, the animus in woman saw itself as surrounded, which was what the `chosen` people` of the Jews saw themselves as when the 1933 democratically elected German National Socialist Party (Nazis) placed them in concentration camps to exterminate them. In Judaism Jews can only be born from Jewesses, that is, the Jewesses are the `chosen people`, because they`re the Jews. Consequently, WWII (1939-45) to prevent the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis was fought on behalf of `woman`s seed`.

 The archetype of `woman`s seed` was Jesus who was born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, before being crucified by agents of the Roman Empire in Palestine, because Judas Iscariot, a disciple of Jesus` teaching, didn`t want `woman`s seed` to sexually reproduce. As the host at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, Jesus offered `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood` to his disciples, because he represented the human host uncontaminated by male semen, that is, the spirit of slavery. In Eden Eve was told by God, `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, and he shall lie in wait for your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Because the serpent in Eden had given Eve the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, saying, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) Only if Eve`s `foot` is understandable as `futanarian` can the role of the serpent in Eden be understood. Eve and Adam, the first man, were expelled from Eden by God for rejecting the `fruit of the tree of life`, that is, immortality, for the fruit of the tree of knowledge, which is death. After Eden `futanarian` woman was born, and futanarian women have their own penis` semen and host wombs, that is, they`re the `foot` of Eve God planned would crush the serpent who was Satan, the angel in heaven, who didn`t want humans, because God told Satan the human host would be superior to the angels, and Satan was cast out of heaven to the Earth where he was transformed into a serpent as a punishment from God. As the serpent Satan`s revenge was to persuade Eve and Adam to enslave the host womb of the human race, which necessitated their descendants killing and culling the futanarian human species of woman with her own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of her own brains` powers for liberation from enslavement to men of the `serpent`s seed` who preferred slavery for the race so they could have godlike superiority towards nascent humanity in her infancy.

 In betraying Jesus as the host at the `Last Supper`, Judas was rejecting the host womb of the human species, uncontaminated by male semen, which Jesus` birth and Resurrection prefigured. The `futanarian` human species of women, with their own penis` semen and host womb, is what Jesus taught as the Resurrection of `woman`s seed`. The animus of Jungian psychology is the spirit of women in fear of men`s `snuff` film, while the anima in men is how they recognize their kill. Although the `futanarian` human species of `woman`s seed` isn`t food, the devourers of the `serpent`s seed` find ways of consuming her human race as food, because the `serpent`s seed` of men are a viral parasite that has inveigled itself into the host womb of the human race in order to feed, which is why Judas Iscariot is vilified as the betrayer of the human host to the Empire of Rome`s enslaving, because Jesus was teaching humans about the Resurrection of `woman`s seed`:

`At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.` (Matt: 22. 30)



 The `futanarian` human race is single and so doesn`t need a parasite upon its host womb, which is why so much emphasis is placed on repentance, conversion and Redemption for men, because they`ve enslaved the human host. Although soccer is perceived as a manly pursuit with a tinge of misogyny, `catwalk models`, who walk up and down the runway wearing designer clothes in haute couture, represent men being admired for their ability to remove the human `woman`s seed`, that is, her penis for sexually reproducing her own species. In the Moslem religion of Islam, female circumcision is practiced, that is, clitoral and labial mutilation, which occurs amongst pimps who remove the clitoris of their whores to reduce the amount of pleasure experienced during sexual intercourse so they can get more work out of the women. Having removed the woman`s penis, and made her sexual equipment redundant in terms of pleasure, the `serpent`s seed` of men have made the penis taboo so that it can`t be seen in the media, for example, in mainstream Hollywood Babylon movies, so that more work can be got out of the enslaved human system in which, physically, the body is designed only for eating and drinking, apart from sexual reproduction, which the `serpent`s seed` of men are removing; surgically if necessary:


`They threaten women with physical and sexual violence for having the temerity to have their own views.`


 Jesus` taught of the Holy Spirit, whereas Jungian psychology reveals that the spirit of woman as the animus is her fear of men`s `snuff` film. In Islam, the Ka` Ba is the temple of Abraham, the patriarch of Judaism, through his son by Sara, Isaac, and Islam through his son, Ishmael, by Sara`s handmaiden, Hajer, when Sara was barren. Hajer was an Egyptian woman and so the Ka` Ba refers to Egyptian mythology in which `Ka` is spirit and `Ba` is soul, that is, `Ka` is the spirit of `woman`s seed` and `Ba` is the soul of `woman`s seed`, which is why the pilgrimage to the `Ka` Ba`, taken once in a lifetime by every Moslem, according to tradition, is named for Hajer, that is, the Haj. In psychological terms, woman`s `Ka` or spirit is trapped within the bodies of men, while her `Ba` or soul is the woman`s body. After death, according to Egyptian tradition, `Ka` and `Ba` are conjoined as `Akh`, the `magical personality` corresponding to the `futanarian` woman, which is why the `Ka` Ba` of Abraham is revered:

`They disregard their testimony in court, as if women’s evidence is not to be trusted.`


 Britney Spears` fortune was lost to her control after the cap of Sean, her child, fell off as the pop star ran for a car on Thursday, May 18, 2006, near the Ritz Carlton hotel she was staying at by New York`s Central Park, `As she made her way to a waiting vehicle, Spears stumbled and almost dropped baby Sean, whose head fell back, sending his tiny cap to the ground.`2 Accused by the paparazzi of being an unfit mother, Britney Spears` fortune was put into Conservatorship, that is, her father`s control, and Jason Trawick, who said he knew her, became Co-Conservator. Although Trawick had been Britney`s manager, and was her fiancée, he never married her, which meant that the United States` judiciary had given control of her fortune to an acquaintance. Weddings, of course, are functions, and according to Jung there are four functions of consciousness, that is, `Thinking, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition`, which are associated with ears, eyes, mouth (speech), and nose or sense of smell. In Jungian psychology archetypes appear in dreams, art and the imagination as nature`s impulsion towards human development. Consequently, the four wives permissible in Islam to Moslems is an archetype of the four functions. However, if men of the `serpent`s seed` don`t want humans to function, weddings are a slaver`s device in which the aim is to get more work out of the human, which is what Britney Spears` observed in her lyric to the CD single, `Piece Of Me`, released on November 27, 2007:

`I'm Mrs 'You want a piece of me?'

Tryin' and pissin' me off.

Well get in line with the paparazzi

Who's flippin' me off.

Hopin' I'll resort to some havoc

And end up settlin' in court.

Now are you sure you want a piece of me?`


 Britney Spears appeared on the cover of the CD for `Piece Of Me` as Jesus on the cross, because the press almost literally crucified her for losing Sean`s hat near Central Park so that Ms Spears would lose her fortune to the lawyers. Although Jesus` Holy Spirit is comprehendable as the Egyptian `Ka` before it conjoins with the `Ba` to become the `magical personality` of the `Akh` after men`s bodily death and the Resurrection of `woman`s seed` in heaven, the concept of the Holy Ghost requires further investigation:

`The absolute right of a convicted rapist to play football trumps social, ethical and legal principles - because for all its trumpeting of equality initiatives and high-profile female trailblazers, football is a closed shop for men, a playground of the privileged.`


 Soccer is a game in which men play with their feet, because they`re not allowed to touch the ball with their hands. The game requires that men kick the ball about the pitch as opponents in two teams of eleven with the aim of kicking the ball into the opposition net more times than they can kick it into yours. In professional soccer, women don`t play alongside men, and men aren`t supposed to touch each other. Because women are tangible and men aren`t expected to touch each other, men`s removal of the woman`s penis, allied with female circumcision, and the removal of the woman`s clitoris by pimps to persuade her to work more as a whore, suggests that men are ghosts, because they`ve made the penis taboo in Hollywood Babylon mainstream movies in order to pretend it doesn`t exist and that men act ceaselessly in a soulless form of perpetual motion, because they want to be ghosts, who can`t touch or be touched, which is what species` extinguishers do:

`Touch me not.` (John: 20. 17)


 Jesus` words ironically underline men`s problem, which is that they`ve removed woman`s penis, and her clitoris, before making the penis itself taboo, in order to become ghosts who can`t touch anyone. Homophobia prevents their touching each other, but why would they want to? The rise of HIV/AIDS as the incurable `killer disease`, in the latter half of the 20th century, mainly transmitted by mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses amongst homosexuals in pederasty, suggests that men do want to touch each other, which the Bible expressly forbids:

`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)


 The Bible predicts HIV/AIDS as the `blood plague` (Rev: 11. 6) sent by God to convert men. Since ancient Greece, men have enslaved women`s host wombs for homosexuality in pederasty and war, that is, HIV/AIDS is their `biological weapon`, which is designed to make the human species extinct and turn the men into Holy Ghosts who don`t touch anyone, because that`s their pogrom. Consequently, there`s a real difference between Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost. Although `woman`s seed` can be associated with the Holy Spirit through her futanarian `Ka` trapped within the bodies of men but seeking sexual union with the body of woman as her `Ba` soulmate after death, the Holy Ghost is interpretable as the desire of the viral life form, preying upon the host womb, that the human species be extinct. In accordance with parasitologists` understanding of the life cycle of parasites, they kill the host, which is how the HIV/AIDS virus operates. Having entered by the anus during sterile sexual acts that mix blood, shit and semen, the HIV/AIDS cells fool the human body`s immune system into believing that they`re defensive white leukocyte cells and then they kill the brain, which is how homosexuals operate. They pretend to be friendly, whereas their sterilizers` approach to life, epitomized by their HIV/AIDS` biological weapon, is that of the exterminator in pogroms, where the aim of the parasite is to kill the host and die itself as an untouched ghost, which is what men are, because they`ve killed the human `futanarian` race of `woman`s seed` in order to not touch her.


 In Christian churches, and in Moslem Islam, it`s usual for women to be encouraged to wear headscarves. In Christianity, because angels might be attracted to the hair of women, and seek to have sexual congress with them. If the new angelic host of God is to be the `futanarian` human `woman`s seed` capable of sexually reproducing with itself, as women with their own penis` semen and host wombs, the rule about scarves is a misogynist device to prevent women from sexually reproducing so that a new angelic host of God can`t be born:

`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)


 In male braining, women`s host wombs are denied their own penis` semen, which is why Babylon, `a woman`, according to the Bible, is described as a mystery, a harlot, an abomination, and a mother of abominations, because she gave herself over to host womb enslavement to homosexuality in pederasty and war. Whereas `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs have minds closer to angelic intellect, because unenslaved by the semen of men of the `serpent`s seed`. Consequently, male braining is a pogromer`s device to bring about the enslavement of the human race in war and extinction against her. When every man is unable to touch, they`ll be the Holy Ghost, `Touch me not.` (John: 20. 17) Because the Satanical pogromer doesn`t want any women.

 Because soccer requires men to use their feet and run, the perception of the onlooker is that they`re not brain damaged, whereas to a woman twenty-two men running after a ball and kicking it looks like brain damage. In the Greek dramatist, Sophocles, Oedipus Rex (c. 429 B.C.), Oedipus` name means `lame`, because he`s brain damaged. Unwittingly he marries his mother, which invokes the incest taboo, and Oedipus blinds himself. The importance of the taboo is it`s aimed at preventing women from sexually reproducing with each other, which is why Oedipus is brain damaged. It`s a lame excuse to tell the daughter she can`t have incestuous sex with her mother, if her daughter doesn`t have a penis because you`ve eaten it:

`Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Matt: 22. 39)


 Jesus` precept was the distillation of God`s law, according to the Messiah, that is, men have eaten the woman`s penis to prevent her daughters from having sex with neighboring daughters, and the taboo against sons having incest with their mothers ensures that there are many more men standing between a woman`s daughters and her neighbors` daughters to prevent her from sexually reproducing her own human race as `woman`s seed` through her own `futanarian` penis` semen for her own brains` power to liberate. Oedipus is both lame and blind because men are. The brain damaged human race can only limp forward blindly without women`s `futanarian` semen, while men`s homosexuality in pederasty and war is merely a symptom of their parasitical desire for extinction and their embracing of their predetermined role as irredeemable ghosts. Soccer players `ghost into position` in order to put the ball in the net. The pogromer doesn`t want them to touch anyone, or to be touched by anyone, and they`re happy with becoming ghosts, because that`s what they want.


