Britney Spears And The Legend Of Sleepy Holo

21/07/2012 21:15

Britney Spears And The Legend Of Sleepy Holo



Washington Irving`s story of Ichabod Crane, The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, is the basis for Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again, because of the myth symbol. The ibis bird, the crane, is the symbol of the Egyptian god of knowledge, Toth. Because `ib` is the heart, the ibis is the heart`s knowledge. Britney`s spaceman has the Ichabod Crane role of `teacher` and gives her a `gift`:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?`



 Britney`s allusion`s to the Titanic movie, and Rose`s ex-lover`s framing of her new lover for stealing a blue diamond pendant, `the heart of the ocean`, by placing it in his pocket, and which Rose drops into the sea signifying her `disappointment`.



 In her red suit, hoisting her spaceman above herself in a white bikini dress, Britney`s the Egyptian goddess Ma`at, with her `balance` and `feather`, symbolized by herself in the white bikini dress. If heart and feather balance, the `hero` will go on with her. Britney removes the spaceman`s helmet, before he gives her the `gift` of the blue diamond heart pendant, so he`s a `headless horseman`, and now doesn`t have a heart. When she suspends him above herself in a white bikini dress, she`s the `white` feather if he isn`t brave enough to ask for her heart, and she `takes heart` with Rose from the Titanic. In other words, she`s accepted the Kore relationship between women, symbolized in Greek mythology by the mother and daughter goddess pairing of Demeter and Persephone, as being supportive.



 Women`s perceptions generally are formed by their supposed need for a family, but that need is purportedly resolved by the male penis. However, in Revelation, the `hidden` woman leaves Earth to `sow` her own `seed` in heaven, which means she has her own penis, and is a species. Britney`s preference for Kore is instinctual but spiritual insofar as she`s prepared for family, but also bisexuality, hermaphroditism, and divorce from men and the Earth.



 In the movies Ichabod Crane`s role is `starring`, and Britney descends onto the stage in Oops I Did It Again inside a `giant ring`. The `hidden` woman of Revelation has a ring of twelve stars around her head, symbolizing the Earth`s planetary zodiac, that is, the heavens, as they appear from Earth. There`s no sign of marriage, but she gives birth to the `New Redeemer`, and the `Second Coming` of Christ is the Revelation of those rewards and punishments that result from obedience and disobedience to Jesus` teachings.




 The teacher, in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, is Ichabod Crane, which means the `hidden` woman is the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, which emerges as the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam` after Jesus` crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension. Effectively, she emerges when Longinus, the Roman centurion, pierces Jesus` side with his spear, which is thereafter known as the `Spear of Destiny`. Adopted by the USA, as a symbol of `Manifest Destiny` and the `American Dream`, the spear and Britney Spears are metaphors for the `hidden` woman by the side, that is, the `spirit of God`; the woman by the side of man (and woman), and the `hidden` woman of the Earth who`s to come:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` - Britney Spears Piece Of Me



 Britney`s spaceman is wearing his helmet again, when he`s suspended above her. Britney`s restored the horseman`s head after removing it to receive his heart and, because winches were used in the Middle Ages to lift knights onto horses, Britney`s spaceman is Ichabod Crane, that is, Washington Irving`s employment of a name as an uplifting  symbol of the teachings of Jesus` `sacred heart`. Because, in Egyptian mythology, the knowledge of the heart is symbolized by the ibis bird, a `crane`, Britney`s observing that `name` is a relative issue.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney appears in red, white, and black and white, that is, the `hidden` woman by the side, which is the `spirit of God`, and the woman by the side of man (and woman), while the presence of the `hidden` woman of the Earth who`s to come, as a species with her own penis, is tacitly accepted, but she`s anonymous. In others words, `name` and `position` aren`t an issue for the woman but, in The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, `Bones` wants the `position` with the woman, because he`s death. In Revelation the red dragon`s a devourer, because it represents HIV/AIDS, the blood disease, which effectively arose in ancient Greece where homosexuality, pederasty, and the enslavement of women`s wombs to maintain the `devourer`, were spread by means of war.



 Britney`s uplifted spaceman is representative of the `New Redeemer`, as Ichabod Crane, and because the `crane` bird, or ibis, is a symbol of the heart`s (ib) knowledge in Egyptian mythology, Britney`s spaceman is symbolically in danger of being devoured by the red dragon of Revelation, which is Britney, in red and white, symbolizing the red and white cells of the body`s immune system. In HIV/AIDS the body can`t distinguish between HIV/AIDS cells and the body`s, which means that the red dragon of Revelation has `evil` blood. Consequently, although Britney, in red and white, is warning of the dangers of HIV/AIDS, her `system` is `healthy`. In Revelation the red dragon of HIV/AIDS waits in vain to devour, because it`s a `Greek horse`:


`Whoah there horsey!`



 Britney`s spaceman`s exclamation when, upon finding her brooch in the Martian sands, the `House of Horus` emerges from the desert, suggests the walls of her citadel are to be `broached` by the `Greek horse`; the device the ancient Greeks used, to hide inside and capture the city of Troy. The Greeks` traditional method was to betray friendship in order to further `plague aims` of homosexual pederasty and war. The Trojans believed the huge wooden horse left by the Greeks outside the city was a `gift` and took it inside the city`s walls where the Greeks emerged for further `plague games`:


`Beware Greeks bearing gifts.` Homer, Iliad



 As a parasitical alien virus, the Greeks represent the `hidden` man, that is, men as the virulent homosexual pest of war. The `hidden` woman is the `spirit of God` at the side of a man, but `invisible men` would be a disease, which is why Jesus, in the New Testament, speaks of the teachings of the `Holy Spirit` that`s to come. In the Old Testament, the `spirit of God`, who is female, is the Shekinah, who dwells where the law of God is kept in the Ark of the Covenant, and so is again God`s promise of what`s to come. Not simply the promised land of `milk and honey`, but the `hidden` woman implied by the law of Judaism that a `chosen ` can only be born from a woman, which effectively means that only women are the `chosen people`.



In The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane is a fictional character. His only reality is textual. Oops I Did It Again is about `identity`. Ichabod Crane, the teacher, wants a wife, but `Bones` marries his choice. Effectively Ichabod Crane is absorbed into the character of the `headless horseman`, who`s identified by literary critics as `Bones` himself, which means `possession`, and `position` respectively. `Bones` is a `hollow man`, for whom `position` is everything, and truncating the teacher`s personal growth, and development, is how he makes sure of his `choice`..



 Arabian despots place couples inside a sarcophagus to crush the juice out of them. Many `royal` houses have married couples, or pairs of what they call their `choose`, inside what are similar to the `iron maidens` of the Middle Ages. Their images appear in Jennah, the `Paradise` of Arabia, similarly to transmitted pictures in CCTV, but more substantially, like those on the `holo deck` of a Starship from Star Trek.



One of the reasons for the Gulf War (1990-2011) was Saddam Hussein`s first name, which means `crusher`. Aboard the Starship Enterprise in the television series Star Trek (1965-) `Bones` was the nickname of Dr McCoy, the `space doctor`, but after the subsequent movie franchise that began with Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1974), the 90s TV continuation, Star Trek: The Next Generation, featured Dr. Crusher, a woman, as `Bones` successor. This is relevant because, in Arabia, the `holo` deck is the result of `bone crushing`, and that`s why Saddam `Crusher` Hussein had his name. The one piece coverall of the women`s abiyah or burkah is merely the outward symbol of the `iron maiden` inside which the soul is `crushed`. Saddam would`ve `crushed` the `Jews` too, so they`d be slaves of the Middle East`s `holo` deck. The abiyah or burkah is the `shell` of the woman but, according to Islamic belief, her spiritual body, or the soul or spiritualized anima of her trapped self within a man, is the equivalent of the Holy Spirit, that is, the Paraclete of Christianity, and appears invisibly outside of herself in `Jennah`, which is the Arabic word for Paradise on Earth.



 In her abiyah or burkah, the Arabian woman is an `iron maiden`. If the Star Trek `holo deck` that first appeared as a part of the ship`s recreational facilities in the 90s was the result of bone crushing by `iron maidens`, Dr Beverley Crusher would be the `space doctor` and the crew would be her `shells`. In mythology Venus is the pearl born from the ocean insofar as she is depicted arising from the depths of what might be thought of, in terms of psychological development, the unconscious. Consequently, Venus represents the anima as the spiritualized soul of a man, which is female, or the female spirit of a woman. In simple terms, the body is the `shell` of the pearl, whether the body is male or female, and the Gulf wars were ostensibly about the freedom of woman symbolized by `Liberty` in New York harbour, who was attacked by Arabia`s terrorist group Al Qaeda on 9/11, 2001, when they crashed hijacked planes into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre to insure the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s slave trade in the `boy sons` of warfare which has, as other of its valences, the `poisons` of HIV/AIDS` `biological warfare` against women`s `host` wombs and its continued `shelling` of women`s peace on Earth for the false Paradise of woman`s enslaving.



 In biblical terms, the `seed` of the woman, as depicted on Star Trek, is unable to escape from the male valence; although she has a penis of her own as `futanarian` woman and doesn`t need the male. In Revelation the woman`s `seed` receives a new Earth and heaven from God; after war in heaven between her `seed` and the evil serpent`s `seed`, which would correspond to the male valence that would devour her on the Earth rather than allow her to escape to the stars alone. Star Trek presages that war in heaven because the woman`s `seed` has to be independent of the male if the Bible is to be fulfilled.  In fact Revelation depicts the `red dragon` waiting in vain to devour the child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` because woman`s `seed` will be successful. The `New Redeemer` is depicted as the enlightened male valence that allows her to live and protects her before she leaves with `an `iron sceptre` that corresponds to the will of conviction and resolve, which would be necessary if faith consisted of the belief that your true valence was female and that you lived as a woman in heaven.



In Star Trek the movie still has the male virus. Because the enemy aliens are the `shells` of men. But Dr Crusher represents the female valence that would liberate the trapped female from within the body`s male `shell`, rather than that the bodies should be crushed by the shells of the evil serpent`s `seed`, which is the valence of the `red dragon` that was Saddam `Crusher` Hussein and its wars of the Gulf between evil and woman`s `seed`. The biblical concept of the `New Redeemer` is that men can be redeemed but the evil serpent`s `seed` received unendurable eternal pain from God as a punishment and, because men are the parasitical viral valence of what has formerly been presumed as the human species, God`s perdition is theirs.



 The Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Catholicism is the assumption that woman`s `seed` will be successful, but the male `seed`, which is denied at the birth of Jesus from the Virgin Mary, is irredeemable after the evil`s refusal to accept the female valence. In other words, the future of humanity is the self-producing female with her own penis as `futanarian` woman. The male `seed` is unredeemed by the `New Redeemer`, who is the redeeemer of woman, and she receives a new heaven and Earth as a species, but men are effectually doomed if they don`t accept that they are women. Equally, if women don`t have humanity, they don`t have God, because God is a human and humane God, and those women who don`t accept humanity are also doomed to perdition because they cannot be trusted with the nurturing and development of God`s future creation.



The misconception in Star Trek, and other extrapolatory scifi `pictures`, is that humans would have to be more evil to defeat evil, whereas men`s `picture` of themselves suggests that they`re the evil that they represent. In other words, the male valence is malevolence towards the human species, which is `futanarian` woman`s. She represents the thwarted self-reproductory and intellectual spirit of what is truly humanity, which isn`t the male alien that seeks to enslave her in monogamous homosexual pederasty and the devouring misogynistic wars of the `red dragon` against her.



 To defeat evil humanity would have to be better, that is, more good, rather than evil, whereas the male valence of malevolence at the end of the 20th century was to maintain women`s `host` wombs enslavement by means of the `child` of homosexual pederasty, that is, the HIV/AIDS virus and fear of it, which would maintain monogamous possession of humanity, that is, woman, and prevent her from escaping to the stars without men.



Star Trek is invariably about the alien but, if men are the evil alien parasitical virality preying on the `host` wombs of women as homosexual pederasty and its valence of warfare against her, the criteria for what is God, human, and humanity, is humane, which is how female nurturing and the developing of intelligence is definable. Consequently, there can be no alien intelligences but there is evil and the Bible effectively tells us that men are woman`s evil aliens. As a `futanarian` species, women are human intelligence and what is intelligent is humane. Although it`s tautological, if human is defined as God and woman, intelligence is defined, and the alien is the male in whatever guise he appears. Star Trek is a bevaviouralist depiction of how women survive by acting with men who`re dangerous, but without them they`d have to act together, which is the reason for the `picture`: tt`s a model for their species` survival.



 An encounter with another intelligence would be an encounter with what is human, because intelligence is the definition of `human`. Only an evil creature would spoil the picture if it was a `human` scene. The concept of another intelligence that isn`t of Earth origin is a misnomer, because intelligence is what humans perceive as human. Or, in other words, men are the aliens that have convinced the `futanarian` species of woman that they aren`t evil devourers of her, whereas `other` intelligences within the cosmos are conceivably human but appear otherwise.



 In short, humans are women and have been taught to confuse intelligence with form, that is, men are the `shells` that imprison but she perceives her `alien jailor` as human, whereas humanity is dependant not on form but intelligence. In simple terms, alien is evil and human isn`t men, whereas men are evil and aliens. So, in Revelation, God gives woman`s `seed`, that is, `futanarian` woman`s `seed`, with her own self-reproductory valence as a species with her own penis, a new heaven and Earth. Because men are evil aliens.



 Star Trek is concerned to present the possibility of an alien threat to humanity. Because the human valence of God isn`t dependent on form, that is, men are the evil aliens, and woman is trained to understand by them that there is no hope for her from a human valence that doesn`t have the form of men, whereas she`s a species and men are her alien devouring parasite. In simple terms, God has humanity. Women pray to God for escape from the evil aliens that are the men who have imprisoned her as the parasites that prey upon her.



 Extraterrestrial intelligence will be a valence of God`s. Because intelligence is definable as human, whereas men after Revelation no longer are. God is definable as humanity, that is, the female and her `futanarian` `seed`, which has humanity and isn`t evil, while men are. Extraterrestrial humanity doesn`t have to look like `Woman` to be perceived as `human`. Moreover, good, better, best is the solution to evil; rather than more evil.



 The Star Trek adventure is men`s conception of being a greater evil than their supposed evil, which isn`t in fact extraterrestrially visible. However, if humanity is the prisoner of evil, that is, women are the prisoners of men, God is the extraterrestrial intelligence to whom they pray for deliverance and doesn`t appear to be human. Although God is described as creating man in the image of God, the woman`s `seed` is defined as humanity in Revelation while the serpent`s `seed` is defined as men, who are irredeemable, which means men are no longer in the image of God and have been superceded by the reproductive and intellectual valence of `futanarian` woman.



 God could never appear as human to men. Because God appeared as human to Adam in the shape of Eve and the alien parasite eventually decided she was the apple it should have eaten. Consequently, God`s future valence towards humanity will be formal and not manlike. Or, in other words, God will appear to humanity, that is, woman, in another form, which men are preparing to kill; as they are killing her. Because men have chosen to be evil aliens towards woman as a species and God hasn`t. Star Trek constitutes men`s preparation as the evil aliens who are intent on killing God and they don`t care how `She` appears. As long as she doesn`t look like them.



Star Trek`s Dr Beverley Crusher represents the prescient notion of woman as a `chosen` species that Saddam `Crusher` Hussein wasn`t able to crush. In Judaism it isn`t possible to be born a Jew unless born from a woman, which effectively means that women are the human valence. Or, in other words, men aren`t humanity, which loves the humane. Paradoxically, WWII`s Nazi pogroms against the Jews (1939-45) defines men as evil but reinforces the perspective that women are the `chosen` people. If men are the imprisoning shells of women, Dr Crusher of Star Trek connotes the `space doctor` that has the remedy for the Arabic valence of Saddam `Crusher` Hussein, who`d crush the `chosen` people, that is, women.



A man and woman are a pair, according to Genesis, and choosing a new pair of Jews would be the joke of the evil serpent`s `seed` if woman as a species with her own penis were to replace men as God`s `chosen`. In Arabia women wear the black abiyah or burkah, which is a one piece coverall that appears as if it were the iron maiden of the torture chamber because that`s the Arabic valence of Saddam `Crusher` Hussein and the `holo` deck of Arabia.



