The Penis Is Woman`s Survival Tool

09/08/2012 12:02

The Penis Is Woman`s Survival Tool


In the Bible Tamar is the wife of Er, who is murdered by God because he refuses to impregnate his wife, and Onan is his brother, whom God also kills for refusing to impregnate her. Both Er and Onan refuse because they want Tamar to remain beautiful, whereas God wants reproduction. Later, in the New Testament, Jesus preaches immortality and, after his crucifixion and death, he has Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. In Revelation the `hidden` woman of the Earth leaves to sow her own seed in heaven and, when she is attacked by the evil seed from Earth, she defeats them and receives a new heaven and Earth as her reward from God. Because she has her own seed, she is a woman with her own penis and so is futanarian woman.



 According to Revelation, the enemies of the futanarian woman are the children of the `red dragon` that waited in vain to devour her male child, the `New Redeemer`, and her `protector` before she left Earth. This `male child` rules with a `rod of iron`, because he`s a male futanarian child, and reproduction is not what a futanarian child is for. The symbolism is similar to that of the `iron virgin` who doesn`t bear a child.



 Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary prefigures the woman who can bear a child without semen from a man, which doesn`t mean that the futanarian woman is for breeding a species with her own penis, but that immortal women might need to reproduce in an emergency. But men want to keep them as breeding slaves for homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon` of war and `plague games` rather than that they become `older and wiser` and leave.



 Ancient Greece was founded on homosexual pederasty`s promulgation of war as plague, and the enslavement of the wombs of women in order to practice this is paradigmatically demonstrated before the walls of Troy where the Greeks left a huge wooden horse, ostensibly as a `friendship offering`, but  inside which they hid and waited for the Trojans to take it into the city. Once inside the Greeks emerged to capture Troy and began the process of enslaving the women`s wombs for homosexual pederasty. In the Bible the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer` because women are not fooled by the `Greek horse` any longer.



 As a symbol of homosexual pederasty, the `red dragon` is synonymous with the `blood plague` of Revelation because of the alien parasitical life form`s device of the `Greek horse`, that is, men, inside the wombs of women`s `citadels`.



 In the 20th century the device of the `Greek horse` became paradigmatically manifest biologically in the microcosm as the HIV/AIDS virus, which feigns `friendship` for the white cells of the body`s immune system in order to kill them so the body dies. At the beginning of the 21st century the `Greek horse` was the `civil` aircraft that impolitely demolished the Twin Towers and infected the `Big Apple` of wisdom grown since Eve in Eden with the poison of the `red dragon` that would tempt the Americans to spread the `disease` further.



 God`s omniscience is evident from `poison`, which is pronounceable as `boy son`. The male futanarian child isn`t `poison` or `poisoned`, because sh/e isn`t interested in reproduction, save in an emergency, whereas for men`s god of homosexual pederasty and warfare, reproduction in women`s enslaved wombs is necessary for the spreading of their `blood plague` of `boy sons`. Because women`s sexual equipment is designed primarily for pleasure, that is, the clitoris is the only part of the body that is solely for pleasure, the suggestion has always been that the clitoris is for sexual intercourse. `Onanism` is the biblically derived word for masturbation, because Onan was killed by God for refusing to reproduce with his sister-in-law Tamar after his brother Er was killed by God for wanting her beauty to remain immortal. In refusing to impregnate Tamar, Er and Onan were wiser than the Old Testament God of Genesis because they perceived that boy sons were poisons.



 Although `onanism` was subsequently viewed as a crime against God to be punished by death, the fact that futanarian women have a penis of their own, which they wouldn`t need to use if women were immortal, save in an emergency, suggests masturbation is what the clitoris is for. Because the futanarian penis of woman, as conceived as an immortal species, is only for reproduction in an emergency; for example, on a planet where a spaceship has crash landed and the only possibility of constructing a civilization and culture is through reproduction.



 The scifi analogy takes men into account. They`re a parasitical alien life form that exists virally in order to spread its plague of war and further its dysfunctionality, which is recognizable from ancient Greece`s supposed civilizational and cultural valence of homosexual pederasty. In the Bible men are finally overcome by the futanarian `New Redeemer` of Revelation, who is no longer fooled macrocosmically by the `red dragon` of war, or microcosmically by the terroristical `psychological warfare` of what is also a  mentally contaminatory `blood plague`. HIV/AIDS  spreads fear and sexual hatred for women`s bodies, and wombs, but the `New Redeemer` is able to defend against men`s `biological warfare` of HIV/AIDS against women by maintaining an `iron rod`, a symbol of the immortal futanarian woman that, with her own penis, doesn`t need to reproduce, or be impregnated, with men whose boy sons are her death. Denying men, as prefigured in the Virgin Mary`s birthing of Jesus without a man`s semen, the `hidden` woman and her child, the `New Redeemer`, protect their wombs so they can leave Earth `uncontaminate`.



 Without a good education you don`t have the right attitude, and so your perspective is wrong. You can`t believe, and have faith, because you aren`t educated in what`s good. If you`re taught the `devour ring` of homosexual pederasty`s marriage with the evil `red dragon` of `blood` is the Earth`s paradigm, then war and plague is what you have belief in, because you`ve accepted a false perspective based on a wrong attitude. If education doesn`t teach that women are a species and that men refuse Redemption because they want to keep her as a slave for their `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty, warfare, and `blood plague`, then you won`t have the right perspective because you`ll have the wrong attitude.



 9/11 was the `Big Apple` of temptation for the `red dragon` to be a devouring `blood plague` across the Earth, which resulted in the fall of Saddam Hussein and the `Arabian Spring` in which many Arabian governments also fell. 9/11 was a `Greek horse` that captured New York. Just as Marshal Tito`s Yugoslavia fell apart after the withdrawal of Soviet Russia because of the red dragon`s tempting war by means of homosexual pederasty`s education system.



 In the 21st century China`s `red dragon` emerged as an obvious valence for homosexual pederasty and the `blood plague`. Much of oriental Manga art is devoted to futanarian woman with her visibly erect `rod of iron`, but oriental attitudes to women in Manga art are almost entirely devoted to the rape and mutilation of innocent virgins.



 The `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty has already declared war on women in the Orient. For one thing female children aren`t wanted at all and are exposed at birth in China. In Japan the ancient tradition of `foot binding` ensures she can`t escape, and depictions of her innocence in Manga movies like Final Fantasy are merely preludes to her torture in more `adult` media, where her big round eyes are a sign of the infantilist who doesn`t want women to grow `older and wiser` so that they`ll always be victims looking to escape from the evil parasitical viral alien that has masqueraded as a `kind man` throughout the generations of Mankind.



 The goddess of Athens in ancient Greece was Athena, and the goddess of Troy was Pallas Athena, whose symbol was the horse. That`s why the Greeks employed the huge wooden horse to gain access to her city, and ironically the Trojans were `taken in` by them. In fact, `Greek` has consequently become a worldwide euphemism for homosexual pederasty whereas a `Trojan` is a condom and so `protective` of women`s wombs, or mouths and anuses. This is important because computers in the 21st century were defined as being threatened by `Trojan viruses` on account of the `Greek horse` being erroneously labeled `Trojan `. Because of internet pornography, lesbian women and women with a penis are visibly not homosexual pederasts but `normal`, and so the internet is the real `Trojan horse` of women` s refusal to accept anything but her own penis and species.



The distinction between worshipping the goddess as a reproducer of war and plague by means of `boy sons` (poisons), and worshipping the goddess as an immortal power, who doesn`t reproduce because her penis is only for emergencies, is the difference between espousing Liberty and a `breeding` license. In the ancient world Athena had a campaigner`s `brain`, while Ares was her brawn. As goddess of Athens and Troy, Athena`s name means `many`, which accords with biblical interpretations of the Paraclete, that is, the Holy Spirit`s multivalent aspect as `spirit of God`.



 The concept of Athena as the `many` reappears in the Old Testament as the female Shekinah residing with the law in the Ark of the Covenant of God`s `Promise` and, in the New Testament, the death of the crucified Jesus is marked by his side`s piercing by the pagan Roman centurion Longinus` spear, which again results in the `strategic` emergence of Paraclete Athena as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`. The ancient wisdom of the Shekinah as the Holy Spirit, that is, the `Second Eve` from the `rib` of Jesus as the crucified `Second Adam`, prefigures the `campaign` in Revelation for the release of Womankind, and her escape from the alien parasitical viral life that she`s doomed to live upon men`s Earth.



 In Britney Spears` video single Oops I Did It Again she appears on her own scifi Mars as a type of Athena who is `many`. Appearing in three guises, she`s the red suited figure descending inside the giant `devour ring` of the `red dragon` and, in a white bikini dress, she represents herself again as a white blood cell that her red suited `red cell` places below the `visiting` spaceman whom she hoists into position by means of a `hook` and `pulley`. Helpless to do anything but film her, by means of the camera attached to the side of his spacehelmet, Britney`s suspended spaceman is her conception of how to `play` with Mars, the god of war. If he`s interested in her, he`s not interested in `plague aims`.