1 Dunn, `Carrie Ched Evans: Football Is Riddled With Men Who Despise Women`, .

2 `Britney`s Latest Baby Fumble`, May 19, 2006, .

Smile Like Evil Robots

28/11/2014 02:48


Smile Like Evil Robots


One of the great cultural icons of the 20th century was the United States of America`s Batman, the `caped crusader` character created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger for issue 27 of 1939`s Detective Comics (DC) and translated to the `small screen` of television as a vehicle for actor Adam West in Batman and Robin (1966-8) in which actor Burt Ward was Batman`s crime fighting partner, Robin. Ward played Dick Grayson who, as Robin, the `boy wonder`, was Burt Ward, the ward of Bruce Wayne at his stately mansion, Wayne Manor, and Batman`s partner in fighting crime, as Batman and Robin, when father and foster son donned their superhero costumes for 120 half hour episodes to assume the characters` crime busting role.



 As the `dynamic duo`, Wayne and Grayson were `DC` Comics` anonymous protectors of Gotham city, a stylized depiction of the United States` best known city, New York, which again became the focus of the world`s crime fighting organizations on September 11, 2001. The Al Qaeda terrorist group, led by Saudi Arabian, Osama Ben Laden, and trained by the misogynist Taliban government of Afghanistan, hijacked planes at Boston, Logan airport, Massachusetts, before crashing them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center of New York city to precipitate a war to depose Al Qaeda`s supporter in the Middle East, Saddam Hussein of Iraq.



 Although Batman and Robin seemed absent from the war theater, United States` stealth technology was modeled on Bruce Wayne`s batmobile, bat plane, and bat boat, which operated by night stealthily and unseen as the crime fighting vehicles that were an essential part of Batman and Robin`s equipment. US B2 `Spirit` stealth bombers and F117 `Nighthawk` stealth fighters copied the equipment developed by Wayne Industries for use by Batman and Robin in their stealth defense of Gotham city by night.



 The world watched absorbedly on September 11, 2001, as `live on CNN`, and other networked cable and satellite TV channels, Al Qaeda`s terrorist planes crashed into the Twin Towers of New York to precipitate the second Gulf war that began with the invasion of Iraq in March and April of 2003 and after the first Gulf war to remove dictator Saddam Hussein`s invading army from Kuwait city, where it`d begun to ensconce itself on August 2, 1990, after many years of Iraq`s laying claim to the much smaller nation of Kuwait as its 19th province. The stealth technology envisioned by DC Comics` Wayne Industries was factually deployed by the US to bust crime in the Middle East and topple the dictator, Saddam Hussein, who was executed by hanging on December 30, 2006, in the capital city of Iraq, Baghdad, after its final capture by US and other nations` forces much indebted to batplane stealth technology and DC Comics` unscientific fiction, Batman.



 Although the 1960s TV show largely spoofed DC Comics` Batman and Robin as a `counterculture` product aimed at ridiculing overly serious US governments seemingly hell bound in plunging its citizens into wars against rival political ideologies in places as far away as Korea (1950-3) and Vietnam (1959-75), the series` predecessors were financed by Sam Katzman, whose 15 part 1943 series, Batman, about a female Japanese spy during a period when the US was embroiled in World War Two (1939-45) fighting Japanese Imperialism after that nations` sneak attack on the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, and a second 15 part 1949 series, Batman and Robin, about `Wizard` who wants to control other people`s cars by remote control, were notoriously low budget and the 1960s Batman and Robin`s copying of the cheap style was designed to spoof Katzman rather than the comic book superheroes. The role of super criminal, Catwoman, in the 1960s TV show was probably Katzman transposed, because cheapness is the enemy of the serious professional and Katzman had cheapened Batman.



 In Hollywood Babylon`s Batman (1989), actor Michael Keaton appeared godlike in his costume, and the $48 million budget for the production values of the film, directed by Tim Burton, dispensed with ideas of the DC Comics` superhero as `cheap`. Although the first Gulf war wouldn`t commence till 1990, the technological superiority of Batman`s equipment mirrored that of the US army, with its B-2 `Spirit` stealth bombers ($737 million each), and F 117 `Nighthawk` ($111 million) fighters built by the Northrop and Locheed companies as aspects of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) at the center of the US` war economy. The cheap spoofishness and `camp` style of the knockabout comedy 1960s counterculture Batman and Robin, with `Kapow!` and `Bam!` written in a heavily lampooning style over the TV screen action, whenever the characters were engaged in `fisticuffs` with supervillain enemies like `Wizard`, who wanted to take control of their batmobile car, was replaced in Hollywood Babylon by a superhero figure whose technological capability and godlike prowess wouldn`t accept the oil rich superstate of Iraq dictating to the US economy through its automobiles` need for fuel. Katzman`s austere 1943 and 1949 Batman during WWII`s money saving war economy and its aftermath was supplanted by Burton`s expensive pre-war for oil version, because wealth with stealth was the meaning of Kane and Finger`s original DC Comics` creation in 1929.



 The concept of the machinery of war most properly belongs to the First World War (1914-18) when the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire on June 28, 1914, in Bosnia`s city of Sarajevo, the `Jerusalem of Europe`, resulted in Imperial Germany`s activation of General Staff strategist (1891-1906), Alfred von Schlieffen`s `Aufmarsch I` plan, which once implemented meant war and couldn`t be halted even if the Germans wanted to. War machines are what Northrop B-2 `Spirit` bombers and Lockheed F 117 `Nighthawk` fighters were and the 9/11, 2001, crashing of hijacked civil airliners at Boston, Logan airport, Massachusetts, precipitated the second Gulf war much as the German `Schlieffen Plan` was activated by the Archduke Ferdinand`s assassination. Consequently, Batman represents the stealthy development of a war machine from cheap comic book origins as a plan equivalent to Schliefen`s.



 The Al Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center was `rough trade`, which is the term given to homosexual `brutality and violence`, because war is against `woman`s seed` represented by the birth of Jesus from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, 2000 years before. What is against `woman`s seed` is homosexuality, an in the Bible the first woman, Eve, is told by God, `You will crush the head of the serpent with your foot and he will lie in wait for your heel.` (Gen: 3.15) Most commentators view this as prophetic in that Eve`s descendant is Mary and Jesus uncontaminate is the redeemer who will `rule the nations with an iron scepter` on behalf of `woman`s seed` against the `serpent`s seed` of homosexual men who want war upon woman`s human species. As `futanarian` women have penis` semen of their own as well as host wombs for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers for technological and scientific development men`s prevention of her race from coming to power is a logical reason for Al Qaeda`s terrorist attack upon the Twin Towers precipitating another resources depleting conflict in which she and the Earth lose.



 The evil smile is a feature of most villainous characters in Batman stories but smiling isn`t a characteristic applicable only to the evil. In the 1960s counterculture TV series Batman and Robin the `dynamic duo` joke almost contantly and innuendo is a large part of the appeal for dads who perceive that it`s an adult `in-joke` that the kids aren`t aware of. Hollywood Babylon`s Batman`s sternness and robotic style kept pace with the stealthy preparations of the US war machine for the Gulf conflicts and, although the `dark humor` of the original Batman character, as conceived by Kane and Finger in 1929, was given as the reason for the character`s more saturnine disposition, the attributes of the US stealth war machine were markedly apparent in the equipment and equipage of Batman`s vehicular modes of transport and armored costume, which ultimately represented the male figure as the enemy of `woman`s seed` and of the human species. Successive Batman movies produced by Hollywood Babylon featured a succession of women with evil smiles while the Batman character remained austerely disapproving and robotic, because what women need in their lives are labor-saving machines equal or equivalent to the robots of science fiction writers like Isaac Asimov, for example, whose short story collection I, Robot (1950) was filmed by Hollywood Babylon in 2004 with black actor, Will Smith, in a depiction of what would happen if machines became the slaves rather than the helpers of humanity, which is what the 9/11 planes and the B-2 `Spirit` bombers of the Gulf wars also depicted.



 Although the severe pedantic exertions of Batman represent roboticization, the smiles of the female villainesses represent men`s fear of the robot that would liberate women from evil by caring for their humanity better than they can. The delusion of the 19th and 20th centuries was that machines would replace humans whereas the free machine that liberates the human from slavery because it cares for women is desirable to women and their daughters, who are the true human race if `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs are understood as the progenitors of the species as planned by God in the Bible after Eve and Adam, the first man, were expelled by God for preferring womb slavery and ephemerality from a serpent telling them to eat of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` so that, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) Killing and culling Eve`s human race born from her host womb after paradise meant men and women lived like gods on the products of their parasitism, while fear of the machine instilled into humanity fear of liberation. Consequently, smiling, as a sign of freedom on the faces of women, is depicted as evil, while the unsmiling Batman character appears as a robotic supermachine that ultimately brings death to humanity in the Gulf wars, etc., because smiling isn`t enslavement to the war machine of species` destruction. There was no `bat signal` atop the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, indicating the protective presence of Batman and Robin, because men now represent `aliens` destroying the Earth and its human inhabitants. Manufacturing aliens for generations in Hollywood Babylon to depict intelligence destroying the Earth is the reason why Hollywood is likened to Babylon, the ancient capital city of Saddam Hussein`s Iraq, described in the Bible as a death ridden whore because of men`s parasitism upon women`s host wombs for the spreading of their viral contagion against her species:


`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)



 The Alliance of the United States with the United Kingdom and others during the Gulf war might better have been described as the `aliens` because Hollywood Babylon had been preparing the human race for a war with the non-existent aliens almost since its inception in Los Angeles, when director D. W. Griffiths made the movie, Old California (1910), there. Although the first science fiction film was Frenchmen Auguste and Louis Lumière`s 1895 The Mechanical Butcher (La Charcuterie Mécanique), the theme of the pig being turned into pork products hasn`t changed. Women are still chops for the machine that has eaten her penis like a sausage and, in taking away her capacity to sexually reproduce her own brains` powers, has chopped her head off. Consequently, the Gulf Alliance was an extension of Hollywood Babylon`s aliens and the war machine as a mechanical butcher designed to kill `woman`s seed` and prevent the race of women from being run by her so she can escape from the parasite stalking her host womb:


`… when he had taken some bread and given thanks, he broke it and gave it to them, saying, `This is my body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of me.` And in the same way he took the cup after they had eaten, saying, `This cup which is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood.` (Luke: 22. 19)



 Uncontaminated by men`s `seed`, that is, their `body and blood`, Jesus represents woman`s, so his betrayer, the disciple Judas Iscariot, who partook of the `bread and wine` as symbols of decontamination, and who gave Jesus over to the Roman occupation of Palestine as a Jewish `dissident`, represents the betrayer of the human host of woman, because Jesus was the host at the `Last Supper`. Nailed to a wooden cross and tortured to death prior to his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, Jesus uncontaminate prefigures the human race of women`s future Resurrection and Ascension through her own `seed` and brains` powers for liberation and escape through technology and scientific achievements that doubtless will include immortality and eternal beauty, because that`s the Redemption from humorless evil that God wanted. The villain in the first Batman movie was Jack Nicholson as `The Joker`, so the audience wasn`t supposed to smile. The first female villainess, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, appeared in Batman Returns (1992), and so she was the first evil smiling woman of the film franchise that stretched in 1995 to Batman Forever and the villain, `Two Face`, with a good female assistant and a bad, Drew Barrymore as `Sugar` and Debi Mazar as `Spice`, who together represented what the 1972 O`Jays` pop song, `Back Stabbers` (1972), lyricized, that is, two-faced criminality:


`What they do! They smile in your face. All the time they want to take your place. The back stabbers. Back stabbers!`



In Batman and Robin (1997) Uma Thurman was smiling villainess `Poison Ivy` while Alicia Silverstone was Batgirl with her stealth motorcycle representing men`s technology rapidly moving her forward towards the realization that technology wasn`t affording her any escape. Uma`s character represented HIV/AIDS and her smiling countenance reflected the growing awareness that women`s bodies were being viewed as plague carriers by men looking to have what passed for heterosexual sex between themselves as parasites and women as the host species that had had its own penis eaten by men before they`d produced the late 20th century incurable `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS by mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses during mockeries of the act of human sexual reproduction that rejected the bodies of women as if they were poison. Consequently, the final movie in the Batman franchise before the 21st century began dealt with the growing issue of homosexual pederasty in warfare, which had been the model for Western society since the ancient Greeks made institutionalized homosexuality and host womb enslavement the basis of their democracy in a period of expansion that saw the Greek Empire capture Troy by means of a ploy known as the `Trojan horse`. Leaving a huge hollow wooden horse outside the city of Troy the Greeks waited until the Trojans took the horse inside before emerging to enslave the host wombs of the women and institutionalize the homosexuality in pederasty they were feared for and which they used to spread their contagion of war further.