 Arabian women aren`t visible in public, which effectively means they`re blind to their own beauty. Because men want to subdue their `futanarian` valence. If the body is a `shell` for the imprisonment of women, and the Arabic valence is the iron maiden of the abiyah or burkah, humanity is a `shell game`. The humans are blind to the beauties of the woman who is crushed. But she`ll appear to the `choosing` of the evil serpent`s `seed` of men as they mock the Holy Spirit, that is, the Paraclete. She effectively emerged Eve-like from the rib of the `Second Adam` as woman`s teacher in the evil`s `shell game`. When Jesus` side was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus at the Messiah`s crucifxion and death before Christ`s Resurrection and Ascension to heaven.



 In simple terms, woman`s penis is being blinded so that men`s penis can have her. What is visible is only the `shell` of the `game` of men as the evil aliens that have enslaved `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own, which is the true valence of humanity. While she tries to guess what`s under the shell of her body, all around her are the women that she can`t see. Even though they`re visible to the evil serpent`s `seed`. Consequently, the holy book of Islam, the Koran, tells Moslem women that the voice of evil is powerless, so that she`ll only listen to the voice of God, who is `neither male nor female`, because `futanarian` is woman`s true valence.



 The `shell game` is usually played with three upturned cups beneath which is a token, In Arabian terms, the `contestant` would have to guess where the woman`s penis was, and if a man were under there in the case of marines in the Gulf wars and their concerns over infiltrators masquerading as females. Three cups because man, woman, and `futanarian` woman with her own penis are `triune` but, in Arabia men can have four wives, which means the `shell game` is fourfold. In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) there are four functions of consciousness; `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`. According to Jung the four functions receive differentiation or become functional valences of the individual as growth occurs. Consequently, the Arabian marriage valence constitutes a self-actualizing paradigm and, although a man is at the centre of what might be a vehicle for `futanarian` relationships, having a woman at the centre is feasible in terms of species` functionality, and survival without the enslaving male alien parasitical virality. In simple terms, Christianity represents the monogamous obstacle to a triune marital arrangement between man, woman, and `futanarian` woman with a penis, and the quintessential Arabic marriage represents a potential fourfold functionality in terms of woman`s species` differentiation. But it`s a `shell game` with four cups instead of three for those who aren`t interested in Jungian functionality but could be interested in whether or not the woman in the abiyah is a `suicide bomber`.



 If men are the evil serpent`s `seed`, they`re forever recognizable and so condemned as women`s enslavers. Despite their cleverness at blinding women`s penis to its own existence. Despoiling her Paradise secretly in the realm of what is invisible to her, men have forever `shelled` Arabian woman in the wars of the Gulf between her and them. Christianity`s promise is of a new heaven and Earth to her and her `seed`, which is what the Gulf wars were about. Because they wouldn`t have chosen to have a man, Saddam `Crusher` Hussein represented the `bones` of Arabia`s women. His remedy for woman`s wanting to escape from Earth would have been to `crush the foot of the shoes`, that is, prevent God`s new `chosen` pair of Jews, who are woman with her own penis as `futanarian`, from using its own `juice` exclusively.



 In The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, Bones` denial of Ichabod Crane is, symbolically, rejection of the ibis bird, which is the heart of knowledge in Egyptian mythology (ib). Bones` defeat of Crane represents man`s heartless `final solutions`. The `hidden` woman protected by the `New Redemer` of Revelation is depicted as crushing the serpent`s head with her naked heel when she leaves. Because her `futanarian` foot finally has `freedom from the Jews`.



 Oops I Did It Again also references The Wizard Of Oz in which the `cowardly lion` receives encouragement in the form of a medal, in this case the blue `heart of the ocean` diamond pendant, rather than the `purple`. In The Wizard Of Oz the `cowardly lion` is brave, but doesn`t feel so until he receives the medal. Most heroes feel the same. It`s a surprise when their valor is recognized.1



 The scarecrow doesn`t have a brain, but scares the crows and Britney, in her white bikini dress beneath the spaceman, raised by herself in a red suit, moves her arms airily, as if she were protecting the corn from crows, a symbol of the Greek mother-daughter Kore of Demeter, the corn goddess, and Persephone, her `seed`, which in Revelation appears as the archetypal `hidden` fertile woman prepared to leave Earth.



 Britney`s spaceman`s Set, the devourer of Osiris, god of growth and development in Egyptian mythology, because he has a camera to transmit pictures to `Mission Control` on CCTV, for the `TV set`, who want holo women. In the myth, Isis resurrects Osiris, with the new name of `Horus, the sky god`, after Set`s dismembering of her `pair`. Britney`s set is Bones` TV, which is reset each time Oops I Did It Again is viewed so that the virus can never penetrate her defences.



 A huge fork hangs beside the spaceman, whose camera `on the side` is receiving transmitted pictures of Britney from CCTV Set, symbol of disremembering, that is, devourment after dismemberment, which is why Britney, in her white bikini dress, looks as if she`s on a tablecloth. Because she`s an `airhead` who is only trying.



 Oops I Did It Again is about the meaning of `character`, and the difference between `role` and `position`. In fiction there are characters, and in reality there are characters. In fiction all of the characters are the character of the author, so `position` is important only so far as the author identifies with the `role`. In reality, `position` is crucial.



 In The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, `Bones` is `imposition`, because he`s a `headless horseman`, whereas Ichabod Crane has lifted himself into `position`. Britney`s use of a `crane` to hoist her spaceman alludes to Arthur C. Clarke`s 2001: A Space Odyssey where a monkey throws a bone into the sky and it`s transformed instantly into a futuristic space habitat by camera technology. Britney`s spaceman is her `monkey`. She doesn`t have a spacesuit, because it`s her scifi, and the `space monkey` from Earth is already ancient history, where Mars doesn`t have `boy sons`, and is `98% oxygen`. For Britney, women have a penis of their own, and men are poisonous (boys & us). She learns `plague games`, so she`s positionally `sound`:


`I played with your heart, got lost in the game.`



 If a woman has a penis, then she needs another, but if the first woman has a need for a baby, then she will need a woman with a penis, which means that, as a woman, a futanarian relationship is `triune`, which re-explains the Christian Trinity as `fatherer`, Paraclete, and futanar. The Paraclete is the female  `spirit` of God`:


`I`m every woman, it`s all in me.` - Chakha Khan



 In Hungarian, `futanar` means `the teacher that leaves Earth`. After she`s crushed the evil serpent`s head with her `foot`:


 `I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.` (Gen: 3. 15)



 She`s from heaven originally, and so will return there, where she`ll receive a new heaven and Earth from God after her `seed` defeats the `seed` of the red dragon of Revelation  there, which has grown strong enough to attack her.



 Love is an aspect of the virus, and a woman is able to care about men as the evil alien virulent parasite because it comes from her womb, but she doesn`t want it to return as HIV/AIDS, or in reincarnated form, with a karma to resolve, because she`s Woman, and she`s preparing to leave Earth, so she teaches the alien to `convert` to Christianity, by means of the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Only then can Britney`s `space monkey` proceed to the `House of Horus`:


`Her name is translated as `House of Horus`, which may be a reference to her as the embodiment of the sky in her role of the Celestial Cow, being that which surrounds the decidedly sky-oriented Horus. If Horus was the god associated with the living king, Hathor was the goddess associated with the living queen.`2



 The `tin man` doesn`t have a `heart` in The Wizard Of Oz, but has an accurséd axe to prevent him from marrying the girl he loves, and it dismembers him until there`s nothing left of him but tin replacement parts, so he`s no longer able to love, which is why he needs a heart. The story is very similar to that of Osiris and Isis. She can`t find his penis, but it represents the impulse to collect. Without the testicles, which collect sperm, the desire for `collecting` is gone. This applies to the desire to keep women; what is bought; what is invented; and what of the individual man`s developed self he wants to keep. In Osiris` myth, the entirety of his incarnation upon the Earth as humankind is a stored memory but, if his penis is interfered with, that is, the desire for `collecting`, he won`t be able to recollect, and can`t remember. Isis` giving him a new penis represents her restoring developmental functionality, which requires the knowledge that he`s Woman also.



 The Tin Woodman of Oz looks for `Amee`, his lost love, but discovers she`s married Chopfyt, who is made of his own lost body parts. Britney introduces herself as `Amee` in If You Seek Amy:


`But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy.`



 The central lyric, and title of the song, are interpreted as F*U*C*K me, because the penis wants the woman. If women have a penis, then Britney would want herself. The `tin man` of Oops I Did It Again is Britney`s spaceman, who gives her Rose`s `disappointed` heart in the form of the blue diamond pendant from the Titanic. Unless he `converts`; because he isn`t a woman with a penis, and so can never belong. He`s as `disappointed` as Rose, who should be a woman with a penis of her own, but isn`t. Hollywood won`t allow women`s penis to be shown, which the mysterious sinking of the Titanic by iceberg is symbolic of.



 The `tin man` represents the penis` development from instinctuality, and imagination, to create and interact with what`s `collected`. In The Tin Woodman Of Oz even the heart of the `tin man` is Chopfyt`s, which means whatever is `collected` by Britney`s spaceman, as her `tin man` on the Mars` CD, or back on Earth, to where the `tin man` returns with her `holo` in his camera, is Chopfyt`s.



 On Mars there`s `98% oxygen`, which is Greek (oxys-gonos), and literally means `sharp producer`, or `begetter`, because it`s the blood pump that inflates the penis, which is the physical manifestation of the developmental function. The oxygen content of air on Earth is 21% and, while the penis will want to develop, the `tin man` will struggle because he`s starved, which is Chopfyt`s method. Even though the penis is starved, it develops, but Chopfyt is the starver who doesn`t develop beyond homosexual pederasty; promulgating the evil serpent`s `seed`, symbolized in Revelation as the red dragon`s `blood plague`, and living like a blood-sucking leech on the penis` struggles to develop:


`... the embryo ... obtains nourishment from the blood of the mother, similar to the leech, which feeds on the blood of others.`3



 The `tin man` doesn`t lose his heart, but his penis. Chopfyt can have everything the `tin man` develops, but it`s the tin man`s penis, which is why Britney gives the `tin man` oxygen. She`s Isis. In The Tin Woodman Of Oz Chopyft`s everything the `tin man` had, which means his works are `collected` but he`s truncated, that is, Chopfyt`s chopped off the tin man`s penis, which is what `TV Set` does in his dismemberment of Osiris. The Isis` myth`s equivalent of the incarnation of God upon the Earth is viewed by the the `TV Set` as a transvestite to be kept in ignorance of its divided state, and watched as it kills itself on TV, while men, as its virulent alien parasite, emerging from the enslaved `host` wombs of women who are a species of their own with their own penis, leeches off her dying corpse. Britney`s If You Seek Amy is, in fact, the tin man`s truncated appeal:


 `All of the boys...

 And all of the girls are...



If you seek Amy...`



 In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), instinct or sexual libido, is transformed into spiritual, or intellectual energy, which is developmental. The penis is the physical manifestation of the God archetype which, according to Jung, underlies all the inventiveness of humankind, and exists in the dreams of the unconscious, imagination and art, amongst a plethora of sexual, and more abstract images, surrounding the soul or female anima, to stimulate and give impetus to genius. In If You Seek Amy, Britney`s `tin man` has become like `Hal`, the ship`s computer from Arthur C. Clarke`s 2001: A Space Odyssey, which regresses when shut down:


`There is a flower within my heart,

Daisy, Daisy,

Planted one day by a glancing dart,

Planted by Daisy Bell.`



 In Jungian psychology the anima is what impels development, and the sight of a beautiful woman is enough to arouse desire, so the shutting down of `Hal` is a metaphor for what happens when Chopfyt`s finished with a man`s penis. In Britney`s lyric the `tin man` is reduced to Hal-like infancy, because Chopfyt`s penis doesn`t want development:




If you seek Amy...`



 The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow is Chopfyt, because the `censor` is functioning to prevent the truth from becoming manifest, which is why the USA`s is the constantly thwarted American Dream of Manifest Destiny. Developmental functionality is discoverable in Washington Irving`s tale, but implicit rather than explicit. Because the archetypes of woman`s collective unconscious are only discernible within conventionality, and conditioning, as `buried bones`. The `headless horseman`, `Bones`, and the `ibis` Crane, that is, the heart (ib), and knowledge of the `teacher`, which is the `spirit of God`, are Chopfyt, because `censored` to prevent the reader understanding that the `headless horseman` and `Bones` are witless screws who don`t want developmental teaching for women, because she`d escape once she knew she`s a species with her own penis. Ichabod Crane is a Christ figure, because he represents the teaching that convention, and conditioning, don`t allow of, which is that men are aliens screwing a species.




 9/11 in the USA was Al Qaeda`s Die Hard in which the Twin Towers were the man`s penis, and the woman`s penis, as a species with her own, while Al Qaed`s `Big Apple` of New York was Osama Ben Ladan`s  tempting of the USA to restart homosexual pederasty`s war. One of the basic principles of homosexual pederasty is that the penis is soft when a man isn`t sexually aroused, but the homosexual pederast wants to tell the man when to be hard. Moonlighting with Sybil Shepherd presented Bruce Willis as the romantic charmer, while Die Hard was the homosexual pederast telling Bruce Willis to play a homosexual, and lose. In other words, David Addison in Moonlighting was `soft` and successful, while Bruce Willis in Die Hard was hard and homosexual.



Censorship is the truncation of woman`s penis` story; of penis envy and repression, discernible from a psychoanalytical literary analysis of the collective unconscious in dreams, imagination and art: or any form of `text`.The penises of futanarian women are bigger, and women as a `developed` species are destined for the stars. The evil, who are the serpent`s `seed`, are defeated in a war in heaven by the `hidden` woman`s `seed`, after she leaves Earth, according to Revelation, which is why the red dragon of homosexual pederasty`s devourment of the products of her enslaved `host` womb in warfare, doesn`t want her to leave. The serpent`s `seed` receive perdition, while woman is given a new heaven and Earth by God.



 9/11 was the thwarting of the American Dream, and Manifest Destiny, by the devouring red dragon`s `blood plague`, that is, homosexual pederasty`s desire to enslave women as `host` wombs for their virulent wars, and prevent woman`s penis from emerging as a developed species`, while the evil aliens that are men remain as her `screw` and parasite.



 In If You Seek Amy, Britney`s perception is Chopfyt`s. The girls want her, but the boys have the penis. The explanation she`s a woman with a penis of her own either isn`t knowable, or it`s impossible to communicate, because of the censor, which is Nick Chopper, the name of the `tin man`, before his axe was enchanted to dismember himself. Chopper is reassembled as homosexual pederasty`s man, who is only a penis, that is, Chopfyt, because he represents envious repression of the man`s penis, but also of the woman`s penis, because she`ll never escape him.



 Britney`s Amy knows Chopfyt`s preventing the `tin man` from being her, which is why she somersaults, morphing in her red suit, to stand, changed into black skirt, boots, and white blouse, and symbolically receive the `gift` of the `heart of the ocean` of the collective archetypes of the unconscious, which is `personal growth`.



 Britney`s the `cowardly lion` who`s brave, but not homosexual, because homosexuals want you to be hard when they want you. Common assumptions are that lesbians and homosexuals are `gay`, whereas homosexual pederasty`s war, and women with a penis of their own are a species. If they support the `Greek cause`, and men`s `plague games`, they`re `Greek whores`, whereas lesbians are able to recognize women as `separate`:


`And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.` (Rev: 17.5)



 In Egyptian mythology, the goddess is sometimes depicted as hornéd Hathor, a `cow`, and Britney stands before her spaceman to receive the symbolic `gift` of the `heart of the ocean`, with the red disk of Hathor, but without horns, which means she may be a lion but she`s not a coward. She is Horus` House in Oops I Did It Again but, in If You Seek Amy, the walls of her Troy have been breached by the `Greek cause`. Giving it to Chopfyt, Britney`s `gay` and is promulgating homosexual pederasty`s biblical red dragon of devouring `blood plague` and warfare; because she doesn`t care for the space, man:


`All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy.`



 In Egyptian mythological terms, the `tin man` is Horus` laptop, that is, but he has an internet connection, `uncensored` by the Pharaoh Chopfyt. He knows women have a penis, and so are the species of the planet Earth, which is what he should want. But the evil `TV Set` is in the `House of Horus`. In her black skirt, boots, and white blouse Britney is a monochrome `TV` set, because the evil Set, who corresponds to the Pharaoh Chopfyt, doesn`t want her man to know that he`s her, but wants a `separate` transvestite couple.