 In Greek mythology, Chronos is the `would be` devourer of Zeus, but Athena is born from Zeus` head with her `aegis`, that is, the authority of Zeus` protection. In Revelation the `New Redeemer` has the `aegis` of God, that is, the authority to protect the `hidden` woman of the Earth from the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s `blood plague`.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s red suited `red dragon` hooks the spaceman`s pack, which corresponds to the `aegis` of the North American Space Administration, or NASA. From the perspective of the `red dragon` of the devouring boy sons (poisons) of homosexual pederasty (war, plague, and HIV/AIDS), NASA is for space wars. However, as the `prime directive` to `Federation Starfleet` in the television series Star Trek (1965-) indicates, NASA mightn`t agree:


`The Prime Directive, also known as Starfleet General Order 1, was one of Starfleet's most important binding principles about noninterference in another culture's internal affairs, natural development and progression. The Prime Directive forbade Starfleet officers from interfering with the social order of any planet. Violation of the Prime Directive was generally considered a court martial offense followed by severe punishment unless sufficient justification can be made for the violation. Even though there have been incidents where Starfleet personnel have decided on strong ethical grounds to ignore the Prime Directive, on the whole it was believed to do a lot more good than harm.`1



 The concept of  `war games` and `plague aims` is supposedly counteracted by the notion of PC and `play games`, that is, `Starfleet General Order 1` is a `PC` or `politically correct` position, but PC `plague games` is what the USA invited by not distinguishing homosexual pederasty as `Greek` but rather describing it as `Trojan`, whereas `to work like a Trojan` is highly prized. In short, the USA preferred PC to PG and the result was the emergence of the `beast` of Revelation:


 `The number of a man is the number of the beast and his number is six hundred three score and six.`



 666 is 999 `reversed` because `Greek` is `the beast` and, while a worker from upstate New York`s city of Troy is a `Trojan`, 9/11 was similarly 911 `reversed`. Police, whether 999 or 911, are generally bullies, which the murders of Rodney King in the USA and Blair Peach in the UK revealed. Police are more interested in having PC `plague games` rather than providing `PG`, that is, `parental guidance` on what constitutes a `game`, rather than the careless observation that freely available `shoot `em ups` are `just a game`.



 Hollywood`s instantaneous reaction to 9/11 was to make the movie in the style of Towering Inferno and Die Hard, while the manufacturers of `plague games` for the `PC` was 9/11 in which the terrorists still crashed the planes into the Twin Towers of New York`s Ilium, but the firemen were mocked for their `political correctness` in `working like Trojans`.



 In the New Testament Jesus works for Redemption but is tortured to death by those who are bored, which is what 9/11 says that PC `plague games` does with workers because the police have replaced themselves with bullies and 999 has become `the beast` 666 on 9/11, which is the number of the police in New York and the rest of the USA.



 On the Oops I Did It Again soundtrack, the exhortation is heard `All aboard!` In hindsight it sounds like something similar to Tom Cruise`s starring movie Minority Report in which `precognition` workers  advise the `police` of the future where to be in order to prevent crimes from taking place. To the ears of those who would have prevented 9/11, `All aboard!` could either be perceived as mockery, or as an exhortation from someone in `precog`. Britney`s spaceman waits to give her a `gift`:


 `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?`



 The reference is to the `heart of the ocean`, which is the blue diamond pendant that Rose drops into the sea at the end of the movie Titanic as a memorial for her lost love who is drowned. Britney`s `All aboard!` implies `Man overboard!` because of the `precog` theme of `reversal`. The Greeks termed `reversal` enantiodromia because overemphasis on one valence turns into its opposite; for example, `PG` comes to stand for `plague games`. In even less romantic terms, it`s `Man over. Bored.` Britney`s aware that the `plague game` is the `ova board`. She somersaults to stand before the spaceman `chess style` in black skirt, boots and white blouse, but her lyric belies `head over heels in love`:


 `I played with your heart, got lost in the game.`



 The `game` is the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty`s war `plague aims`, and the `ova board` is where the `game` is played. If women remember men as their captors, the `game` is `ova`; because the births of boy sons are necessary for young girls to be fooled into fostering the alien parasitical viral life form, that is, men`s promulgation of war through the blood of women as the `boys & us` plague to which she perforce gives birth as the enslaved `host` womb of their poisons.



 There`s a fork beside the spacehelmet of Britney`s spaceman as he films her in her white bikini dress. Her giant `devour ring`, and the `fork`, are symbols of the `red dragon` and HIV/AIDS, the `blood plague` of Revelation, which in diverse ways consumes women and her Earth. Britney`s spaceman has `invaded` her Mars, so now she`s an alien `Martian`, which is what lesbians are taught, and Britney`s repeatedly stated she`s `bisexual`. In her red suit, white bikini dress, and black mini-skirted with white blouse in Oops I Did It Again, Britney`s `many` or `Athenai`. On her own `red planet` she`s futanarian Athena who`s won her campaign to have the `plague games` understood and doesn`t want renewal for the bullying cycle of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s devourment of herself and her daughters` species.



An Orange

07/08/2012 11:59

An Orange


Miriam Fares is Lebanese and a `pop` star in Arabia, famous for her `henna`, that is, `orange` hair dye. Her video single Don`t Ask Me features Jack Pumpkinhead, a Hallowe`en character from American folklore with a head made out of an orange pumpkin. Hallowe`en on 31st October is the `witches` Sabbath` and All Saints` Eve in Catholicism when spirit and flesh are closest.



 In Don`t Ask Me Miriam makes smaller heads out of oranges, because she isn`t Adam`s Eve of New York`s `Big Apple` of 9/11. She`s Saddam`s Eve of Lebanon, that is, the `Big Orange` of Khafar Shlal, where she was born in Southern Lebanon. In Arabic Saddam means `crusher`, and so Miriam is an orange `crusher`, or a crusher`s `orange`, depending on whether you believe she`s Saddam`s orange or her orange is Saddam.



 In the Bible Eve is described as crushing the head of the evil serpent before she leaves Earth to sow her seed in heaven. There she fights a war against the evil serpent`s seed and receives a new heaven and Earth from God to dwell in. She has seed of her own because she`s futanarian woman with a penis of her own and so she is a unified species, which is what All Saints Eve`s union of spiritual and physical realms presages.



 In the video Don`t Ask Me Jack Pumpkinhead is armed with a rifle, and Miriam is a small orangehead maker because she`s `crushed`. Jack Pumpkinhead represents the USA with the pump action shotgun, and Miriam with the other `orangeheads` aren`t Americans. Miriam is playing a figure like the English King Charles II`s mistress, Nell Gwynne, who once said: `Oranges are not the only fruit.` Indeed, there are American apples, and Britney`s pears, but to Jack Pumpkinhead with his pump action shotgun they`re only apples, oranges, and pears.



 To the USA Miriam`s Eve`s Saddam`s oranges rather than Eve`s Adam`s apples. Just another woman who wants to crush the head of the serpent and leave. In Revelation the `hidden` woman gives birth to the `New Redeemer` while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour her child. The appearance of the `red dragon` coincides with that of the `blood plague` in Revelation because it`s a symbol of homosexual pederasty, war and plague (HIV/AIDS), which God attempted to eradicate in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the `cities of the plains` (Gen: 18,19).



 Ancient Greece was founded on homosexual pederasty and the enslavement of women`s wombs for the sole purpose of promulgating itself through war, which became the `plague` of Western Europe. The Greek horse before Troy was a manifestation of the Greek plague as a virus that the Trojans were `taken in` by. The Trojans thought the huge wooden horse was a `friendship token` but, concealed within, the Greeks emerged to enslave the wombs of the women of Troy and further promulgate their `plague`.



 9/11 was a manifestation of the `Greek horse` and its virus of `friendship feigned` to promulgate war. The ticket-buying visitors from Boston, Massachussetts, impolitely crashed their `civil` aircraft into the Twin Towers of New York`s Ilium, that is, the `city of the planes`, after hijacking them in September 2000. A manifestation of homosexual pederasty, 9/11  was a spreading of the `psychological` and `biological warfare` aims of the `red dragon` of Revelation, which had begun with the USA`s 50s arming of their `friend` Saddam Hussein with what became the 3rd largest army in the world and that had made its viral presence felt in the last quarter of the 20th century as HIV/AIDS and other STDs that `feigned friendship` while seeking the death of the body:


`Hi Jack Pumpkinhead!`



 In Don`t Ask Me Miriam is observing that 9/11 was a Hallowe`en nightmare. The USA`s commonality associated the Twin Towers with John F. Kennedy I and II, who were both `Jack`, which idiomatically means `zero`. At Pearl Harbour Japanese Mitsubishi `zero` fighters flew as suicide pilots into the ships of the US fleet on 7th December 1941 and so Al Qaeda`s terrorist hijackers of 9/11 were `zero` fighters.  The `game` of `Jacks` was devised from `ankle bones` by Greek besiegers before the walls of Troy. The `Talus` bone had six valences, and the `game` was to throw a stone into the air and pick up the `jacks` before catching the stone. Consequently, the `plague game` of 9/11 was to `pick up`. The six pointed `Jacks` were the planes that weren`t `picked up` on the radar of the USA`s defence system. 9/11 was an `Achilles heel` because the jacks` game furthered the war aims of the `red dragon` against the `hidden` woman destined to crush its head with her heel.