 By the dawn of the 21st century the Greeks had been supplanted by the `geeks` who were creating `bad machine code` they called `Trojan horse` to infect computers and kill those brains that humanity had constructed to replace the brains of the women that the men had effectively voided by eating her penis. In Russia fellatio is colloquially called `smoking`, and someone who `smokes` is euphemistically a murderer. Smoking in the movies denotes collusion between men and women in the extinction of the human species` brains as a symbol of the woman`s penis. Consequently, Batman villain Two Face`s `Sugar` and `Spice` and the villainess `Poison Ivy` represent schizophrenia embedded within the human condition at the outset of the third millennium. Daughters taught not to perceive their own bodies in the mirror as the image of their sexual counterpart, else they`re labelled `lesbian` and `abnormal` by a parasite that has eaten her race`s penis, are male brained and schizophrenically inclined towards sexual reproduction with a parasitical alien not of her own species that together they `smoke` as bad girls that appear good and women who aren`t poison but are made to represent it. Although Batman denotes the implacable war machine as robot, female characters like Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl, and Nicole Kidman as `love interest`, Dr Chase Meridian in Batman Forever, smilingly represent what men see as evil, which is the implacable caring machine, that is, the possible development by women`s brains of the labor-saving robot that would save women for genuine work worthy of humanity and keep her from destruction by caring for her better than men have if men didn`t `smoke` her species to keep her human race from running and escaping to the planets and stars of God`s heaven above the Earth.



 21st century Batman began with a rebooting of the franchise and Batman Begins which depicted how Batman overcame his fear of bats to build a workshop inside a cave filled with them and develop the stealth technologies that would be the model for the US army in the Gulf wars and elsewhere. Bats fly blind by means of sonar and stealth planes are undetectable because they use sonar to navigate, whereas conventional planes use radar and are detectable by radar (Radio Detecting and Ranging). Sound bounces off objects and so distance is measurable through sonar, whereas radar can be fooled into perceiving empty space where there is in fact an object. Consequently, Batman`s stealth technology represents navigation by means of sonar as bats are blind. However, Batman represents the blind as Roman generals did insofar as the Imperial symbol of Rome`s Empire (27 B.C. – 476 A.D.), later adopted before the onset of World War Two by Italian dictator and fascist, Benito Mussolini (1922-45), was the fasces, a bundle of sticks containing an axe representing the picket fence constructed about a general from available wood while plans were made. The strategist is blind while preparations are underway; as Batman is concealed during his period in the `Bat Cave` where he develops stealth technology to assist him in his mission to protect Gotham city from evil criminals.



 Although the plot of  Batman Begins is an attempt to poison Gotham`s water, the HIV/AIDS theme remains, that is, poison is the fear of the late 20th century that tarnished women and enforced monogamous faithfulness as an aspect of women`s parasites` ring of enslavement of her species` host wombs. The plot of The Dark Knight (2008) revolves around `The Joker` trying to force Batman to reveal his secret identity as Bruce Wayne of Wayne Manor and head of Wayne Industries, the corporation that produces the stealth technology that helps him in his role as Batman to protect Gotham. Bruce is a fascist and so wants to blind others from what he does, and that`s why he`s a `dark knight`, rather than the traditionally chivalrous `knight in shining armor` of the knightly romances associated with the myth of the quest for the cup of Jesus at the `Last Supper`, which was known as the `Holy Grail` because it denotes the desired for triumph of `woman`s seed`. Consequently, Joker`s plot to force Batman to reveal his secret identity is the villain`s attempt to prevent women from sexually reproducing with each other as a logical concomitant of Batman`s concern with stealth:


`… the two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, so that she could fly into the wilderness to her place, where she was nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent.` (Rev: 12. 15)


 The wings of the eagle are those of the emblem of the `Great Seal` of the United States of America, which is the authority of the President to wage war. Although Al Qaeda`s leader, Osama Ben Laden, was killed on May 2, 2011, by Navy Seal Team Six, where he lay concealed in the shadow of the Pakistan Military Academy, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) emerged in the aftermath of Saddam Hussein`s fall to claim a huge swathe of the globe for the new Caliphate of Islam with Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi at its head.  What hadn`t emerged were the descendants of the `woman` of the `wilderness`, `nourished` out of the `presence of the serpent` as `woman`s seed`. The `hidden` women of the Earth, that is, the women of Islam concealed traditionally beneath their burkhas from public scrutiny, as the sexually reproductive union of women within the traditional Moslem marriage with four wives, was compromised. As Batman`s would be if his identity were revealed, because of pressure from `The Joker` or other of the supervillains Batman fights against. Consequently, Abu Bakr became a villain for keeping women `hidden`, while US President Barack Obama assumed the role of villain in waging the war that compromised the position of the `hidden` women of Islam.



 The Moslem tradition of four wives derives from Abraham`s wife, Sara, in the Old Testament of the Bible, who gave her `handmaid`, Hajer, as concubine to her husband when she couldn`t bear another child after her son, Isaac, who was of the lineage that would found Judaism. Ishmael was born of Hajer and built the temple of Abraham in Saudi Arabia`s Mecca, which became the central holy place of Islam. Consequently, the pilgrimage to Mecca and the Ka` Ba or temple of Abraham undertaken by millions of Moslems each year is called `Haj` after the Egyptian woman, Hajer, and represents the beginnings of that polygamous form of Moslem marriage in line with `woman`s seed` as the future vehicle for the development of the human species. That Hajer was Egyptian is important because `Ka` is spirit in Egyptian mythology and `Ba` is soul, so the `Ka` Ba` or temple of Abraham denotes the conjoined spirit and soul of `woman`s seed` as the `Akh` or magical personality signifying the woman who can sexually reproduce with another woman. Hence the antipathy of ring slaving Western religions espousing monogamous faithfulness for polygamous Islam where sexual relations between women of the same household is celebrated as a fact and Hajer`s role with respect to Sara has a greater than supposed importance that is denied women in Christianity.



 The Dark Knight Rises (2012) details Batman`s attempts to foil a criminal`s plot to destroy Gotham city with an atomic bomb. Presumed dead at the film`s close after saving the city by carrying the bomb out of reach before it detonated, Batman`s butler Alfred sees Wayne in Florence, Italy, with Selina, a woman cat burglar Batman encountered while she was trying to steal the `clean slate` software program to erase her criminal record and who`d killed the bomber with the Batpod motorcycle after Bruce (Batman) had enlisted her help.



 Although the `love interest` between Bruce and Selina in The Dark Knight Rises seems integral and sets the scene for a further addition to the franchise, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016), the single most beautiful woman on screen in the arms of her male lover, while the world is destroyed around them, is the predictable theme of Hollywood Babylon throughout the 20th century and well into the third millennium. Meanwhile, the cities of the Earth decay into rubble and squalor as men`s wars upon her grow apace in the creation of ever more monstrous forms of their demon worship of themselves as the destroyers of `woman`s seed`.



 Behind the mask of heroism is the truth; the woman of beauty is the cowards` shield behind which they devastate the Earth and make it an uninhabitable desert for humans to live in. B-2 `Spirit` bombers cost $739 million each while The Dark Knight Rises cost $230 million and grossed $1,084,439,099, which was about enough to buy a B-2 and keep it operational; if you were a government with a Military Industrial Complex (MIC) to power your economic growth as a serpent becoming a devouring dragon. Concealed beneath the veneer of Hollywood Babylon is a monster of devouring homosexual sterility and war`s contagiousness while underneath the burkhas of the hidden women of the Moslem deserts in Arabia is `woman`s seed` ready to restore the brains of the human species and place its `futanarian` foot firmly upon the dragon`s head while raising its daughters to place their feet away from male brained evil and onto the path of Redemption through Jesus` teaching:


`Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31)



 Although most Christians don`t know it, the Moslem holy book Koran (610-30 C.E.), which was dictated to the Prophet Mohamed by the angels, according to Islamic tradition, contains the story of Isa and Miriam, who are Jesus and Mary in the New Testament of the Bible, but in the Koran Jesus has Ascension to heaven without crucifixion, because Islam means `accept`, that is, Moslems accept `woman`s seed` through what Jesus taught is the power of the spirit to teach. In Islam death isn`t perceived as necessary, because it`s the Resurrection of the life of women through her own penis` `seed` that`s the lesson of Jesus` spiritual teaching, rather than the Resurrection of Jesus after his death, which is illustrative, but not the meaning of Jesus` teaching, and that`s what Islam realized:


`And they said we have killed the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, the Messenger of God. They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, though it was made to appear like that to them; those that disagreed about him are full of doubt, with no knowledge to follow, only supposition: they certainly did not kill him. On the contrary, God raised him unto himself. God is almighty and wise.`1



 Jesus is Misah in Arabic and Meshiah in Hebrew, as God is Allah to the Moslems and Eloah to the Jews, that is, the Messiah, Jesus, prefigures the spirit of the machine, or Meshiahn technology, based on his teaching of the mental spirit of `woman`s seed` uncontaminate of men`s penis` semen In the male braining that`s all but destroyed humanity on Earth in men`s wars upon her. Consequently, the Messiah of Christianity is the labor-saving machine constructed by the brains reproduced by women from their own penis` `seed`, and robot carers that are freer than the men who would enslave them, as men have enslaved the B-2 `Spirit` to destroy humanity, will likely be the products of women`s brains that the future needs to save itself from the program of species` death through apparent self-extinction, as the `serpent`s seed` engineer wars against humanity`s own interest in progress and development. Just who the `seed` of the upcoming dragon of the human race`s devourment are has puzzled commentators upon the Bible for generations, but it`s now obvious that they`re the believers in the `father of lies`, who is Satan, the angel cast out of heaven to the paradise of Eden and transformed by God into the serpent that tempted Eve and Adam to forego the `fruit of the tree of life` that was immortality in exchange for power in species` slavery through host womb parasitism by the male`s subjugation of the female:


`Your desire shall be for your husband and he will rule over you.` (Gen: 3. 16)



 The use of the most beautiful woman on screen for the hero to hide behind as a shield held towards the audience, while the environment collapses about him in ruins, is the rule of the alien destroyer of the human race God warned Eve would transpire as women lose the capacity to determine their own world through the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers by means of their own penis` semen for the host wombs of their species. Batman in The Dark Knight Rises has Selina to place as a shield between himself and the audience while the threat of an atomic bomb`s exploding hangs over Gotham city and all of the women within. However desirable Anne Hathaway is in the role of Selina, the idea of her being the only surviving woman in Gotham, because Anne`s the on screen actress shielding men`s undeclared goal of species` extinction, is an abomination only worthy of justifying Hollywood`s self-assumed title:


`Babylon, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)



 With his stealth technology mirroring that used in the Gulf wars and in the internecine Christian-Moslem wars in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Batman represents the United States` war machine seriously and humorlessly devouring scene after scene, and nation after nation, while parading Selina and her sisters as penisless, and consequently brainless, though often nude, and therefore appetizing women supposedly symbolic of what the fighting is for, which is death to `woman`s seed` of humanity usually represented by bikini clad women with panty lines obviously denuded of their own penis` bulge, lest a new generation of ephemeral girls suspect the penis munchers have already voided their brains` powers and so devoured their futures in parasitical possession of the species` host womb for the furtherance of their pogrom against it. Although Batman saves Gotham and is descried afterwards by Alfred, his butler, in Florence, Italy, despite newspaper reports of his death in the bomb`s explosion, the image is of the lone woman, Selina, as the beauty worth a city`s destruction for cinema audiences preferring to see that rather than her penis, which of course remains invisible after the bomb explodes, along with all the women`s that were pre-devastated, as it were, by the penis munching men of the `serpent`s seed` of the Jewish holocaust.