 In Christianity, the `hidden` woman gives birth before the devouring red dragon, and escapes to sow her own `seed` in heaven. The `TV set` { those who want the transvestite to kill itself `live` } want `plague games` of transvestism, and Pharaoh Chopfyt wants to watch it. That`s why Adam and Eve felt ashamed when they were naked in Eden. `TV Set` is the Pharaoh Chopfyt`s, and the evil serpent`s seed`s, that is, the devouring red dragon`s `blood plague` of Revelation, which doesn`t want the woman, but wants to keep her so she can be tortured; because that`s what the aliens do, and women call their parasitical virus `homosexual pederast`. 9/11 was the perception that `Set` was in the `House `, because the transvestite (TV) was killing itself, as Chopfyt`s penis had planned since Eden.



The 9/11 planes that attacked New York`s `Big Apple` of Eve`s wisdom grown since Eden, were `Greek horses` spreading the virus of homosexual pederasty and warfare, which means HIV/AIDS, because it pretends to be friendly, and then betrays the `host`. On CNN the red dragon of Revelation and its `blood plague`,  was seen to have translated the biology and psychology of HIV/AIDS into a terror weapon. From its role as `host`, woman`s `womb` was seen to have reproduced homosexual pederasty`s `Greek cause`, breaching the Towers of New York, as TV Set precipitated global terror in 9/11`s `city of the planes`.



 The `blood plague` of Revelation is sent by God, because the alien virus, that is, men`s homosexual pederasty of war, is their evil `plague game`, which is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 18,19), the `cities of the plains`. HIV/AIDS actually makes women look for their own penis, but it`s a `game play` of God`s omniscience, that is, the red dragon`s `blood plague` is `foreknown` as the consequence of men`s homosexual pederasty, and so is revealed as God`s providentially refocusing of women upon their own penis and species` future.



 9/11 refocused women`s attention on Mars` masqueradings as the heroic masculine god of homosexual pederasty and war,which is why Britney`s Venus is careful to maintain her `House of Horus` on Mars in Oops I Did It Again - and send away the parasite.



 If women are human, and men are merely parasitical viral aliens, they shouldn`t appear in the dreams, imagination, and art of human civilization and culture at all. In other words, 9/11 wasn`t even from God, because the human psyche contains the archetypes of dreams, imagination and art, and women are the human species. The `TV war` of the Gulf was preceded by plague games `on Set`, and other `shoot `em up` TV Set `charnels`, which are the tip of the Titanic iceberg of `snuff` that Britney, in Oops I Did It Again, alludes to.



 In Japan, the TV Set`s Manga, and Hentai women, have `big eyes`. Beneath the sun, which is the species of the Earth`s `star`, men`s sarcophagis are crushing her. In terms of the invisible, to the uninitiated, realm of the `hidden`, she`s got `big, guys`, and the `blood plague` of the red dragon`s alien parasitical virus of homosexual pederasty`s `plague, aims` to `snuff` her secretly, which is how they `plague, games`.


1 Britney is alluding to Crane, Stephen The Red Badge Of Courage (1895) which is symbolic of both `ibis`, that is, the wisdom of avoiding unnecessary conflict. Insofar as Crane had no personal experience of the American Civil War (1861-5) of which he wrote, the brave `ib` of his `heart` is that he could write of the hero and understand that, although he wasn`t one, he would have wanted to have been one. The irony is that those who don`t fight aren`t cowards.




3 Ibrahim, I. A., A Brief Illustrated guide To Understanding Islam, Darussalam, Houston, Texas, USA, 1997, pp. 74, p.6.


Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live

21/07/2012 12:50

Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live


The exhortation ,`thou shalt not suffer a witch to live`, from the Old Testament of the Bible is often interpreted as `poisoner`, and traditionally  witches are female, which means that God`s injunction is against `poisons`. This `eleventh commandment` is illustrated by the `Last Supper` at which Jesus observes that Judas Iscariot will betray him after he has offered the `bread and the wine`, as a symbol of his `body and blood`, which will have Resurrection and Ascension after Jesus` crucifixion and death.



 In the legend of King Arthur, the Holy Grail is what the knights quest for, and is the vessel from which Jesus ate and drank at the `Last Supper`. Symbolized by the `Round Table` and, in the modern age by the rotary club, the notion is of eating and drinking without fear of poison. The concept of witchcraft relates to the role of the woman who gives milk from her breast to the infant. In Revelation the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth, while the red dragon waits in vain to devour her because she isn`t married.



 The Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus and suckled him from her breast, but he was born without the evil serpent`s `seed`, that is, men`s semen, symbolized by the red dragon of Revelation and the events of September 11th 2000. Ancient Greek society was based on homosexual pederasty and warfare, which they spread by means of the `Greek horse` before the walls of Troy. The Trojans, believing it to be a `gift`, took the huge horse into the city, and were overcome by the Greeks who emerged and captured Troy. The `Greek horse`, the terrorists who hijacked the 9/11 `civil` planes, and the Grail from the `Last Supper`, symbolize `friendship betrayed`, which is poison. Because homosexual pederasty and warfare is the means by which men, as the enslavers of women`s host wombs, spread their disease, the `Greek horse`, Judas` Iscariot`s betrayal of Jesus, and the ticket buying  `visitors` that hijacked the 9/11 planes that crashed into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre, are prototypical of the `game` that are the boys & us plague.



 The woman of Revelation is `hidden` until she leaves Earth to sow her `seed` in heaven, where she defeats the evil serpent`s `seed`, whose adherents receive eternal unendurable pain from God as their punishment. Because she sows her own `seed` she has a penis of her own, as futanarian women do ( ), which means that Woman has escaped from the boy sons, and that the red dragon of Revelation is a symbol of the farthering of poisons, that is, HIV/AIDS is a manifestation of homosexual pederasty`s plague aims, which is to play games as boy sons with warfare, and HIV/AIDS is a `biological weapon` that has a psychological dimension insofar as, for homosexual pederasty, which seeks the death of woman as a species upon the Earth, friendship is an opportunity for the boy sons, that is, the poisons, to attack her.



 The Nazis of the `fatherland` exterminated the Jews, who could only be Jews if they were born from a woman, which means that women are women and men are fartherers of boy sons. In short, the `eleventh commandment` that `thou shalt not suffer a witch to live` relates to the boy sons:


`And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.` (Rev: 17.5)


 The concomitant of the `Greek horse`, as the prototypical `plague carrier`, that is, the promulgation of homosexual pederasty, warfare and plague, by means of conventional boy sons, the `biological warfare` against women`s wombs by means of HIV/AIDS poisons (boy sons), and the spiritual poisons of witchcraft, which is the proliferation of alien viral parasitical life forms that are men (boy sons) by `Greek whores` who knowingly produce them to exterminate their own species upon the planet of the Earth.



 Although Jesus` spoke the language of Aramaic, which is Syrian and is ancestral to both Hebrew and Arabic, the language of the world in the modern era, is English, which means God`s omniscience prepared the globe to understand that `boy sons` were `poisons` if they were the children of `THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH`. Those women who taught their boy sons to be a plague, and a parasite, and to have `plague games` ambitions of `extermination camps` for women`s wombs, while the boy sons` plague aims at war, and the boys & us `play games` of `biological warfare` (HIV/AIDS) against Woman are the `Greek whores`.



 Woman is God`s producer and product, target of the spreaders of the contagion of homosexual pederasty, conventional warfare, and `biological warfare` in the form of HIV/AIDS, which is the perception there`s noone to be trusted, and treachery is always `in the air`. The `Greek horse` of 9/11`s `civil` planes sought to spread global terrorism from the `city of the planes`, New York.



 In Genesis Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God, because they practiced homosexual pederasty in the `cities of the plains` (18,19), which means God was warning of 9/11 as long ago as the Old Testament, while 21st century sodomy is `plague games` in `shoot `em ups` on `politically correct`, `police constable`, `parental control` PC`s, while `politically correct`, `police constable`, `parental control`, `PC` 911 remains unable to see the difference between `working like a Trojan` in Troy, New York State, and a 9/11 `Greek horse but, after watching the `plague aims` at the Twin Towers on CNN, begins conducting `TV War` against the heterosexuals who, for the homosexual pederasts, are God`s transvestite (TV), wearing different clothes. The red dragon of Revelation is the homosexual pederasty of the `PC`, recognized by T.S. Eliot as early as 1920`s The Wasteland: He Do the Police in Different Voices. Homosexual pederasty promoting its plague games has made `police` the `bullies` of Revelation, where 999 = 666:


`Let he that has understanding, understand, the number of the beast is the number of a man, and the number of the beast is six hundred three score and six.`



 Because Jesus` language was Syrian, and President Assad of Syria`s original family name was `Wahash`, which means `the beast`, Saddam Hussein was the `beast` as the `crusher`, which is his first name, when translated from the Arabic. In Genesis Eve is told by God that there`ll be perpetual enmity between her `seed` and the serpent`s, but she shall `crush` his head with her `foot` when she leaves. The name for women with their own penis and their own `seed` is futanar or `fut`. In Hungarian `fut` means `run` and `tanar` means teacher, which means the future of Woman is to leave Earth, after crushing the head of the evil serpent, which is her teaching, in accordance with God`s:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)



 Men are women`s imprisoners, alien parasites preparing to destroy all life, art, civilization, and culture upon her species` Earth. God`s omniscient perception of English as the vehicle for the boy sons (poisons) gives credence to the notion that Hungary, as the centre of the European Union, world`s superpower rival to the USA and China, has something to say; like `futanar`.



 In the Catholic church the idea of wearing a condom was anathema before HIV/AIDS, and Catholicism was criticized for its position on sperm, which was that each spermatozoa constituted a life, and was valuable. If the evil serpent`s `seed` is HIV/AIDS, then the church`s position on the value of sperm is vindicated. If woman with a penis of her own is a species, who is to remain `hidden` upon the Earth before she leaves, then it`s important that her `seed` remain uncontaminated by the virus, which is the devouring red dragon of Revelation`s homosexual pederasty insofar as the evil serpent`s `seed` promulgates warfare and terrorism through `Greek horse` treacheries, and the creation of `biological weapons` from (and for) women`s wombs; in the form of HIV/AIDS or similar STDs, contaminating the future of women, as a species, with her own penis and `seed`.



 In the Catholic church, homosexual pederasty is rife, which means warfare and global terrorism is being preached and taught by the clergy in the Roman Catholic church, although the Catholic `position` was reversed that condoms shouldn`t be used in marriage because of the dangers of HIV/AIDS. That signaled the advent of the `New Redeemer`, and the warning should have been heeded. Those who didn`t heed the warning are the homosexual pederasts of Revelation that prefer contagion and the spreading of it, and accept the `mark of the beast`, which is the ID, in Freudian terms. The devouring red dragon of Revelation is a psychological symbol of homosexual pederasty`s `blood plague` aims; to produce `boy son` minds (poison minds) in, from, and for Woman`s womb (HIV/AIDS) and, as alien parasitical viruses, devour her, and her species` Earth, as `plague games` of war, destruction, and death.



 The `hidden` woman of Revelation is given a new heaven and Earth by God to dwell in forever because her `seed`, that is, the seed of woman with her own penis as a species, defeats the evil serpent`s `seed` after a war in heaven, which is the homosexual pederasty of the devouring red dragon of Revelation trying to farther its boy sons` of war, plague, and famine:


`People who get HIV also lose enormous amounts of weight. What they both have in common is that the immune system is often driven into overdrive. It’s pushed very hard.`2



 In effect the disease HIV tells the body it doesn`t want to eat or drink, which means that the growing of food, or the taking in of liquids, isn’t necessary to the starvation, which means that HIV improves the `famine` concept, from the traditional perspective of war, plague, famine, and death as the `four horsemen of the apocalypse`,  which is why water turning to blood is a `plague aim` in Revelation, because the `thin` disease of HIV makes water unwanted, and as water is the very stuff of life (70% of the body), HIV is homosexual pederasty`s `famine` upon the Earth.



 In the last stages of a consumer society based on the `number of the beast`, or numbered IDs, there`d be consumption, which is what the HIV `famine` prefigures, that is, a form of hyperactivity, in which the appetite for sustenance is sublimated into other forms of devourment; warfare, plague and death. The 20th century was the age of the recumbent homosexual pederast who spent its alienated days watching God in different clothes killing itself in WWI and WWII movies on `transvestite TV`, while the modern sex starved boy sons (poisons) were instructed that pornography, and therefore women, were evil, were prepared for `shoot `em up` Gulf `TV War` (1990-2011), and other death `plague games` on their Play Stations. In This Sack With The Gurkhas, and Baghdad`s Burkhas And Other Noncom Females perhaps. Woman does escape from the Earth, according to Revelation, as her own species, with her own penis, and God`s injunction in Exodus can then be read  as `woman thou shalt not suffer to live`, which is Revelation.







New York`s Saddam and Eve`s Big Apple

20/07/2012 02:08

New York`s  Saddam and Eve`s Big Apple



The USA defined Saddam Hussein as a `Greek`, that is, as a part of the Graeco-Roman tradition of Western civilization, by giving him the 3rd largest army in the world: ` The federal government is composed of the legislative; Congress, made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives; the executive, the President , and the Judicial; the Supreme Court etc.`1 The buildings that house the politics of the USA are primarily Greek in style, which is significant because `Greek` is what is identified as the opposite of `Trajan`, and `Trojan virus` is the `politically correct` term for `PC` virus. But `PC` labeled Saddam as `Greek`, that is, a defender of the USA, whereas he was a `Trojan virus`, according to `PC` terminology.



 On 9/11 the `Trojan horses` of the `civil` planes, hijacked by Al Qaeda`s terrorists, crashed into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre to precipitate war. The `Trojan horse` is the device used by the ancient Greeks before the walls of ancient Troy. Idiomatically, the Trojans were `taken in` by the Greeks, whereas in fact the Greeks were taken in by the Trojans inside the huge wooden horse that they`d felt politically correct to accept from the Greeks as a `gift`. The Greeks, taken in by the Trojans, emerged from the horse to capture and enslave the city, which was the methodology of a society based on homosexual pederasty and warfare to maintain its enslavement of women`s `host` wombs to continue its blood-drinking existence as a parasitical viral life form. In other words, `Greek` is homosexual pederasty, blood-drinking warfare, and HIV/AIDS as their 21st century paradigm of `biological warfare` which, in spreading warfare, and the `plague aims`, on 9/11 meant that `politically correct` wasn`t `Greek`; or, in other words, `PC` had got it wrong.



 Outside of Manhattan Island, in New York State, is the city of Troy, and the idiomatic phrase, `work like a Trojan` is a eulogy, and relates to God`s biblical injunction to man in Genesis to `live by the sweat of your brow`. Word games aren`t allowable from the point of view of God, who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for homosexual pederasty, but the Marquis De Sade gave the title Sodom and Gomorrah to one of his novels about sadism because AIDS, that is, torture, murder, and death, is sadism arising from homosexual pederasty, that is, it`s the `plague aims` of a homosexual `play games` society in the `Greek` style. In the New Testament Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension after his crucifixion precedes the teachings of Redemption and repentance, which man refuses in Revelation:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 In terms of `political correctness`, the USA defined Saddam as `Greek`, and the city of Troy was in New York State, which meant the Trojans were defending the USA on 911, whereas the `Greek horses` were the `civil` aircraft, and New York was the `city of the planes`, in a homosexual pederast`s `plague aims` fantasy based on the Marquis De Sade`s novel 120 Days Of Sodom, the `cities of the plains`, which might be translatable, in dramatist`s terms, as the `play` game, Marki des AIDS, which would precede, in terms of the biblical Revelation, the `plague aim`, Markii De Sade`s, for the Earth`s `plague aims`, or `play games`, system of homosexual pederasty and warfare, and where I and II are the `marks` of the two `beasts` of Revelation in which `the number of the beast is the number of a man`.



 In Middle Eastern politics, Al Qaeda means `the base`, which is translatable as `evil`, and Osama means `lion`. Bashar Assad, the Syrian dictator, is `the messenger of the lion`, but originally his family name was Wahash, which means `beast`. In simple terms, the `first beast` is followed by the `second beast`, in accordance with Revelation, and signifies torture, murder, and death as `politically correct` or `PC` for those who accept the `beast`, and the `bully`s men` are the same as the `police men`, because that`s the `Word of God` game that the `base` plague aims with.