 In the mythology of the ancient Greeks Talos was the giant bronze figure whose role was to hurl rocks at invaders. The goddess Medea pulled out his ankle pin so that his body fluid ran out and he died. Talos` `Achilles heel` was that he had only one vein or `valence`, which is what the Manichaean dualism of God and Satan teaches. New York`s Adam`s Eve`s `Big Apple` but, to a `serpent`, Miriam Fares is Lebanon`s Saddam`s Eve.



 Miriam Fares is a Moslem for whom Jesus is the most important prophet after Mohammed, to whom the angels dictated the Koran, the Moslem `holy book`. As a Moslem, Miriam Fares is an `orange` of Adam`s, because the `fruit of the knowledge of good and evil` is unspecified generically, whereas Christianity`s `valence` after 9/11 is to condemn as a `damn orange` what isn`t an apple, while Miriam Fares` name means `knight of the virgin`.



 Jesus was conceived to Mary without a man`s semen, which suggests either a futanarian woman with a penis of her own, who is able to self-fertilize, or parthenogenesis as prefiguring a new species. Jesus is Mary`s `knight of God` who, after he`s tortured and murdered by supporters of the `red dragon`, has `Ascension` to heaven, but reappears in Revelation to defend the `Advent` of the `hidden` woman with the `Sword`.



 Talos was a US ship based missile system of the late 50s styled on the idea of the Greek figure who threw rocks at ships. The statue of Liberty in New York Harbor is a symbol of welcome and is noticeable for not having any rocks to throw:


 `Give me your tired, your poor,

 Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these,

the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!`



 Another pop star is Britney Spears, who`s a symbol of Manifest Destiny and the American Dream. According to biblical tradition the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus is the Spear of Destiny, because it was responsible for piercing the side of Jesus after his crucifixion and death. Effectively heralding the emergence of the Holy Spirit or Paraclete as the `teacher` upon the Earth after Jesus` Ascension to heaven. Symbolically, the spear became spears because the Paraclete or Holy Spirit is the multivalent `spirit of God`, which appears in the Old Testament as the feminine Shekinah dwelling within the Ark of the Covenant of God`s `Promise`:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` - Piece Of Me



 According to tradition the point of the spear was separated from the shaft around 615 AD when it fell into the hands of the pagans:


`Phineas ordered the Spear forged to symbolise the magical powers inherent in the blood, a bloodline free of ... contamination, of God's Chosen People, but especially the Judahites - the people who were destined through descending generations of their blood to prepare the ideal human body for the coming Messiah.`1



 If the spear is a symbol of protection, then it`s to be associated with the `New Redeemer` of Revelation and the `hidden` woman. From the side of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, is a `spear birth`. As a multivalent companion by the side of those who have accepted her, the Shekinah is `spears`, and Britney Spears on the cross on the cover for the single Piece Of Me would be a symbol of the spear`s pieces reforged.



 Liberty has a torch and a `votive tablet` on which is inscribed July 4th, American Independence Day. The `Greek horse` before Troy was deemed a `votive offering` because the Greeks were asking to be `recovered` by their homeland as they left in their ships. The `votive tablet` of Liberty in New York Harbour is similarly for `recovery` of American ships, but the `red dragon` of 9/11 wanted to affiance American Independence Day, that is, AID, as AID`S. Associating it with themselves as HIV/AIDS` `biological warfare` against the unborn `hosts` of women, that is, the devouring parasitical `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war`s, its associated `blood plague` valence of `blood feud` and vendetta between the `gay boy sons` would ensure that the world`s female valence wouldn`t recover.



 The `Greek horse` of Troy and the planes at the `city of the planes`, New York, were manifestations of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty, war and `blood plague`. Irrespective of whether Miriam Fares is Saddam`s orange, or Britney Spears is New York`s Adam`s apple, homosexual pederasty is a men`s `disease`. The enslavement of women`s wombs, in order to promulgate war and plague, is a manifestation of an alien parasitical viral life form masquerading as a `friend` of a species with its own penis. Troy and 9/11 are stories of men`s repeated treachery towards women who want to divorce themselves from the path of `evil doers`, which is why the Bible depicts the `hidden` woman of Revelation escaping from men and the Earth.



What Satanism Isn`t

04/08/2012 08:22

What Satanism Isn`t


A woman is like a starship. From the outside it`s more important to the person living inside than to the person who`s looking at it. Starships on Star Trek have shields, which correspond to a young woman`s hymen. Penetration is the essence of reproduction, and ancient Greece was founded on the principle of rape by homosexual pederasts who weren`t interested in the young woman they were looking at but wanted only to spread their `plague` by means of warfare. Against Troy the Greeks employed the ruse of a friendship `gift`, a huge wooden horse inside which they hid and waited for the Trojans to take it into the city where the Greeks emerged and enslaved the women as host wombs for more homosexual pederasty and `plague` through warfare.



 By the last quarter of the 20th century, homosexual pederasty`s virus of `rape` had developed into the disease HIV/AIDS, and the 21st century began with the `Greek horse` of terrorism masquerading as friendship, when Arabians from Boston, Massachussetts, hijacked `civil` aircraft and crashed them into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre. As with a woman and a starship, the WTC was more important to those looking out. Penetrating rape is basic to enslavement by homosexual pederasty, and a developed production, which the WTC represents, was the target of the `disease`, which doesn`t want woman to be able to `look out for herself`.



 In the Bible homosexual pederasty is described as the `red dragon`, and its `blood plague` of Revelation, which is HIV/AIDS, is its `biological warfare` against women`s wombs. According to Revelation the `hidden` woman of the Earth is protected from the devouring `red dragon` by the `New Redeemer`, which suggests a condom. But that`s what a starship is. From the point of view of a woman who wants to protect her hymen from rape by homosexual pederasts who want to enslave her womb. Of course, from the point of view of the `red dragon` and `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty a starship is a devourer.



 In Revelation the `hidden` woman is depicted as leaving the Earth to `sow` her own `seed` in heaven, where she fights against the evil serpent`s `seed` who attack her from Earth. She defeats them and they receive perdition while she receives a new heaven and Earth, which means that women with their own penis leave the Earth as a species and do not return.



 9/11`s Twin Towers were a symbol of development `reaching for the stars`, and their destruction was a curtailing of development. In effect, the Twin Towers were the hymen of Liberty, and she was attacked to promulgate homosexual pederasty and warfare so she`d remain enslaved, would never have a starship of her own, and would never enjoy the stars independently of men. The development of humankind is `driven` by the penis, which is in fact female, and the alien parasitical viruses that are homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon` and `blood plague`, that is, men`s devouring starships, want to keep her enslaved as a producer of more plague and war.



 In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), instinctual, or libidic energy, which is sexual, transforms into spiritual or intellectual endeavour, and explains God`s exhortation to Adam and Eve to live `by the sweat of your brow`. God tells Eve `childbirth` will be `painful`, which accords with the `apocalyptic` birth of the `New Redeemer` from the `hidden` woman of Revelation, who leaves Earth after being `protected` by the `male child`.



 In Jungian psychology there are archetypes, which exist in the collective unconscious of humankind as `impulse engines` for species` development, and abstractly, or as helpful figures, appear in art, dreams, and the imagination, which means the figure of the `New Redeemer` is a `protector` of women, and so anything that defended her hymen, from a condom to a starship, was the `New Redeemer` before she left Earth.


preservativo femminile








 Because she`s futanar woman with her own penis, and so a species independent of men, she`s the solution to men`s `red dragon` of war and `blood, plague` of  homosexual pederasty`s promulgation of itself as an alien parasitical virus, which doesn`t want futanarian women to escape from Earth to the stars by means of her own penis; although the `New Redeemer` and the `hidden` woman of Revelation are those that are using their developmental capacity for inventive genius to devise a means of escape for her.



 Christianity is the perception that man and woman are a species, whereas Satanism is the perception that women are a species because they`re independently penised. The perception that those who develop are preyed upon by criminals is usual. But the perception of the penis as that which is responsible for development, and so is the serpent of Eden and Satan, is an evil device of those who want to kill those who want to develop themselves, and perhaps reach the stars in spaceships of their own devising.



 Because futanarian woman escapes from the Earth in Revelation, her penis is perceived by the evil as Satan`s, because Satan traditionally is prevented from leaving the Earth by God because he`s male. In Revelation God has secretly provided woman with a developing penis and she escapes, which means the concept of evil as being the penis itself - and Satan - is rectified by God.



Those who describe themselves as Satanists and laud 9/11 as a penis` development being killed by penetrating spears are not Satanists at all, but evil people who would kill the inventor of the impervious starship shield, that is, the penis, but not the inventiveness, and would seek to continue to mock, and sporadically enjoy the fruits of others` labours, because that`s what evil criminals do.


The Trojan Virus

03/08/2012 09:50

The Trojan Virus


In explaining that a `Trojan` was a virus the computer experts were programming the system with disaster, because to `work like a Trojan` is laudable.  Programmers effectively told the world that working was `viral`, and advocated `play games` only.



 In ancient Greece homosexual pederasty was promulgated by means of warfare, and the enslavement of women`s wombs. The `Greek horse` before Troy was the paradigmatic device by which homosexual pederasty was spread. The Greeks hid inside the huge wooden horse and left it at the city gates. The Trojans took it into the city as a `gift` and the Greeks emerged to capture the city.