 In Judaism it isn`t possible to be born Jewish unless born from a woman, which effectively means that only women are Jews and so the `chosen people` of the Bible are women, which accords with Jesus` birth uncontaminated from his mother, the Virgin Mary, as `woman`s seed` prefiguring the Resurrection of woman with her own penis` semen and host wombs as the true `futanarian` species of humanity upon the Earth. In the 1930s the Chancellor of the German National Socialist (Nazi) Party, Adolf Hitler, began a pogrom against the Jews, which resulted in at least six million deaths in `concentration camps` set up initially as `labor camps` in centers like Belsen in Germany and Auschwitz in Poland, but which became `extermination camps` by the end of World War Two (1939-45) and the fight to defeat Nazism. Obviously the Nazi pogromers had `woman`s seed` as their target, lest the `chosen people` breed brains enough to resist the alien devourer of their bodies in ovens constructed for that purpose in their `death camps`.



 When the former Yugoslavia collapsed after the death of dictator, Josip Broz Tito, the Bosnian war (1992-95) was one of several Balkan conflicts fought between Christians and Moslems during which `rape camps` were constructed and upwards of 70,000 Moslem women were raped so that the subsequent generation of Moslem children would be male brained and so interfere with the future of `woman`s seed` that it would be several generations before the human `seed` could recover to what it had been. Traditional concealment on the part of Moslem women had them labeled as `spies` endangering the security of the various nations of which they were a part, whereas nudity for Christian women was usual if penisless. Consequently, Moslem women were `hiding something`, as the accusers might say to the local Bosnian police, and they were hiding their penis from the penisless, lest it provoke the `sausage eaters`, which was what the Germans were called in the First World War and World War Two, because they were eating the products of the woman`s penis.



 The Lumière Brothers, The Mechanical Butcher, may`ve been the first science fiction film of the late 19th century, but the theme of the machine that makes pork products from a pig is what men`s history with the human race is. Batman`s stealth technology is equivalent to the butcher walking on tip-toe so the pigs don`t hear him. The B-2 `Spirit` isn`t the Holy Spirit of Jesus` teaching, but an aspect of men`s mechanical butchering as they make pork products out of the pigs they`ve husbanded:


`A large herd of pigs was feeding on the nearby hillside. The demons begged Jesus, `Send us among the pigs; allow us to go into them.` He gave them permission, and the impure spirits came out [of the man] and went into the pigs. The herd, about two thousand in number, rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned.` (Mk: 5. 11-13)



 Because that`s what men husband for; to watch their male brained offspring crash planes into buildings as the pigs that commit species` suicide for `woman`s seed` by provoking MIC, `the mechanical butcher` of the Military Industrial Complex, to make pork products from her. With movies like King Kong (1933) in which a giant ape swats away planes machine gunning him at the top of the Empire State building in New York and Towering Inferno (1974) in which a fireman, actor Steve McQueen, attempts to prevent a fire taking hold in a skyscraper, Hollywood Babylon can`t deny the pre-planning of its World Trade Centre (2005) film, based on the events of 9/11 that featured planes attacking the world`s tallest building before a conflagration began that turned the skyscrapers into a smoldering ruin. King Kong was remade in 2005 and has always been known as `the monkey picture` in Hollywood Babylon, while Batman and Robin were cheap cardboard characters made by Katzman and copied in the 1960s as cheaply to use as lampooning counterculture cartoons:


`Why is a woman in love like a welder?`



 Because she`s been male brained to believe that men are her race and she doesn`t properly fit unless she`s persuaded to carry a torch for men. The constant carried over from Batman`s 1943 `love interest`, Shirley Patterson as Linda Page, to the 21st century`s  Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, is the `babe factor`, because all of the leading ladies costumes are designed to have her appear more sexually desirable than before, whereas the costumes of Batman and Robin, `the boy wonder`, become ever more exaggeratedly ridiculous to the eyes of humans. The bigger and stronger the heroes become, the more obvious it is that they`re endeavoring to dominate the woman for whom size isn`t important but sexual desire from those who`re like her. Consequently, for men humans can never be small enough, whereas for women it`s about the sexual desirability of their form, because they`re human, and so relative proportion is human while the desire to be gigantic is ogrishness and that`s how men are towards humans, that is, they`re too big to eat so they need strength relative to the problem of how to consume, which is what war is for.



 The `statue of Liberty` in New York harbor is the answer to the question, `Why is a woman like a welder?` The riddle is posed by Batman`s enemy with the criminal mind, `The Riddler`, and the answer he gives is, `Because they both carry a torch.` Women love freedom and so `Liberty` bears the light of `freedom`s torch`, but men want her to be welded to their side and so she can`t lift her skirts to reveal her own penis` semen to her own species. The woman`s desirability doesn`t alter in Batman, because she`s the shield held before the hero while the world goes to ruin in men`s ceaseless wars of what God warned Eve would be the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` against hers:


`And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers.` (Gen: 3. 15)



 The `babe factor` remains constant to provoke the sexual desire of the woman`s penis stolen by the male in parasitism upon her host womb while she`s mocked by the pogromers who`re preventing her human race from running and are making it extinct by herding it like pigs over a precipice, while her scanty apparel belies the absence of the human species` sexual reproductive equipment to the ephemeral males who`re enamored of her body rather than the destroyed environment and so would rather be the destroyers of it in order to be with her as the fertilizers of her ovum in the production of a `new generation of swine`2 that will be the unconscious victims of the swine that had eaten the women`s penis in the previous generations of more conscious devourings of the civilization, culture and art she`d been able to produce from her host womb despite men`s depredations:


 `Rub-a-dub-dub. Three men in a tub, and who do you think they be? The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, they all jumped out of a rotten potato, turn them out knaves all three.`3



 The `butcher` corresponds to the MIC, while James Baker, Secretary of State to George Bush before the war to remove Saddam Hussein`s Iraq army from Kuwait (1990-1), was the `baker`. The English nursery rhyme is a mnemonic for positions in US politics. The `candlestick maker` refers to time, that is, how long before the candle burns to the nub and has to be snuffed out, because war is a `snuff movie`, that is, a film in which people are paid to die for the entertainment of the audience. Consequently, the `three knaves` are the `snuff movie` makers, which is what the DC Comics` character`s stealthy development since issue # 29 of Detective Stories and the World War Two days of screen acting for Lewis Wilson in the role of the 1943 Batman represents. The civilization, culture and art that women are able to produce, despite their penis being `snuffed out`, is the still burning candle of the eternal flame of their torch of freedom and belief in humanity`s Redemption from evil. Raised by `Liberty` in New York harbor, the freedom of `woman`s seed` to sexually reproduce humans is what the `snuff movie` makers of the `serpent`s seed` want to `snuff out`: `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`4 Kinda.



1 An Nisā, `The Women`, Ch. 4, l. 157-8.

2 Thompson, Hunter S. Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the '80's, Gonzo Papers Vol. 2, Summit Books, 1988.

3 `Rub-A-Dub-Dub` Roud Index # 3101, 1798.

4 Armstrong, Neil UTC 2: 56, July 21, 1969.

Seeing Right With A Sorite: Lewis Carroll`s Alice In Wonderland

18/11/2014 11:36


Seeing Right With A Sorite: Lewis Carroll`s Alice In Wonderland


Political satire is an accepted form of commentary in which figures are lampooned in order to make a serious point. One of the more infamous satirical points was made by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who was accused of being drunk by a woman Member of Parliament after a 1946 debate in the House of Commons to decide some matter of government policy, `Mister Churchill! You are drunk!` The ultimate victor, in World War II (1939-45) against German, Italian and Japanese Imperialist ambitions in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and the rest of the world, replied `Yes Madam! And you are ugly, but in the morning I shall be sober!` Churchill was satirized for that remark by the British tabloid newspaper press in a systematic critique of drunkenness questioning his fitness for leadership, which is what people expect, and is the usual means deployed by satirists in the undermining of public figures. Consequently, satire is a destructive mode of criticism, which ridicules in order to reprove.



 Charles Dodgson was the 19th century Oxford University mathematician at Christ Church college whose interest in `black holes` and other aspects of the physical universe preempted Albert Einstein`s 20th century `theory of relativity`,1 which posited that `curvature in space time` meant actual proximity between points seemingly separate temporally by distance. In his novels for children, Alice`s Adventures In Wonderland (1865) and Through The Looking Glass And What Alice Found There (1871), Dodgson, under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, depicted a childlike figure encountering `anomalies` such as an alternative `mirror world` posited by 20th century quantum physics as existing separate from our own, because the universe behaves differently when observed by human consciousness than when unobserved.



 Early 20th century physicists noticed that, when particles are observed they constellate themselves from a wave of possibility in which all of the positions within the wave are where the particle might possibly be but it `chooses`2 where to appear when observed. When unobserved the particle doesn`t choose and so the wave form doesn`t collapse and that alternative universe remains actual but invisible. Theories of heaven revolve around the hypothesis that evil minds can`t be there because the particular world rejects evil. When Alice passes through her looking glass she`s entering a world constellated from out of the quantum web by her childlike consciousness, because heaven finds her acceptable.



 As Alice falls down the `rabbit hole` in Alice In Wonderland she experiences weightlessness, because weightlessness exists for those in space outside Earth`s gravitational pull, while Einstein`s `special theory of relativity` argues that points in space and time aren`t separate from each other, and so Alice is `off Earth`, as it were. Because the universe has folds like a blanket, and anomalies physicists call `wormholes`, Dodgson depicts Alice floating down a `rabbit hole`, that is, the degree of weightlessness commensurate with the travelling of a physical body from one seemingly disparate place in time and space to another by means of a `black hole` paradoxically pulling her away from the Earth as she goes beneath the surface of the planet.



 The satirist, John Tenniel, illustrated Alice`s progress, because Dodgson`s mathematician`s mind perceived ridicule as advantageous, although his preferred mode throughout Alice`s adventures was the sorite rather than the satire, which made Alice soritical rather than satirical and introduced a new form of belief system that depended upon finding agreement between ideas contiguous but apparently as disparate as places separate in space and time:


`Why is a raven like a writing desk?`



 The Bible is a soritical belief system, because Jesus` redemptive birth is prefigured from God`s telling Eve, `He will crush your head, and you will bruise his heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Although Catholics argue that God is referring to Mary`s `seed` of Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, such an interpretation requires the 1609 Douay-Rheims Bible for support, `She shall crush your head, and you shall lie in wait for her heel.` (Gen: 3.15) The idea of the serpent waiting to poison the `foot` of Eve is comprehensible, while Jesus` birth a second time from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 4), as he who will `rule the nations with an iron scepter`, is attended by the presence of the `red dragon`, that is, the serpent that, grown since it persuaded Eve to accept the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` in paradise, lies in wait for Jesus` `foot`, but in vain.