 911 is the number of the security and rescue services in the USA, while 999 is their number in most of the rest of the world, which is why `the number of the beast is six hundred three score and six`, and is 999 reversed or 666, and indicates that the `Word of God` is that homosexual pederasty is `Greek` and results in warfare, plague, and the enslavement of women as `host` wombs by men, who`re parasitical viral life forms, while God has prepared unendurable eternal pain for them as `aliens`.



 In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` while the devouring red dragon waits in vain. Protected by the `New Redeemer` the `hidden` woman leaves Earth to sow her `seed` in heaven where she defeats the evil serpent`s `seed` and receives a new heaven and Earth to dwell in forever. Because she can sow her `seed`, she has a penis of her own, which means that men are her self-replicating disease, and her boy sons are her poisons, emerging in the 20th century as HIV/AIDS and, on 9/11, as homosexual pederasty`s `Greek horse` of `biological warfare` spreading its plague aims.



 In the pop video Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears` Mars is her laboratory. In her red suit, she hoists her `spaceman` visitor above herself in a white bikini dress, representing a white blood cell, and a red blood cell, in terms of the human immune system. She is under the microscope of her spaceman`s camera, which means that the alien is examining her, and isn`t a doctor. In fact Britney is examining the virus. The spaceman is operating the camera, but the camera is not an operating tool in the theatre, which means that, linguistically, the `operating theatre` isn`t a `theatre of operations`; although the spaceman represents the spectre of homosexual pederasty or `biological warfare` and terrorism as who plague aims through the media. He`s the viral alien life form that is the verisimilitude of HIV/AIDS. The `game` is Operation, because Britney has a heart donor:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?`


 The `gift` is the `heart of the ocean` from the Titanic movie, which is a blue diamond dropped into the sea by Rose who`s `disappointed` in love. The truth is that a woman will always be disappointed because men are an alien parasitical viral life form, but it`s `Operation Plague Aims` after MB Games` Operation, that is, in Wizard Of Oz terms, the spaceman is the `tin man`, who has a `chopper`, but not a heart. In emotional terms, Britney `takes heart`, but the `tin man` still doesn`t have a heart, which means it`s a `game` of Operation in which she pretends he isn`t a virus and will accept she`s accepted his heart. However, the heart is the `blood pump`, which means that, if she accepts him, he doesn`t have a heart but a `chopper`. It`s Sheherezade. If she keeps her head, he has a heart, and she`s won; but, if he doesn`t have a heart, she can`t keep her head because it`ll be `Operation Plague Aims` in which the virus will spread its homosexual pederasty, symbolized by the devouring red dragon of Revelation, or the `chop`.



 A `chopper` isn`t a surgical tool but, in terms of security and rescue services` helicopters, which in the vernacular are `choppers`, it`s for wounds. However, heart transplantation may be a part of MB Games` Operation but head replacement isn`t. In order to deal with the spaceman, who`s an `incoming chopper` from whom Britney `takes heart`, in her red suit she winches him above herself in a white bikini dress to see if he`s interested in using his penis, which is `chopper` in the vernacular.



 In the Wizard Of Oz the scarecrow doesn`t have a brain, which is HIV/AIDS when the white cell can`t say `no` to the virus. The `cowardly lion` doesn`t have `courage`, which is why Britney `takes heart`, because the `heart of the ocean` is a blue diamond worn as a pendant, and the lion in Oz received a medal of encouragement.



 The simplest solution to the red dragon of Revelation is `no`, which is why it waits in vain to devour her child. She`s a `single mum`, as prefigured by the Virgin Mary, and prefiguring her own role as the `hidden` woman with a penis of her own who can self-fertilize. In accordance with the `Word of God` in Revelation, she can `teach`.



 One of the recurring motifs of the 20th century was the monkey, and according to scientists HIV/AIDS came from monkey brains. In Planet Of The Apes and its subsequent sequels, the `ape of God`, which is another name for the `Evil One`, enslave and murder humans, which is `behaviouralist` psychology. In King Kong, the big monkey climbs to the top of the Empire State building because Fay Wray doesn`t want to have sex with it. The Empire State building and King Kong are symbolic of the smallness of the woman`s penis, and the planes that shoot the monkey prefigure those that crashed into the Twin Towers of Eve`s `Big Apple` on 9/11. The perception is that King Kong isn`t human and those that shoot the monkey are humans, whereas 9/11 is the perception that the virus isn`t human.



 Arthur C. Clarke`s 2001: A Space Odyssey follows the pattern of the NASA space programme in which the monkey is prepared for space. In a scene echoing Sir Charles Darwin`s evolutionary theories from Origin Of Species, one monkey kills another, and then hurls the bone into the sky where it transforms into a spacelab, and the story`s evolution is of how a man spends eternity in what is recognizably a hospital prison being cared for by an intelligence that is his nurse.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney on Mars, in her red suit, symbolizing a red blood cell and, in her white bikini dress, symbolizing a white blood cell, is analyzing the  disease. The spaceman represents Darwin`s theories of evolution. As a `deep sea diver`, he`s brought her the `heart of the ocean`, but Britney`s Mars has `98% oxygen`, which requires `decompression`.



Britney doesn`t wear a helmet and, when she removes his `bubble`, the spaceman `bends`, which is a euphemism for decompression sickness. The `heart of the ocean` motif indicates the problem is arterial gas embolism, which has the acronym `AGE`. Because of `bubbles`, the spaceman will die of an embolism.



 `Wacko Jacko` was introduced to `Bubbles`, a chimp, by a behavioural psychologist, and Michael Jackson died `of an AGE`, 26 years later, in 2009, at the hands of a general practitioner using a syringe, which is a known form of inducing arterial gas embolism (AGE) by injecting `bubbles` of air into an artery. Michael was a developed artist, but the introduction of `Bubbles` into his system meant he`d die of AGE. Put simply, Michael Jackson was a `chimp` to the behaviouralists, who don`t want development, because it`s a threat to their games` system of homosexual pederasty, and their plague aim of spreading HIV/AIDS in `biological warfare` and global terrorism by means of `Greek horses`:


`Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.` - Homer Iliad



 Britney Spears` perception in Oops I Did It Again is that HIV/AIDS is a victimizer`s disease, and the camera is a symptom of the illness. Beside her spaceman`s `bubble` helmet, as he dangles above her, are the tines of a giant fork, a `pop` symbol of devouring. CNN`s coverage of 9/11`s `Greek horse` making victims of the thousands working in the World Trade Centre is use of the camera to spread the devourer`s contagion by making it plague; aims of the evil.



Cameras are operated, but in Oops I Did It Again Britney shows there`s confusion between operating a camera, and operating in the theatre. `TV` is where Al Qaeda, the `base`, that is, the evil, employed the camera in a `theatre of operations` to spread their terrorist plague aims through TV`s `small screen`, a medium for Hollywood`s `Dream Factory, which to be fair had been churning out nightmares for a generation.



9/11 provided an opportunity to produce more. In movies like Saw, Scream, The Ring, and more conventional scripts such as Collateral Damage, Die Hard or Payback, the illusion of the `hero savior` is perpetrated while the women `die like flies`. For Arabians, MBC2, MBC Action, and other cable channels, `attack us in our own homes`. Hollywood`s programme for `snuff` is a world pogrom on family development, and developing and developed individuals. In those countries becoming more liberated, after the `Arabian Spring` of the first decade of the 21st century, when the Arabs have finished terrorizing God`s wife and daughter, that is, the Kore in Greek civilization and culture, from whose enslaved `host` womb the `War Games` of homosexual pederasty emerge, it`ll be the West`s turn to terrorize her, which is what 9/11`s `Greek horse` was for.




Homosexual Pederasty, Warfare and Plague

17/07/2012 12:02

Homosexual Pederasty, Warfare and Plague


If computer specialists had called viruses `Greeks`, we would have understood that it was HIV/AIDS and 9/11 might never have happened. However, political correctness, or `PC` in techno-geek speek, would have made the calling of a virus `Greek` offensive, and so an ancient people were called to account for giving our computers a virus, whereas in fact the Trojans defended their city of Troy against the ancient Greeks who enslaved the wombs of women to promulgate homosexual pederasty which, in the 20th century, resulted in HIV/AIDS, and the escalation of `biological warfare` by the boy sons (poisons) of terror, as graphically illustrated by 9/11, where `air AIDS` over New York was a `symptom` of the `blood plague` of Revelation, and at least partial fulfillment of Michel Nostradumus` (1503-66) own prophecy of `terror from the skies`:


`The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror.
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,1
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.`
The Prophecies, Century 10, Quatrain 72


 In Revelation, the `hidden` woman leaves Earth to sow her own `seed` and defeats the red dragon with its evil `seed`. If the woman has `seed`, she`s a woman with a penis of her own, and the `New Redeemer` she gives birth to, while the red dragon waits in vain to devour him, protects her on Earth so that, when she leaves, her `seed` is pure, that is, she doesn`t have the `Greek` contagion of homosexual pederasty and war, which the red dragon and its evil `seed` attempt to spread to her in heaven where, after its defeat, she receives a new Earth and heaven to dwell in while the evil receive punishment in perdition.



 God`s view of homosexual pederasty is that it`s a disease, because it attempts to enslave the wombs of women to produce war, which is what the red dragon of Revelation represents, and so God`s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 16,19) is a warning, and the plagues of Revelation are illustrative of God`s wrath against homosexual pederasty and warfare. Consequently, there are parallels between the `Greek horse`, which the Greeks hid in to deceive the Trojans at Troy, and the 9/11 terrorist hijackers who pretended to be visiting the USA in `civil`, that is, polite, aeroplanes. The Trojans were, in idiomatic terms, `taken in` by the Greeks, and linguistically this is significant because computer viruses are called `Trojans`, whereas in socio-historical terms the computers are taken in by the `Greeks` and so are `Troy`.



 When the Trojans took the `Greek horse` into Troy they were being `PC`, that is, politically correct. They were accepting a `diplomatic gift`. Emerging from the inside of the `Greek horse`, however,  the Greeks took the city, so promulgating their aim of homosexual pederasty through treachery, which in Revelation becomes `plague aims` and, in `PC` terms, is `play games`. In personal computer terms, the notion that gays and lesbians are homosexuals is `politically correct`, and it`s `PC` not to describe viruses as `Greek`, because Greece might be offended, but the truth is that homosexual pederasty is a `Greek` device to enslave the wombs of women to promulgate homosexual pederasty, warfare, `biological warfare` in the form of HIV/AIDS and `terror from the skies` in the form of 911`s `Greek horses` that, demolishing the Twin Towers, began the proliferation of warfare and terrorism, which is the `game` of homosexual pederasty, and is what men are guilty of as alien parasitical viral life forms seeking to destroy the Earth, and the woman of the Earth, who has her own penis and wants to escape:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)



 In terms of political correctness, or `PC`, the personal computer (PC) corresponds to Troy (there`s a city of `Troy` in New York State), which means that, in failing to distinguish between gays and lesbians by observing that women have a penis, and so lesbian sex is `normal`, while homosexuality is warfare and plague, and by labelling computer viruses `Greek`, also in the name of `political correctness`, as global `police constable` (`PC` 911) the USA has failed to deal with the `Greek horse`.



In Oops I Did It Again  the action in the video takes place on Mars, which may refer to the line in Nostrodamus` prophetic quatrain: `Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.` At the beginning the spaceman visitor to Britney`s Mars finds her icon in the sand, and exclaims:


 `Whoah there horsey!`


 It`s a reference to Troy, and the observation that the video can be replayed so that each time the astronaut finds the `cookie`, in the sands of Britney`s Mars, it functions as an `Open Sesame` or `password` to the action in the video for the spaceman, who represents the alien viral life form of homosexual pederasty and warfare.



 In her red suit Britney hoists the spaceman above herself in a white bikini dress; as if he were a knight about to be horsed. If he were a knight crusading against HIV/AIDS he`s in the right `biological warfare` suit for Britney. He`s able to use a camera on behalf of the evil `seed` at `Mission Control` who are testing a `plague carrier`. The concept of the raised knight preparing to mount is that, for the available whores, he has a camera, which is `safe`.



 At the video`s culmination we see the spaceman walking backwards. We can watch it again, and everything is again in place. The spaceman has to find the `cookie` and - `Open Sesame` !  Video technology promises that, if we`re careful, we may be deceived, but we can`t be betrayed, because we can `rewind and reset`.



 Nostradamus` resurrected `King of the Mongols` was Saddam Hussein, because Iraq was a part of the western wing of the empire of the original `King of the Mongols`, Genkhis Khan. Presenting `PC` as `Greek`, while explaining erroneously that `Trojans` are a `virus`, and giving Saddam  Hussein the world`s 3rd largest army, isn`t socio-historically sensible. Idiomatically, the phrase `work like a Trojan` is, in fact, the truth about Trojans:


`The Trojans were a hard-working, determined, industrious people.` Homer`s Iliad



In Genesis Adam and Eve are told she must bear pain in childbirth and he must labour. In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` while threatened with devourment by the red dragon. If homosexual pederasty and warfare produce plague, then men aren`t `working like Trojans`. Britney`s observation in Oops I Did It Again that the spaceman with the camera is denied sex with her, because the camera functions as a condom, is the perception that the camera and the condom `protect` against the red dragon of Revelation, that is, it`s anti-viral, because it works. This accords with Er and Onan`s perception in the Bible that they want Tamar to live. The condom and camera are the works of their descendants, and God in Genesis kills Er and Onan for wanting to develop and not reproduce, because the Old Testament God wants reproduction, not development and production.



 Onan represents the evolving psychology that, standing away from the woman in order to see her fully, is what the camera and the masturbator does. In biblical terms, the camera or visual technology represents man`s eventual separation from the female species, which is described as the `woman`s seed`, in the first book of the Bible, Genesis and the last, Revelation, where the denouement is that she is given a new heaven and Earth by God. Because she her own penis as a `futanarian` woman and so doesn`t need man.



 9/11 was what men do. Because they`re the evil serpent`s `seed`. Ever delaying the point at which women have sufficient development in order to escape from men to the stars, in constructed starships, men delay her Earth`s technological development. The hijacked planes crashing into the Twin Towers of New York was demolishing buildings such as the Twin Towers of New York, the Al Qaeda terrrorists plunged the world into a `New Dark Age` of barbarism and fear,  which is engineered by men periodically to prevent the true picture of woman from developing. The  woman with a penis of her own under the skirts of `Liberty` could tower beside man`s but, as the rebuilding program for New York`s World trade Centre shows, one penis and one tower is the message to the Earth from the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war. Because men don`t want women`s success. They want her to remain as an enslaved species, and without her they can`t reproduce. Consequently, their parasitical focus concentrates on inducing frustration and anger by means of `pictured` events such as 9/11.



In presenting men as woman`s saviour and protector, men`s penis is associated with power, while the `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own is the true power because she doesn`t need the parasitical virality of the `gay boy sons` of war infesting her `host` womb. Destroying her without, the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS seek to destroy her within. Fear of HIV/AIDS is that valence of  the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s `blood plague` as the enslaver of women forced into monogamy as a possession of demonic misogyny. HIV/AIDS is their terror weapon of the `biological warfare` waged against woman`s future newborn, that is, the `futanarian` woman with her own penis and economic valence, which isn`t the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty the attack on the World Trade Centre on 9/11 was designed to reimplement. Men`s killing of `Woman` outside of herself, in their wars, and killing her within her wombs, as a valence of their virality as parasites of the `host` human species, men as the evil aliens seek to prevent woman`s separation and escape to the stars in heaven.  The `picture` is inescapable. Without men, `futanarian` women with a penis of their own can escape men`s `picture`. Onan, the masturbator, represents man`s separation from the `picture` of `Woman`. Because `woman`s seed` is to continue without man, according to the Bible, where `futanarian` woman`s `seed` receives a new heaven and Earth. The evil serpent`s `seed` that seeks to frustrate her going by ever delaying the advancement of the technology that would allow her to leave.receives eternal unendurable pain as a punishment.



 According to Revelation the red dragon, a symbol of HIV/AIDS infected blood, homosexual pederasty and warfare, waits to devour the `New Redeemer`, who`ll protect the woman before she leaves Earth, and the camera and condom are symbols of that protection. Because the condom, the camera, and HIV/AIDS, effectively mean men`s penis shouldn`t have sex with the woman, it`s homosexual pederasty`s `form`, and HIV/AIDS is a form of its `biological warfare` against women in which men`s terrorizing of women is a further explication of their enslaving and devouring paradigm. However, women with a penis won`t have the virus because it`s homosexual, and they`re not.