 On 9/11 ticket-buying Arab terrorists from Boston, Massachussetts, `the Athens of America`, used civilian aircraft as `Greek horses` to penetrate the USA`s `defence system` and crash their hijacked planes into the Twin Towers of New York`s `Ilium`. Political correctness had labeled the virus as `Trojan`, but homosexual pederasty is notoriously `Greek`. Because the message sent by the computer industry and manufacturers of games` software was that a `Trojan` was `viral`, 9/11 was `plague, game` of homosexual pederasts using a `Greek horse` as an AIDS` test.



 Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan were `friends` of the USA against Iran and Russia. The device of the `Greek horse` is betrayal, and giving Saddam Hussein the world`s 3rd largest army was an AIDS test insofar as American Aid went. The airaids over New York, Virginia and Washington D.C., were `viral` but not `Trojan`, which meant America`s `friendship` had become a `Greek horse` built by themselves.



 The proof of 9/11 as a `game` for homosexual pederasty`s blood-sucking leeches is the city of Troy in Rensselaer county, New York State, because 9/11 was `hacked` not `hijacked` by terrorists, and the city of Troy was clearly the destination for the original `software` program.



The fact of 9/11`s occurrence was a `biblical` event announcing Revelation and the advent of the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty`s devouring `red dragon`. The valence of the alien parasitical viral life form`s `plague aims` was identified and destroyed by God at `the cities of the plains`, Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 18, 19), because it refused `good works` and would rather `play games`.




 The `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS derived from blood-sucking homosexual pederasty`s valence of sterile unproductivity while it leeched upon the wombs of women in order to continue to `play games` with God`s hate. Emerging in the 20th century as a form of `psychological` terrorism, and `biological warfare` against women and their wombs, the `red dragon` of HIV/AIDS` `blood plague` had become overtly terroristic by Revelation Day, 9/11, and New York`s `city of the planes`.


1 Albany International Airport is 6 miles from Troy.

The Cock, Gunned, Firers

02/08/2012 14:47

The Cock, Gunned, Firers


The 20th century was cursed by the HIV/AIDS virus, and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which were deemed by many to be the biblical `blood plague` of Revelation associated with the `red dragon` and its inability to devour the `New Redeemer` that `protects` the `hidden` woman before she leaves Earth.



 The 20th century was plagued by wars, and fear of hellfire is what the final book of the Bible advises because perdition awaits those who are punished by God for fighting against the woman of the Earth after she leaves to `sow` her own `seed` in heaven. In ancient Greece homosexual pederasty`s enslavement of women`s wombs by means of warfare was the means of spreading its plague.



 Before the walls of Troy the Greeks hid inside the `Greek horse` which the Trojans assumed was a `gift` and took it into the city where the Greeks emerged and captured the city. At the beginning of the 21st century the Americans were `taken in` by Arabians hiding inside aeroplanes. In a modern instance of the `Greek horse` the Arabians crashed them into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre.



 In the USA condoms are `Trojans` because to `work like a Trojan` is praiseworthy. The sexual metaphor isn`t misplaced. The devouring `red dragon` of Revelation is homosexual pederasty`s `blood plague`, which spreads by means of the `firers`, which is another way of describing warmongers and murderers. Because `cock` is a word for penis, and `cock` is the word used for preparing to fire a gun, firers (virus), cock, and gun are linguistically connected. As homosexual pederasty`s identifiable as the `red dragon` of Revelation and the `blood plague`, men are `firers`, virus, cock, and gun, which means that women are their `cunt`. Or, in other words, men who are the `firers`, virus, cock, and gun are not the `gunned` (cunt), who are the women victims of the homosexual pederasts.



 In Revelation the `hidden` woman of the Earth leaves to `sow` her own `seed` in heaven, which means she has a penis of her own ( ), and so is a species in her own right (without reference to men). Homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon` is the disease that is called `men`, and is a parasitical alien virus replicating in women`s wombs to kill her and the Earth. The `blood plague` is the disease that is called men`s, that is, HIV/AIDS and other STDs, and is homosexual pederasty`s parasitical alien virus replicating in her womb to kill her from within.



 Political correctness would have us believe that `Trojans` are viruses, whereas they`re spread by `Greek whores`, and `PC` experts would have us believe that homosexuals and women are the same species, whereas lesbians are definable as women who are able to recognize consciously, or unconsciously, that women are their species with its own penis and, according to Revelation, leave the Earth to avoid the disease that is men`s `PC`:


`Cunt, down!`



01/08/2012 12:18



The 20th century was marked by pogroms, which are concerted efforts to exterminate a people or peoples. The most obvious being the extermination of the Jews in the 1930s. Usually commentators fail to observe the obvious point that only women are Jews because it is only possible to be born as a Jew from a woman. The world appears to have been constructed as a misogynist `joke` by someone who hates women. Arabian scientists define the human embryo as a `leech`, and women are placed inside black bags to make them appear more leech-like:


`Then did he become a leech-like clot; then did (Allah) make and fashion (him) in due proportion.`1



 In medical terms, `clots` prevent circulation: `...[a] blood clot ... can travel through the blood stream and block [an] important [artery] ... and ... cause death.`2 Effectively the main arterial road for the retreating army of Saddam Hussein`s failed invasion of Kuwait was where the `clot` occurred that caused his death but, as the `Bag Daddy` of women`s imprisonment, he had sacks of `hidden` treasure. Baghdad`s women are the bags that are dad`s, because Saddad`s expect to `leech` again from those caves of Paradise and so the `old bags` must remain:


`A sunny pleasure-dome with caves of ice!`3



 In Arabian tradition the Paradise of Jennah is `hidden` and all around, because the women of the `abiyah` are the caves wherein the `houri` is contained. In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the `houri` corresponds to the anima or soul. If she were in heaven, the damned could not have her. So she`s kept here on Earth. In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, is ostensibly sent by God to teach mankind, whereas in fact she`s the rescuer of the immortal soul or anima, which is the representative of the female `Self` and not of the male.


 Jung writes of `archetypes` that appear abstractly, or personified, in works of art, dreams, or the imagination, to impel development. Because woman with a penis of her own is the human species, male developmental archetypes do not in fact exist, but appear in the mind, or externally, as `Greek horse` images.



 The ancient Greeks enslaved women`s `wombs` by means of homosexual pederasty and warfare. Against Troy the Greeks used the device of a huge wooden horse within which to hide themselves and capture the city when the Trojans accepted it as a `gift` left outside the walls. The supposed archetypes of the male ego, that is, the `heroes` of Jungian psychology, are a `Greek horse` for the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s enslaving of women`s minds and wombs to serve its promulgation of warfare against her and make extinct her `Self` and her Earth.



 In English history there`s a tradition of `liege lord`, which is a person to whom faithfulness is owed. `Bag Daddy` Saddam Hussein was the `leech lord` of those Iraqi women of Baghdad whose hourii were contained within the `caves` of their abiyahs. In Christianity Jesus is described as `the son of Man`, and `the son of God`, because he`s not a `leech`, which is what men are who are damned. In Revelation the `hidden` woman of the Earth leaves, and she does not return because she has her own `seed`, which fights a war in heaven against the evil serpent`s `seed`, who`d rather be her `leeches` and keep her but are defeated and, while she receives a new heaven and Earth, the evil serpent`s `seed` receive unendurable eternal pain forever as their punishment for preferring to be `leeches`:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)



 In Japan there`s a practice of `foot binding`, which is another instance of the `sick` joke. The name for a woman who has her own penis is futanar, and the word is Japanese. If the `hidden` woman of Revelation escapes from the Earth it`s not because of the Japanese lack of trying to keep her here by `futanar binding` so she can`t run. In Hungarian, the word `fut` means `run`, whereas `tanar` means `teacher`. Teaching women not to `run out` on men is what the Japanese practice of `foot binding` means. Because the Bible tells us that she`ll leave the Earth for heaven.


 The Japanese tradition of the `son of heaven` is similar to that of the Islamic terrorist martyr. In 1941 Japanese Mitsubishi `zero` airplane pilots were sent on `suicide missions` as flying missiles against the US fleet at Pearl Harbour; an act of treachery foremost in the annals of perfidy. The crews were told they`d be `sons of heaven` because, if the Japanese women`s feet were bound to prevent them from escaping, their equivalent of the Arabian`s `houris` would be imprisoned upon the Earth as Paradise. The flaw in the reasoning, of course, is that killers are killers, which is why much of Japanese Manga art features the torture and murder of beautiful girls. Because that`s what `sons of heaven` do.


 Redemption is the recognition that women are a species with her own penis, but if men seek to keep her as `leech lords` they haven`t accepted Redemption and can`t have heaven above. Because, if a man can`t see Woman, as Woman, from Woman`s eyes, he`s not `Man`. Often it`s simply the memory of where you are as a woman. Jesus explains it in the New Testament where `love your neighbor as you love yourself` is Jesus` distillation of the law of God, because it`s the first step to recognizing that you are your neighbor, and so the woman is you.


 In Revelation the `hidden` woman`s leaving of the Earth effectively divorces herself from `Man`, because men are revealed by God as homosexual pederasty`s cancerous replicating parasitical alien viral life form that, in its final stages, produces HIV/AIDS, and other STDs, to attack the wombs of women as a species.