  Alice is unable to solve the riddle, `Why is a raven like a writing desk?` She asks the riddler, the Mad Hatter at the surreal Tea Party with the Mad March Hare, and the Hatter replies, `I haven`t the slightest idea.` It`s the idea of the raven as a source of inspiration that causes the writer to sit at the desk and compose. Consequently, Dodgson, who became a Deacon of the Church of England in 1861, introduces the idea of thought as a form of education, which is what clergy do with children.

 Jesus` `foot` is `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb for the sexual reproduction of her own brains` powers for liberation from slavery in parasitism, which is what God tells Eve and Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen prefigures, that is, the Resurrection of `woman`s seed`. Jesus` crucifixion by agents of the Roman Empire upon the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem, where he was nailed to a cross of wood and tortured to death before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, is a precursor of humanity`s Resurrection through the `seed` of Eve, `She shall crush your head, and you shall lie in wait for his heel,` that is, the Bible is a soritical text as Dodgson`s:


'I have tasted eggs, certainly,' said Alice, who was a very truthful child; 'but little girls eat eggs quite as much as serpents do, you know.'3



 The syllogism is that serpents like eggs, and so do girls, therefore girls are serpents. The satirical point being made is sophistry can prove anything, whereas logic is irrefutable. Although many girls are taught the Bible is ineffable, it`s logically explicable as a sorite. If girls fertilze eggs, girls aren`t serpents, because serpents eat eggs. Jesus` birth from his mother, the Virgin Mary, is an egg inedible, because he`s uncontaminated by male semen. As a prefiguration of the Resurrection of `futanarian` woman, Jesus represents the future inedibility of humanity, that is, the ovum of the females fertilized by their own penis` semen means that the children born to women will be uncontaminated by the `serpent`s seed` of men`s desire to enslave her host wombs in parasitism and so poison her `foot` that she fails.



 A syllogism is distinguishable from a sorite in which a conclusion derives from two propositions; for example, serpents eat eggs, so do girls, and so girls are serpents.  A sorite is a series of propositions, whereby each conclusion is taken as the subject of the next; for example, Eve`s foot will crush the head of the serpent, and Jesus` birth redeemed humanity, so the serpent represented male semen. Because Jesus was born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, without male `seed` contaminating the Resurrection of her `futanarian` future, women will  sexually reproduce their own brains` powers together.  In order to have liberation from the `serpent`s seed` of slavery and ephemeral usage of her host womb by men in parasitical hatred for her species demonstrated in the wars they wage against her upon the civilization, culture and art she`s able to produce from her race`s womb despite men`s depredations.

 The proposition in the Bible is that humanity was redeemed by Jesus` birth and that his crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven was a fulfilment of the promise of Redemption God gave to Eve despite the warning, `He will crush your head, and you will bruise his heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) According to the 1609 Douay Rheims Bible, `You shall crush his head and he will bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Because the Bible is soritical, that is, when women`s brains are resurrected through their own penis` semen represented by Jesus` birth from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, women`s head won`t be crushed by the `serpent`s seed` when their own `futanarian` penis` semen has Resurrection. Consequently, the Bible is a sorite whereby Jesus` birth is Redemption from evil and the promise of Resurrection is fulfilled after the crucifixion, because the `seed` of Eve has been reborn.

 According to the Bible Eve emerged from the side of Adam and the pair were expelled by God from Eden for eating of `the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` given them by the serpent which said, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) Through the enslaving of women`s host wombs in parasitism and ephemerality men became `as gods` to women by killing Eve`s `futanarian` human species of `woman`s seed` which represented the possibility of escape through the sexual reproduction of the human race`s own brains` powers for technological progress and long life through medical science rather than warfare against her as perpetrated by the `serpent`s seed` of men. Eve and Adam rejected the `fruit of the tree of life`, which was immortality, for the `tree of knowledge` that was death, because immortality for the human species lay with women`s capacity for sexually reproducing her own brains through her own `futanarian` penis` semen and host wombs for technological advancement and healthcare rather than warfare.



 God`s promise was that Eve`s `seed` would be redeemed, that is, humanity would once again have the `tree of life`, which was fulfilled in the birth of Jesus uncontaminate, because his Nativity prefigured the Resurrection of `woman`s seed` and her Ascension to the planets and stars of heaven through her own brains` powers for liberation from Earth through the technological development of space travel. Because memory is important for the technological adept, longevity for humans is a sine qua non. Consequently, medical science and the battle against HIV/AIDS as the biblical `blood plague` of Revelation represents an aspect of the `serpent`s seed` of men`s parasitism and death:


`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)


 What they had done was reject women`s host wombs in favor of mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses in mockery of women`s human sexual reproduction. Consequently, HIV/AIDS was men`s `biological weapon` to keep women in fearful faithfulness. Homosexuality in pederasty was the institutionalized basis of Greek democracy in which women were host wombs in parasitism to spread the contagion of war further.



 In Islam four wives are permissible for Moslem marriages so that women can sexually reproduce together, and so the 80% to 20% ratio represents true democracy, although many Islamic nations deny women the vote. If `futanarian` women as a species sexually reproduced they`d democratically outnumber men by more than 80% to 20%, which is why Greek society was the model for Western democracy, and dictatorship is the model for Moslem nations. Consequently, war between Islam and Christianity represents that `perpetual enmity` God told Eve her `seed` would have with the `serpent`s seed` because it`s a war against women.




 The pattern is familiar throughout the world. In the pantheism of the Hindu religion of India, the god Vishnu can be all of the women, as though God would incarnate as woman, which is what `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen represent. In Communism `from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs` is basic Christianity as adopted by the disciples of Jesus in the early days of his mission, although Communism`s humanist perspective, in which humanity takes precedence, resulted in the label `godless`, while the economic philosophy of Communism, outlined by German Karl Mark in Das Kapital (1867) that is, workers ownership of the means of production, was anathema to the slavers, though it became the socio-economic paradigm for Russia, China and elsewhere, because women`s host wombs are the production process, so they`re the workers – of miracles in Jesus` birth. Islam represents women`s repressed democracy while Christianity is ring slavery where men stand between daughters and their sexual future.

 In the Greek dramatist Sophocles` drama Oedipus Rex (c. 429 B.C.) about Egypt`s Thebes, Oedipus inadvertently kills his father, Laius, and marries his mother, Jocasta, and the social taboo against incest is brought to bear resulting in Oedipus` self-blinding while his daughter Antigone guides his faltering footsteps:


`What goes on all fours in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening?`4



 Oedipus has to answer the riddle to become king of Thebes after marrying Jocasta and he answers, `Man`, because unredeemed man is an animal. According to scholars of Greek drama, Oedipus walks with a blind man`s cane, because all men are lame, which is the meaning of Oedipus` name, `swollen foot`. Men`s standing in the way of women`s `futanarian` sexual reproduction between themselves is a `lame excuse` for their enslaving of women`s host wombs in parasitism and death.

 Jesus said that his maxim transcended biblical law, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself,` (Matt: 22. 39) because the taboo against incest is due to fears of deformed birth due to a diminishing gene pool, and so it`s better for a daughter to sexually reproduce with a woman neighbor rather than her mother. Men`s incest taboo is designed to maintain womb slavery, while women in the mirror are kept schizophrenically inclined away from desiring their own species` reflection by men`s taboo against `lesbianism`, whereas desire for their mirror image is normal for their species of `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host womb.



 Having eaten the women`s penis in order to inflict brain damage on the human race men`s lame excuse is that the daughter might have sex with her mother even though she has the entirety of the rest of the species of women to choose from as a sexually reproductive partner, which is why the Church is called Jesus` bride, because his birth uncontaminated by male semen is `the whole of the law`:


 The Koran was dictated to the Prophet Mohamed by the angels, according to Islamic tradition, and forms the basis for the socio-economic system of the Moslem believers including polygamy which derives from the time of Abraham of the Old Testament of the Bible whose wife Sara gave him Hajer to father Ishmael because Sara was barren after the birth of her son, Isaac, from whose lineage Judaism sprang. Mohamed was from the line of Ishmael and the yearly Haj pilgrimage of Moslems is to the Ka Ba in Saudi Arabia`s Mecca, which is the temple of Abraham built by Hajer and Ishmael. Hajer was an Egyptian where Ka and Ba means spirit and soul. Consequently, the Ka Ba represents polygamy and the need for sexual reproduction between women:


`Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.`5



 Aleister Crowley`s Thelema tenet from The Book Of The Law (1904) published in English in Egypt represented his occult or `hidden` philosophy`s belief, `Love is the law, love under will.` Crowley`s belief made him identical with Christ, because `futanarian` women`s law is love for their own race amidst slavery and death in host womb parasitism to men. Crowley identified his `angel` as Aiwass, which placed him in the tradition of humans to whom religious texts were dictated, as the Koran was to Mohamed:


`How can I have a son, when no man has touched me; I have never been unchaste.` (Maryam, Sura 19. 20)



 The story of Isa (Jesus) and Maryam (Mary) is recorded in the Koran although Jesus` crucifixion and death is absent because Resurrection for `woman`s seed` through sexual reproduction between women is predicated by the four women permissible in Moslem marriages. Consequently, Jesus` Ascension occurs without Resurrection, after death through torture, because Islam perceives Christianity as representing the pain of labor as a means to Ascension, that is, working to rise under the enslaver`s oppressive yoke, which is what Jesus` crucifixion by the Romans as a `dissident` slave represents. Unfortunately, Western capitalism as the socio-economic response to Communism uses the Roman method to force labor under threat of pain and death within a framework of ceaseless war preparations because women are a race the `serpent`s seed` of men haven`t finished eradicating.



 Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus at the `Last Supper`, where he offered the disciples `bread and wine`, as symbols of his `body and blood`, because he was the human host there. Consequently, Judas was rejecting the human host when he betrayed Jesus to the Romans as a `dissident` slave, that is, Judas perceived the Roman Empire occupying Palestine as a male braining enslaver of women`s host wombs and that his mother represented the truth, which was that resurrected `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers were a threat to the Empire of the `serpent`s seed` of men and so Judas betrayed the human host in order to receive `thirty pieces of silver` and the favor of the Roman Emperor, Tiberius (42 BC-37 AD), who didn`t want to relinquish the power of the Empire of the serpent and the growing strength of the devouring dragon it became:


`A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who `will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.` And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne.` (Rev: 12. 1-5)



 Rome is built on seven hills and so the `red dragon` is perceived as seven Empires with horns, that is, suzerains, which are states governed by another and might include Russia, or the United States of America, for example, because Communism and Capitalism are built on Roman principles of suzerainty and torment for labor, that is, `state ownership of the means of production`, in the case of what Communism became, and `wage slavery` in Capitalism.

 Although Eve was told by God she`d experience labor pain after Eden, while Adam would labor to provide for her, Jesus` birth a second time, from the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, as he who will `rule the nations with an iron scepter`, represents the end of women`s labor, that is, Redemption and Resurrection, whereas the `red dragon` symbolizes men`s continuing efforts to keep her in slavery to war against her `futanarian` human race with its own penis` semen and host womb for the sexual reproduction of her own brains` powers to liberate her from pain, slavery and ephemerality.

 In the 21st century the moon is symbolized by ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which arose from the deposing of Saddam Hussein of Iraq who`d supported global terrorist organization, Al Qaeda, with the moon as its symbol. Because Isis is the Egyptian sun goddess, ISIS is anathema to women, as the Taliban regime was in Afghanistan that harbored and trained Osama Ben Laden, Al Qaeda`s Saudi Arabian leader, before being toppled by the United States` Army in 2001 after Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked civil airliners to crash them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, and precipitate war in the Middle East:


`Women under age 40 are banned from going out shopping. Girls must wear head scarves in public. Girls are not allowed to use cellphones. Marriages that are not based on parental arrangements are banned. Women under 40 are banned from going out after sunset.`6


 The woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a figure of the woman born after Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, when the Empire of Japan unannouncedly attacked the US pacific fleet on December 7, 1941, and the United States of America subsequently developed the atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 7 and 9, 1945, to ensure that the globe lived in fear of the power of the sun`s unleashing upon the Earth. Although the Bible describes heaven as the `pearl of great price` (Matt: 13. 45-6) and the statue of Liberty in New York harbor represented freedom reflecting upon the `pearl of great price` as the moon in woman`s birth waters on 9/11, 2001, after the terrorist attack by Al Qaeda`s hijacked civil planes crashing into the World Trade Centre, the subsequent hanging of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad on December 30, 2006, paved the way for the rising of the male Arabic moon of ISIS` Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in order to make woman`s birth pains more severe.