 The `Gulf war` was the furthering of the virus` plague aims, and it`d `play games` again on 9/11 by promulgating `biological warfare`, against the USA, by means of its 21st century `Greek horse` that, crashing into the Twin Towers, unleashed a global war on/of terror, thereby maintaining the ephemerality of the homosexual system of pederastic devourment of males. In the Bible Er and Onan are killed by God because they want immortality for Tamar, and pregnancy will spoil her looks, and so first her husband, and then his brother, are killed by God, because they refuse to impregnate her, which is homosexual pederasty`s `system` of devourment for those who want to develop and produce rather than reproduce.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney observes that the condom and the camera are linked with masturbation and immortality. The image on the film is eternal, and so is the `seed`, but in Revelation the `hidden` woman leaves to sow her own seed, which means that she must escape from the evil `seed` of the Earth to be immortal, and God does give her a new heaven and Earth, which is what Britney observes in Oops I Did It Again. The penis wants her, and she`s supposed to want a man`s penis, but Britney, in her red suit, and Britney in her white bikini dress, observe that it`s their Mars and they have each other.



 The `New Redeemer` of Revelation explicitly figures Redemption. The first step is to accept that a man`s love for the god of Mars is a homosexual pederast`s `disease`; the second is for a man to understand that the woman is him (as Jesus said, `Love ... as you love yourself.`), and the third is for woman to have faith in her own penis, and its development. Because men, as parasitical alien viral life forms, that enslave the `host` wombs of women, because they don`t want to `work like a Trojan` and prefer to deal in homosexual elitism where `Mankind` and `Womankind` are repeatedly observed on TV `9/11 style` as God`s `transvestite` (TV) wearing different clothes.



 In Genesis Er and Onan represent the refusal to reproduce so that woman may live, and Mary the Virgin, and the celibate Jesus, represent production without reproduction, because the woman`s penis seeks immortality, whereas the male penis wants only ephemerality for her and hers because men are alien viral life forms that have enslaved the woman`s womb as a `host` for their plague aims of homosexual pederasty and warfare, which means all they do is `play games` of deceit in which the women have the role of `Greek whores`. The homosexual pederast, Mars, the war god, wants boys and not women. If woman, as a species with her own penis, is to escape from men as the alien parasitical virus that is attempting to kill her and her Earth, she must be wise and old, but not necessarily grey, which is a sign of men`s success as her `killer disease`.  However, God`s destroying of Sodom and Gomorrah because of its homosexuality and pederasty indicate a developing thought pattern based on reproduction, which in medical circles is understandable as cell replication, and is what cancers do, and production, which is what developers do, and includes the concept of longevity. The Virgin Mary produced Jesus without reproduction, and Jesus produced the New Testament as a celibate. In Revelation the `hidden` woman is produced by God ex nihilo, that is, as a new creature who, without her alien parasite, will be long lived, wise, and able to fulfil God`s plan of development.



 In Hollywood terms, Britney Spears has it right in Oops I Did It Again. In white and red, she`s `the bread and the wine`, the sacrament of the church, which Jesus inaugurated at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension. According to Jesus, the `bread and wine` were symbols of his `body and blood`, and shortly after he was betrayed by one of those at table with him, Judas. Britney`s observation is that one`s companions are, like those of Arthur at the Round Table of knightliness, concerned with the Holy Grail, which is longevity and wisdom. Those seated at the round table represent those who want to eat, drink, and make love in the best places, which is what we see in the movies.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney in red hoists her spaceman above herself in a white bikini dress to film her with a camera to illustrate how a woman who had longevity would record herself in as many different ways as she wanted to, and her development would be to put herself in as many scenes as she could devise for herself. Obviously, a woman who was long lived, and beautiful, as Er and Onan perceived Tamar to be, wouldn`t want her beauty spoiled either, and would want to have visible memories of herself, as it were, `in camera`, which is prelapsarian insofar as the `serpent` in Eden, which became the `red dragon` of Revelation, was expelled from Eden along with Adam and Eve for wanting to `watch over them` as their `pornographer`, which they agreed to. In Oops I Did It Again Britney observes that, as Eve, she is manifold, and as woman with her own penis she can make her own pornography, which doesn`t have homosexual pederasty and warfare as its mainstay; as we saw on CNN`s coverage of 9/11. In other words, for the serpent of Eden, grown strong as the red dragon of Revelation, violence is pornography, whereas, without warfare, to promote the devouring red dragon, as a symbol of homosexual pederasty and the enslaving of women`s `host` wombs to reproduce its boy sons (poisons), pornography would be sex between women, because men don`t want it.



1 Roi d`Angolmois is the French, and `Angol` means `English` in Hungary, a province of Genghis Khan`s empire, which suggests the `King` is `Greek` from England, and may have arrived in New York before 9/11 to `arrange` it.

The Dead Wood & Whorse

15/07/2012 13:42

The Dead Wood & Whorse


The ancient `Greek horse` before Troy was wooden and contained Greeks from a society that had enslaved the wombs of women to practice homosexual pederasty and warfare, which in biblical terms means that the wooden horse was full of faggots looking to start a fire and promulgate their disease of homosexual pederasty and warfare. The Trojans perceived that the horse was a votive offering to the goddess of Troy and took it into the city, as the Americans allowed ticket holding terrorists to hijack `civil` planes and crash them into the Twin Towers of New York, so starting a conflagration that would spread contagion.


 Sodom and Gomorrah, the `cities of the plains`, destroyed by God in the Bible, for homosexual pederasty (Gen: 18,19), suggests that New York, the `city of the planes`, is God`s 21st century `blood plague` from Revelation, an attack by the virus as `air AIDS` and a symbol and a metaphor for God`s hatred of homosexual pederasty spreading its contagion of warfare upon the Earth.



 In Revelation the `hidden` woman gives birth to the `New Redeemer`, which protects her until she leaves Earth, and the red dragon of Revelation, a symbol of the `blood virus`, that is, homosexual pederasty, waits to devour the child with warfare. In heaven, where she sows her own `seed`, as a woman with a penis of her own, and therefore not subject to the `biological warfare` of `air AIDS`, which 9/11 prefigures, she waits for the `seed` of the evil dragon to attack her in heaven and defeat him. The evil receive eternal pain as punishment, and the woman and her `seed` receive a new heaven and Earth as her eternal reward from God.


 The 9/11 conflagration is important because the planes were wooden horses, but the `dead wood` or `faggot` terrorists` conflagration consumed many people who weren`t `dead wood`, which is what faggots are for. The symbol of the woman surrounded by faggots while they burn her is a symbol of Eve`s wisdom denied, which is why the faggots chose the `Big Apple` to begin their bonfire. The renaming of `Big Ben`, the Parliament clock tower and bell of the United Kingdom, as Elizabeth II, is a sign of Woman`s refusal to be `all but dead wood`, so far as her voice is concerned. It wasn`t Adam`s apple in Eden, it was Eve`s, and although the `Adam`s apple` is a medical term for the voice box`s physical apparatus, the concept of New York as Saddam`s apple, and the voice of homosexual pederasty`s machismo of war, isn`t the voice of God and Eve`s hard won wisdom since Eden.


 The pop video Oops I Did It Again features Britneys, sand, icon, and idols. There is more than one Britney `idol` in the video, and her `icon` is found by her spaceman in the sand of her Mars, where he`s visiting, while the pop star meditates on the concept of what it means to be an `idol` for her fans.



 In the Old Testament the Jews worshipped a `golden calf` as an idol, which is a gender unspecific name for a cow, and is hermaphroditic. Idols are made for worshipping, and so Britney is a `masturbation idol` for those who aren`t able to have sexual intercourse but desire her, which may seem unproductive but it involves the realization that one could be the other person, and that`s hermaphroditically Christian insofar as Jesus` teaching is `love your neighbor as you would love yourself`.


 If women have a penis of their own, as futanarian women, then Britney `Spears` is an archetypal positing of Woman with a penis, and so she`s developmentally `iconic`. However, television is a medium that presupposes a distinction between male and female, which is construed as God wearing different clothes by the evil, who view it as a transvestite or `TV`. In other words, `TV` is their idol and, as a `gay` icon, Britney`s a perverted `idol` or `eye doll`, because pederast homosexuals want `TV` war, and the enslavement of women`s wombs by the alien parasitical viral life form, that is, men, to promote species` death for Woman with a penis of her own, and the Earth.



 Oops I Did It Again features the icon of her found in the sand, an `Open Sesame` for the spaceman to uncover Britney`s `sand idols`, or Britney`s `hand, die dolls`. An encouragement for those who murder the masturbators who desire her, and who are dying `by their own hand`, that is, at the hands of the pederast homosexuals who`ve organized `TV` wars like the Gulf (2000-2011). Saving psychological bisexuality would  allow `Mankind` to recognize themselves and `Womankind` as more than `TV`, but onanization of the desire for spiritual, and intellectual development, means the psychological and physical hermaphroditism of the future of woman as a species with her own penis is `stillborn`, or rather still being born.



 In Eastern Orthodox Christianity icons are prevalent, and Britney created herself as an icon in the Eastern tradition of Christianity when she put herself as a woman on the cross for the cover of the single Piece Of Me, which suggests an affinity with both Mary and Jesus, who represent hermaphroditic development insofar as Mary gives birth without male semen and the celibate Jesus produces the New Testament and the Holy Spirit from his side, as it were, after the Roman centurion pierced him with the spear at his death upon the cross prior to Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension. The Paraclete or Holy Spirit, effectively emerging from Jesus` side as the `Second Eve` from the `Second Adam` is the `spirit of the law`, the Shekinah of God`s Covenant, from the Old Testament, who continues the teaching of Jesus` Redemption until the birth of the `New Redeemer` in Revelation who protects the woman with a penis of her own until she leaves.


 Britney Spears biblically represents the symbolism of the omnipresent female by the side. After the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus, the spear of Longinus became known as the Spear of Destiny, because it was instrumental in birthing the Paraclete. As a symbol of the USA`s Manifest Destiny, and the American Dream, the spear and Britney Spears symbolize the power of the religious icon, but also the danger of worshipping `false idols`, which is specifically forbidden in the Commandments of God:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.`


 In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), dreams, imagination and art contain archetypes, that is, psychological contents that function as developmental stimulators, and Britney Spears is such an archetypal figure. Her `icon` is not an `eye confidence trick`, although it may be used as such; as figures like Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, or Bashar Assad of Syria, promote their `icon` religiously as `eye confidence trickery`, a trick they learned from the red dragon of Russia where the images of Presidents like Leonid Brezhnev, or Mikhael Gorbachev, for example, were icons of `godless` Communism. President Assad`s orginal family name of `Wahash` means `the beast`, and is a reference to the many headed `beast` of Revelation, who is a man, because there are many such men that would have you believe in their `eye confidence trick`. The word `trick`, of course, is used to describe whores`, and the `Greek horse` was their `eye confidence trick`, that is, the evil serpent`s `seed` is not confined entirely to male homosexual pederasty`s promulgation of warfare:


`And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.` (Rev: 17.5)


 Women who function as enthusiastic bearers of the disease, which is homosexual pederasty and warfare, reified as `biological warfare` against women as a species with her own penis, in the shape of HIV/AIDS, were the treacherous `civil` aeroplanes of the `Greek whores` crashing into the Twin Towers of New York`s Ilium to begin the burning of Eve and her wisdom in a global conflagration. They were the `wooden whores` producing the `dead wood` of `faggots` that worship the idol of Mars, god of homosexual pederasty and warfare.


 Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again is set on Mars, and she`s an archetype, an icon, and a Hollywood `idol`. The concept of `holly wood` is significant. Many believe Jesus to have been crucified on a holly tree, and the ancient pagans believed the berries symbolize menstrual blood, which is a sign of a

woman`s body`s preparing for reproduction:


`They believed the holly would capture any evil spirits trying to get into the house`.1


 The 9/11 planes were going to attack Washington D.C., and the Whitehouse. According to tradition the holly berry was white before the blood of Jesus from the crown of thorns placed upon his head as a torment at the crucifixion turned the holly berries white. In the `Evergreen` state of Washington D.C., the Whitehouse is a symbol of the `American Dream`, which is of a prelapsarian Paradise:


 `I`m Miss American Dream since I was ... [1776].`


 The evil serpent`s `seed` wanted a `Redhouse` for their `red dragon`, which is why the `wooden whores` attacked New York`s `Big Apple`, to crush the `American Dream`, and so the name of the `red dragon` in the Middle East, Saddam, means `crusher`. Consequently, `Hollywood` is the `American Dream`, which 9/11 was meant to spoil in the shape of the aeroplanes on crashing into the Twin Towers like a `Hollywood TV movie`. From an educational perspective, TV was being told it was a reporting media for homosexual pederasty and warfare, which is mainly what the medium presents insofar as it`s concern is socio-historical depictions like Pearl Harbour, Troy, or even Armageddon, which according to the Bible hasn`t yet occurred, but almost certainly will because the education medium of TV is being told that homosexual pederasty and warfare is what it must promote.



 From the point of view of homosexual pederasty, war is TV insoafar as man and woman are God wearing different clothes, that is, a transvestite or `TV`, which is why homosexuals are evil and why God says so. Homosexuality is a perspective. Just as woman with a penis can be made to seem `Satan`, so warfare can be made to seem good, whereas it`s a manifestation of the `Greek whores`, and their desire to breed homosexuality and pederasty, which is symbolized by the devouring blood red dragon of Revelation, and reified as the disease HIV/AIDS; a metaphor for `biological warfare` and terrorism: as 9/11`s planes, functioning as `Greek horses`, showed.



 Of course, Hollywood is primarily known for movies, and `Christian legend claims that holly miraculously grew to hide the Holy Family from Herod's soldiers. As a sign of gratitude, holly has remained evergreen ever since.` In terms of the American myth, the plane that was `taken down` in the `Evergreen` state of Washington, D.C., by passengers `acting` over Arlington county, symbolic centre of the graves of the American heroes `from the halls of Moctezuma to the shores of Tripoli`, was symbolic of God`s protection from Al Qaeda`s terrorists at the Whitehouse, home of the `Holy Family`, and `New Redeemer`, `Holly` Bush. From a Hollywood standpoint, the passengers and crew of `United Airlines Flight 93`, had been taught to act and so the `bloody plane` never reached the Whitehouse.



 One member of the Bush family that didn`t make it was Robin Bush, a woman who`d died many years before as an infant, but her spirit lives on. The robin is symbolically important because it attempted to remove the largest thorn from the head of the `Holy Family`, when Christ was being crucified. A crown of thorns was placed upon Jesus` head in mockery. The Paraclete was born from the Spear of Destiny, but the robin`s efforts are symbolic of the meaning of the teachings of Jesus, which is that of Hollywood, that is, `thought before action`.



 Although Longinus` spear penetrated the side of Jesus, effectively signalling the emergence of the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit `descended from heaven`, which means the action of Longinus wasn`t instrumental, but interpretable after the event as significant. In other words, the Holy Spirit by Jesus` side was an `acting coach`, which explains Jesus` decision to accept crucifixion and death, because Resurrection and Ascension would follow from action in accordance with the `Will of God`.