 9/11 continued the paradigm of treachery`s tacit agreement with itself to masquerade as `conventional warfare` in order to wage `psychological and biological warfare` against women`s minds and wombs, so keeping her in doomed ignorance of her role as the `Greek whores` aimed at upstate Troy, New York, promulgating the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s `blood plague` of war against herself:


`And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.` (Rev: 17.5)



 The `mystery` is how woman could allow herself to willingly serve the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s war against her Earth. Because `evil` is the `father of lies`.



 During the Gulf War `insurgents` were called `Ali Baba` by the US Army, which is erroneous because the story of Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves from 1001 Nights is about a `good` man who discovers a horde of treasure inside a cave kept by thieves. In the Koran there is a similar tale:


 `Some number of young monotheistic men lived in a time where they were persecuted. They fled the city together, and took refuge in a cave where they fell asleep.`


 They awake to find themselves in Paradise. The blackness of the `abiyah` suggests the darkness of a cave, and suicide bomb attacks by women were perceived as `Ali Baba` because, as in Vietnam and Korea, the US Army was deluded into ambushment by their falsely perceiving as `good men`, those who shouted, as if they were wounded comrades:


`Help me!`


 Women in Iraq and elsewhere were perceived as `non-combatant` prior to their suicidal attacks on Coalition security forces. According to tradition Islamic martyrs enter into Paradise, and so death is an `Open Sesame` to the `cave of treasure`. In Christianity the notion of the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ to heaven is associated with the cave where Jesus` body was placed after his crucifixion and death. In Islam Jesus is a Prophet second only to the Prophet Mohammed to whom God`s angels dictated the Moslem`s holy book of the Koran in which the `houri` are described:


`... the ḥūr or ḥūrīyah (Arabic: حورية‎) are commonly translated as `(splendid) companions of equal age (well-matched)`, `lovely eyed`, of `modest gaze`, `pure beings` or `companions pure` of paradise, denoting humans and jinn who enter paradise after being recreated anew in the hereafter.`



 Jesus was the `first martyr` of Christianity, and emerged from the cave to enter into heaven. The Cave, Sura 18 from the Koran, confirms that`s what persecuted men do. In Christianity, heaven is `above` whereas, in the Moslem tradition, heaven is all around but `hidden`. Because Paradise is heaven`s `gateway`, for men like Baghdad`s Saddam Hussein it`s theirs to keep. Because they know from the story of Jesus that men follow a `good man` in order to kill him, and so it`s what the followers of the `good man` would do in heaven, which is why `Ali Baba` is an `insurgent` to the US Army.



 In Revelation the `hidden` woman gives birth while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour her `New Redeemer`, who`ll protect her until she leaves. The name `Saddam` means `crusher`, and the `hidden` woman of the Earth is depicted in the Bible as `crushing` the `head` of the `evil serpent` before she leaves. One among many `cyphers` to appear in the picture painted in Revelation of Woman as a re-emerging species is Saddam Hussein`s.


 Although the women of Islam are caves, technologically they`re `holos`. In the Middle Ages the correspondent device was the `Iron Maiden`, which is a sarcophagus resembling the darkness of the `abiyah` inside which a victim is placed. A `holo` of the tortured person appears outside the contraption, and often pairs of lovers are used to make `holos` for the persecutors. In terms of The Cave Sura, it`s a `Satanic` reversal in which the `hidden` are persecuted and tormented when they emerge from Jesus` tomb.



 In Eden the evil `serpent` is often described as the `worm` in the apple of Eve, because the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` was given to Eve by the evil serpent to tempt Adam. God told the pair they could eat of the fruit of the `tree of life`, but not of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, which effectively means God`s apples weren`t `boy sons`.



 9/11`s attack upon New York`s World Trade Centre, where terrorist`s hijacked planes to crash them into the Twin Towers and `poison` the `Big Apple` was the serpent`s spreading its `boy sons` as it continued to penetrate Eve.


 9/11 took place `live` on CNN and other TV news channels. In the West television is broadcast on a `TV set` and, in the Middle Eastern mythology of ancient Egypt, the evil Set dismembers Osiris, whose parts, collected and put together by the goddess Isis, correspond in Christianity to the wisdom garnered by Eve from the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` in Eden, and collected in the `Big Apple` of New York 2000 years after Christ.



 Because the `hidden` futanarian woman has her own `seed` to `sow`, the evil `seed` of the serpent doesn`t want her to leave because she represents a threat to their `TV set`. If woman has a penis, she`s a species, and men are `aliens` breeding her so they can watch `TV war` in the Gulf (1990-2011) as an `entertainment` for the `elite male alien`.



 The `blood plague` of the `red dragon` is the aspect of Revelation that`s attributable to ancient Greece`s enslavement of women`s `wombs` by means of homosexual pederasty and warfare. Essentially the city of Troy is a `condom` protecting the Trojan women against the parasitical alien virus that, by the last decades of the 20th century, had become HIV/AIDS` `blood plague`, and further entertainment for the `TV set` of telephone numbered `beasts`. The `number of the beast` of Revelation is 666, which is 999 reversed, and so was 911 on 9/11. Because elite male aliens arm police with bullies` radio phones:


`Watching the Earth being, over.`


 Hate masquerading as love is what the `red dragon` practices as `psychological` and `biological` warfare, but the condom`s strength is enough. If the shield functions, the `virus` can`t penetrate. Military `rules of engagement` are about deciding how weak the shield should be. But the paradigm is friendship and love for the virgin innocence of the woman behind it, who`s taught penetration is desirable, not that it`s a `conventional war` against her.



 In the TV series` Star Trek, starship`s shields are `complimented` by weapons, but it`s an extrapolation determined by `convention`. Shield penetration is a `flaw` built into the archetypal structure of male female relations that relates to the `Fall of Man`, because sexual penetration is the means whereby the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty enslaves women as `host` wombs for its parasitical alien virus of devouring warfare. Because the concept of shield penetrability is a part of any and all human defence systems, Eve`s `Original Sin` was to accept the `evil` serpent`s programme of self-defeat, that is, a `snuff movie` mogul`s pogrom against her.



 The 21st century began with the `Greek horse` in the form of `civil` aircraft hijacked by Arabian terrorists penetrating US` defences to crash into the Twin Towers of New York and spread its `virus` of war. The last quarter of the 20th century had been preparing homosexual pederasty`s devouring `red dragon`. The `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS employed the microcosmic device of `friendship` for the human immune system in order to kill it, which 9/11`s friendly ticket-buying `visitors` duplicated macrocosmically in renewal of the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s paradigmatic feigning of friendship in order to kill.


1 Koran, 75.38




3  Samuel Taylor Coleridge Kubla Khan, l. 36, 1816.

The Gold And Treachery Of Nursery Chrymes

30/07/2012 12:38

The Gold And Treachery Of Nursery Chrymes



In Childhood`s End Arthur C. Clarke depicts humanity leaving Earth. In Revelation, humanity is defined as the `hidden` woman protected by the `New Redeemer` until she leaves to `sow` her own `seed` amongst the stars, where she fights and wins a war against the evil serpent`s `seed` from Earth, before receiving a new heaven and Earth from God, while the evil receive perdition. Because she has her own `seed` to `sow` the woman who leaves for the stars has her own penis, which means she`s futanarian, and her leaving is an escape from `childhood`.



 Childhood is depicted as innocence, while a `hood` is an evil member of a gang. Greek history is that of homosexual pederasty`s enslavement of women`s wombs in order to spread their `plague aim` of war, while the `Greek horse`, taken in to Troy by the Trojans, who believed it to be a `gift`, is prototypical of war as `plague`, and men who `plague, games` of deception in order to betray innocence. Similarly, the `civil` aircraft hijacked by the ticket-buying terrorists from Boston, Massachussets, were `Greek horses` crashing into the Twin Towers of New York and spreading the `plague, game`.



 Because the `plague` is poison, the `boy sons` of the ancient Greek homosexual pederast`s were `poisons`: `In the beginning was the word and the word was God,` Genesis begins, and the `childhood` of God`s `hidden` woman, with a penis of her own, and so a species in her own right, ends in Revelation when the poison (boy, son) `hood` is left behind because woman as a species with her own penis doesn`t need a man.



 Personal computer `PC`, and `politically correct` (PC) `geeks` would have us believe that Trojans are a virus, whereas a `Trojan` is a condom and `work like a Trojan` is a eulogy. `PC` has inaccurately determined that a `Trojan` is a virus whereas a `Greek horse` is a virus, which means that `PC` is an example of what the Greeks termed enantiodromia, where devotion to an extreme position results in the opposite.



 In English, 999 is the `PC` number, that is, the `police constable` will respond to a 999 call. In Revelation, `the number of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six`, which is 666 or `PC` reversed. The analogy could be extended. In English, `bullies` would be the `police` reversed, which is 999 to 666. The number of the NYPD is 911 and 911 is the number of `PC` in the USA. 911 was the date of the terrorist attack on New York because it`s 911 reversed. The Bible would have to have been construed, in English, at its inception in Genesis, which means 911`s God`s omniscience.



 Insofar as `Providence` explains the devouring `red dragon` of Revelation, which waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`, that is, the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty`s enslavement of women and devourment of her as the `Big Apple`, is the `plague, game` plan. Revelation is the fact that the Bible translates into English `Word` (MS). Either that, or it`s a `joke` written by (or about) an English `police constable`.