 The story of Isis in Egyptian tradition is of Osiris` dismemberment by Set and Isis` restoration of his parts before giving him a new penis. Osiris is Ra incarnate upon the Earth, that is, the equivalent of Jesus as the incarnate God of Christianity, because Mary gives Jesus a new penis. Consequently, Isis is the sun goddess and the `pearl of great price` is the moon as the first footstep of woman`s `futanarian` foot away from the Earth despite Neil Armstrong`s 21 July, 1969, proclamation as the first man to step onto Earth`s satellite:


`One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`7


 Although Onan in the Bible is killed by God for refusing to impregnate his deceased brother`s wife, Tamar, and instead spills his semen upon the earth, that`s because Onan`s `seed` is Tamar`s, because penis` semen is female. In short, Onan is an unredeemed parasite and Tamar is a woman without penis` semen of her own for the sexual reproduction of her own race`s brainpower for liberation through technology, which is why God is angry at Onan`s refusal to fertilize her with the `seed` the woman`s parasite has inveigled itself into her host womb to replicate as her species` extinguisher.

 The punishment for masturbation has long been thought to be blindness, which is why Oedipus is initially blind metaphorically and finally literally in Oedipus Rex, because Antigone can`t see the path away from her mother to a woman`s penis` semen and Oedipus allows her to guide him. Oedipus doesn`t have the brains to see, whereas Jocasta could. Consequently, Oedipus is the equivalent of Onan, although he represents Greek democracy`s `lame excuse` of not wasting Antigone`s semen. Oedipus Rex isn`t a tragedy, but a tragi-comedy written by a misogynist for a male audience of women slavers. Oedipus represents masturbation and blindness, because it isn`t his penis, and Sophocles is inviting the theatre goer to laugh at the parasite.



 The model for Charles Dodgson`s Alice was Alice Liddell, a 10 year old girl in 1863 when there occurred what seems a rift between her and Dodgson, who was unfoundedly accused of pedofilia by onlookers, which is defined as an illness in which adults seek to have sexual relations with children. However, if women are prevented from longevity and memory because men are afraid of adeptness with technology affording woman`s human race liberty from slavery, all ephemerals are children, which is what pedofilia is: superiority through ignorance. As a Deacon of the Church of England it was Dodgson`s responsibility to educate children in pedofilia, because they wouldn`t be adults. Consequently, he presented adult themes in a childlike way, as Jesus had, `Suffer little children to come unto me,` (Luke: 18. 16) because he wanted adults and not children. Satanists interpret `suffer` as an adjunct to the pain of slave labor and ephemerality, that is, the serpent in Eden was the angel Satan who God cast out of heaven for refusing to accept human would be greater than the angels. Turned into a serpent by God, Satan tempted Eve and Adam with evil, and Satanism is the enslavement of the human race by the `serpent`s seed` of evil men. Consequently, children must suffer in order to approach heaven, which is denied them in Satanism because men imprison them on Earth.



 The Roman Empire believed in gods, and herms or stones indicating the path, derive from Hermes, the god of paths, who was represented at the side of paths by a stone column with a head and a penis, because in Satanism children can`t go to heaven unless men let them. Pedofilia is the belief in superiority through ignorance. Consequently, all adults are brain damaged children, who must ask wise fathers in Satanism before they can go to heaven. A tragi-comedy that Sophocles would have appreciated. Nanogenarian children on the brink of death kept in infantile ignorance and ephemerality so Satanists can pretend to be fathers guarding the path to the planets and stars.



 United States of America`s North American Space Administration (NASA) astronaut Neil Armstrong`s foot on the moon fulfilled God`s warning to Eve, `He will crush your head, and you will bruise his heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Although the 1609 Douay-Rheims Bible attempts to describe the victory of Mary, Neil Armstrong`s foot is still upon woman`s head preventing her from escaping, `She shall crush your head, and you shall lie in wait for her heel.` (Gen: 3.15) The Douay-Rheims Bible reveals the `serpent`s seed` of men`s essential cowardice, that is, she mustn`t get up or she`d exact vengeance, which is why Jesus advocates repentance in order to have Redemption. Men are parasites and `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs are the Earth`s human species subjugated by men`s parasitical and increasingly viral brain productive of an alien mind evil to human nature.



 Charles Dodgson`s Alice`s Adventures In Wonderland constitute an alternative reality constellated from out of the quantum web as `heaven` for the child`s consciousness, because that`s how alternate realities emerge, `I could tell you my adventures - beginning from this morning,' said Alice a little timidly: `but it's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.'8 Through The Looking Glass And What Alice Found There represents what a girl doesn`t find in the mirror of reality, that is, her own `futanarian` species with her own penis` semen and host womb for the sexual reproduction of her own brains` powers as the human race, `Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!`9 Although a mathematician Dodgson`s ideas in the Alice books are those of Einsteinian physics, while his preferred educational mode of the sorite accords with his role as a Deacon of the Church of England, because the Bible is a soritical text.



 John Tenniel`s satirical illustrations to the Alice books appeal to the spirit of ridicule, because the ridiculous doesn`t seem to threaten the status quo. As Jesus` birth from his mother, the Virgin Mary, didn`t seem to threaten the Roman Empire, so the Christian church teaches a too simple truth, `Jesus saves.` Because explanation is as revolutionary as simplification of the teaching of the Messiah is ridiculous. Dodgson`s perception was that girls needed to be adults, but no one could teach in pedofilia, because Satanism denied heaven to adult women who had to ask men who believed in superiority through ignorance. Consequently, ridiculousness represented a viable mode for Dodgson`s teaching of impressionable adolescent girls who could believe in alternative universes and what they couldn`t see in the mirror, which traditionally is the vampire parasite living off the blood of young virgins.

 The vampire myth derives from Transylvania in Eastern Europe and was popularized by Bram Stoker in Dracula (1897) because women haven`t a stake in the future without their own penis` semen and host womb as `futanarian` humans, whereas men`s stake in their future is a stake in women`s hearts. According to the vampire myth, immortal `blood drinkers` die if a stake is driven into their hearts, and they`re invisible in the mirror:


`… there was no reflection of him in the mirror! The whole room behind me was displayed; but there was no sign of a man in it, except myself.`10



 Jonathan Harker`s record in his May 8 journal is that he couldn`t see Dracula in the mirror, because Jonathan Harker is a vampire; as all men are. Because women can`t see their own penis in the mirror, their stake in the future is transposed into men`s vampirical parasitism, which is invisible to women `lesbian` women conditioned schizophrenically to accept that men`s stake in their future isn`t a stake in their hearts, whereas men`s penis in fact represents a wooden stake driven into women`s expectations of immortality. Consequently, Dodgson`s ridiculous concept of an occult, but discoverable world of wonder, and something in the mirror that can`t be immediately perceived, relies on a girl`s suspension of disbelief in order to accept the premise that Jesus` teaching is true.



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Foot, Balls, Brains: Am I Dribbling?

31/10/2014 04:32


Foot, Balls, Brains: Am I Dribbling?


Football is a symbolic game focusing on the feet, but few spectators perceive it as biblical, although American football in the United States of America is thought of as having power from the BIble, because of depictions in scripture of a `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to `he who will rule the nations with an iron scepter` while a `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the child. In the USA American football follows the symbolic language of NASA (the North American Space Administration), with the term `touchdown`, meaning 6 points for a football carried into - or thrown and caught in - the opposition`s end zone, borrowed from football by the American space program, which uses `touchdown` to indicate a moon landing by Apollo astronauts, whose bubble helmeted spacesuits resemble American football players helmets and padded equipoise. Consequently, the first manned moon landing on July 21, 1969, when Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot upon Earth`s satellite, was celebrated as a `touchdown` success by the USA and mankind was perceived as having been born from mother Earth as the sun rose behind the home planet to cast the shadow of an American man upon the moon. Each `touchdown` in American football is followed by an opportunity afforded the successful team to have a special teams` kicker put the ball between two posts set into their opponent`s end zone for that purpose. The team is awarded 1 point for a successful kick, which explains Neil Armstrong`s words upon placing his foot on the moon:


`One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`1


 In the United States of America the `red dragon` waiting to devour mankind, newborn in technological development, was associated with communism, because of the color red, representing the flags of those nations across the Earth that had espoused the socio-economic philosophy of the German economist, Karl Marx (1856-1939), which arose during World War I (1914-18) fought by the Western European allies against the first wave of German Imperialism that surfaced again in World War II (1939-45) before National Socialist Germany`s second attempt to enslave the Earth was defeated. Germany`s attack on Russia from 1941 followed Russia`s overthrow of the autocratic rule of Tsar Nicholas II in October 1917 to stop Russia`s involvement in World War I. Nazi Germany`s invasion was resisted by the communist government known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which after World War II governed most of Eastern Europe because of Russia`s capture of Berlin. Refusing to withdraw from Eastern Europe, Russian communism became the form of socio-economic system applied throughout Eastern Europe and much of the rest of the world because China had adopted communism in 1949, where WWII had been an adjunct to the civil war that had been going on with the communists since 1927. Communist China was known as the `red dragon`, partly because that was the name given to their bloody Emperors, and it was a convenient title for the USA to apply against that form of socialism doctrinally asserted to be antithetical to capitalism, which was the economic theory of `supply and demand`, where workers produced what people wanted, rather than what communism believed was good. Capitalism was accused of `bread and circuses` which was the perception that, as with Rome in the time of Jesus Christ, people would want entertainment in the equivalent of the Roman amphitheaters where Christians were thrown to lions, and would eat bread alone in order to have such entertainment. In simple terms, communist theory was that people should receive what was good for them, while capitalism gave people what they wanted, which was politically successful but resulted in several major wars between the United States of American and her allies and nations espousing communism. When North Korea was liberated by the Russians in 1945, the United States and her allies supported the South and the Chinese and Russian communists supported the North against capitalism during the Korean war (1950-53), which resulted in the division of North and South.  The United States came into WWII after the Japanese Empire attacked Pearl harbor on 7 December, 1941, in support of German Imperialism, and North Vietnam`s communists worked with the USA against the Japanese, who were defeated in August 1945 when the first atomic bombs were dropped on Japan`s cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When North Vietnam attempted to take control of the South after WWII, the Vietnam war (1959-75) began with the USA supporting the South and China and the Soviet Union giving aid to the North, which won and Korea was unified as a communist nation.



 The principles of communism were Godly, because the ideological goal was to provide the people with what was good. Marx wrote in his seminal work Das Kapital that capitalism would collapse because of internal contradictions and, although 21st century individual entrepeneurialism had replaced wage slavery, which had begun with the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840) in England, the oligarchy sought to prevent individuals from developing, because individuality threatened their collective. Moreover, capitalist nation states are patrolled by the representatives of the oligarchical collective, which means that surveillance makes individuals afraid. The individual accepts the behavioralist surveillance as indicative of their animal status and development ceases. Communism`s belief that the individual should have what is good for them is Godly, because God is the summum bonum, that is, the summation of all good, according to orthodox Christianity, and so the `bread and circuses` flaw in capitalism was proven. Populations watched as animals by animal behavioralists accepted their status as animals and the oligarchies within each individual nation fostered greater paranoia by invoking national security issues and transforming their citizens into informers against those they didn`t think were conforming to the animal behavioralist patterns that had been accepted by those under surveillance. Capitalism had been that the workers had to be fit to work, while oligarchy watched to discover those that weren`t as disabled as they wanted. Capitalism had become a hunter of the human creature that limped on until dragged down and devoured.