 The `burning bush` was a symbol of the law of God, and so was George Snr., and George W. Bush Jnr. According to biblical commentators, God spoke from the `bush`, which also contained the female `spirit of God`, the Shekinah from the Old Testament, which dwelt in the tabernacle of the Ark of the Covenant where the tablets of the Commandments of God`s law were kept. In terms of the New Testament, the `holly bush` is the fulfillment of God`s Promise that acting, in accordance with the `Will of God`, results in Redemption, Resurrection and Ascension. Jesus was tortured and murdered, and the spear of Longinus in the side of Jesus after his death is a continuing symbol of their cowardice and mockery, a `thorn in the side`:


`Surely this was the son of God.`


 The symbol of the robin attempting to remove the largest thorn from the mocked head of Jesus is a symbol of action in accordance with the `Will of God`, who didn`t want Longinus to stick a spear in his dead son`s side, so that men could pretend that homosexual pederasty and warfare was a result of the teachings of the Holy Spirit, and that the death of Woman as a species with her own penis was just `collateral damage`, so that men could continue feasting upon the products of her `host` womb as blood-sucking leeches` for whom the `head birth` of the spears of space technology`s rockets, and for which the robin fights at the scene of Jesus` crucifixion before his death, was only an excuse to put a man on the moon and fire ICBMs at her Earth so that she`d never be able to escape.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears on Mars is a symbol of Robin Bush, in her red suit, with her white bikini-dressed alter ego representing the whiteness of the holly berry before the blood of Jesus; a pre-lapsarian symbol of Woman`s faith in the American Dream of spaceships, and escape from the blood red dragon of pederasty`s homosexual worship of the viral god of war, Mars:


`In God We Trust.`


 Britney Spears in Oops I Did It Again is prototypically `Hollywood` insofar as spears are the Holy Spirit, but the spear of Longinus didn`t have to enter into the side of Jesus for the `Spears of God` to be born. Longinus` spear represents cowardice and mockery; after Jesus` torture and murder. Traditionally Hollywood asks the question: `Which side are you on?` But the question presupposes sides, thereby creating enemies. In Hamlet Shakespeare poses the question Jesus asked:


`To be or not to be, that is the question:

Whether `tis Nobler in the mind to suffer

The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,

Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them...` (III, i)



 The Holy Spirit guided Jesus to the cross; the torturers, murderers, mockers and cowards. To present torture, murder, mockery and cowardice as guides to action is to invite 9/11, which is what worshippers of homosexual pederasty and Mars, god of war, do. The passengers of `United Airlines Flight 93` were Hollywood`s best, but Hollywood invited 9/11 with movies like Towering Inferno, King Kong, in which the Empire State Building is repeatedly threatened by a monkey (1933, 1976, 2005),2 The Two Towers, and other `blockbuster` movies.




2 According to scientists the HIV/AIDS virus came from monkeys, so King Kong is a `wooden horse`, that is, a deliberately concealed `viral image` designed by its creators to promote the idea of planes attacking large buildings in order to promulgate the devouring red dragon of homosexual pederasty in the shape of terrorism from, and `biological warfare` against, women`s wombs, and reified in the 21st century as 9/11`s `air AIDS`. The film of H.G. Wells War Of The Worlds (1898) is a similarly deliberately concealed `viral image` repeated (1938, Orson Wells` radio version that caused many people in the USA to suicide, 1953`s movie, Jeff Wayne`s 1978 musical version, and 2005`s movie), deceiving Woman into believing that men are her protectors against aliens, whereas they`re the parasitical alien viral life form that`s attacking her and, in reality, keeping her subjugated to prevent her escaping.

The Masturbator Producer

14/07/2012 11:31

The Masturbator Producer


The Virgin Mary produced Jesus without reproduction, and Jesus produced without reproduction, the New Testament, and in Genesis, in the Old Testament, God killed Er for masturbating rather than impregnating Tamar, and then God killed Onan for masturbating rather than impregnate Tamar, his brother Er`s wife. In simple terms, God wanted reproduction but Er, Onan, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus wanted to produce without reproduction, which is what technological development and advancement is. In Hollywood mainstream `pictures` the male lead wants the audience to understand that the penis isn`t important; except as an ever-elided and denied adjunct to the `scene`, while churches` pastors would have us believe that there is no penis involved in their intercourse with the audience either. However, freedom is dependent on technological development and advancement, which means that preoccupations with the penis have to be foregone if the human species is to produce art, civilization, and culture.



 If women have a penis of their own, which `futanarian` woman does, hiding the male penis to feign its importance for woman as the human species, who has her own and can`t see it because `Hollywood` and the church`s position is that the woman`s penis mustn`t be visible, is demonic possession of the `owner of the means of production`, that is, `Woman`, as the `host` womb of an enslaving alien parasite, which doesn`t want the woman`s penis to develop its own technology and advance to the point at which she can escape the devouring alien`s wars against her planet. Wars that maintain the illusion of technological development and advancement but are designed to prevent humanity, that is, woman as a species with her own penis and so technologically developable valence, from emerging and escaping from the `maliens`.



The Virgin Mary represents the self-producer who advances by means of her self without the `malien` seed of the serpent`s, that is, men`s semen, and Jesus` celibacy represents the human valence that would assist woman as a species to escape the Earth by denying its sexual nature for the spiritual and intellectual advancement of liberating technology. However, because the `maliens` have used technology to periodically decimate woman`s art, culture and civilization, as it emerges from her womb, `Redemption` is no longer a possibility for men, which is why the `Meshiah` is awaited. `Meshiahn` thinking denotes the machine as woman`s liberator. In simple terms, the improved washing machine is the robot that, created in her own image, would care for `Woman` as a species with her own penis and undeveloped technological valence, whereas her parasitical `maliens` have sought to use their technological valence, that is, the `malien` penis and its non-developmental weaponry, to destroy her.



In Genesis Er and Onan didn`t want Tamar`s beauty to `fade`, but by the 21st century `Woman` was dying of `fades`. HIV/AIDS was the `biological warfare` waged against her as the `biblical plague` of the 20th century. With its antecedents in ancient Greece, `blood plague` is the result of a homosexual pederast society promulgating its enslavement of the `host` wombs of women by means of war. Woman`s fading from the scene is a concomitant of delayed technological advancement, which maintains her `host` wombs enslavement by the `maliens` so that they can insure their wars against her while preventing her escape and species` `Salvation`. Consequently, in the Bible `woman`s seed` is depicted as receiving a new heaven and Earth from God while the evil serpent`s `seed`, that is, the `maliens` in scifi terms, receive eternal unendurable pain as a punishment for repressing her penis.



 The archetypal scenario was the Greeks before the city of Troy, where they used a huge hollow `wooden horse` to conceal themselves within. Taken into the city by the Trojans, who believed the Greeks were leaving a gift, the Greeks emerged to capture the city and enslave the wombs of the women to further promulgate pederasty and its parasitical enslavement of women`s wombs by means of war, which is consequently definable as a homosexual activity.



 9/11 demonstrated that HIV/AIDS is a homosexual disease, because it follows the pattern of the `Greek horse` before the `Towers of Ilium`. The Arabian terrorists bought aeroplane tickets, so preparing their `Greek horse` and, hijacking their planes, crashed them into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre, so promulgating men`s homosexual alien virus of war.



 Sodom and Gomorrah, which God destroyed in the Bible for homosexuality, were known as the `cities of the planes`, and so New York and Washington D.C., were the `cities of the planes`, because homosexuality and HIV/AIDS is what the 21st century began suffering from. In simple terms, God is saying that homosexuality is a disease, and HIV/AIDS is the consequence of homosexuality, which is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and why AIDS is a biblical plague of Revelation, because God hates homosexuality, and THAT`s WHY!!!



 In Genesis Onan didn`t want the beauty of Tamar to fade, and so didn`t impregnate her, even though she wasn`t his wife. In other words, Er was killed by God for wanting Tamar`s beauty to be eternal, and Onan was similarly killed for agreeing with Er. `Onanism` is the word taken from this biblical incident to describe the activity of masturbation, which effectively is production without reproduction. In the New Testament Mary and Jesus both produce without reproduction. Jesus` teachings of the New Testament is a production without reproduction and, after Jesus` crucifixion and death, his side, pierced by the Roman centurion Longinus, produced, without reproduction, the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, as the continuator of Jesus` teachings, after his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven.



 The Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, which is the female Shekinah and `spirit of God`, from the place where the Judaiac law is kept in the Old Testament, is Jesus` production without reproduction. Eve was similarly produced from the `rib` of Adam without reproduction and, in fact, the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, is called the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam`. Production without reproduction is what the New Testament is concerned with, and Jesus was tortured and murdered for producing and not reproducing, which is what God killed Er and Onan for in Genesis. In simple terms, homosexuality wants to replicate itself as an alien virus, which is what men have become (if they weren`t that to begin with), and the Virgin Mary and the celibate Jesus represent the principle of production without reproduction. Or, in other words, `normal` masturbation or `onanism` is the desire for what is pictured as desirable which, in psychological terms, is the `manufacturing complex`.



If woman is a species with her own penis, what she sees in the mirror is her desire for a better picture as her setting, whereas the male penis can`t see what it wants in the mirror. Consequently, it doesn`t have a mirror with what it wants in it. Because it doesn`t want itself. So the world is full of hate. The woman can see what she desires in the mirror, but is taught that men desire her, whereas it`s her penis that does. In other words, men are `maliens` that don`t want her, but the penis does. In developing art, culture and civilization from her womb, `Woman` seeks to improve her picture of herself, but she won`t have improved until she`s able to see her own penis in the mirror of her art, civilization and culture. In computerist terms, she can`t screen the virus, that is, clean the mirror, until she has been taught that men are alien parasites upon her `host` womb`. Enslaving woman and preventing her escape through her own penis` economic valence, the `maliens` seek to permanently slow her technological development by means of contrived, but apparently spontaneous, periodic wars against her, and prevent her advance to the stars in ships of her own devising.



9/11 was a contrivation based on the principle that the TV set was the mirror of the `maliens` from which `Woman` wouldn`t escape. 9/11 `live on CNN` wasn`t `masturbatory material` because it didn`t represent the woman`s penis` desire for a `better picture`. Consequently, it was a `malien` invasion picture designed to reimplement the alien invasion terror movie valence of Soviet Russia`s threat to the security of the United States of America in the 1950s, which appeared in films like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956), It Came From Outer Space (1953) etc., rather than Jane Fonda`s `space babe` in Barbarella (1968), who`s desirable `masturbatory material` for `futanarian` woman as a species with her own penis. Because it`s a `good picture` and that`s what the `manufacturing complex`, in psychological terms, wants.



 In the early 20th century the repression theory of psychologist Sigmund Freud suggested that culture and civilization was `nothing but` the expression of the penis` sublimated desire. The rival school of developmental psychology, Carl Gustav Jung`s (1875-1961), suggested sexual libido was a transforming energy that had a `trope` by means of which instinct became spirit. Although Jung conceived of the `trope` as God, he observed the physical correspondent to the soul or anima, as he called it, was `Woman`. In other words, the instinct to spirit developmental `trope` was Woman. Reproduction is the usual path accorded the `trope`, but the Virgin Mary and the celibate Jesus indicate that the `trope` upon their path is production without reproduction. Or, in terms of the `Meshiah complex`, the machine would be woman`s production insofar as the `Meshiahnic complex` would have, as its teleology, the creation of machines that weren`t slaves, but representative of deliverance for woman as a species. Because their valence would be human. Or, in simple terms, better human machines mean better care for human flesh rather than its death.



 The Virgin Mary is an archetype of the contents of the collective unconscious which, according to Jung, exist in dreams, art and the imagination to assist in individual growth or personal development. In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` that protects her before she leaves the Earth for heaven where she sows her own `seed` and defeats the `seed` of the red dragon of Revelation that had lain in vain waiting to devour her protector. The `hidden` woman receives a new heaven and Earth from God, and the evil receive eternal unendurable pain. Because the woman has her own `seed`, she must have her own penis, and so the Virgin Mary`s ability to produce Jesus without reproduction, and Jesus` ability to produce, as a teacher, without reproduction, prefigures the woman who can produce herself, which is necessary because men, who are definable as `homosexual` per se, aren`t acceptable as reproducers for God, so he sends them to hell forever:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)



 In the Old Testament Er and Onan are killed by God for masturbating, because God`s perception is that they`re homosexual. Or, in other words, without reproduction there`s no production. In Revelation God `reveals it` to the homosexuals, that is, men, by giving `Woman` her own penis, which means men are a redundant value, in terms of the equation `species of the planet Earth`. Essentially, men are an alien parasitical virus that represent the concept of `production without reproduction`. As the `boy sons`, or `poisons`, of men`s homosexual pederastical activity, that is, HIV/AIDS, the alien virus wants `Woman` to die of `fades`, and not be an eternal beauty in God`s new heaven and Earth that is planned for her, according to Revelation. Or, in other words, the homosexual aliens wanted production without reproduction, that is, by means of the enslavement of women`s wombs by the parasitical alien virus, that is, men, and God wanted reproduction and then production, which means the aliens disobeyed God`s first commandment after Eden that the descendants of Adam and Eve should work. The homosexual parasitical alien killer virus, that is, men, want production without reproduction. Or, to put it another way, they don`t want to work, which effectively means that they can`t. Because they`re a homosexual parasitical alien virus that functions as one. In simple terms, men are programmed to bring species` death to the planet Earth and `Woman` because they don`t want it to develop beyond reproducing viral parasitical maggots to produce what God wants.



 If reproduction is for producing women rather than boy sons (poisons, HIV/AIDS), then futanarian woman, that is, woman with a penis of her own, is what reproduction has been for. In psychological terms, the actuating `trope` in the human psyche is the archetypal imago of the hermaphroditic woman, which has been latent in the collective unconscious since the alchemists of the Middle Ages. Widely perceived as the chemists or medical experts of their day, the archetype of the hermaphrodite is an alchemical cure (albeit a drastic one) for homosexuality`s pederastical  `boy sons` (poisons), that is, HIV/AIDS as a metaphor for men`s `biological warfare` against women, and their viral enslavement of the ephemeral `host` wombs of `fades` women, which the alchemists perceived as curable if the hermaphrodite Woman could emerge from the archetypes of the collective unconscious and become real.



 The `trope` for the emergence of the hermaphroditic woman is pornography and masturbation. Because it`s the simplest `format` for reproduction and production, that is, production is pleasure for oneself for which one works, which is masturbation in its simplest form. If men prefer women, they have the wrong form. What they see in the mirror isn`t to be sexually responded to, because it isn`t a species. However, if women have a penis, then they sexually respond to themselves, in masturbation, which is normal and `tropic`. What is perceivable as lesbian encounters and masturbation is equally `tropic`, and normal if women are a species with their own penis. In fact, sexual encounters, between women, with or without a penis, are normal, and pornography is the `trope`, which allows recognition to a woman that her desire for herself in the mirror as a masturbator, or with her friends, is normal; because it`s a developmental programme that reaches its logical conclusion either when a masturbating woman discovers pornographic representations of women with a penis of their own, or when she has a sexual encounter with a woman with a penis of her own. But she`d never know a woman with a penis of her own if her mother didn`t tell her, and she didn`t have a friend. Consequently, her only friend is pornography. Because, according to the nihilist education on planet Earth, everyone must understand that, although we eat and shit, only mummy and daddy breed. Or, to put it another way, if mummy and daddy don`t tell us that women have  a penis, because little girls eat and shit, and don`t have sex, then infantilism and shit is all that little girls are for. God disagreed.

Wrestling Tanks and Tearing Down Trees With Your Bare Hands

13/07/2012 16:47

Wrestling Tanks and Tearing Down Trees With Your Bare Hands


The perception that it is the role of the masculine ego to heroically perform feats of strength is viral. The concept of individual growth is, essentially, painting and building, that is, constructing an environment in which to live and keeping those things within it that are beautiful to look upon, which is not what the virus teaches.



 In ancient Greece the homosexual pederasts enslaved the wombs of the women to promote the spread of their contagion by means of warfare, which by the late 20th century had become `biological` in the form of HIV/AIDS, and reified as a biblical plague in 9/11`s `Greek horse` attack on the Twin Towers as the virus form of terroristical warfare that was to be the paradigm of the 21st century.



 The `Greek horse` had been prepared as a weapon of the alien viral life form of the homosexual pederasts since their constructing of a `wooden horse` to fool the Trojans of the ancient city of Troy into accepting them hidden inside the hollowed structure in what was the equivalent, in ancient times, of 911`s `civil` aircraft before the hijackers crashed them into the Twin Towers.


 Precipitating the world into `Play Games`, that is, plague aims, as defined by the ancient Greeks` spreading of their homosexual pederastical contagion within the walls of the Towers of Ilium, the 21st century`s equivalent paradigm is HIV/AIDS, which appeared as `air AIDS` before the Towers of New York, in reified biblical form. Modernity`s version of homosexual pederasty, an airborne viral plague of enslaving war, its plague aim was  to keep the wombs of women forever in the hands of the viral alien parasite that was using her.



 Fears of Saddam Hussein`s developing `biological weapons of mass destruction` were realized. By infecting the USA with the `Greek horse` virus, homosexual pederasty, in the form of `War Games`, as Gulf War (I and II), the `TV `shoot `em up`, was re- established as the global paradigm of the `Play Games` generation by the ambitions of those who `plague aims`.



  In Revelation the `red dragon` waits `in vain` to devour the `protector` of the `hidden` woman of the Earth, so Saddam, whose name means `crusher`, wasn`t successful in devouring the `Big Apple`, according to the Bible. Obviously the `hidden` woman is important because she represents the antidote to the HIV /AIDS paradigm of boy sons (poisons) that want to destroy her Earth, and she leaves to sow her `seed` in heaven, so she has a penis of her own and is futanarian woman.