 The conclusion to be drawn from woman`s escape from Earth is that she`s leaving behind an alien virus that didn`t want her to live as a species with her own penis and `sow` her `seed` amongst the stars but follows her and makes war against her.



 All aliens in science fiction represent women, or an aspect of men`s relations with them. Often it`s a matter of juxtaposition. In the movie, Swamp Thing, the `monster` carries an unconscious Heather Locklear into the everglades. If `Swamp Thing` was a woman with a penis, Heather`d be carried over the `threshold` in the traditional `after wedding` accompaniment to the bride`s arriving at her new home. Rescuing her from the burning house, `Swamp Thing` is a `hero` but, like King Kong, with Fay Wray in the palm of his hand, foreshadowing 9/11 as he clambers to the top of the Empire State building to be shot down by aircraft, or Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin`s `monster` in Frankenstein, who`s attacked by villagers for murdering a young woman, he wants a woman, and so is alien to homosexual pederasty because he doesn`t seek violence.



 Swamp Thing is a boy sons (poisons) movie, because it first `fathers`, and then `fosters` the delusion the monster is a `hero`, whereas the `monster` is a `stunt double` for a homosexual who wants to replace the man, or the woman, with a `Greek whore`, that is, a woman who`ll produce more boy sons (poisons) for (and from) women`s wombs. Any woman is a target for the `Greek whores`, which appear in Revelation, along with the four whores` men of the apocalypse; war, pestilence, famine, and plague:


`And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.` (Rev: 17.5)



 Greek homosexual pederasty`s enslavement of women`s wombs for the purposes of promulgating the devourer war, shifted its emphasis to `blood, plague` in the 20th century. It became HIV/AIDS, and `live` on Hollywood`s `baby` Babylon, that is, television`s `small screen`, 9/11`s `Greek horse` abomination was the terrorist hijackers` crashing of `civil` aircraft into the Twin Towers with the `plague aim` of spreading `biological warfare` against women as a species with her own penis; to `plague, game` and prevent her from being born. Either by means of war, plague and famine, which is `sex starvation` through terror of sex and the nurturing of homosexual pederasty`s boy sons (poisons), that is, the devouring `red dragon` of hate for women, and death to her.



 In the 9/11 `movie` it was Saddam that wanted the `Big Apple` of New York`s Eve, according to the `baby` Hollywood `Dream Factory` of TV. But the terrorist hijackers flew from Boston, Massachussetts. In any event, noone got the girl because she wasn`t wanted. As in recent Hollywood movies like Nightmare On Elm Street, Fire Walk With Me, Saw, Scream, etc., noone wants the girl, and in fact she`s murdered to underline the `message` of 9/11. The woman and her penis aren`t to be seen on TV or anywhere. The psychopath and the `monster` are interchangeable. Heather Locklear, in the arms of Swamp Thing, is where the woman doesn`t believe she wants to be, so the `monster` is a `stunt double` for woman with a penis of her own, and the psychopath (boy son, poison) doesn`t want the woman to be, and so is a `real monster` but looks like where the woman has been told she wants to be. In Alien, and its subsequent avatars, Sigourney Weaver is attacked by monsters, who are `stunt doubles ` for men, because they don`t want her to be. The `Greek whore` is the woman, who`s been taught she doesn`t want the `other` woman to be, because she isn`t for producing boy sons (poisons) with the `Greek corps`, and so the `evil` woman is the genuine `alien`, because she`s more difficult to analyze. Demi Moore in Charlie`s Angels, or Deborah Unger in Payback:


`Porter is shot by his wife and best friend and is left to die. When he survives he plots revenge.`



Lynn Porter, and Val Resnick, are the Greek whore`s spreading of the plague, but it`s a Hollywood delusion. Mel Gibson has the role of `Porter` and he`s confusing as a hero, because he`s a criminal, but not if you`re interested in having sexual intercourse. Payback is the awareness that homosexuals are behind you, and they`re hard when they don`t want you to be.



 In English theatre `Pantomime` has the catchphrase, `Behind you!` It features a principal male character played by a female, and so the allusion is to the `hidden` woman of the Earth with her own penis as a species. The catchphrase aimed at warning her of the presence of the villain means the homosexual wants to be, `Behind you!` Because the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon` doesn`t want the woman to escape, so that it can continue to use the Earth as its `snuff mill`.



 In the Bible the `hidden` woman is depicted as `crushing the head of the serpent with her heel` as she leaves, and so the timeliness of the warning `Behind you!` If you allow a man into your anus, he`ll live it up like HIV/AIDS while you die of him. In The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Ichabod is scared to death by the `headless horseman` as a common instance of terrorism `disguised` as Romance. `Bod` had a rival for a woman, `Bones`. Most literary critics perceive `Bones` as the `headless horseman`, who is `plague and famine` because `Bones` wants to frighten and turn `Bod` off from desiring the woman, and so the `headless horseman` represents sex terror. `Bod` is the `hollow` man in The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, that is, men are the parasitical alien life form that preys on the wombs of women, and so are the `Greek horse`, the `Greek whore`s`, the plague, `game` and the transmission of death`s `seed` by `Bod` so women`s future progeny will be `hollow` too.



 In the 90s Star Trek the notion of the `holo deck` aboard the Starship Enterprise reflected upon the 60s Star Trek TV series` successful `camp` atmosphere, a term denoting homosexual humour. The idea of being hollowed out from behind while laughing at the `camp` humour is homosexual. Batman and Robin is similarly `camp`. Robin, the junior partner in the crimefighting duo, remonstrates with Batman, because of his seeming infatuation with the criminal Catwoman:


`You were taken in by her, but I'm too young for that sort of thing.`



 In the `Greek` camp before Troy, the Greeks plot to take the city by constructing their huge wooden horse; inside which they hide men before leaving. The Trojans take the horse into Troy, and the Greeks emerged in the night to capture the city for homosexual pederasty, and the enslaving of women`s wombs, so promulgating war as their `plague, games` media:


`Beware Greeks bearing gifts.`



 In ancient Greek civilization and culture the Kore was the mother-daughter relationship, which is central to the concept of the futanarian woman, who is woman as a species with her own penis. A `Greek horse` is any man who`d want the woman`s daughter, because it`s how homosexual pederasty spreads. The mother-daughter relationship is the `Greek Kore` of Demeter, the golden corn goddess, and Persephone is the goddess of spring, or green corn, which effectively means Woman`s exclusivity as a species with her own penis.



 Often pornography is defined as `soft core` or `hard core`, which derives from the Greek Kore, because if pornography is sex within a species, as defined on planet Earth, women are the only humans, and pornography can`t be made because men aren`t pornography but women and the Earth`s `disease`. The role of the alien in science fiction is their extrapolation of themselves. In movies such as War Of The Worlds, Independence Day, and Mars Attacks; for example, the Earth is invaded by aliens who destroy the planet in the same way that men do. Because it`s how men behave towards the Earth and the women who are the species upon it.



 Pornography, as made by men, is Prelude. The function of the woman in the movies is an excuse to ostensibly portray rape, murder, and ruin as `evil` impinging upon the person of the `good` woman, who is rescued by men in some convoluted way, so justifying homosexual pederasty`s brutal devouring alien life form. Pornography made by women would be more like science fiction. Effectively, there`d be a mother-daughter `hard Kore` - and they would decide.




The Penis Killers

28/07/2012 08:13

The Penis Killers


Most of the people who are attracted to Satanism are sexually motivated. The tradition of Wicca is the worship of god and goddess in rituals that are sexual, whereas Satanism is sexual power over the `other`, which is why wicca is `white` magic based on harmony, and Satanism is `black` magic based on the subjection of one will to another. Consequently, `black magic` is associated with sado-masochism.



 In the Bible, the `red dragon` of Revelation waits in vain to devour the child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who`ll protect her while she`s `hidden` and until she leaves Earth to `sow` her own `seed` in heaven. There she fights a war against the evil serpent`s `seed` and receives a new heaven and Earth while the evil receive perdition.



 In ancient Greece homosexual pederasty`s enslavement of women`s womb was spread by the virus of war. The `red dragon` of Revelation is a metaphor for the spread of conventional war and HIV/AIDS as a biological weapon of homosexual pederasty against women as a species with her own penis because the virulent parasite from her womb, that is, men, doesn`t want her to escape from its plague, war.



 The development of the woman`s penis is the long delayed `Advent` of the Messiah. In Judaism `wife worship` was repressed in the Old Testament, primarily because the Shekinah or `spirit of God` was female and, in the New Testament, she has procreative powers as the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, who quickened the ovum of the Virgin Mary, which suggests the Holy Spirit has a penis of her own, and that the Paraclete`s an aspect of the species` Woman.



 Because men are an evil parasitical viral alien that uses women as a `host` womb for the devouring `red dragon` of war as homosexual pederasty`s killing of the penis` developmental capability, Satanism is `wife worship`, because Satan, for homosexual pederasts, is woman as a species with her own penis. In other words, a Satanist is someone who knows that women are a species with their own penis, and `wife worship` is the means to liberate her.