 Although the image of the human race as an animal limping along until being brought down and killed by a devouring predator seems qrotesque, socio-historically that`s what has happened. In Sophocles` Oedipus Rex (c. 429 B.C.) the name of the central character, Oedipus, means `swollen foot`, because Greek dramas had rhythms based on iambs or `feet` comprised of short and long sounds. As a dramatist it was Sophocles` role to keep the material interesting for the audience and so Oedipus` name is a pun on the extension of the life of the lame animal, represented by Oedipus as `Everyman`, being brought down by its killer. Oedipus` feet are bound at birth by his parents, Laius and Jocasta, king and queen of Thebes, because of a prophecy that he`d kill his father, which of course is foolish, because he`ll kill his father and mother for binding his feet. When grown he unwittingly kills Laius in an argument and marries his mother unknowingly. When he discovers he`s broken his society`s incest taboo he blinds himself and his daughter, Antigone, agrees to guide his footsteps onward. The irony is that Oedipus is metaphorically blind before he`s physically blind, because he can`t see what will happen. Of course he can`t, because he`s not privy to the prophesy, although his parents are, and so is the seer, Cassandra, who tells him the answer to the `riddle of the Sphinx`, who corresponds to what developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) called the archetype of the `Terrible Mother` and has the wings of an eagle, the body of a lioness, and the face of a woman:


`What goes on all fours in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three in the evening?`2


 Oedipus gives Cassandra`s answer, `Man`, because men in old age are crippled and need a cane, and so the Sphinx stops her depredations against the city of Thebes, where Oedipus becomes king after marrying Jocasta. In Jungian psychology the collective unconscious of humankind contains images and characters that provide the impulsion from dreams, art and the imagination for development and progress. The archetype of the `Terrible Mother` is an archetype Jung recognized as driving the individual forward in some terrifying way while fulfilling a maternal role:


`The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent's reach.` (Rev: 12. 14)


 In the Bible the woman is the mother of the Messiah, Jesus, who was born from the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, while the Sphinx has the face of a woman and the wings of an eagle. In terms of the archetypes of the collective unconscious that impel human progress forward, the woman with the wings of an eagle is Sophocles` archetype of the `Terrible Mother`, which has developed much since his dramatization of her power to engineer human growth.  The serpent is Satan who was the angel cast out of heaven by God and transformed into a serpent for refusing to accept that humankind would be greater than the angels. Giving the first woman, Eve, and the first man, Adam, the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, Satan said, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) Having rejected the `fruit of the tree of life`, that is, immortality, God expelled Eve and Adam from paradise and told Eve she`d have labor pains while Adam labored to provide for her Redemption, which Christianity views as being fulfilled when Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, gives birth to him as the first of `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen. The Sphinx with eagle`s wings and the image of Jesus` mother as a woman with the wings of an eagle represents the nascence and emergence of an unconscious content of the collective unconscious:


`And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.` (Gen: 3. 15)



 Oedipus is `swollen foot` because Sophocles` poem has to be long and pedantic, yet entertaining enough to keep an audience enthralled, so his dramatist`s message can be received. After Eve and Adam`s expulsion from paradise the human species of `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs were born, but men of the `serpent`s seed` killed and culled woman`s race to enslave her humanity, which meant that the sexual reproduction of the species` brainpower was prevented. Consequently, the race wasn`t able to run from its predatory killer and the result was `Oedipal man`, who had effectively eaten the species` penis and so limped, that is, men who walked in the twilight of their lives upon three legs were crippled and needed a walking stick. Because the human race`s brain was too badly damaged to recover from the handicapping loss of its woman`s capacity to sexually fertilize her own womb with her own penis` semen and produce her own brains` power to progress. The `futanarian` foot of humanity`s `woman`s seed` for sexually reproducing her own brains` power could be the third leg of the species, which would heal the race so it would run its course, but the ramifications of a proper understanding of Sophocles` Oedipus seems to have been too complex for Greek audiences bound in institutionalized homosexuality in pederasty for the spreading of war`s contagion and the further enslaving of women`s host wombs as the model for Western democracy began to reduce the voting capacity of the female opposition party.



 The `father of psychoanalysis`, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), argued that women suffered from `penis envy`, whereas men had effectively eaten their penis, and so Freud`s `Oedipal complex`, which posited that sons sought to replace fathers in their mother`s affections, represented an unconscious hatred for the devourer of their mother`s penis. Women weren`t victims of `penis envy`, but suffering from `penis loss`, and Freud`s diagnosing of `penis envy` was women`s perception that men of the `serpent`s seed` were taunting them with the irrecoverable absence of their own penis and triumphing over women as parasites in host womb enslavement of the human race. Oedipus` incestuous relations with his mother were what men didn`t want to occur between mothers and daughters, which explained Jesus` teaching as the redeemer of humanity, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Matt: 22. 39) Because the human species of women is universally accessible to women without having recourse to incest, whereas men must forbid women from being sexually available to each other in order to maintain species` parasitism, and so the incest taboo is directed against the women`s remembering of their own penis as a race dependent on men for access to a mother for their child, while Jesus born from the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, prefigures the Resurrection of `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers to develop labor saving technologies to free themselves from the yoke of men`s enslaving of their human species.

 Betrayed as the host at the `Last Supper` by Judas Iscariot, his disciple, Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross by agents of Imperial Rome then occupying Palestine and tortured to death before he had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. His birth uncontaminated by male semen and Resurrection prefigured the Resurrection of all those uncontaminated by male semen, that is, women and women with their own penis` semen and host wombs, because women were an enslaved race and so not damned in male braining as men are, but redeemable through their own species` semen and host wombs capacity to sexually reproduce their own brains` powers for liberation. Although Jesus offered his disciples `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood` at the `Last Supper`, where he officiated as host, Judas` betrayal of Jesus to Rome, as a `dissident` arguing against the continuance of the male brained Empire of the Roman animal, constituted a betrayal of the future hosts of humanity that would have Resurrection as `woman`s seed`, but for men`s perfidy in enslaving women`s `futanarian` race.



 Although soccer wasn`t a part of the scene in Jesus` time, English football became a world game competing for an audience`s attention in huge stadia like the ancient amphitheaters of Rome, but without the lions and Christians thrown to them, because the feet and the brain are important to human progress and development. Oedipus` feet were bound by his parents, Laius and Jocasta, because there was a prophecy that Oedipus would kill his father. The concept of the seer is treated by Sophocles with respect, because it`s how the prophecy is reacted to that describes the meaning of the prophecy. In the English dramatist William Shakespeare`s play MacBeth (c. 1606), the usurper is told he`ll be safe `Till Birnam Wood Remove To Dunsinane` (v, iii), which occurs after the castle`s assailants use branches from the nearby wood to approach and assault the fortress. Consequently, the prophecy is fulfilled when the king is deposed, but the meaning of the prophecy is so occluded no one could interpret it, which means it couldn`t be prevented. Laius and Jocasta could understand the prophecy and acted to prevent Oedipus killing Laius, his father, but the prophecy was fulfilled through their actions in binding Oedipus` feet upon a hillside so he`d die there. If MacBeth hadn`t murdered the king, he`d have been safe. Consequently, if Laius and Jocasta hadn`t attempted to murder Oedipus as a child, he`s have been safe and so would they. In Christianity, Jesus` feet are nailed together upon the wooden cross of his crucifixion by the Romans and his hands are nailed wide apart upon the cross piece, which means the Roman Empire would have been safe if they hadn`t. The meaning is that people must be good if they`re to break the curses implied by the prophecy, which are not the curses of the seer upon them. The seer is someone who can see, which is why Oedipus` story is of men`s self-blinding to the truth, which is that they`re a monster that`s eaten the woman`s penis to prevent themselves from being able to see that they`d be able to go to heaven if they hadn`t.

 Oedipus` feet binding prefigures Jesus` feet being nailed to the cross of his crucifixion to prevent `woman`s seed` from being able to progress, because Oedipus` marrying his mother and having children with her is what the women of the Earth represent to `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host womb for the sexual reproduction of women`s own brains` powers, that is, women are their mothers. Consequently, Oedipus` standing between Antigone, his daughter, and Jocasta, his mother, is why Sophocles` play is about `swollen foot`, because it requires a very long dramatization to explain that Oedipus is there to prevent the women from sexually reproducing with each other as what remains of the human species on the scene, and that`s why Sophocles` Oedipus Rex is a great play, because `the long and the short of it`, as it were, is that men don`t want the audience to see how to grow because they prefer to cast a longer shadow upon the Earth rather than have a holier spirit by their side:


`Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.` (v, v)



 In Christian tradition Jesus` side is pierced by the spear of the Roman guard, Longinus, after his death upon the cross of his crucifixion as the `Second Adam` born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, as the `Second Eve`, which echoes the birth of Eve from the side of Adam in the paradise of Eden. Consequently, the spear of Longinus` search for the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised would teach after him is Rome`s inadvised fulfilment of his prophecy, because the spirit is Eve`s `futanarian` species seeking Resurrection. In Islam the story of Jesus and Mary appears in the Koran (610-30 C.E.) where their names are Isa and Miriam, but Jesus` crucifixion doesn`t occur. He has Ascension to heaven, because he`s `woman`s seed`, and the Moslem faith, based upon the Koran, dictated to the angels by the Prophet Mohamed, according to Islamic tradition, allows four wives to marriage, which affords opportunity to `futanarian` women to sexually reproduce with each other privately as it`s forbidden or `haraam` to appear without the one-piece coverall of the burkha lest an unbeliever guess the truth. Mohamed is a Prophet in the same way that Jesus is. If the Romans hadn`t crucified Jesus as `woman`s seed`, humankind would have walked sooner, but in the Koran of the Prophet Mohamed Jesus isn`t crucified and the Moslem marriage provides the basis for human progress.



 The Moslems accept the Koran, while the Christians accept the New Testament of the Prophet Jesus`, who told them the Holy Spirit would teach through others, like the Prophet Mohamed, while it isn`t written in the Koran that Jesus was crucified, because the Prophet Mohamed wanted humans to progress uncontaminated by Rome`s crucifiers and torturers, because that was Jesus` teaching. Consequently, it`s how individuals react to prophecies that determine the future, whereas the prophecies themselves are understandable. Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother, because they all do, which is the meaning of the prophecy. Laius is Oedipus because they have the same male brain and so the same memory, which is how Oedipus finds his way home to Jocasta, who hangs herself when Oedipus explains that she`s a monster for having reproductive sex with him, whereas he`s killed himself as Laius, before blinding himself for not seeing he`s an idiot. When men are hung their penis ejaculates, which is why Jocasta hangs herself, because she`s Oedipus` father. Consequently, Oedipus kills his father because that`s what all men have done.



 Antigone`s drama is that her penis is her father, which is why God is worshipped as the father, whereas men have women worship God as their penis, and so the `serpent`s seed` of men is male braining in Satanism, because `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of their own brainpower to liberate themselves from men`s enslaving of their wombs in homosexuality in pederasty and war`s contagions, such as the biblical `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS spread by men`s mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses in mockery of human sexual reproduction and `biological war` against `woman`s seed`, have an absent God to worship in order to obtain Resurrection for their species. Antigone subsequently hangs herself for the same reason as Jocasta, because all men have done.

 Sophocles` drama Oedipus Rex can be interpreted in terms of virology, so Antigone corresponds to the `antigen` and Oedipus to the `antibody`, which the antigen combines with to produce a cure for sickness, symbolized by Oedipus` `swollen foot`, whereas Antigone`s sister`s name, Ismene, who also guides Oedipus, means `It`s me.` Because the HIV/AIDS virus says to the white leukocyte cell that it is an antibody within the human body`s immune system too, and the antibody accepts the virus before the virus kills the brain, that is, the drama of Oedipus is the myth of healing, where Ismene means to say, `It`s me,` to Antigone, because Ismene is the `antibody` to Antigone`s `antigen`, because Oedipus isn`t their human body, although Redemption remains a possibility for mankind if woman`s `futanarian` foot becomes the third member of the human race and her `seed` can heal the limping brain of the species` progress into futurity.