 According to Revelation, the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` defeats the evil dragon`s `seed`, and wins a new heaven and Earth as her reward from God, while the evil receive perdition. Clearly God is planning the emergence of Woman, as a `new species`, and the devouring of Eve`s apple of wisdom, in the symbolic form of New York`s `Big Apple`, was a part of men`s plan, as viral homosexual alien enslavers of her `host` womb, to prevent her escape.



 The paradigm of the male ego, as a parasitical alien, is not to grow and develop as an individual but to replicate itself like a cancer that, tumour-like, allows the `host` to live only for as long as it takes for the cancer to fulfil its teleological goal, which is death. The greater the collective awareness of itself, the less chance there is of the survival of the Earth`s species, which is Woman with her own penis.  Because the viral form, that is, men as Woman`s parasitical alien killers, represent warfare and `biological warfare` in the terroristical `shoot `em up` shapes of `TV` Gulf War (I and II), and  9/11`s `civil` planes concealing the virus of war as a `Greek horse` within the 21st century biblical plague `invasion paradigm`, HIV/AIDS.



 Effectively, the male ego virus is `puff up your chest until you`re attacked`. Men are taught to perceive that strength is defensive, but if women have a penis they don`t need men, which means that men aren`t defending anything other than themselves, which is what a self-replicating cancer does. The simplest perception is that, without men, women would live. Because men are a parasitical alien viral life form that isn`t native to Earth. The wars of the 2oth century were the manifestations of the strength of a cancer`s capacity to replicate and function as a `killer disease`, and 9/11 revealed its source. The homosexual pederasty of ancient Greece which used its skills in war, most notably represented by the `Greek horse` feigning friendship, as an HIV/AIDS` cell feigns friendship for the immune system`s `white cells` it kills.



 Men`s transmitting of the idea to the male ego to have bodily strength and `defend` is for those who have no intention of painting and building, because Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, and Steven Spielberg can paint and build, which means that they`re being threatened by the alien cancer, because they can paint and build, not so that they can defend what they`ve painted and built.



 The basic perception of the alien cancer is that an individual develops and grows, or a society, civilization, culture, planet, etc., in order to defend it against the alien cancer, which doesn`t want growth or development that would threaten its parasitical alien life, and that`s why 9/11 occurred. If women don`t need men to reproduce, men are extinct, and so men are prepared to sacrifice, as an alien parasitical cancer, Woman`s longevity for her ephemeral existence and their longevity as her cancer. Because it`s the best that the cancer can envision. Or, in the simplest terms possible, men continue as a cancer and women don`t live very long, because if they see her penis it might `embarrass` men, as their `assassin`, insofar as Woman could live without the `injection`.



 The clitoris is the only organ of the human body that is designed solely for pleasure, and so a woman with a penis is doubly advantaged and she`d be able to work on individuational or personal growth projects as an immortal woman without ever needing to conceive of another penis. Indeed, if she wanted to have a child of herself, she could use her own penis, which is why futanarian women have much bigger penises than average males. However, there`d be no need for an immortal futanarian woman to have a child, because futanarian women obtain sufficient pleasure from their own bodies, as lesbians do in kissing and masturbating, that they don`t need vaginal sex from an alien parasite that wants to shorten her life to make her more accepting of its intention, which is death by virus.


The Developmental Psycholgy Of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) From Woman`s Point Of View

13/07/2012 11:28

The Developmental Psychology Of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) From Woman`s Point Of View


If women are a species with her own penis, then the archetypal psychology of Carl Jung doesn`t apply to men because they`re an alien parasitical viral life form, which doesn`t have a psychology of individual personal growth or development because it`s a replicating disease that functions as an invader, like AIDS, to kill the body (of Woman) even if being used as a `host womb` by the parasite.



 In ancient Greece homosexual pederasty, and the enslavement of women`s `wombs to produce more homosexual pederasts, was the basis for the virus` launch as warfare. At Troy the virus used the hollowed out form of a `Greek horse` to disguise its homosexual intentions and get men into the city where they enslaved the wombs of the women to produce more homosexual pederasty and warfare.


 9/11 was the 21st century initialization of the plague`s reactivation insofar as the planes were `Greek horses` designed to fool the Americans into accepting homosexuality and warfare by means of `civil` aeroplanes hijacked by terrorists and crashed into the WTC Twin Towers. The body was fooled into accepting more of the virus, which makes of it a part of God`s plagues of Revelation in which `the number of a man is the number of a beast`, because a man is a beast; an alien virus.


 Saddam Hussein, whose name means `crusher`, was the red dragon of Revelation waiting to devour the `New Redeemer`, and New York, the `Big Apple`, was `Saddam`s apple`; to be crushed in the jaws of the dragon. President Assad`s family name originally was `the beast`, which means that the uprisings in the Arabian world at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, were reactions of the body to the alien parasitical viral life forms.


 In Jungian psychology the soul or anima is female, and in Christianity the spirit is female. The Shekinah of the Old Testament resides in the Ark of the Covenant where the tablets of the law are kept, the primary one being `Thou shalt not kill`, although `Thou shalt not steal` might be understood as the only law necessary to prevent the virus from taking life by means of possession in order to fulfil its `plague aims` of killing.


 In the New Testament Jesus` side is pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus to, effectively, produce the Paraclete or Holy Spirit as `Second Eve` from the rib of the `Second Adam`; as Eve emerged from the side of Adam in Genesis, where she was told she`d crush the head of  the serpent with her heel before she left Earth. Consequently, Eve, the Shekinah, and the Holy Spirit are God`s, whereas the body of men is a vehicle for their alien parasitical viral life form, which contains the female principle of God that is to be `protected`, symbolized in Revelation by the figure of the `New Redeemer` as Jesus` `Second Coming`.


 Effectively, 9/11 was the re-emergence of the virulent form of the viral strain. In other words, the Americans `fell for it`, because the virus wanted to kill. The Americans were simply fulfilling men`s viral aim of globally spreading homosexuality and warfare across the globe, in accordance with Al-Qaeda`s stimulation of a viral `epidemic`.


 In Revelation the New Redeemer protects the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` from the red dragon until she`s ready to leave and sow her own seed in heaven, as a woman with her own penis, where she defeats the evil serpent`s `seed`, that is, men as homosexual viral pederasts promoting their plague as warfare, and receives a new heaven and Earth as her reward while the evil receive perdition as punishment from God:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 Because soul and spirit are female, Jung`s anima represents both soul and spirit, which is present in man for the purpose of what the Bible calls Redemption, and the `New Redeemer` figure that `protects` the `hidden` woman of the Earth is a symbol of God`s instruction to the virus; `Thou shalt not kill.` Because the species of the Earth is Woman, and at the close of Revelation she is free of her enslavement and leaves the Earth with her own penis, while the evil, that is, men who have not accepted the `New Redemption`, are doomed to perdition, which is unendurable eternal pain.


 In terms of archetypal psychology, Jung perceives that the human psyche contains collective unconscious contents that exist as facultas praeformandi designed to react or produce in preordained ways so that individuality and growth, which Jung calls individuation, is species` furthering, and the species is Woman, which means that the appearance of a male aspect in the psyche is viral when seen in dreams, imagination or art.



 In Arabia women are hidden completely by burkhas in public, which means that men are able to spread their viral contagion by means of an uninterrupted series of eye contacts that conceals the virus` secret shared objective of extinguishing women from the face of the Earth. In Hollywood the inability of women to show their penis is reinforced by cinematic taboos, which means that the Babylon of the East, Iraq, was `mirrored` by the `Babylon` of the West, Los Angeles, in a conspiracy to promote homosexuality and warfare (9/11, and `TV` Gulf War I and II) because they don`t want the woman to know that she`s invisibly `scene` as the stuff of their `snuff` theatre.



 Gulf War I and II was the `theatre` , but war isn`t a drama, and men often describe their preparations as `War Games`, while 9/11 was an expression of their preparation as `Play Games`, that is, the plague aims to promote itself as homosexuality and warfare by describing itself in theatre and drama terms, which is linguistically null. The notion that war is a game is infantile, and nihilism, which wants infantilism, because it promotes homosexual pederasty`s `War Games` and `Play Games` to promote its plague aims, is the educational system that the virus uses to implement itself.



  Jung observes that the spirit in women is the animus, which appears as a collective of admiring men, but this is a viral experience in which the woman is being informed by her human psyche that she`s under attack by an alien. The surrounding of the woman by male figures is an example of the way in which the parasite prepares to kill her in sufficient quantities in order to subdue her Woman`s `host` womb and ensure that she cannot escape.



 In Arabia only the virus is visible, and contact can only be had with the virus, which appears robed in white, as an HIV/AIDS` cell promoting itself as a part of the body`s immune system, in order to `fool` the body into accepting it. The women are robed head to foot in black, often wearing black sunglasses, and black absorbs heat, which would be cited as `cruel and unusual punishment, in a Western divorce, and is obviously perceived in the Bible as a preliminary to one. W omen are `cooked` burkhas if they go out, and so `burkhas at MacDonalds` is a `cool` American joke.



The United States of America is often described in the East as the `Great Satan`, which is perspectival. From men`s perspective, as an alien virus, Woman is Satan, because she wants her freedom, and in Arabia there are four women in a marriage, which accords with Jung`s perception that fourness is archetypal and developmental because there are four functions of consciousness; `Thinking, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition. Consequently, the Arabian socio-historical perspective is Jungian, which means that it`s female because the male psyche isn`t developmental, and so the archetypal signs of God`s presence upon the Earth are entirely Woman`s.



 At the centre of the marital arrangements men have placed themselves, in accordance with the principles of ancient Greek homosexual pederasty. But the archetypal structure of Arabian marriage is of the female ego at the centre of the four functions of consciousness, that is, in accordance with the `Will of God`, which in Arabia is the `Will of Allah`. This prefigures Woman with a penis at the centre of a fourfold marital structure that is individuational and developmental by virtue of its form, whereas the marriage structure of the West, outside of polygamy, promotes possession by the male, which is the basis of Greek homosexual pederasty and the spreading of men`s disease as warfare and plague. By the beginning of the 21st century, this had taken the form of `biological warfare`, which God drew the world`s attention to by having it introduce itself onto the stage as `air AIDS` at `the city of the planes`, New York.


 In Genesis (18,19), God erased Sodom and Gomorrah, because of sodomy and sadism, and these were the `cities of the plains`. In Revelation plague is depicted as being released by God, whereas 9/11 was the reification of a `covert` biological war waged by men upon women. God`s erasing of the `cities of the plains` in Genesis, that is, Sodom and Gomorrah, was God`s way of underlining God`s anti-homosexual commands, whereas the virus` attack on Washington D.C., the `Evergreen`, and New York`s `Big Apple`, that is, the `cities of the planes`, was God`s way of drawing attention to the fact that the virus had been waging biological war against women since Eden where, presumably, Adam and Eve were a hermaphroditic woman ( and her wife.



 The basis of Jungian psychology is the notion of wisdom and immortality, which is the `Big Apple` since Eden that would be, physically `Evergreen` in terms of human bodily consciousness. Jung observed that, in the Middle Ages, the nascent science of chemistry and medicine, alchemy, sought to produce the panacea symbolized by the hermaphrodite. Put simply, a woman with a penis of her own wouldn`t need a man, and men are her death because they`re an alien virus. To recognize that is to be wise and to live. In Genesis God kills Er because he wants his wife Tamar to look young and so won`t impregnate her. Afterward, Onan refuse to impregnate her, and God kills him. Onanism is masturbation, which explains Jesus`s celibacy. The perception that Woman is the species is a recognition by the `man in the mirror` that he isn`t attractive, whereas Woman is. The penis` desire for the Woman says so. Consequently, the penis desires Woman, whereas the alien parasite doesn`t.  In simple terms, God`s understanding in Genesis is that of reproduction, which is fine so long as it isn`t cancerous replication, whereas in Revelation God`s understanding is that of a producer that, having understood that the penis wants Woman, `gives her one`.


 The birth of Jesus from the Virgin Mary is the perception that joseph of Arimathea doesn`t have to `give her one`, and Jesus` perception of Woman is the same. Consequently, in order to give Woman with a penis time to emerge and plan her escape, Jesus preaches universal love. The `New Redeemer` of Revelation is Jesus` perception that Woman `lives in`, as it were. She`s `protected` by the man who doesn`t see her in the mirror, but knows she`s there, `hidden`, and only faith can reveal it because the Bible, although it contains the truth, is taught by liars. Because the Holy Spirit is female, and she teaches, whereas male homosexual pederasty is what the Church teaches; as any glance at the newspapers tells us:


`Top Vatican officials — including the future Pope Benedict XVI — did not defrock a priest who molested as many as 200 deaf boys, even though several American bishops repeatedly warned them that failure to act on the matter could embarrass the church, according to church files newly unearthed as part of a lawsuit. The internal correspondence from bishops in Wisconsin directly to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the future pope, shows that while church officials tussled over whether the priest should be dismissed, their highest priority was protecting the church from scandal. The documents emerge as Pope Benedict is facing other accusations that he and direct subordinates often did not alert civilian authorities or discipline priests involved in sexual abuse when he served as an archbishop in Germany and as the Vatican’s chief doctrinal enforcer.`1



One of the main criticisms of Jungian psychology is that much of it involves the examination of imagery that, at first seeming, has nothing to do with human activity, that is, the serpent that devours itself,2 for example, is an archetype that, appearing in the psyche of a scientist working on the structure of the benzene molecule during a dream, resulted in the scientist being able to model the molecule based on the vision,3 which means that the symbol is archetypal and developmental. However, the self-devouring and self-begetting serpent is paradoxical. Jung uses it as a means of describing what he terms the introjections of psychological contents that are projected; in other words, the relationship with the externality is a relationship with the soul or spirit that is attempting to communicate from within.  Consequently, the self-devouring is the introjection, or recognition and understanding, of the communication, whereas the self-begetting is the wisdom deriving from that communication.



 According to Jung the hero is an archetype of the ego, and so the ego is developmental because it represents the male. However, because males are parasitical alien viral forms, the `hero` is definable as non-existent in terms of developmental psychology because the woman with a penis is human and men are her parasitical aliens. Consequently, the self-devouring aspect of the `ourobouros` serpent is the male ego, which is alien and parasitically viral, and so an enemy of individuation or personal growth, whereas the self-begetting aspect of the archetype is Woman, as indicated by the `Virgin Mary`, and the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` of Revelation, giving birth to the `New Redeemer` to protect her while she hides in preparation for her leaving the Earth and its viral aliens.



 Because the heroic ego figure is a viral alien there are no projections; there is only the thwarted attempts of the female to communicate either by means of the externality or dreams, the imagination and art. In socio-historical terms, the communications of the female soul and spirit are through her penis, and the penis simply says that she wants her because the penis is hers and belongs to her as futanarian woman with a penis of her own as a future species off Earth.



 In terms of Jungian psychology, there are the developmental archetypes of the collective unconscious of `Womankind`, but men don`t have any because they`re viral aliens whose appearance in dreams, imagination and art is an appearance of the virus. In socio-historical terms, society and history is the constant revisionist application of principles that refuse to give place to woman with a penis as a species, because men as a virus would then lose their grip as her alien. Or, to paraphrase Jung, human culture and civilization is `nothing but` the repression of Woman`s penis by an alien parasite that wants to die because that`s the teleology of a virus, which lives through the `host` womb of Woman but, as the eventual result of its `Play Games` impetus, has her and the Earth`s death as its `programme`.



 In technical terms, the individual attempting to understand the communications of Woman are thwarted  by the alien which doesn`t want her to be understandable. There are no projections, but there isn`t any `protection` for the individual psyche that dreams, imagines, or is interested in art, where the virus has been programmed into us. The `New Redeemer` is the biblical archetype of that `protection` which is required if the individual is to survive the virus. In some ways it`s an archetype of elision. Because the woman gives birth to it to protect her while she prepares to escape from the aliens. What the archetype is saying is that the man with the penis is her, a psychological mechanism functioning as a woman`s `survival equipment` insofar as she has to live with the alien viral life forms before she leaves Earth. As the feminist science fiction writer, Joanna Russ says:


`You can't imbibe someone's success by f*cking them.` - The Female Man



 A woman who lives with the virus has to, but a woman who helps the virus doesn`t have to, which is the difference between women`s support for her own species and her helping the alien virus to kill her as a species. Having it explained to you that a woman needs a man because she needs a penis to reproduce isn`t enough for a woman with a penis who`s told by the Bible that she`s to be immortal, according to God`s plan, that is, why would she want to reproduce? Only by keeping her in ignorance of her own penis can the viral aliens that are men continue to keep her from the wisdom and immortality that would prevent men from periodically reactivating their homosexual virus of socio-historical revisionist warfare upon Woman`s Earth, and their secret `psycho-biological` warfare against her, symbolized and reified on 9/11 as a `heroic` reaction on the part of the alien to the possibility of its virus losing its grip on the `host`.