 If lesbians don`t have a penis, but there are women who do have a penis, as futanarian women have ( ), lesbians are normal women who are species` complimented by futanarian women. Consequently, `wife worship` is regarded as Satanism, because of the perception that women have a penis, and so are a species, whereas men who leech on her developers as blood-suckers preparing to devour her development in war, are the parasites of the `blood plague` of Revelation proliferating by means of homosexual pederasty.



 In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), instinct and spirit are a valence dependent on sexual instinct, or libidic energy which, in the psychology of the repression theorist Sigmund Freud, means art, literature, civilization and culture are reducible to `nothing but` the yearnings of the repressed penis. Freud`s simplest example is of the space rocket, and Jungian psychology observes there are archetypes of the unconscious that are collective, which Jung calls facultas praeformandi, and that enable humanity through art, dreams, and imagination. The best known is the archetype of the ourobouros serpent`s providing the basis for a scientist`s modelling of the benzene molecule.1 Insofar as the ourobouros serpent represents instinctual developmental energy transformed by means of the imagination into spiritual or intellectual form, it`s symbolic of the mind that won`t let go of an idea, and of the idea that won`t let go of the mind, which is what instinctual libido, and sexual energy, represent.



 Homosexual pederasty`s devouring `red dragon` is a penis killer, either by means of `Greek whores` diseases like HIV/AIDS or other STDs, which the Bible terms `blood plague`, or by the `Greek horse` means of treachery and murder. War is a viral attack on the body politic`s `immune system`, which becomes a `defence system` when the body politic is attacked. If the `virus shield` is strong enough, then war as a policy is a failure and the condom is the prototypical `defence system`.



Whereas wicca and Satanism are perceived as opposites, they are in fact complementary, because wicca is Christian insofar as it`s based on monogamy, while Satanism is Christian insofar as it`s based on the biblical Revelation in which the `hidden` woman with a penis is a future species from the planet Earth. What`s perceived as `Satanist` is actually nihilism. Failure to wear a condom promulgates the biblical `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s `blood, plague` of Mars, god of war, and the USA gave Saddam Hussein the 3rd largest army in the world to defend itself.



 The killing of the penis` development, represented at the beginning of the 21st century by the attack upon New York`s Saddam and Eve`s `Twin Towers` was the prototypical device of ancient Greek homosexual pederasty. In Greek history, the `Greek horse` was a betrayers` device used to conceal the alien parasitical virus, that is, men, and have the huge wooden `gift` taken into the city of Troy by the unsuspecting Trojans. Inside, the Greeks emerged to capture the city and enslave the `wombs` of the women for homosexual pederasty, so making them `Greek whores`.



The USA was `taken in` by the `Greek horse` of the terrorist `civil` aircraft, as hijacking visitors from Boston, Massachussets, transformed New York into the `city of the planes` of Revelation by crashing them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre. God had already destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, the `cities of the plains` (18,19), to punish homosexual pederasty and sado-masochism. The USA was `taken in` by the `virus` of Al Qaeda`s `Greek horse` into spreading homosexual pederasty`s devouring `red dragon` of `biological warfare` as a `weapon of mass destruction`. The meaning of `Al Qaeda` is `the base`, and `basic` was Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda`s `lesson`:


`Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.`


 9/11 wasn`t Satanism but nihilist insofar as it represented the `plague aim` of  killing the penis` development, which is how the homosexuals `play games` with the penis, irrespective of their sexuality; in other words, homosexuality is a valence of evil and that`s why God hates it. At the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion Jesus offered `bread and wine` in fellowship, and in the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table, fellowship is the basic principle which is carried forward to the modern era as the `rotary club`. In Eden, Adam and Eve perceived themselves to be naked after encountering the serpent, which means that `Sir Valence` had begun. The serpent`s tempting of Eve with the `apple` of Eden prefigures homosexual pederasty`s enslavement of woman`s `womb`, in order to devour her as the `red dragon` war, and 9/11`s `Big Apple` was the `Advent` of the killer of the penis and all its works.



 Homosexual pederasty`s torture and murder of Jesus is a nihilist pattern for those who hate the penis. The liberation of the `hidden` woman at the close of Revelation with her own penis, and capacity to `sow` her own `seed`, is Redemption of the `seed` of Satan in the shape of the woman`s penis, whereas the evil serpent`s `seed`, that is, men who do not accept Redemption and the liberation of Woman and are condemned to perdition, are the penis killers of homosexual pederasty, and `Sir Valence` is looking at yours.



1 Friedrich August Kekulé, 1865.

The Hot Jugular Cassette

26/07/2012 12:03

The Hot Jugular Cassette


The word `jug` has a sexual connotation, which accords with the perceptions that the breasts of a woman are `jugs` that contain milk. Those of men don`t contain milk, which suggests milk is for their daughter, a supposition borne out in Judaism where, in effect, it is only possible to be born a Jew if you are a woman.1



 In Revelation, the `red dragon` is a symbol of war, as the devouring `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty, which waits to devour the `New Redeemer`, destined to protect the woman, `hidden` upon the Earth, before she leaves to `sow` her `seed` in heaven. In ancient Greece, society was based on the principle that war was a means to spread homosexual pederasty, and women were enslaved `wombs` from which they emerged to `plague, games` of assault.



 Against Troy, the Greeks employed the typical homosexual approach of the `Greek horse`, inside which they `hid`. The `Greek horse` is anything which looks inviting and harmless, but if you are taken in by it, you`ll experience disaster. The Greeks emerged from the huge wooden `Greek horse`, to capture Troy and enslave the women as `host` wombs, and spread their disease of homosexual pederasty and war, which is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 18,19). HIV/AIDS is derived from anal sex and is a killer inside women`s wombs:


`Beware Greeks bearing gifts.`



 The `hidden` woman of the Earth prepares to fight a victorious war against the evil serpent`s `seed`, who receive perdition, while she receives a new heaven and Earth. Because she `sows` her own `seed`, she has her own penis, which futanarian women have (  Men don`t have breasts because they`re homosexual pederasty`s parasitical alien viral form, that is, men aren`t human, whereas women are a species, and that`s why the Bible is about Redemption.  T.S. Eliot, in The Wasteland, `twits` male consciousness for rape:


`Twit twit twit

Jug jug jug jug jug jug

 So rudely forc'd.




 In Greek mythology, Tereu was the king who raped Philomela and then cut out her tongue so that she couldn`t speak. She was transformed into a nightingale so her song could be heard. Giving birth is what makes women vulnerable, which is why homosexual Greek pederasts raped them, and `jug` is a word signifying `coitus` because of its sound. The boy sons (poisons, HIV/AIDS, etc.) aren`t human, but alien parasitical viral life forms stealing breast milk from the woman whose nipple they`re sucking on, which means that they`re boy sons (poisons; mastitis, etc.) at the breast as well as boy sons (poisons; HIV/AIDS, STDs, etc.) from her womb.



The mythology of the Amazons was that a woman had her breast removed so that she could use a bow and arrow more readily, which is a metaphor for what a woman is prepared to do to defend her daughters. A single breast mastectomy is a symbol both of the poisonous (boys & us) nature of homosexual pederasty`s parasitical alien viral life form, and the woman`s final aim of holding her daughter to her breast, rather than her boy sons (poisons; mastitis, and mastectomy). In other words, the Amazon woman is prepared to remove one breast, rather than have the poisonous (boys & us) serpent suckle upon her nipple:


`And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.` (Rev: 17.5)


 The concomitant of the `Greek horse` is the `Greek whores`, that is, the poisoners (boys & us), which the Bible condemns in the `eleventh commandment`:


 `Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live`, where witch is `poisoner` and she is the `Greek whores`, that is, `the boys & hearse`, which is the `Greek horse` as the wooden `coffin` of the `hidden` woman, the Earth`s true species, whom the alien parasitical viral poisons (boy sons; HIV/AIDS, STDs, mastitis, etc.) want to hide more thoroughly in her grave.



 In Egyptian mythology, the god Osiris is dismembered by his evil brother Set, and his parts are scattered to the four corners of the Earth by dogs, who bury them where they become bones. In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), there are four functions of consciousness necessary for the complete functioning of an individual human being. Jung`s four functions correspond to the four corners of the Earth, and Isis` restoring of Osiris is the articulation of the four functions, represented by her giving him a new penis, symbolizing the sum of knowledge gained from this sojourn upon the Earth by God incarnate in humankind. Since the descent of the Paraclete, or fourfold `spirit of God`, as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, God`s awareness from that incarnation is functional differentiation insofar as Revelation denotes an awakening knowledge of women as a species and men as her virus.



 The `TV set` is the bones of woman`s `box`, where we watch her die in her latest struggle to be born. In 21st century terms, the `TV Set` is the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty`s devouring `red dragon` of Revelation`s `plague games` of warfare and terrorism. As the Gulf`s `TV war` and `Greek horse` of 9/11`s Arab `visitors` from Boston`s East Coast showed. For the homosexual pederasts, woman is a `TV`, that is, a transvestite `clothes horse`, who can be made to dress up as `Action Man` and die. There are always lots more enslaved women`s `host` wombs, from which the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war can emerge, that is, men as evil alien parasitical viral life forms, who emerge to kill her as `TV`.