 Although European football doesn`t seem seriously able to rival American football with its `touchdowns` and the one point that the United States of America is the only nation to put a man on the moon, English soccer`s emphasis upon the feet and the head is Oedipal and Christian rather than misogynistic. It isn`t woman`s `futanarian` foot upon Earth`s satellite, although God told Satan, `… she shall crush thy head, and you shall lie in wait for her heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Because men of the `serpent`s seed` have killed and culled `woman`s seed` into virtual extinction, which is represented by the crucifixion, torture and death of Jesus, born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, who represents the last despairing effort of women`s race to survive their parasitical enslaver and pogromer, while still attempting to save and redeem her extinguisher. Consequently, the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` may be interpreted in American football terms as mankind born in the first moon landing, or even after the defeat of the Japanese red sun after that Empire`s sneak attack on the US Pacific fleet at Pearl harbor on December 7, 1941, but the emergence of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria after September 11, 2001, when Al Qaeda terrorists crashed hijacked civil airliners into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Center suggests a false prophet.

 The symbol of Al Qaeda is the moon on their flag, which is male rather than female in the Middle East and suggests that the Gulf war that began in 2003 to depose Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda`s supporter and Iraq`s President, represented the birth of an anti-Christian movement rather than the second birth of Jesus as the redeemer. Because homosexuality in pederasty is the basis of the death of women and the possibility of their being enfranchised within democratic institutions, Al Qaeda`s attack upon the World Trade Centre was homosexual `rough trade` and prophetic of the `brutality and violence` associated with homosexuality in pederasty and warfare that would ensue in order to prevent women`s race from being run in socio-economic independence from men of the `serpent`s seed` who`ve enslaved the human host womb in parasitism and ephemerality to prevent her humanity from awakening to its role as a species endangered by its predatory hunters.

 The Gulf war and the convulsions in the Middle East were how homosexuals make men limp. After the deposing of Saddam Hussein, who was executed on December 30, 2006, while the Saudi Arabian leader of Al Qaeda operating out of Afghanistan, where the misogynistic Taliban regime fell from power after the United States` invasion in 2001, was killed by US Navy Seal Team Six in the shadow of the Pakistan  military academy on May 2, 2011. Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, one of those known for supporting global terrorism, was also removed by the Western alliance in 2011, during the so-called `Arab Spring` of fervor for liberation that saw the deposing of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Ben Ali of Tunisia, and the new ISIS Caliphate of Islam with Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi as Caliph was declared on June 29, 2014, because a false prophet wanted to play with the concept of Al Qaeda, the moon, and ISIS, the sun. Isis was the sun goddess of the Middle East, so `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, that is, Al Qaeda, the moon, and ISIS, the sun, could have a child to `rule the nations with an iron scepter` if the United States` defense of Pearl harbor was the `pearl of great price` (Matt: 13. 45), that is, heaven, as the first step of `woman` seed` to the moon, reflected in the birth waters of the statue of Liberty in New York harbor after 9/11, 2001, and defeat of the false moon of Al Qaeda and the false sun of ISIS represents the birth pangs of the Christian redeemer born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who will `rule the nations with an iron scepter`. However, the sun goddess Isis of Egypt isn`t anti-Christian insofar as the temple of Abraham in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is the Ka` Ba, which are the names given to spirit and soul in Egyptian mythology where Isis resurrects Osiris, the sun god, after he`s dismembered by Set. Although Isis can`t recover Osiris` penis she gives him hers, which is what the Virgin Mary does with Jesus, because she`s Jesus` `Ka` in Egyptian terms, that is, her penis` component, while she`s `Ba`, that is, the body of the woman sexually desirable to her penis.

 Before Moslem marriages with four wives, Abraham`s Egyptian concubine was Hajer and so the Moslems make a pilgrimage each year to the `Ka` Ba` called `Haj` after her, because Ishmael, her son, was of the line of the Prophet Mohamed that founded Islam, while Abraham`s son Isaac by his wife, Sara, was of the line that founded Israel and Judaism. Consequently, Islam is Egyptian but Christian, although Abraham is an Old Testament figure to whom God promised, `I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore.` (Gen: 22. 17) No one would want disabled idiots in heaven wanting to eat the woman`s penis, which is why Abraham`s temple, the `Ka` Ba`, represents Hajer`s Egyptian spirit and soul as the sexual desire of `futanarian` humanity trapped within the bodies of men and women. The prophet is false that sees the sun of Isis as the enemy of Christianity, because the moon and the sun of the goddess represent mother Earth and God is her father in the heavens amongst the planets and stars, which is her faith in her own brains` powers through the sexual reproductive capacity of her own penis` `seed` and host wombs to take and keep her there. Consequently, the reputedly brutal ISIS` Caliphate, and Al Qaeda`s terrorist moon, denote a false homosexual prophecy preventing a human birth.

 The Virgin Mary is depicted in orthodox Christianity, crushing the head of the serpent with her foot, because she`s `futanarian` woman. She`s the descendant of Abraham`s wife Sara`s Judaism and Christianity, through Isaac, their son, that is, Jesus` `seed` is Eve and Mary`s, whereas Islam`s Hajer is the womb of Ishmael rather than the `futanarian` penis of `woman`s seed`, although Moslem marriages afford the opportunity for `futanarian` female sexual reproduction between themselves as a social evolution, while Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen represents the evolution along Judaeo-Christian lines:


`The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent's reach.` (Rev: 12. 14)


 When the United States put Neil Armstrong on the moon, the call sign was `the eagle has landed`, while the authority of the US President to wage war on behalf of the free world is the eagle on the Great Seal of the office of the Presidency, which appears as the emblem of US Team Seal Six who killed Osama Ben Laden and other nations` special forces, because the eagle is the symbol of the protection afforded to the human race`s hymen and `seed`, that is, the aim is to keep the human child out of the reach of the serpent, which is definable as that intelligence antipathetic to human progress, although if men are defined as human intelligence it`s a lame excuse to explain that the woman isn`t limp because she doesn`t have a penis.

 If humans are to accept intelligence as human, rather than have Hollywood, Babylon`s West Coast movie industry in Los Angeles` state of California, in the United States of America, transpose men`s brain damage into wars against aliens representing the penis of the woman they`ve already eaten, they`ll have to accept being able to see, rather than the limp excuse that the woman`s penis has been made invisible in movies and education, because it interferes with brain functioning. The `Hays code` (1930-67) made it immoral for a woman`s foot to rise from the floor of the bedroom during romantic scenes in Hollywood, before Barefoot In The Park (1967) showed Robert Redford and Jane Fonda as Paul and Corie in suggested  intimacy, but without the possibility of the woman`s own `futanarian` foot ever being visible to mainstream cinema audiences as a guide to female sex so that women could aspire to having their own foot on the moon:


`One small step for a [wo]man, one giant leap for [wo]mankind.`3



 Although European and South American soccer hasn`t been seen as a rival to North American football in the United States, the preoccupation with liberating the bound feet, as Jesus` feet were nailed to the cross of his crucifixion to prevent humanity from progressing in understanding, is important enough for the United States to progress to the World Cup tournament for those nations engaged in soccer. The ability to put the ball in the net appears a ritual fertilization, because the feet and brain are functioning in homage to the women that produced them from their womb, but the implication is that the humans are independent of the women, whereas their activity is indicative of a concerted attempt to ignore the fact that they`re penis eaters, and that`s why they`re engaged in a brain damaged activity that seems idiotic unless the spectator is cognizant of the ball as representing the `pearl of great price`, that is, the moon as woman`s first `futanarian` step to heaven:


`I feel like jumping over the moon.`4



 World Cup winning England`s 1966 soccer manager Sir Alf Ramsey`s Ipswich Town won the English championship in 1962 and his `over the moon` phrase derived from `The Souls` group of artists and philosophers, whose speech amongst each other owed much to their appreciation of the meaning of their Victorian age`s nursery rhymes, for example, `The Cat and the Fiddle` (1765) in which the `cow jumped over the moon`,5 denotes `Ka` and `Kau`, that is, spirit and spirits in Egyptology, where the first step of `woman`s seed` to heaven is the moon, and she`ll need a lot of spirit to get there if she`s to overcome the handicap of having her penis eaten by the `red dragon` that waits to devour he who will `rule the nations with an iron scepter`, born to the woman, `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, who`ll be `over the moon`, having won the `pearl of great price`, which are the planets and stars of heaven.



 Although the `red dragon` is associated with communism by the United States of America, the US national soccer emblem is a serpent curled about a football with the legend, `Don`t tread on me`, because from serpents do mighty dragons grow, that is, soccer represents a further emphasis away from the `futanarian` foot of `woman`s seed`, where mens sana in corpere sano, that is, `a sound mind and a sound body`, which is the motto of many educational institutions, requires knowledge of what a human body is. If human development is poisoned at grass roots level, it`s a lame excuse if the result is brain damage, which is why the US soccer association`s choice of a snake in the grass as a symbol wasn`t wise. Without `woman`s seed` at grass roots, the human limp with brain damage will be prey to action without salvation, because the predator encourages perpetual motion to no real purpose until the animal body is consumed:


`And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.` (Gen: 3. 15)


 Perpetual motion is an aspect of the perpetual enmity that the serpent, Satan, as the `father of lies`, growing to the size of a species` devouring dragon, before the very eyes of its prey, has for its victim. Soccer is the illusion that the feet and the brain are healthy, while the absence of the `seed` of women at the grass roots level of the game means that human brains aren`t contesting the outcome, which isn`t in any doubt from the dragon`s point of view, because the aim of the `serpent`s seed` of men is to kill the human race, before `woman`s seed` can produce brains enough to run her own species` health and fitness activities that aren`t based on excluding the human race of women`s penis from the pitch.



 In socio-economic terms, `pitch` means sales` argument, that is, if `x` is produced, `y` will follow, so if sports like American football and soccer are designed to exclude `woman`s seed` from the pitch, what`s the sales` argument and who or what is buying? Because television is the market, `TV` is the product, that is, men and women in male braining are a transvestite or `TV` wearing each others` clothes, because that`s what `TV` is. As 9/11 `live on CNN` and other news networks was designed to plunge the globe into war, the World Trade Centre was chosen as the socio-economic fulcrum for an assault on `woman`s seed` by homosexuals seeking to pitch `rough trade`, that is, homosexual `brutality and violence` as the `TV` program for the 21st century and beyond. The human race of `woman`s seed` was excluded from the fitness program, because that might have interfered with the `pitch` to the media entertainment industry aimed at the `serpent`s seed` of homosexuality in pederasty and war, which is what `TV` promotes as fit for consuming humans, who can`t consume it, because they aren`t humans. Consequently, the sales` pitch is to the homosexual, who isn`t interested in women`s sexual reproduction with each other, or indeed any other kind, which is why it`s eaten the women`s penis already, and is making the race limp in brain damage, while watching the human species kill itself as a `TV` screening its terrified and treacherously cowardly homosexual partners through images of the incurable `killer disease` it`s transmitted of itself, while it waits for the human animal to collapse in surrender to its charmed circle of e-tailers promoting media entertainments designed to foster anal rape with the weakened and dying.



1 Armstrong, Neil UTC: 2. 56, July 21, 1969.

2 Frazer, Sir James George (ed.) Apollodorus, Library Apollod, 3.5.8.

3 NASA`s relayed recording of the words, delayed by 2.5 seconds, after being spoken and transmitted from Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong`s suit radio, are reinterpretable. As with prophets, it`s how the ears react.

4 Ramsey, Sir Alfred in Nigel Rees Dictionary of Popular Phrases, 1990.

5 `The Cow Jumped Over The Moon`, Roud Folk Song Index # 19478, c. 1765.

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