2 The `fish` symbol is Christian and Moslem. Jesus, the `fisher of men`, and Khidr, the `green one` in The Cave Sura of the Koran, who emerges from the Red Sea as the `wise one` after Joshua and Moses `loose the fish` there. Washington D.C. is the `evergreen` state which has the fish as its symbol. Clearly 9/11 was an attack on religious tolerance which serves as the basis for peaceful coexistence based on shared understanding.


3 19th century German chemist August Kelule,

Saddam and Evelopment

12/07/2012 09:08

Saddam and Evelopment


The red dragon of Revelation is depicted as waiting in vain to devour the woman who is giving birth to the child that will keep her hidden upon the Earth until it is time for her to leave and sow her seed in heaven, where she will defeat the dragon`s seed and receive a new heaven and Earth from God while the evil receive perdition.



 In socio-historical terms, Saddam Hussein is believed by many to have been the dragon of Revelation, and the `Big Apple` of New York, as a symbol of Eve`s development since Eden, was Adam Hussein`s, as the Antichristian `first man` and `wannabe` devourer of the Earth. `Crusher` is Saddam in English, and Hussein means `small, good man`, which means Saddam Hussein wanted to crush the United States because he felt that, if the USA was smaller, that would be an improvement. It`s a psychological principle visible in men that they don`t want anyone to be bigger, or more developed and grown than themselves, which carries the danger of infantilism.



In ancient Greece the men were homosexual pederasts that enslaved women as `host` wombs to produce their parasitical viral life form. Against Troy they used the device of a hollow wooden horse to enter the city and enslave the women, so spreading their contagion of homosexuality and war. Similarly, on 9/11 the terrorists used the `civil` aeroplanes as `Greek horses` to spread the disease.



 The Bible decribes Satan as evil, whereas it`s just a perspective. From a Christian perspective, the Bible is about man and woman, whereas the Bible closes with the hidden woman`s leaving the Earth to sow her seed, which suggests that she has a penis of her own and that woman is a species, which is the truth, and men who cannot reproduce without her are parasitical aliens. In other words, Satanism and Satanists are actually the developed biblical perspective that the penis of the Earth is saved and redeemed in the person of the hidden woman with a penis of her own, who escapes from men but not the penis, which is definable as what keeps her `interested` in terms of her enslavement by her captors, who keep her infantile so that she`s unable to perceive her conditions.



 In Hollywood the penis is taboo in mainstream pictures because, if it wasn`t, women`s penis would be visible and educational. Consequently, infantilism is the perspective that women and children eat and drink, but don`t have sex; although crashing aeroplanes into skyscrapers is what people do, according to the pictures they show us from Hollywood. Moreover, if it`s only about eating and drinking, shitting is all people are for, which is an extreme infantilist perspective that derives its power from Sigmund Freud`s earliest psychological observation that culture and civilization was `nothing but` the repressed, and sublimated, expression of the penis`s desires. However, in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, the obvious necessary corrective to Freud`s bald stating of the case, is that the penis wants to develop and grow beyond the Earth and to the stars, which is what the hidden woman of Revelation with a penis of her own does. If she did not she`d remain infantile.



 The Egyptian myth of Osiris illustrates this perfectly, because he`s a corn god that dies in the winter and resurrects in the spring as a symbol of fertilizer. In other words, that`s what human beings are for from an infantilist perspective. Infantilism is `infant till –ism`, and so we must look for the `-ism` that comes after infantilism, but which isn`t Satanism because that`s the developed Christian viewpoint that evil is the enemy and not woman with a penis of her own, that is, futanarian, woman ( ), who is Satan to men as homosexual pederastical alien viral life forms that seek to enslave women as a `host` womb. Woman with a penis is their enemy because she`s the species on the Earth that they`re feeding upon as blood-sucking leeches promoting the devouring and death of the Earth, and the Woman of the Earth, as the Earth`s species.



 The biblical homosexual terrorist metaphor is AIDS as biological warfare against women as a species and, on 9/11, of global warfare as `Greek horses` bearing homosexual warfare as `air AIDS` to speed the Earth`s death through poisons (boy sons) in women`s `host` wombs  (HIV/AIDS) and by refusing them the wisdom of Eve`s `Big Apple` of wisdom, which is the knowledge of themselves as a species in development and growth which is being deprived of its future as futanarian woman with her own penis.


 God destroyed Sodom (sodomy) and Gomorrah (sadism) as a warning, and Revelation describes the results of not heeding the warning:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 Sodom and Gomorrah were the `cities of the plains`, whereas New York on 9/11 was the `city of the planes`, as well as Saddam`s apple, which although the crusher would have devoured, he wasn`t able to. Although he was able to plunge the globe into the terroristical equivalent of biological warfare against the woman`s womb, by means of her boy sons (HIV/AIDS poisons), and so prevent her penis from ever emerging. By making the penis an abomination:


`And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.` (Rev: 17.5)



  Because Satan is `he`, woman with a penis, as a species, has the male principle, and so `harlots` are those who spread the contagion of homosexuality, warfare, and biological warfare (HIV/AIDS) through their boy sons (poisons) who `plague aims` at the World Trade Centre, for example. Those women who help them `play games` are the `harlots` that are the `abominations of the Earth`, which solves the mystery because the plague aims at the destruction of the Earth and woman as a species with her own penis. The `harlots` are the traitors to their own species.

Lesbian Sony TV

10/07/2012 13:22

Lesbian Sony TV


Homosexuality is a perspective deriving from ancient Greece, where women were enslaved by homosexual pederasts who wanted boys to have anal sex with, while making war to spread their plague. The `wooden horse` of Troy, for example, was used by the Greeks to feign atonement for their sins before the Trojan city and, when the Trojans took the huge `gift` into Troy, the Greeks emerged, like AIDS from someone who`d sworn they didn`t have HIV, to enslave the wombs of the women of Troy, and spread the contagion of homosexuality and war further.


 One of the more famous cartoons associated with 9/11 is of Greek `wooden horses` crashing into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre, and the `air AIDS` metaphor is totally appropriate from the homosexual parasite`s point of view, because it`s the spreading of the plague of homosexuality and war in the `Greek style`. The Trojan priest Laocoön, deducing the meaning of the Greek horse, observed:


 `I fear Greeks even those bearing gifts.`


 In 9/11 terms:


`Beware Islamic Fundamentalists bearing aeroplane tickets.`


 Women are vulnerable when pregnant, which is how the homosexual pederastic parasites of ancient Greece gained power over women as the `hosts` of the men as blood-sucking leeches feeding upon their products. The crime is against God, because women have a penis of their own as futanar, which means they`re a species, while men who are incapable of reproduction, aren`t. Consequently, men are homosexual pederast parasites, by definition.



 Broadcast by CNN, amongst others across the globe, 9/11 was perceived by the alien parasites as a transvestite displaying itself on the appropriate medium of `TV`.  From the point of view of a homosexual parasite, Steve McQueen`s Towering Inferno was also a transvestite movie, because heterosexuality is the perception on the part of the innocent that men are a part of a species, whereas in truth they`re not a species at all. Consequently, although married to Joanna Pettet, the homosexuals watching perceive that Steve is wearing a woman`s clothes, because men emerge as parasites from the `host` wombs of women, having effectively `stolen` the women`s daughters` bodies, and so don`t have any legitimate entitlement to the flesh that constitutes the `clothing` of their parasitical viral form.



In The Emperor`s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen an Emperor is promised a new suit of clothes that is invisible to those unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent. When the Emperor parades before his subjects in his new clothes, a child cries out:


`But he isn't wearing anything at all!`


 As enslavers of women as `host` wombs for their parasitical alien life form, men are wearing clothes that don`t belong to them. In effect, they don`t have any of their own, which is why The Emperor`s New Clothes is a metaphor for demonic possession. The boy is able to see that the Emperor has a penis, which is why Andersen`s tale needs him to be naked; to show he`s not a woman. The parasitical alien life form has been exposed and so, needing new clothes to disguise itself, the boy is `ready to wear`.


 The relationship of man to boy son (poison) is much like that of the HIV/AIDS` virus that tells the `white cells` of the body`s immune system that it`s one of them, which poisons them, and so the body dies, where the body is the next woman in the cancer`s `smoking chain` that has believed in the boy, son lie. It`s The Emperor`s New Clothes again. No matter how the homosexual parasitical alien life form disguises itself, it`s a killer disease.


The Emperor`s New Clothes doesn`t explicitly mention that the Emperor`s penis is a homosexual pederast`s, but implicitly the `new Emperor` is the`boy` because he already has the Emperor`s `new clothes`, the naked form of the `clothed` virus which is the body he`s in receipt of from the `host` womb of Woman.



 The boy is the ingenue the reader is supposed to find intelligent, whereas Andersen is simply observing that the boy isn`t wearing `clothes` either, because they`re mother`s, and she isn`t his mother because he isn`t her daughter. Women with a penis of their own are a species, and the boy sons (poisons) aren`t, which is why the metaphor for homosexuality and war in the late 20th, and early 21st century, was the `biblical` disease, HIV/AIDS. On 9/11, this poison was the evil serpent`s `seed` (boys, sons) that attacked the `Big Apple` of Jesus` wisdom, grown since Eden. On TV 9/11 appeared to the homosexual parasitical alien life form that had infested women`s wombs as `normal service will be resumed as soon as possible`, because homosexuality and war is what the alien parasite, that is, men, had perceived the `transvestite`, that is, the heterosexuality they`d Satanically conceived as `TV`, was for


 The medium most criticized in the 20th century was pornography, but sex is physically harmless. The Emperor`s New Clothes is Andersen`s observation that, if women as a species have their own penis, male nudity and sexual intercourse, either anal or vaginal, is `window dressing`; to disguise as `play` their `plague aims` activities of homosexuality and war. From that perspective 9/11`s Twin Towers was Russia`s `Tallest Toy` story, War and Play Games by Lev Nikolayevich, and just another `costume change` for the virus.



 The `Tallest Toy`s` attraction, in the movie of Tolstoy`s War and Peace (1869), is Princess Elena Vasilyevna (Hélène) Kuragin:


`A beautiful and sexually alluring woman who has many affairs, including (it is rumoured) with her brother Anatole.`1


 War and Peace is The Emperor`s New Clothes as a `costume drama` about the Emperor Napoleon`s invasion of Russia. Without the transvestism of homosexual war, the fucking of the woman is all that`s of consequence, that is, she`s The Emperor`s New Clothes because, without her, men`s main activity of war would be perceivable as parasitical homosexuality`s desire for more `host` wombs to fill with the plague`s poisons (boy sons). In terms of socio-historical literary criticism, Hélène and the World Trade Centre are The Emperor`s New Clothes because they disguise, in their respective ways,2 the homosexual `game` of war, plague, and:


 `Death to Woman!`



 For homosexual parasites it`s only about whether they`re standing behind the machine guns, which is why they enjoyed 9/11 and the TV wars of the Gulf (1990-2011). As those who `plague aims`, being in front of the screen, and divorced from the action, is what the homosexual parasite turns on the TV for; to `play games` with Mankind as a dying transvestite: `Jesus Christ superstar! Walks like a woman and he wears a bra!` For the homosexual parasite masquerading as a harmless `couch potato`, 9/11 and the Gulf War (I & II) was their dream `shoot `em up`:


 `In a shoot  'em up, the player controls a lone character, often in a spacecraft or aircraft, shooting large numbers of enemies while dodging their attacks.`3


 The basic preconception of the 20th century was that contraptions such as the 1908 `Model T` Ford, which developed into the 2012 Ford Focus, were about movement. Designed as pedal cars, and remaining pedal cars since the first `Tin Lizzie` 100 years ago, it can scarcely have escaped the notice of any passenger, especially in aeroplanes, that the world moves while the occupants remain fixed behind glass. In psychological terms, men don`t want to move, and they don`t like anything to move without them. Especially in Arabia, where men forbid women even to drive a car. Nothing can move unless men are, metaphorically and literally, behind bullet proof glass with machine guns, which ultimately means that nothing is going to escape, despite the name of the 2012 Ford Escape. For the parasites it`s about `plaguing games` of cowardly `dodging` and homosexually `controlling`  heterosexual characters in `TV war shoot `em ups`. The parasites aren`t concerned with sex per se, but manipulating the `TV` action. Heterosexuals are perceived as the parasites` `TV` or transvestite, as on 9/11 and during the `Television War`,4 as the Gulf War (1990-2011) was labelled, and the homosexual parasites laughed as, unlike Elvis with Priscilla Presley, the `TV` shot itself.



 9/11 on CNN, or any `TV` channel, was men`s `plaguing games` with its own homosexuality, which is a sterile path of non-reproduction that has, as its teleological end product, death for `Mankind`, represented biblically and socio-historically as HIV/AIDS:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 `Womankind` is a different issue. As a medium, pornography represents both the problem and the solution. So long as men are perceived as heterosexual rather than parasites on the `host` wombs of women that are homosexually pederastic and warmongering as the ancient Greeks, pornography will be evil rather than merely condemnable for showing us their penis going in and out. Watching lesbians engaging in sexual activity is the first step towards `normal` sexuality, because futanarian women have  a penis, and therefore sexual intercourse between futanarian women and lesbian women is logical and, inevitably, women without a penis become a part of the equation which screams: `SPECIES!` In other words, pornographic representations of female sexuality, in the media; television, cinema, and elsewhere, is the only psycho-physical remedy for women who want to rid their daughters of parasitism.



 In Hungary there`s a church called Hít, which means `Faith`, and a lot of faith is required from men who perceive they`re parasites within the homosexual system that perceives heterosexuality as transvestism, a `TV` to be controlled so it can satisfy its blood-sucking leech`s desire to fulfil its `objective correlative` of species` murder and plague`s same as `reality TV`.


 The Hungarian church has its own channel, HÍT TV, which means Jesus on HÍT TV; or, in other words, Sony TV. In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun` gives birth to the `New Redeemer`, who protects her from the red dragon, a sun devourer that `swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth`:


 `The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born.` (Rev: 12.4)


 The red dragon waits in vain but, from the perspective of homosexual sterility, as a parasitical virus that wants species` death for Womankind, it`s `sun eat Eve `E`, where `E` is the Earth, the Earth is a solar powered transvestite, or `Sunny TV`, and nuclear holocaust is the red dragon as the devourer. The antidote is lesbians on `E` for Eve`s Earth TVee, which would make the `New Redeemer` a male lesbian. It sounds odd but it`s psychologically apposite. The woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a symbol of the union of male and female, which indicates that her child is a male lesbian, that is, loves Woman as its own species.



 In Hungarian, `tanar` means teacher, and `fut` means `run`, which suggests that God`s programme for woman as a species with her own penis, that is, futanar, was begun by Jesus Christ two thousand years ago when he recognized what a virgin birth meant.  The torturing to death of Jesus confirmed that men are unviable, and the descent of the Paraclete as the `teacher` after Jesus` piercing by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus to effect the emergence of the Holy Spirit as the `Second Eve` from the rib of the `Second Adam` , is for Woman to  learn from.


 In Revelation the `hidden` woman, who has given birth to the `New Redeemer` that protects her from the red dragon that is waiting to devour her, that is, men`s homosexuality, plague and war, leaves Earth to sow her `seed` in heaven, where she defeats the evil `serpent`s seed`, and receives a new heaven and Earth as her reward while the evil receive perdition as their punishment. Only a futanarian woman with her own penis could sow her own `seed` in heaven, which means that the Paraclete, as the Word of God, the New Testament`s incarnation of the female Shekinah of the Old Testament, dwelling in the Ark of the Covenant containing  the tablets of the law of God that, kept, guarantee God`s `Promised Land` of `milk and honey`, is Woman`s and not Man`s future.




2 Hélène falls ill due to a pregnancy and dies.






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