 T.S. Eliot employs the myth of Philomela and Tereus as a metaphor for what ails society. The Wasteland poem is about the `Grail kingdom`, which is the land of Jesus, because the Grail was the bowl from which Jesus ate and drank at the `Last Supper`, before his crucifixion. In fellowship Jesus describes the `bread and the wine` as his `body and blood`, and Judas goes for his jugular because Jesus is, psycho-spiritually, female, which is what Jung foresaw as evolutionary psychology.  If a man wasn`t to be a `demon`, he`d need a female psychology, which is what Redemption means. In terms of Greek mythology, Jesus is an `Amazon`, who`s removed both breasts, and born male by parthenogenesis, without the evil serpent`s `seed`, that is, homosexual pederasty`s devouring father-son relationship based on `blood`, he`s observant.



 Judas betrays Jesus, according to biblical commentators, because Judas is a descendant of Cain, the first murderer, and Lilith, mother of `demons`, that is, even if not `sexually` homosexual, he`s psychologically `homosexual`, because the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty and war is the `valence` of murder. In short, Judas is the `homosexual` as the vampiristic alien parasitical viral life form that`s `blood plague`, whereas Jesus` offering of his `body and blood` is his recognition that, if his body and blood is taken as a means to immortality, then the word `vampire` has another `valence`.



 In Christianity the only creature that sought to protect Jesus on the cross was the robin, which attempted to remove the largest of the thorns from the crown of holly placed upon the head of Christ, crucified, in mockery of his torment. According to the legend, the bird`s breast is stained blood red, because of the thorn that pierced it.



Traditionally, it`s `black and white` that a woman needs a man whereas, in biblical terms, because women have a penis, Halle Berry and Holly Valance are symbols of Hollywood`s new heaven on Earth. The evergreen blood of Halle Berry and Holly Valance isn`t `black and white`, but the new uncontaminated valence of woman as a species with her own penis and semen, which is prefigured in the New Testament by the self-fertilizing Virgin Mary, who is associated with the feminine Holy Spirit, and its procreative powers, symbolized by the colour green, as Jesus is associated with red, the colour of blood, and symbolized by the robins` stained breasts, because pierced in its struggle to remove the largest thorn from the crown of mockery placed upon Jesus` head at his crucifixion.



Jesus was born not of man`s semen, but the `spirit of God`, and his mocking at the crucifixion prefigures that of women as a species with their own penis, and semen. Racism is homosexual pederasty`s `plague, games` of `black and white` to maintain the enslavement of women for `plague, game` show TV; `hosts` for the parasites of homosexual pederasty`s war against the species` womb. Metaphorically restricted to `black and white TV`, women represent the economical provision of `colour` for homosexual pederasty`s `higher life form` of `blood, plague` that wants to watch God, as an incarnated transvestite, die in `TV war` and `TV violence`. Because, rather than let the woman leave, they`ll kill her: live as `TV` at 9.11.


 1 In fact, you are a Jew if you are born from a Jewess, which means that, without women, syllogistically there aren`t any Jews; so only women are Jews.

A Jug Of Wine, A Loaf Of Bread And Thou

25/07/2012 17:07

A Jug Of Wine, A Loaf Of Bread And Thou


At the `Last Supper` Jesus offered the bread and the wine to the disciples. The bowl from which he ate and drank came to be known as the `Holy Grail`, and Jesus` crucifixion and death was followed by his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. In the transubstantiation symbolism of the Catholic Mass the bread and the wine are interpreted as the body and the blood of Christ, and the principle is that eating and drinking the bread and the wine will result in Resurrection and Ascension after death.


 In Jesus` time a single bowl was used to eat and drink from, and would have been used for both the bread and the wine at the `Last Supper`. According to Catholicism, because the Holy Spirit or Paraclete is the `teacher` after Jesus, eating and drinking the bread and the wine in the Catholic Communion Service, is acceptance of the teachings of the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, which is necessary for the individual to have Resurrection and Ascension. The Holy Grail is a symbol of the body and the blood, and the Chalice of the Catholic Communion Service, which is a figure of the Holy Grail containing the bread and the wine at the `Last Supper`, is Jesus` symbol, the vessel of the teachings of the Holy Spirit.


 The vampire drinks blood from the body, which is what Jesus` torturers and murderers did at the crucifixion, to experience the elation of the death of he of whom the Roman Centurion Longinus said:


`Surely this man was the Son of God.` (Mk: 27. 54)


  In terms of evil, the crucifiers of Jesus were a prefiguration of the modern vampire, which doesn`t drink blood to give life, and is what the Christian symbolism of the bread and wine transformed into the body and the blood of the Catholic Communion represents, but drinks blood and takes life. The evil murderers of history were all vampires, including the prototypical vampire Vlad, `the Impaler`, of Romania and, more recently, Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda.



 In Revelation the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`, who is born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, and who is `hidden` before she leaves for the stars to sow her own `seed`. After she fights a war in heaven against the evil serpent`s `seed`, and wins, she receives a new heaven and Earth from God, and the evil receive eternal unendurable pain as punishment.



 The `red dragon` is associated with `blood plague`, and in the 20th century HIV/AIDS was the `plague aims` that continued into the 21st century. Effectively, HIV/AIDS was a concomitant of the homosexual pederasty of ancient Greek`s enslavement of women`s wombs to spread their `disease` by means of warfare. Before the walls of Troy, the Greeks used a `gift` of a huge wooden horse filled with soldiers, and then tricked the Trojans into taking it into the city, where they emerged to capture and enslave her women`s wombs for homosexual pederasty, which in Revelation is depicted by the devouring `red dragon` and the `blood plague`. The 21st century paradigm was homosexual pederasty`s `disease`, that is, is HIV/AIDS, and the metaphor was the `Greek horse` inside the walls of Troy, which emerged on 9/11 when the `civil` aircraft, hijacked by the Al Qaeda terrorists, `betrayed` the USA`s computer based defence systems, but as a `Greek` not a `Trojan` virus:


`Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.`


 The aircraft that crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre on 9/11 precipitated the world into an epoch of global terrorism, which was a spreading of the `red dragon` of war, and the `blood plague` of homosexuality`s devouring pederasty, which is why the red dragon is depicted as waiting in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`. The spreading of homosexual pederasty by means of warfare is the devouring of sons by fathers, which is why the Americans were `taken in` by Al Qaeda`s `Greek horses`, that is, the ticket-buying terrorist `visitors` feigning friendship to breach US` defences on 9/11. Having created a potential `blood plague` of some size by giving Saddam Hussein the 3rd largest army in the world, the USA embraced Al Qaeda`s `plague game` of spreading the virus of war on 9/11. In other words, the USA had created a vampire.



 Biblically, 9/11 was `the city of the planes`, and Sodom and Gomorrah, in Genesis (18,19), were the `cities of the plain`, which meant God`s destroying of them for homosexual pederasty was plain. To prevent the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty, that is, HIV/AIDS, the god of war`s attendant, in Revelation God`s `New Redeemer` protects the `hidden` woman, which means `plague games` will not be a part of her nature because she`ll have been educated by the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit or Paraclete. In Greek society, the enslaved `host` wombs of women were the `Greek whores` if they supported their parasites:





 Because the `hidden` woman leaves Earth to `sow` her own `seed`, she`s a woman with a penis of her own, that is, futanarian ( ), which means that women are a species in their own right, and men are evil alien parasites practising homosexual pederasty`s father-son devourment, which in the 20th century became manifest as the `blood plague`, HIV/AIDS, a weapon of `biological warfare` against the wombs of women. Consequently, women who actively function as the `Greek horse` spreading war and plague by means of men as their viral parasite are `Greek whores` and the `MYSTERY` is explained. She`s the whores` men of the apocalypse.



 In New York State, the residents of Troy `work like Trojans`, which is the phrase used for high endeavour, whereas `PC` experts would have us believe in `Trojan virus`, but the name `Trojan` for condoms should tell the `politically correct` that the virus is a `Greek` and not a `Trojan horse`. Confusion over what a vampire is, sits at the centre of 9/11. Jesus` exhortation to his disciples to drink the bread and the wine, as symbols of his body and blood, prior to his torture, murder, death, Resurrection and Ascension, is a `diagram` of vampirism. Those who worship the `red dragon` of devouring homosexual pederasty`s `blood-drinking` are those who `plague, game` at father-son devourment as `leeches` upon the wombs of `Greek whores`, which is what `vampire` and `vampirism` means. But to drink blood from the body, that is, the wine and the bread, and make that body immortal, is what the word `vampire` actually means.


 A `Greek horse` is Judas Iscariot, who ate and drank with Jesus, before selling him to the torturers and murderers. 9/11`s hijacking visitors revealed that treachery is homosexuality`s `red dragon` of `blood plague`, and viral warfare, which is why Judas is described in the Bible as a descendant of Cain, the first murderer, of his brother Abel, and Lilith, the mother of `demons`, because `demons` are those men who are traitors. Jesus` perception is that the word `vampire` is betrayed because it means `life-giver`, and 9/11 is the perception that a `Trojan` from Troy in New York State, works, whereas political expedience that defines a virus as a `Trojan` rather than a `Greek`, even though `Greek` standardly denotates homosexual activity, is itself `viral` and demonstrates that `PC` geek `sounds Greek` to everyone:


`Whoever has ears, let them hear.` (Matt: 13. 9)

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